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Yasumi Matsuno asks about nerfing Orlandeau “if we remaster [Final Fantasy Tactics]”

Artwork for the original Final Fantasy Tactics

There have been rumors of Square Enix working on a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics brewing for months now. The game originally released around 25 years ago on the PlayStation 1. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, an enhanced port of the game, was released on the PlayStation Portable in 2007.

Well, thanks to a recent tweet by Final Fantasy Tactics director and writer Yasumi Matsuno, the speculation from fans are only going to increase. It isn’t much, but Matsuno responded to a fan about a potential Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. In the tweet, Matsuno asks fans that, if they do remaster the game, they should nerf Count Cidolfus Orlandeau, one of the game’s characters. You can see the tweet down below.

10 thoughts on “Yasumi Matsuno asks about nerfing Orlandeau “if we remaster [Final Fantasy Tactics]””

  1. I don’t see why, if i remember right he joins very late in the game. Also there is no shortage of ways to break the game.

  2. Not necessarily nerf Orlandeau but find ways to make the game harder despite having him. Cid isn’t even the only character in the game that’s very powerful. Balthier is very strong and also Ramza if he unlocks Dark Knight. I always wished that they made Cloud more competitive in that game. He starts at level 1 and his Limit Breaks have ridiculously long charge times and only target panels that’s god awful.

  3. Yes, he should be nerfed. He makes the ending of the game waaay too easy. He can still be really powerful without being game breakingly powerful. Note that I’ve never played the Remaster, only the PS1 original, but I’ve played FFT more than any other game. Eventually I got so bored of his OPness that as soon as he joined I’d just take his gear and then expel him from the party.

  4. By the time you got Orlando you should have units even more busted than Night Sword and Stasis Sword.

    Calculator and Mimi makes Orlando look like a kindergartner.

  5. Instead of nerfing anyone, why not, aside from the fantastic original gameplay, bring us a new game plus. A good idea is the story of Lord Barbaneth and TG Cid during their younger years

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