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EA Sports FC 24 on Nintendo Switch will run at 30fps on Frostbite Engine

EA Sports FC 24

IGN has the opportunity to chat with Doru Logigan, who is the Line Producer for EA Sports FC 24 for the Nintendo Switch, about the technical hurdles the company has had to deal with bringing this upgraded version of the game to the Nintendo Switch. Previous FIFA games on Switch, including FIFA 23, were Legacy Editions as the game’s previously used the same engine as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. That all changes with EA Sports FC 24 as it’s running the company’s flexible Frostbite Engine. EA Sports FC 24 runs at 30fps across handheld and docked modes, while other platforms will run at 60fps. The game is targeting 720p in handheld mode and 1080p, when played in docked mode. EA Sports FC 24 launches on all platforms on Friday.

“The initial gameplay test had no players, no stadium, not even a crowd. But this bare bones version of the game was the jumping off point, and was another big moment for the team. “The fact that we reached gameplay made us believe that we had a working prototype and that Switch on Frostbite could be a reality,” Logigan said.

Assets were added back in slowly, alongside memory optimisations. Making sure the game ran smoothly was at the forefront of the team’s mind. Meanwhile, the Switch development team then had to add in all the various developments that were created by other EA Sports teams that would make it into the PS4 and Xbox One versions.”

“Getting to this point of having Frostbite running on Switch I think is already a huge achievement for the team and we were really excited to get our players’ feedback and reactions,” Logigan said.

“In terms of as how we look ahead, we’re going to start with the FC 24 launch and we’re very excited that it’s going to be at full parity, and also the fact that after the launch we’re going to be able to offer Switch players the same level of support in terms of live service support that the other platforms are benefiting from.

“So we’re going to be able to include patches at a higher cadence than before. And these patches will include bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and also live campaigns in Ultimate Team, Volta and Clubs throughout the season.”



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  1. Developers learn to optimize their code thanks to the switch ! As an ancient developer, these kind of challenges are motivating factors :)

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