Here’s The Nintendo 3DS’ Newest Rival And It Costs £500

The rumoured NeoGeo X handheld that was revealed by Famitsu back in January is coming to the United Kingdom and is going to cost a whopping £500. The developer SNK has stuck a deal with Blaze to launch the system in the United Kingdom sometime during the second quarter of 2012. The device plays 20 pre-installed games and has a 4.3 inch LCD screen, 2GB of onboard memory, an SD card slot, an AV Out port and a slick black design.

123 thoughts on “Here’s The Nintendo 3DS’ Newest Rival And It Costs £500”

        1. Just answering 1).
          No, because £500 does not equal $500.
          It’d be much for in dollars, around $791 in conversion.

    1. the 3ds should have L2 and R1 like that, its possible make the 3ds bigger like ds xl add circle pad and increased battery.

        1. Na Nintendo said they are happy with the 3ds and have no intention of making a different style of 3ds (hence thats why nintendo made a add on circle pad) so i dont think we will be seeing any variation of the 3ds ever

    1. If that’s the actual picture the company is going to use, they didn’t even put the screen protector on right, I can’t stop noticing those bubbles. And also, it only plays games from the 1990’s soo…

      1. Games from the 90’s are better than most games today… But Idk if it will support Nintendo titles. If it doesn’t it’ll fail…

    1. You’re right! Also, I can’t help but find the placement of the buttons a bit awkward while holding the portable…

  1. Holy crap! £500 is more than I would spend on a new computer, never mind a games console, especially a hand held. Not a chance I’m getting that.

  2. I lol’d
    Just looks like an iPhone with buttons. Probably only gonna play games as good as the iPhone and ill be surprise if it plays much of anything else. If it actually runs well, people will hack it like they did the pap and just make it an emulator machine.

  3. I’ve got to admit, It looks very nice. I won’t be getting one, because I’m not interested in it and the price is monstrously high.

  4. what was that system that was basically a mini gameboy advance? micro something? well this is the 3DS version of this. minus the 3D!!!

  5. Damn people are dumb. There will be no rival for this system, its just a remake of the neogeo, just like the gameboy micro. Only the neogeo games are loaded onto an SD card.

  6. its look like an Iphone with an analog stick and some awkwardly placed buttons, not a seriouse dedicated handheld.

  7. £500 is cheap when you compare it to how much a Neo Geo game cost back when they were released. You were looking at about £200 a game, if I remember correctly.

    1. But the prices and costs are not the same as back then when the system was new. It has deprecated and now the prices are almost free, so £500 it’s a price just irreal and out of the market. It’s clear they’re doing this just for collectors who’d pay that and more. Only them, the rest all of won’t buy that. Dot.

  8. They’ll be lucky they even sell 1 console. This is not a rival in the least. 1st: There’s no marketing. 2nd: The price is ridiculous, for 600€ I’ll buy myself either a dedicated console, a computer, and iGadget or a racing playseat. 3rd: No guarantee of games being good. 4th: No 3rd party support or promise of new games.

    1. Dude, PSVita has been out for like 3 weeks worldwide, I think it’s pretty early to jump to conclusions here.

      Will Vita outsell 3DS? Absolutely not.
      Will it sell a few dozen million units and build up a respectable games library? You bet.

  9. It’s more for emulation purposes than anything else, I think. FYI Neo-Geo had some of the best fighting games of it’s era, several of which are still very playable today. I doubt they’re even trying to “rival” the 3DS, it’s a super-niche item and they seem to know that, why bother attempting to rile up false reactions sickr?

    But £500? SNK, the expensive-ness of the original Neo-Geo was the one thing you didn’t need to emulate lol. I wonder if it’s a limited edition collector’s item or something?

    1. lol, I was, but £500 is mad steep. A PSP can already emulate most Neo Geo games with a few modifications though, and it costs a fraction of the price. If it was within the £100-£150 range I’d gladly pay, since that’d be officially supporting them, but this…

    2. I’m sure there are people like you who are happy and going to buy this. It’s all right, because the nostalgia factor it’s inside you and you’re a great collector surely. I think this console it’s focused to those like you, collectors, who’ll buy it. However you and a few others are just a little part of the market; this handheld won’t compete against any other console because of this so I believe the title of the article it’s misleading.

  10. It has potential to beat Vita but no 3DS. I gonna be missing the new gameplay features. I gonna play like a GBA but I sure people would want that over Vita.

    1. It’s not meant to challenge 3DS or PSV. It’s a retro handheld with built-in games. With that kind of price, it looks like it’s aimed for wealthy collectors or something.

  11. If people don’t buy this, I’ll laugh. If people do buy this, I’ll still laugh. It looks cool, but I think the price had an extra zero.

  12. This is going to be the new dingoo! Because no one will buy this for that much $loot$. -_-, So I say let this be copied and turned into a dingoo larger community any ways. It’s just the perfect size for it to be a dingoo 3! ^_^

  13. If the picture is real, what are those awkwardly placed shoulder buttons for? Are they going to develop new games for it that make use of the extra buttons? Who is going to develop games for a limited edition device?

  14. Wow. Just Wow. Bless them. I’ve never heard of either of those companies, but they don’t seem too notable. £500 is a crapload, for that you could get both of the superior handhelds, or a 3DS with over TEN games, or a Vita with a buttload of 3G time. Think, people criticised the Vita for initially launching at £300, and that was with an OLED screen (which costs a fortune by itself) and 3G capabilities. With no established first-party franchises, who in their right mind is going to buy this? Heck, you could get a Wii, PS3 and probably a decent TV too with £500.

  15. It’s ugly, expensive, weird color scheme, no touch screen, probably no good games, and the R2 and R1 buttons are in the wrong spot. But hey, at least it does have R2 and L2 buttons, you’ve got to give it that much.


    1. And wow you believe that this consoles parents apple and sony is unique, It’s obviously a copy so it will fail.

      Also, why don’t you watch gameplay of Super Smash Bros and Metroid, It’s much better then Sony fanboys believe.

      Also, Apple does not make games… they relie on people making software for them. You don’t get real games on Ipad… only Cut the rope and Angry Birds and that sort of stuff.

      Nintendo is a pure gaming company as they create only games.

      Sony is a part of the digital side of things making TV’s and cameras also.

      Microsoft should just stick to software, thats what they should do because their console does not work well.

    1. I though the same, except for a moment there, I was thinking that it looked like a new ipod touch with an analog stick and some buttons…I don’t see how such a thing would cost $500….

  17. If anyone has ever played the Neo Geo pocket before and knew how great of a hand-held it was, then they would feel amazed by the re-emergence of SNK — that is, until they see the price.

  18. Rival my bloated ass, 500 for a iphone clone that plays old games. Doesn’t even have half the features that 3DS and Vita has combined. Are they on heroine or something

  19. five hundred pounds? are they thinking consumers will buy every game system nomatter what the cost, or something?

    1. It seriously seems like it might be a limited edition collector’s item or something. I say this because SNKp simply doesn’t have the finances to fully fund a proper handheld. And as with many collector’s items, they’re fairly overpriced…

      It’s funny how people are bashing the looks of it, both the 3DS and Vita are just as ugly-looking in the design department as well imo

      1. Actually I think the 3DS is pretty beautiful… it’s shiny case, although it’s got that strange lid shape where it gets bigger towards the top it’s nice. the Vita isn’t actually that bad but this… it doesn’t look right. It’s much too boring!

  20. I think it can be good.. It’s possible that it’ll beat the Vita… But it stand no chance against 3ds… One word: Pokémon.

  21. haha,the 3Ds has better than wii graphics and ur saying this piece of expensive trash is going to outsell it!!! (BTW I posted this on a 3Ds) can this even browse the internet!

  22. Are you kidding? It can’t be called a rival, it will fail soon because of the price and the fact that its nothing more than a spin off of the 3DS.

  23. It’s not really a true rival of the 3DS, as it doesn’t intend to go against the 3DS and take its market. Neo Geo’s been burned too many times going against Nintendo–they know better. This is just for fans of Neo Geo games, as this device is actually a retro emulation device–not a true next-gen handheld.

  24. it looks like a mutaed Dingoo a320 for £500 notes it would have to be good for me to even think of buying it

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