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Rumour: Square Enix isn’t currently looking to bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to other platforms

Final Fantasy Rebirth girlpower

Video game leaker NateDrake has said on the Famiboards forums that Square Enix isn’t currently looking to bring its excellent Final Fantasy VII remake to other video game platforms. Both Final Fantasy VII Remake and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platforms, with Rebirth being a PlayStation 5 exclusive. NateDrake elaborated and said it could eventually happen on other platforms, but, from what he has heard, Square Enix isn’t planning it at present.

“FF7 Remake is not a current plan. Could it happen, eventually? Sure. Is it an active plan at this moment? No. A Switch 2 release exists in the same way an Xbox release does. IF Square wants to do it, they can & will; but no such plan exists at the present.”


26 thoughts on “Rumour: Square Enix isn’t currently looking to bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to other platforms”

  1. That’s not good. I was hoping to get this on Steam eventually. I get that it could still happen at some point. But the idea that it might not is not reassuring. Why wouldn’t they want to reach a wider audience?

    1. Pretty sure Sony doesn’t want Nintendo and Microsoft to have them on their platform, only they will allow is PC cuz they are still salty about the ABK acquisition.

    2. Because Sony wants to sell PS5s, they act like Microsoft and Nintendo and then there is no guarantee that it will sell “better” if it is ported to multiple platforms. It’s an urban legend to believe that cross-platform rhymes with “good sell” eh

    3. the new one, Rebirth, yes is ps5 exclusive. But the first one is already on Steam. The article should say “console exclusive” to ps5.

    4. Ff 7 remake is on steam bro. It’s just not on Xbox and Nintendo. They will also release rebirth on PC a few months after it’s launch on ps5

    5. It will be on pc, same as remake part 1 is, its only not going to xbox and switch, switch can’t run any games properly to begin with so that’s completely understandable, idk why they aren’t doing xbox though as they have the 13 trilogy aswell as the entire kingdom hearts collection, not sure if they ever got 15

  2. That’s a contradiction based off another rumor that implies Square Enix dev’s was working with a Switch 2 dev kit and FF7R was reportedly performing very well and might be a launch title.

  3. Yeah, I mean, Sony pays a lot to keep stuff off other platforms, so I’m not surprised. This is why I’m glad for the ABK deal going through, because of how shitty Sony is. I just hope Nintendo played hard ball and actually bought big studios.

    1. I don’t see why it should be on Xbox – you all would cry why it isn’t on game pass for you to be free!!!! And your right Xbox should have the abk acquisition. Thier games have been nothing but garbage for years. So easy win from right, More free games so you cry babies can come down.

      1. You all? Sounds like someone salty over have an inferior subscription. I find it hilarious how to all of you Sony fanboys Sony doesn’t need ABK, but Sony fought tooth and nail for a reason. Little did you know that Activision brings in 800 million a year for Sony alone, when they have a profit of 2.6 billion. I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize that these garbage games are worth more to Sony and your little platform than your little brain can comprehend. If Activision goes, so will the majority of its fanbase, and then there goes Al of your paid exclusivity. But I’m sure you won’t be crying when the PS6 is as barren as the PS5 (without all the exclusive 3rd parties.) I want you to really think about what the PS5 has had to offer in the last 3 years without the use of exclusive 3rd parties, and youll see why Sony is scared.

        1. Lol wow so naïve microsoft isn’t stupied. Taking ABK away from PlayStation would make them lose money on that investment. So those games are going no where. Plus You honestly think mircosoft is for the people. That’s pretty sad man. No one on PlayStation side would leave just cuz of a shitty developer. And talk about exclusive games. How many did 360 have compared to the PS3, so Don’t cry, because playstation does it. Honestly don’t compare Sony fan boys to Jim ryan. Xbox started last and will always be last. Without buying company’s Microsoft will always be shit. Wait you say Sony is scared. Lol wow so wrong , Microsoft is scared that’s why they trying to buy everyone out, that’s their only way to win, But only can buy trash companies. =)
          When a good Xbox game comes out and wins game of the year we can talk. And don’t say that starfield trash one. That game is a good bedtime story. But nothing special.

          1. Of course they aren’t taking COD from Sony, but that cut CAN change, and 800m a year, can drop to 600m a year. Not to mention that PS now has to pay the dividends to MS instead of Activision. Who said MS was for the people??, if you fully believe that ANY of these companies are for the people, then you are delusional, money is the bottom line for ALL of them. You are a wallet to MS, Sony, and Nintendo, Steam, ect. Do you mean ALL of the exclusives that ended up on the PS3? Or are you talking about all the 3rd party games that MS funded that didn’t? Because there’s a difference between paying for exclusivity like Mass Effect, and paying for development like Blue Dragon. Well, here’s a question, how many actual grown studios does Sony have compared to all of the ones that they bought? Because let’s not act like they haven’t bought any. Especially when all of the biggest studios that they own, are all bought studios. So “Acquiring” them, instead of building them, is something that Sony is known for as well. What does Goty have to do anything? Sony is still scared of what can happen with CoD now being on the hands of MS, wether you like it or not, they wouldn’t have gotten the FTC involve, and YES they did. That’s why the FTC was so damn focus on pointing how poor little Sony (the biggest video game platform) was going to struggle without Call of Duty. You worry about Game of the year though, even though it’s going to be Tears of Kingdom.

  4. Uh dumb dumb, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been available for PC for over a year already. The same will happen with Rebirth after a year or two. The will release it for PC.

  5. It’s a weak s rumour. Square enix need pc gamers. Even though it’s a console exclusive, u crazy not to think the financial troubled square won’t release it on pc.

    1. All PS5 games will officially come to PC anyway since the PS gamers population alone can’t support the ballooning AAA budget of Next-Gen devs.

  6. Didn’t even look at a Wikipedia article before writing this? The remake isn’t a PS exclusive, it’s a timed exclusive. Part one is on PC, the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise is on PC, you can expect FF7 Rebirth and FFXVI to hit PC at some point. Hate articles like this, just lazy one-paragraph pieces like you needed to get one more out for the week.

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