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Team Shiver wins latest Splatfest

This weekend, Nintendo decided to have yet another Splatfest take place in Splatoon 3. This time, it was a Splatfest between Team Frye, Team Shiver and Team Big Man. That said, it is Sunday night now, so the Splatfest has concluded. All that is left is for a winner to be officially declared once again.

Well, the results are officially in. Team Shiver has won the Splatfest. In fact, Team Shiver won rather decisively, with a score of 38 points. You can see the official announcement tweet of the Splatfest results from the North American Splatoon Twitter account down below.

6 thoughts on “Team Shiver wins latest Splatfest”

    1. As a Team Big Man representative, I was very surprised to see Shiver got 55% of the vote, especially since most of my normal games were Vs Team Frye, which, in addition to them winning the Sneak Peek portion of the tallies, made me believe that Team Frye had the largest turnout.

      1. And tbh I only saw team Frye more than big man, but like a lot other people mention most people in Japan pick shiver and Japan has the biggest player base compared to the rest of regions, I still thought Frye had a chance of winning though, but we should really go back to there being only two choice cause 3 makes it so unbalanced, and sometimes the other two options just suck compared to the rest I think the ice cream, chocolates and the Pokemon one were the only ones where all options were pretty good imo.

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