Nintendo Hopes To Sell 10 Million Wii U Consoles Despite Losses

Despite posting a lower than expected operating loss Nintendo is confident that it will sell 10 million Wii U consoles during the machines first financial year. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expects combined Wii U and Wii sales of 10.5 million consoles and 70 million software units. Nintendo has yet to announce a release date for Wii U, but it’s expected to launch later this year.

60 thoughts on “Nintendo Hopes To Sell 10 Million Wii U Consoles Despite Losses”

      1. Why “fail prophecies” ? As well as you do have your opinion, I have mine. I wasn’t trying to make any prophecies. Learn to accept other opinions instead of letting fanboyism overcome you, seriously… People like you are the reason why I can’t stand the majority of the members of fan-communities. Why do you join communities if you do not want to hear other people’s opinions ?

          1. Nintendo fanboy.
            I like nintendo but its stupid fucks like you who screw up these sites! He has a right to express his opiniun if you don’t like it gtfo!

            1. First of all, I ain’t no Nintendo fanboy. Secondly, I own a PS3 and a PC. Third, you’re a failure for assuming. Just because Nintendo is the leader of innovating both video games and consoles, doesn’t mean it’s weak. U mad because they’ve introduced the tablet controller and HD graphics that’s better than current-gen consoles. There’s a possibility that the Wii U will be priced between $299 and $399. It’s gonna sell big time during this Holiday season.

              1. Just because you own other systems doesn’t make you less of a fanboy. That’s like saying you’re not racist just because you have friends of different race.

                1. I’m only talking to that noob who assumes that NIntendo’s new console is highly expensive and less powerful than Sony and Microsoft’s current consoles. This doesn’t not concern you, Maker.

              2. Oh my…
                When the hell did anyone here say that Nintendo is weak ?
                What does having a PS3 and a Pc have to do with it ? You do seem like a Nintendo-fanboy because you obviously can not accept comments which don’t express how Nintendo is the best thing that ever existed in universe and how everything else sucks. People can be true Nintendo fans AND face it that not everything always has to go well for them at the same time, you know ?
                And why should anyone here be mad about Nintendo introducing the tablet ? If you didn’t notice yet, this is a news page for Nintendo. That means that people who visit this site are mostly fans of Nintendo. So why should we be mad about that ? Plus, there are still no official informations about the hardware of the WiiU, so nobody here can know if it will have better graphics. Yes, it most likely will have better graphics but I do not see how that’s supposed to be considered as an achievement. Current gen consoles are about 6 years old after all, so it’s the least to expect from them, isn’t it ?

    1. If they really want this to happen, it can’t come out in November, can it? 10 million units from November to April is just too much… I wonder…

      1. And that has to do with this because… ?
        Just because they sold a great number of 3DS systems it doesn’t mean it has to go the same way with the WiiU. It’s a completely different thing. It’s not like Nintendo sold the exact same number of all their later systems as the number of NES’s they sold neither.

        1. No, but it makes the number far more realistic and they’ve announced that great titles will be there during release. If that’s true it will probably sell well over 10m.

          1. So your saying if nintendo Releases the WiiU it’ll sell better than the 3DS despite its higher Price tag (it wont be cheaper than the wii was at launch, its been comfirmed already by reggie)

            remember, nintendo just started making a profit since the 3DS got a price drop

            1. I personally dont like handheld and mobility, even if I have most of the nintendo handhelds, but NOT 3ds… I will go for wii U because its the only (desktop) console I am investing…

              PC and Nintendo fit together… It always does.. So the price tag doesnt matter, for desktop gamers versus handhelds… I dont like handhelds… anymore (or mobility…I dont use my mobile for games).. lol cheap copies

    1. Nintendo is going to have to prove to the FPS-boys around the world why their console is better to make it uber-successful in the hardcore market. I’m not big into FPS’ but millions got MW2 and 3 because of promotion and word of mouth. The system’s gotta have appeal.

      I don’t know how easy it would be to target casuals again. Some would purchase WiiU, while others may just stick with Wii until WiiU proves to be better.

    2. Lol you kidding me? Your an idiot! Its obvious!! The wii u is a giant expensive tablet and I have yet to see something special other than weak HD graphics!

      1. Troll much loser? The Wii U is the most sophisticated video game console ever made. The tablet controller is revolutionary and the HD graphics are more powerful than PS3 and X360. And there’s a huge possibility that the U will become the first console to be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

  1. I’m going to guess 8.7 million in it’s first year. Just feels like the right number to me, but I hope I’m guessing too low. I’ll be trying to buy it on release day, anyway.

  2. I think they will, its like anything new, everyone can hate to begin with but can quickly change their minds, ain’t that wat happened with the original Wii. Anyway i wish them all the luck!!!

  3. I think Nintendo is doing right
    In any battle, you need to remain determined otherwise you can’t win
    and you need to keep your expectations high
    And nintendos history is too strong to plainly say the can’t reach it
    Their Nintendo!
    Of course they can do it

  4. @sickr: I don’t think your article is accurate. Nintendo expects to sell 10.5 million Wii / Wii U-consoles. Not 10.5 million Wii U’s.

  5. I think that they believe the name itself will sell it. However, I think its the name that will hold the sales back. Right now, it just seems like more of the same from the Wii, and that’s not what we want (not exactly).
    Imagine the same console in different form and color with a completely different name. You wouldn’t think that its just an add-on to the Wii, it will be a stand alone product like the N64 or Gamecube.

    Then again… They don’t want to waste the peripherals and games that they have accumulated, over the years, and that definitely helps the casual audience that would not shell out another 500 bucks for a console, a game, and a few more controllers etc.
    Smart move, this is backwards compatibility at its finest as far as I can see.

    … So fine that its bothering me….

  6. 10 million units sold as an expectation? I honestly think there is a chance they won’t make it that high – maybe near it but not to that point. Nintendo will probably still be happy if they were somewhat close to their goal. Of course, they weren’t with the 3DS as they only sold up to 3.5 million for their 4 millionth sale expectation. But, who knows?

  7. People are missing the fact that Nintendo is saying that Wii and Wii U COMBINED will sell 10 million. Gosh people, read the article!

    1. No. It says at the end that, combined, they hope for 10.5 million sales, not 10 million. I somehow doubt that the Wii would make that much of a difference, anyway.

  8. Don’t you mean, “higher than expected operating loss”? If it’s lower, then Nintendo has nothing to worry about?

    1. IE. if why the price and share drop they expected to lose ¥65.000 million in the year, the real lose was ¥43,204 million, bad, but better than expected

  9. That seems like a lofty goal, but if anyone can do it Nintendo can.Iwata must be very proud of and excited for the Wii U to make such a bold prediction. I hope he meets his goal.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  10. I…don’t see this happening. The Wii got most of its sales from people that don’t play or care about games and thought it would be useful for exercising. Nintendo is obviously trying to appeal to that same market again with the name Wii U and I think its going to backfire on. Most of those people will assume its just a new controller for the Wii they never use and skip out on it. Mind you, I would love to see the Wii U doing well, I just don’t think it will happen

    1. You never know Boy… As long as the Wii U lineup is stronger than the 3DS lineup a year ago, it will happen. For now, you’ll just have to be patient and wait.

  11. Well I guess it really comes down at how much they price the Wii U at. Even if they sold it for $300 it would still be a tough call. I for one will pre-order this bad boy as soon as I can. Perhaps world-wide they will be able to sell 10 million with the release of Dragon Quest X this year and possibly a Mario platformer.

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