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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope creative director says why Rosalina isn’t playable

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope may not have sold as many copies as Ubisoft and Nintendo would have hoped, but it’s a content-packed game, especially with all the downloadable content. One of the things many have been wondering regarding Sparks of Hope is why the team didn’t include the lovely Rosalina as a main character. In a new interview, the game’s Creative Director, Davide Soliani, explained that there were a few issues complicating things. These include Rosalina’s height being problematic when it comes to the game’s cover system and the belief that she would be too powerful. Here’s the full reasoning behind the decision.

“At some point we discussed having Rosalina as a main character, but if you know her, apart from games like Mario Kart for example, if you stay true to the Nintendo lore, in Mario Galaxy she’s super tall – she’s very tall – and that would have created the first problem with the cover system because it’s already very hard fit a character such as Bowser behind cover. It would have been even harder with Rosalina if we were staying true to the lore set by the Galaxy games. And the second problem is that she’s too powerful. So, we would have created a completely different story around Rosalina in order to do that. But in a way we did it, even if she was not playable.”

Game’s Creative Director, Davide Soliani 


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9 thoughts on “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope creative director says why Rosalina isn’t playable”

  1. Yeah well they could have made baby Rosalina, or a Star Kid Rosalina, a younger version who’s not as tall or powerful, that wouldn’t be impossible since the powers of time and space would have allowed her younger self to be present.

  2. This really doesn’t make any since her model looks fine in sparks of hope doesn’t look too tall to me, If they wanted a better reference model her Mario kart of any of her spinoff models would have work, plus her being overpowered is kinda a weak excuse Bowser is just as overpowered and he’s playable in this game (he also kinda nerfed in this game as well) he still decent to play as it just seems like they had a hard time utilizing her properly and tried to reference her hard on first galaxy games despite the fact that rosalina can change her size just like Bowser in almost every Mario game.

    1. Yes that is true. Her height doesn’t necessary mean she can’t be playable in any spinoff games. I mean, it’s just that they want a character to stand out properly for the role depends on the game story.

  3. Except she was playable in SM3DW, and she doesn’t have an easier time in Champion’s Road than the rest of the characters.

  4. “Rosalina is too tall, so it would be hard for her to be behind cover, but we managed to make that possible for Bowser who is a taller and wider character that Rosalina.”

    …S’cuse me what?

    Also, she would be overpowered? Couldn’t you have just made her a character that only shows up in the endgame then?

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