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North America: GameStop pre-order bonus for Super Mario Wonder revealed

It has been almost a few months now since Super Mario Bros. Wonder was officially announced by Nintendo. Since then, the game has become available to pre-order from various retailers. One of those retailers includes GameStop, and they’ve recently announced a special surprise for those who pre-order the game from them.

GameStop has confirmed an exclusive pre-order bonus that only they will have. It’s an exclusive sticker set that contains the various characters and power-ups that will be appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The game releases on October 20th. You can see an image of the sticker set, as well as GameStop’s announcement tweet about the matter, down below.

13 thoughts on “North America: GameStop pre-order bonus for Super Mario Wonder revealed”

  1. Oh Wow, a sticker set, that’s what i call incentive … If your 5 years old
    “Exclusively” at Gamestop, kinda like the so-called exclusive merchandise that’s only available for Powerup Rewards members on the website “That i also seen at Toys-R-US”

    1. I’ve seen 5-year-olds put together better sentences than yours… If you work on your spelling, grammar, and typing, then perhaps you, too, could be rewarded a sticker! Then you might appreciate the bonus more!

      1. Wow, and how old are you correcting grammar on the Internet. You must have thought long and hard, you might be rewarded a sticker for being a know it all. Oh wait, that’s everyone on this website. Act like you can’t read a post because of bad grammar and yet you replay to my post anyhow.

      2. Correcting grammar on the Internet “i thought i was a loser” and who are you, the spelling bee champion of public fourms. I hope this person never has a typo, otherwise some no life loser might point it out.

  2. I legit have old Wii games from Nintendo that came with free stickers in the instructional booklet. This is what a pre-order bonus is nowadays?

  3. This actually isn’t North America wide, as the title suggests. I’m in Canada and GameStop here is advertising a elephant Mario keychain as the pre-order bonus here.

    1. Other countries have been getting better preorder bonuses and collector’s editions than the U.S. for over a decade. It used to be the other way around. Why can’t it just be awesome stuff for everyone everywhere?

  4. I like how people complain about freebies, it’s as if they expect a $50 eShop cards or something. It’s one thing to not like what they offer, it’s another to complain it isn’t something better.

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