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Official Pokemon tournament cancelled in South Korea due to protest by finalists

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games

An official Pokemon Scarlet & Violet tournament in South Korea has been canceled after the four finalists staged a protest and revealed that the teams would be made up of Pokemon which only knew the Metronome move. As Games Radar describe, the Metronome move is an unusual and unpredictable ability and results in a random move from almost all of the series existing abilities, which would have been rather fun. However, Pokemon Korea was not happy and pulled the plug as they clearly realised it was a protest. Nash, who was one of the disqualified players, has explained to fans on Twitter why they were protesting and said that it was due in no small part to the frustration the players were subject to during the competition’s qualifying process. Nash summarised saying that “Pokemon Korea saw our teams, didn’t like it, and therefore disqualified all four of us for playing Metronome.”

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6 thoughts on “Official Pokemon tournament cancelled in South Korea due to protest by finalists”

    1. Basically, they are still running things the same way did started when Covid was a thing and it’s an extremely in efficient way to run official play so every is upset that they still haven’t gone back to the pre covid way of play. Which includes everything being Online and them essentially only running a single tournament where everyone is thrown into a pool instead of having a proper mutli-tournament season where you build up points for how high you place at each tournament.

  1. Stab Avery with a kitchen knife. He is the isle of armor character who ruined this pokemon tournament in south Korea.

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