75% Of Gamers Apparently “Not Interested” In Wii U

According to a recent survey that was conducted by online discount aggregator Dealnews consumers just aren’t interested in Wii U. Dealnews collected the opinions of 1,551 people. The firm also found that 64 percent of current Wii owners are not interested in the new hardware. This is sure to change given that we know next to nothing about the games that will be available for the system, or even the systems full capabilities. We will find out most of what we want to know at E3 next month.

187 thoughts on “75% Of Gamers Apparently “Not Interested” In Wii U”

    1. I agree, I think that’s a misleading title because the only system that has been on my mind all this time has been the Wii U. I am looking forward to the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I am looking forward to voice chatting with every cool dude or gal here on this forum. I will be getting the Wii U on the first day. IT WILL BE A FIRST DAY PURCHASE… Because I REALLY want it. Sorry for the caps guys, title got me all upset ROFL….

      1. think about it. they asked people who are considered gamers. Is your mom considered a gamer? no, but she IS familiar with Nintendo, so they will most probably buy the WiiU. Nintendo has another market, set-up by themselves, and it will pay off very soon!

        1. lol i like your answer. i’m on the fence about it tbh. i have a feeling it’s gonna be expensive and i don’t have much money at all. and i have a weird feeling about it, don’t know what but i guess i’ll have to wait till E3

      1. wiis online is terrible and ps3s isnt great either. you pay for xbox live in order to have good online and its definitely worth it

        1. But wii u’s online will be 10x better with nintendo network. I believe its suppose to work like the xbox and ps3 gamertag things. Correct me if im wrong

          1. I cany wait for nontendo network because of how awsome the trophy sustem will hopefully be for thr trophy system ot shoul be just like brawl with charachter and u could take pictures of them i cant wait for the next brawl think about how amazing it will be with the epic n betwork and also i think there first oarty games should have alot of online stuff like zeldo mario starfox suber smash bros and metroid i cant wait wake on launch goodnight

          2. No information about it has been stated other than its “better”, which isn’t very hard with Wii standards. Tbh, I don’t expect Nintendo to ever get fantastic online

        2. I have an xbox and I can confirm this is BULLSHIT. Try playing Halo Reach or Mass Effect 3 online and you will see all the fucking problems and lag you’ll experience. PS network is not perfect, but hell, I also have a PS3 and I haven’t experienced anything worse than in the xbox. Nintendo’s online though, it really sucks. That’s my only complain with them right now.

        1. Are you stupid? Infamous, God of War, Bioshock, Skyrim, Sonic generations, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi…I can and will go on. Go Nintendo. Go Sony. Fuck Xbox.

          1. Bio shock. Skyrim and sonic are on Xbox too. Can’t use games against a console when they are on both of them.

            1. Obviously he is stupid. The worst thing an Xbox fanboy could do is try to argue 1st party software, where they are beaten badly by everyone. Well not only Infamous and God of War as mentioned but, Resistance, Journey,MLB The Show, LBP, Killzone, Socom, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, Heavy Rain, Flower, MAG, Twisted Metal and many more. Also FREE online that has no recognizable issues of bad download speed or lag that Xbots like to claim.

    1. Xbox sucks, the wii’s online may not be the best, but at leastu dont have to pay to be able to get onto a store to be able to pay more money to download games

      1. The Marketplace (store) for Xbox 360 does not require you to be a paying (Gold) member, it just simply get you access to selected demos and DLC before non Gold members do. Plus online gaming on the 360 is better than on Wii and PS3.

  1. so that must represent a massive segment of the gaming market. Whats that, it not even 0.001% is this Fox news written by Practher

        1. Being first is irrelevent? Damn, I’ve been wasting my life. Luckily, Im not the FIRST to do that LMAO. I’m kidding, please dont flame me :(

  2. can poeple just wait till e3 , i can’t belive they don’t get that there saving all the surprises until e3

  3. Sirk look’s like you got the Title Roung this is the Real Title:
    “75% Of Gamers Apparently are not real Gamers”

      1. Where was this poll and why was I not invited. Last I checked I was a hardcore gamer. Week long all nighters on Skyrim anyone? ;) How bitchin’ would it be to see Skyrim on Wii U?

  4. I’m not too surprised. That percentage could be part the casual market. Since Nintendo is catering the hardcore with Wii U, I could expect a lot casual gamers to skip out on it. Besides, a lot of hardcore gamers are also not as super excited. We’re all a little skeptical in one way or a bother, even just a little. I just hope Nintendo surprises us at E3!

  5. currently, i’m not interested in it. i find it to be nintendo’s fault in the first place for not making the wii HD. second, the controller design is pretty ridiculous. and the name is beyond awful.

      1. The name is a little silly but it has meaning, but when nintendo was making the wii they gave up good graphics for innvotion that in the long run work out for them being 2x the amout of 360s and ps3 sold. the controllers it not ridiculous it is a combine meant of a ps3/360 controller with a touch screen it is a really smart ideal, and it might not be the final version we will see at e3. My only the probly with the controllers is you cann’t push in the circle pads in for more buttons but nintendo has to be unique.

    1. This is probably the first time we agree on anything…. I’m still burned about buying the 3DS at launch so I wont be buying the wiiU untill after it gets a price drop.

  6. well my nintendo hating friend isnt intersted either. i am and i want a wii u the most also. my friend is stupid also.

  7. To be fair… its hard for most to be interested in something that we know very little about. After E3 that percentage will do a 180 in Nintendo’s favor.

    1. It’s not surprising at all actually, when you consider…we barely know anything about the games on the system. This’ll change soon though, of course.

  8. With my brand new Intel Quad-Core i7 3770 Processor with 10G of Ram, SDD Hard Drive, and Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Video Card, no console can match this baby. Not even the new upcoming Xbox 720.

    1. I like PC gaming, but there are not too many worthy exclusives. Star Craft is good, but not something amazing, Diablo is great, but on consoles we have God of War ,Zelda, Xenoblade, etc.. Counter-Strike and Minecraft are coming to consoles and World of Warcraft sucks. SO yeah. PC gaming is good only for multi-platform games.

  9. research must have been made ​​for fans of sony and microsoft, nintendo fans would never refuse a new console. but I have a wii and the games are lacking it .. are many games of bowling, dance and mini-games, but where are the releases that come out for ps3 and xbox?

  10. OOOH I see that the whole gammer community is just 1,551 people acording to the survey… don’t make me laugh… We just have to sit and wait.

  11. Lets not forget how small of a number 1500 is in the gaming world considering half the word plays video games. And they havent even seen wii U features b4 sayin they dont want it

  12. Not to start a rage or anything… But we know more than “next to nothing about the games”. We know there will be a Mario platformer, a “new” Mario Kart, a few Mario sports of some kind, Mario Party 10 (big one-o), another SSB, and at least a half-dozen “revived” Nintendo series. Don’t get me wrong, I WISH I was excited about the Wii U, but I’m not. I’m not excited based on the last 2-3 years of the Wii, also, the 3DS pretty much sucks also (not hating but it has been out for about a year now and we have Mario kart, mario platformer, and Zelda rehash :/)…

    NOW, I am somewhat excited because I believe that Nintendo is finally scared. By this I mean, there is actually a possibility of two flops (3DS -> WiiU) in a row which would be devastating for the company. This could be the push that Nintendo needs to stop withholding good game ideas. FOR EXAMPLE: They are making a SSB game which is connectable between home console and handheld (They should have done this a Loooong time ago yet strangely have not). For the past 10 years, they also have strangely opted to make two identical yet different games (POKEMON) for the same console. Perhaps this will push them to make a wiiU version and a handheld version? There are many other things which they could improve on but up until this point have been to cocky/ have had no need to pursue. Alright, this post is too long now…


    1. I can’t say that you were wrong. Nintendo is a GREAT company, and I love them! I grew up with Mario so it doesn’t bother me to see Mario games. Lol, DUDE I bet the next Mario game is actually Mario 17 or something! But Nintendo should be able to take criticism because that’s how you can learn how to please those who differ in values, and you seem to only want more, or for Nintendo to start providing that experience that we use to feel. My brother seems the same way… Loves Nintendo, but the Wii was TOO DAMN KIDDIE for him, so he bounced. However, BEING HONEST… you do not deserve to be trolled, because your opinion in my eyes would make me work harder if I was a lead at the company! Nintendo needs more creativity, more support from third party companies, more games to reach the masses. Nintendo needs so much more…

      But let’s face it… the PS3 and XBOX need the same thing because they aren’t that great either. I wish all the consoles success, but we all know that they all need to work on strengthening their systems, and most importantly, their games…

      COOL POST…. man
      [I did not spell check... ugh I wrote TOO much and did not feel like reading it over :( ]

      1. Very true post man. Now that the power games are about over we can see what nintendo has really got. The current hd console really didn’t do HD gaming justice though, 15-20 fps On major games is a waste.

        It’s funny when people call them selves hardcore and have none of the adult wii games, every noticed wii gamers hardly trade in there games?

        Most of my collection isn’t even sold in stores any more lol.

        I’m pretty had on gaming related this and I have to say engine wise you are going to have way more fun next gen with nintendos console. The action is way more smooth.

        With third party support which is pretty much the hd catalog for sOny and ms I would say the wii u will have there games minus the few good first party games they have.

        Plus fpshooters need this controller and you will see why.

    2. Wow no one replied…. You forgot about kid icuras dude and the last three RPGs that where brand new. It’s easy to see you believe complaining gets more out Of nintendo but it doesn’t. Epic and a few others now have the real next gen kits and their games are running great.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if epic became Nintendo first party? Or maybe crytek?

  13. Once the Wii U makes it’s debut that’ll all change. Nintendo always comes out on top. I want Nintendo to smarten up a bit and cater to all gamer audiences.

    Nintendo Wii was the truth. Just had to many family games and not enough hardcore games.

    Hardcore games + Mario,Zelda,Metroid, Kid Icarus = Win

  14. WOOOW!!!! A sample size of 1551 people!!! … wow that sure is a lot of gamers…… enough to completely generalize an entire statistic!!!!!!… *sarcasm…. Seriously, the people on that polling website are probably bias towards playing all fps games or something lol

  15. I’m unable to use this because certain information has not been included, such as, the type of gamers surveyed and their numbers. They also didn’t say how many of those people even have a Wii. Also what questions did they ask, did they even explain some of the Wii U features and stuff. I find this inconclusive.

  16. Haha this is hilarious, I’ve been saying Nintendo is dead for years, this proves I’m pretty close to right, and don’t give me the garbage about “they have billions in cash to weather any storm,” they’re not a bank, they make video game systems, who cares how much cash they have. Wake up, Nintendo has blatently ignored the majority of real gamers for years, ignore your customers demands long enough and there won’t be any demand

    1. Hey Idiot….. 69% of Americans are gamers….. only 1551 people were included in the poll…… See a problem here? …. go take a research methods course….. jackass

      1. @Clark LOL, you are a riot. How many people do you think a casual poll needs to be valid? I bet I could ask this question to everyone in my school (of 1200+) and the result would be lower than this. Are you expecting them to take a poll on Nintendo’s Website? xDDD I think YOU are simply in need of common sense… idiot.

      2. Hey douche, its called a statistical sample because its impossible to poll everybody, are you all that stupid? Even if it was reasonable to poll ten thousand people for an article you fanboys would still say “but there’s millions of gamrrs, that’s not enough”. Nintendo is dead

        1. Where did you get that stupid rediculous figure?? 69% of the population are gamers? As of the 2010 census 24% of the population was between 18 and 44, people who can game under the age of 18 are a fraction of a percent, how the hell old are the people that are gamers according to your numbers?? Toddlers and grandparents? And don’t cite some bullshit about how the Wii brought a nursing home gamer revolution to America or some garbage like that

        2. LoL mariokart a none casual game where whiny hardcorez are handed there own ass is at 30 million sold. The wii has about 90 million and no hd game is even close to the sales of most of nintendos games.

          They are hardly dead. I’m not sure how many halos you can play or how many times Sony will copy and fail. The simple fact is you still come to a Nintendo site shows they have you lol. Do I got to Xbox or ps3 sites nope… They suck which is why you are here.

        3. you “nintendo is doomed” people really need to stop saying this crap. people have said this for a very long time. and as far as i’ve seen they’re doing perfectly fine. and has survived the video game crash of the 80’s. with the R.O.B. have you seen the 3DS charts? huh? they are on top of their game with the 3DS. wiiU we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a fail. you guys honestly need to pay attention to your consoles company they are losing a lot more money then nintendo by a long, long margine. and they are divisions of very profitiable companys with many more products. they can afford to cut the consoles out of their product line. nintendo however can’t afford it so they will try their best to bring it back. microsoft and sony will try but nowhere near as hard nintendo. cause like i said they can afford cutting it if the losses continue. it’s bad business for sony and microsoft. it’s the only business for nintendo. plus even if the wii U fails they’ll do fine. they survived the failure of the virtual boy didn’t they. and honestly you guys sound desperate. “look nintendo lost money for the first time. QUICK LETS START SAYING NINTENDO IS DOOMED!!! “1000 people said they have no interest in wii ULETS START SAYING NINTENDO IS DOOMED!!!”.

  17. 75% Of Gamers Apparently “Not Interested” In Wii U

    Well that is a 75% of that 1551 people

    And about the % of Wii owners, I would like to know how they have the opinion of 66 million of Wii owners…


  18. Is going to be a MUST buy in EU and ASIA, probably this surveys are from US, and something we dont interested, even as a public…

  19. Sounds about right. Seems like im the only person out of the people I know that is intrested in Wii U. Everyone else wants to know more about PS4/Xbox720 (im with them on that too).

  20. 1,551. Like it is a representative number of consumers. I’m guessing that in order for that number to really hold value there must be 7,755, gamers in the world. Or just in america. Come on that’s the reason that polls really don’t hold any value, is beacause they are so easy to manipulate. If the poll was made by nintendo in they page of nintendo with the same number, the numbers would be completely different(and still it would’nt really be of value). If made by Game trailers, Ign or any other page, the tendency will be according to their readers which in some pages are really clear in their preferences. Make the experiment do the same poll on this page and you’ll find Out, however it is not going to be 100% beacause of the ocasional Xboxer or playstaion fan that still baffles me, if they hate nintendo why come to read nintendo news? and the nintendo fan that is not sure because of the 3DS fiasco begining, I’m a nintendo fan and a i will buy a wii u but this time i want games from the begining and no i don’t want just nintendogs, hell if they had realease kid icarus at the begining i’ll still be playing it right now..

    1. Because they don’t hate nintendo. They think crying will make nintendo listen. It won’t. If they want to change nintendo make a studio like epic mega games and get them to up the specs because you have a franchise that sells like a nintendo game.

      To hard well to bad.

  21. 1551? The title of this article should be “75% of people surveyed are not interested in the Wii U” Looks Nintendo has their work cut out for them. Their going to have to blow everyone’s socks off at E3, then promote the hell out of Wii U in the months leading up to its’ launch.

    I’m not worried. E3 will change all that. Leave luck to heaven.

  22. So, what’s being said here is that 36% of Wii owners ARE interested in Wii U BEFORE NINTENDO HAS EVEN ANNOUNCED GAMES FOR IT. The Wii sold 95.85 million units worldwide. That is 34.5 million people interested already, not to mention those who do not own a Wii. And this is *all before people even know what games will be on it.* I would say that this is very good news indeed.

  23. I just love the headline: “75% Of Gamers Apparently “Not Interested” In Wii U”

    Are we talking about 75% of the ACTUAL gaming community or the 75% of the 1,000+ people surveyed for something we have LITTLE known facts about? Honestly, the survey has their justifications for that amount of people, because we DON’T know much about the console up until E3. But I can also deny this survey because it’s about 2,000 people out of the, possibly, hundreds of millions (an obvious hyperbole) of gamers in the real world.

    The headline just makes everyone go crazy!

    1. Truth is only 25% of gamers are hardcore. Most of those hardcore gamers bought the big wii titles 30-15 milliOn of them.

  24. Let’s face it, they haven’t shown much yet. Software sells hardware, and the confirmed titles shown were either bad or already on other consoles. I’m interested because Pikmin 3.

  25. Just look at the pole on the website you got that info from, 61% of people there want a Wii U out of around 950 votes.

  26. Well I am SUPER intrested in the Wii U, I will pre order it after E3 2012 and I can say:

    I’m the 25%

  27. All of you dumbasses who say omq xbox better than ps3 etc. PC>ALL PC gaming is the shit steam is free you get steam sales games are cheaper the online is smoother if you have a good pc/internet and keyboard/mouse is better than a controller

    1. So true…. So threats of power are moot. The 720 and ps4 don’t matter because we can get their games on a pc. Yet nintendo not so much. Sony is going to sell an alienware laptop next gen lol at a lost. Painful… Ms next console is part cloud based just to kick Sony in the pants again power wise.

      So it’s nintendo and pc again for the win. As a pc gamer and dev I’m pretty excited about how the wii u pad works with a pc on the couch to replicate a mouse and keyboard set up. My $999 Wacom is jealious also. Steam on the wiiu will be vicious. Mod support is really up to them now. The interface is there.

  28. Even though I don’t plan on buying a WiiU at launch, I am still interested in it. E3 will either make me want to get one or it will make me go ‘meh’ :P

  29. Funny, my opinion was never asked. I would love to buy the WiiU and would gladly do so right now if I had the money and there were at least 3 titles my fiance and I wanted coming out within a year after release and exclusive to the WiiU.

  30. 1,551 people…on some random site i don’t know…
    According to maybe 1% of the gaming market, only 25% of people care about Wii U, a console hardly anyone knows much about. Oh no!

  31. Hey I have been interested in the Wii U since E3! Heck I might even go to New York just to get the Wii U early and be there at the opening at the Nintendo world store!

  32. The sample they used for the study is not random, the study has a threat to internal validty at the people level. For what I have seen in forums around the internet, I would say that at least 50% of the people in them are interested on the Wii U. Are you gonna post my findings too, sickr?

  33. Suppose we have to examine the truth that could be behind this. 25% huh…. probably the hardcore nintendo croud. The other 75% are likely people that own ps3 or xbox360 and are very happy with them, not looking for anything new just yet. PC gamers will likely never go console anway, and a small percentage would likely not be interested just because its nintendo, no other reason aside. Still others, maybe even a large percentage, just havent seen enought to make a decision. Some people are skeptical of new things, whether or not it looks cool or fun. In my case, I’ve owned every Nintendo system (Except Virtual boy which I could never afford at the time, and game boy advanced micro) so I will be there buying one, if not day 1, at the least week 1. We shall have to wait and see, I think E3 may change a lot of peoples minds. Or the Tokyo Game Show….

    1. Actually pc gamers loved the wii right up until the promise of pc like game disappeared. This will happen again since you can order wireless hd monitor transmitters now.

      1. Thats right, almost forgot about that. Well in that case, it may once again excite PC gamers. Somehow I doubt Nintendo will get any big name PC games though, even though the tablet would be perfect for mouse-style games. All we can do is wait and see.

  34. pretty funny because they just like to play angry birds rather than good games
    besides did they play it to determine if they arent interested on it?

  35. I for one am definitely interested in the Wii U. The Wii U is the only next-gen console I’m currently interested in.

    Wii U appeals to me because it can do things with that controller that even PC can’t. I mean, I love mouse and keyboard, but NOTHING’S faster than direct touch, and since Funcom suggested the Wii U would be perfect for MMORPGs (something I thought when I first saw the controller last year), can you just imagine how much of a dream that controller would prove to be for games that PC have rule for decades? Instead of mousing over to your control panel or pausing the screen to reach a menu, you can do it all with a direct touch on this secondary screen without pausing! Put an RTS game on that bad boy, and watch my PC experience some lonely nights.

    So far, if any of those rumors concerning Microsoft’s rumored next console turn out true, such as it being discless and relying exclusively on digital download of those huge games, or it not supporting used games, or it running on Windows 8, it’d lose any hope of me buying one. But we’re not even sure if Microsoft or Sony even do have consoles this time. All we’ve gotten is rumors that Microsoft hasn’t confirmed and Sony has actually straight-up denied (saying there is no PS4 anytime soon and that it would be a distraction from PS3 and Vita).

    In fact, Sony’s still feeling the financial pain from their last major financial investment into cutting-edge technology: They’ve stated that they’re at a three-year-loss in initial investment for the Vita, and the way it’s been (not really) selling (well) lately might just prove to be too much for them to similarly produce a PS4. The PS3 hasn’t even used 60% of its power yet (God of War III didn’t even use half of its total power), so I believe them when they say that they’re not looking for a PS4 anytime soon.

    Folks seem to forget that both Microsoft and Sony can leave the video game console wars at any time (unlike Nintendo, gaming is not their entire livelihood, but more something of a dabbling in the game industry), and either of them might not even produce another console this time around. I don’t know how likely that is, but it’s definitely possible. It’s costing them and everyone else way too much to keep up with their cutting-edge consoles (everyone from the console manufacturers, to the game developers, and the consumers).

    Nobody wants to spend about $80 million on a major next-gen game or spend $500 on a next-gen console anymore. I think Nintendo’s tradition of innovative design, their return to a stronger effort for the “core” gamers, the Wii U’s low manufacturing costs, reasonable development costs and time, and focus on affordability for consumers is leading the way more than people probably realize.

    1. To be fair, though, it’s the only next-gen console currently announced. Granted, the other two are in our heads conceptually, which is what you were getting at, but them’s the facts.

  36. I bet this happen the same thing with the Wii: At first, gamers think that the Wii will be a failure, but it turns out it a success!

  37. First off, most polls are hardly accurate when it comes to gaming. And there are other factors the article fails to address. Remember when Wii was called Revolution? Many people were interested because the Big ‘N’ finally admitted the system would be true-disc based, as opposed to GCN’s mini-disc system. But when they claimed the Wii wouldn’t support HD, people started going meh, they’ll go for the PS3 and 360 instead.

    However, come launch day and the Holidays, it was a completely different story. Mainly because despite the setbacks, the Big ‘N’s selling point was both affordable price and the Virtual Console system. Not to mention it was backwards compatible for the GCN. One thing which killed the 360 with prospect buyers (i. e. parents, seasoned gamers) was, Microsoft prematurely stating the system would not be bc with the Xbox. Then when the Big ‘N’ admitted the Wii would have classic games and be bc, MS immediately brought out the means for the system to play some (not all) Xbox games, meanwhile the PS3 has recently started offering games from their PS2 and PS days, as well as upgraded classics.

    Same will happen with the Wii U. Right now, the reason the so-called 75% is going ‘meh,’ is due to a poor economy, and the fact nothing else has been shown or demonstrated at what the Wii U can truly do (except for posted simulations from last E3). But I believe when the Big ‘N’ starts divulging what the system can really do, the actual price, possible 3DS connectivity via Nintendo Network, and First and Third Party Titles, people will start generating interest in the system. As I aforementioned, currently, it’s too soon to call a verdict on the Big ‘N.’

    I feel the Wii U will be great, unless somehow the Big ‘N’ drops the ball. And I serious doubt they’re going to go Virtual Boy with the controllers..

  38. 5% better than the mean for the ‘limited lauch’ of the NES, as always the trully enterpise who is hated but at the hour of true is he ruler of all is…Nintendo

  39. I honestly don’t know about the WiiU. Cost, pricing of games and the lineup of games will all affect my ultimate decision of the WiiU. At least until the next Zelda is confirmed and I am forced to buy it xD

  40. Weird. If you try and click the view poll results on the link, it says that 70.18% wants to buy a Wii U and 29.82% does not want to buy a Wii U

  41. 64% of wii owners probably aren’t interested because most of them are probably people who dont know anything about games and just bought a wii to play wii sports. They dont understand that the wii is going to get discontinued, they probably think they can play just their wii for the rest of their lives, which they could, but then they couldnt get any new games or anything.

  42. If Nintendo’s E3 this year is about as barren as last year’s, they would be absolutely pathetic. Those really awesome core titles better be announced in some fashion, whether they be launch titles or later titles. There is really no other compelling reason one needs to have to get a console other than the games. Because the games are what sell the consoles. And those games they’re going to announce better be fucking good, cuz I’ve pretty much had it with Nintendo by this point.

    1. wtf r u on about. Last years E3 was amazing! better than sony and microsoft…. now THAT was pathetic. Watch it on youtube

    2. also alot of people cheered for Nintendo. Sony and microsoft fans either kept quiet or just walked off… lol

  43. Seeing as we don’t know much solid info about the system, we didn’t see any first-party games beside NSMB for Wii U, and the third-party games that were announced (except LEGO City Stories) are available for other platforms. The big guns are definitely coming this E3, and this poll will look very foolish when that happens.

  44. There’s Nintendo gamers, Sony fags, Xbots and PC gamers.

    100% : 4 = 25%
    Ofcourse, when you ask 25 of each typw of gamers their opinion, you get a result of 25% positive results, the other 75% are just haters.

    It makes sense now.

  45. “Gamers” not interested in WiiU

    yeah it’s true!

    1511 of grandma’s, grandpa’s, girlfriends, mobile freaks, noob children

  46. I’d really like to point out that the poll below the article about the same number of people and it says that over 60% are interested. Polls obviously mean nothing in the long run. Wait for E3

  47. that means 25% of gamers want the wii u close to launch day so thats around 25 million sales in the first month well done nintendo

  48. I’m sorry, did I just read an article labeled “Bullshit”? I’m pretty sure they got it wrong. I think its 75% of gamers ARE interested in the Wii U.

  49. 75%? The ammount of Gamers is well over 5 million.

    I’ve been interested in the Wii U ever since it was announced! I’m even wondering what the system is capable of! I have a Wii, 3DS, and PC at the moment, but I’m sure I can make room for a next-gen console, let alone one by Nintendo!

    Keep up the good work, Nintendo! I can’t wait to see the Wii U at E3!
    (or at least online. I’m in Texas. :3)

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