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Final Fantasy producer says they have considered scrapping numbered game titles

The launch of a new mainline Final Fantasy game is always a big deal for both Square Enix and RPG fans and the latest game in the series Final Fantasy 16 is due out next month. In a new interview with GQ, Final Fantasy producer Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) was asked whether the team find the numbered system problematic. Mr. Yoshida explained to the site that they have considered removing the numbered system for new games in the long-running series, as he says that the numbered system is not only problematic for the marketing team, but some newcomers to the franchise wrongly assume that they need to play earlier entries in the series. Here’s what Mr. Yoshida had to say:

The numbers must be difficult, though.

Yoshida: A lot of players are going to come in and they’re going to look at it like a comic book where you have to read from the beginning to know what’s going on now. It’s hard for marketing because every numbered title that we release in the series, we have to go into it like, “It’s OK, you don’t have to play the rest of them.”

Do you think you’d ever just ditch the numbers entirely? We’ve seen big franchises like God of War reboot with no numbered entries

Yoshida: That’s actually something that I’ve discussed with the higher-ups. Maybe it’s about time we removed the numbers from the title. For example, you have Final Fantasy 14. You get a new player coming in and it’s like, “Wait a minute, why do I have to play Final Fantasy 14 if 16 is out?” Why don’t we just call it Final Fantasy Online – just get rid of the number altogether, and that’ll make it easier to understand. Whether Final Fantasy 17 or Final Fantasy 18 should have a number or not – that’s going to be on whoever has to develop that game and whoever’s in charge of the branding, so that’s their problem, not ours!


18 thoughts on “Final Fantasy producer says they have considered scrapping numbered game titles”

  1. I feel like even if they did away with numbering the games in chronological order newcomers to the series would still ask if they need to play them in order. They can just give each entry in the series a unique title, but i doubt that would prevent newcomers from asking if they need to play the games in order.

  2. Honestly I wish they’d just stop making them altogether. The games lost the spark that made them special after 10, these days they’re just soulless cash grabs that the fanboys keep buying. There is FAR better JRPGs out there nowadays, there’s no reason to buy SE’s garbage.

    Oh yeah, and expect 16 and future games to have NFT integration given how much the SE CEO seems to love them.

    1. Or you know YOU could just not buy them and let everybody else who enjoys them still do so. I know right? What a concept, letting things exist outside your personal likes and dislikes..

      1. Or you know, YOU could just not reply, move on with your life and let people who dislike this garbage franchise voice their opinions on it. I know right? What a concept, letting other people criticize the things that you personally like without throwing a hissy fit over it.

        Classic fanboy moment right there :’)

          1. Ugh, what a boring response. At least try to put some effort into a comeback, it’s just embarrassing otherwise.

            1. +Luce
              The response you gave to thewatcherx was really embarrassing and frankly makes Kyle’s response look good in comparison.
              If you was talking about yourself then sure but saying “Fanboys keep buying” was the minute you made this about people other than yourself.
              It’s blatant hypocrisy.

              1. I think you’ll find that I can give my opinion on anything I want lmao, whether it be about the tastes of other people or otherwise.

                The FF series has been pumping out utter garbage for well over a decade now, and moronic fanboys keep buying it solely because of brand recognition, which lets SE know that it’s okay for them to continue putting out garbage. It’s the same reason the Pokémon devs keep getting away with putting out garbage products themselves (I notice you have a Pokémon profile pic, meaning your likely part of the problem).

                So nah, I’ll continue to call out pathetic fanboys on their awful tastes, no matter how much it may trigger children like you to embaress themselves. Keep coping.

                1. +Luce
                  Aside from the fact that most of what you just said isn’t even relevant to the argument we are making, I’ll have you know I stopped playing Pokemon after Pokemon USUM as I actually agree the series has taken a massive dip in quality. I was already feeling let down around gen 7 but the minute gen 8 dropped and they pulled that National Dex Crap, I was done. I would ask for an apology on you jumping the gun but I think we both know that won’t happen either.

                  If you want to have the opinion that newer Final Fantasy games are horrible, and I say this as I adored Final Fantasy 9 as a teenager, then no problem but don’t be a dick to people that think otherwise. It’s an opinion, no need to go off on people like you did.

      2. He is right final fantasy has been trash since 10. Final fantasy 12 started to reignite the spark, then 13 happened. Great characters but it was something else. The charm and allure that was final fantasy before shall not be captured again. It is now an action RPG with crystals. How we miss the mystique of adventure, with protagonists of old. Teams and bands of heroes, anti heros and unconcerned party members. The tales series is also about to become ridiculous if the follow it’s current journey. Just some thoughts,


        1. +Sir Isaac Newton
          Nobody is saying they can’t think anything after FFX is trash, it’s the fact they called people “fanboys” for simply not sharing their opinion that people are calling them out on. Not to mention their responses to the comments just reek of a childish mentality.

  3. They definitely should have called 11 and 14 Final Fantasy Online, especially without an offline option like Phantasy Star Online.

  4. They could go the Super Mario Bros. route… New Final Fantasy, Newer Final Fantasy, Newest Final Fantasy. ;)

  5. Meh… everything after part 7 was trash anyway IMO. FF is nothing but a hollow husk of itself nowadays.

  6. Time to wrap up FF, it’s kinda sucked for a while. There’s plaenty of other classic titles that need a shot.

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