Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Leaked For Wii U?

Dual Pixels is confident that a collection of the Kingdom Hearts games will be revealed at E3 next week. The series’ director, Tetsuya Nomura, wants to bring Kingdom Hearts back to consoles, so this may not be too far-fetched. The collection is said to include remastered versions of the original Kingdom Hearts, its direct-sequel, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. If this claim is true, it will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. Does this collection seem too good to be true?

130 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Leaked For Wii U?”

    1. and if they announce KH3 (FINALLY) on Wii-U??????? we could die 10 times and go to heaven…..XD

          1. He’s right. It reads this way:

            “The collection is said to include remastered versions of the original Kingdom Hearts, its direct-sequel (Chain of Memories), 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep.”

            1. No, if it read the way you’re interpreting it there would have been no need for a comma between “Direct sequel” and “Chain of Memories”.

              1. direct-sequel = Kingdom Hearts 2.
                Kingdom Hearts 1 –> Kingdom Hearts 2
                ^direct! (skipping anything in between)

                1. Dude Chains of Memories would be the direct sequel as
                  A: It came out before Kingdom Hearts 2
                  B: It begins straight after the end of KH 1
                  C: It sets up the events of Kingdom Hearts 2

                  I personally hop they fix that stupid card fighting system and give us Hack n Slash and make it a game play option at the beginning
                  “Adventure Style”

                  Trophy for original style lol

              2. if you people just put a little logic to words, you’d know that they meant Kingdom Hearts 1 AND 2. do you really think they’d make a collection of all the KH games except 2? if so, then you’re dumber than you sound.

                1. Oh guys you just so damn stupid o.o Just READ this Text and don’t get too dizzy because of this fat rumor. The DIRECT SEQUEL of KH1 is CoM… Pls, don’t say anymore stupid stuff, kay? Just… Just keep a little pride fpr yourself.

                  1. has informed us that a pending E3 announcement will involve Kingdom Hearts 1,2, Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and Birth By Sleep receiving HD upgrades and launching on PS3, Wii U, and PS VITA.

                    That’s from the source, it includes KHII

                    1. Though it doesn’t matter much since there’s no proof to go off of any of this. Arguing about this seems pointless till it’s confirmed.

              1. Really, anon? That’s a shame, I was hoping that there’d be a second HD Collection with KHII Final Mix, Recoded, and Dream Drop Distance. Throw in Birth By Sleep Volume II if Nomura decides to make it.

                Mind you, as people have noted. This is a RUMOR at this point. Important to keep in mind.

    1. Your obviously reading on a second grade level…a 9 year old say that and instantly got it -_- reread

      1. you’re all being idiots. If you go from KH1 directly into KH2 You’ll be lost. It goes: BBS -> KH1 -> Chain of Memories / 358/2Days -> KH2 -> Re:coded -> KH3

        1. maybe it meant direct sequel as in its name….plus there are commas separating each game title….if “its direct sequel” meant CoM a extra comma wouldnt be needed and neither would the line “its direct sequel”

    2. jesus how hard is it to go to the page being linked in the article and look there. it’s kh1, kh2, and chain of memories.

  1. i’d like to see it on Xbox 360. but i’m probably gonna end up getting it on PS3. that is, if its true.

    1. I don’t really think they would make it for Xbox, because there isn’t really an established fanbase. But I don’t really expect it to come to WiiU either.

      But maybe i’ll be surprised.

      1. How do you know there is no fanbase? there isnt a KH release to know otherwise. The fact that a MGS collection came to Xbox is enough to say maybe square got off its high horse and decided to get as much as possible from this….or Disney will make them do it….that is always a possibility

          1. If you go in order of the story then it´s as followed:

            -Birth by sleep (BBS) (PSP)

            -Kingdom Hearts 1 (PS2)

            -Chain of Memories (PS2)

            -358/2 Days (NDS)

            – Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)

            I took the freedom to post the console it originally released on right after the name of the game ;)

            1. Re:Chain of Memories is on PS2 CHAIN OF MEMORIES is on GBA and you forgot Re:Coded on DS after KH2 but this is from a serious KH fan ;P

  2. Although I’m not a fan of RPG, but this rumored leak for the Wii U is an epic blockbuster!!!!! Let’s hope it’s true for the KH fans.

  3. Damn, E3 needs to come fast. I don’t want any more leaks if this ends up being true; I want surprises at E3.

  4. If this proves to be totally true and it releases on Wii U…. JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo Platfrom… I can Heart the sound of Hundred of Thousand sony fanboys screaming….

      1. Let´s make this more precise.. shal we?…

        Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories (GBA)

        Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS)

        Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded (DS)

        Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

        comparing it with the PS systems…. Nintendo has 4 KH games and sony has 4 KH games… aren´t both companies even by now xD

        1. Yeah, but Sony has had all of the major installments ( Birth by Sleep, KH1, KH2). Ninty has only had one (3D).

          Seeing all of the major releases on a nintendo console will completely blow my mind in awesomeness! :D

        2. Lemme see. Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories (GBA) < – NOT for gba. For PS2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA).

  6. Seems too unlikely… but I would love if it were true. It would finally give me a chance to play them all, and I’d definitely buy it for the Wii U!

    1. I don´t see it being THAT unlikly since Nini has 4 games up to now and Playsi has 4…. and if the collection box really includes BBS,KH,KHCoM,358/2 Days and KH2 then it is even more logical for the collection box to be released on WiiU and PS3… here is why:

      1.) Both systems have atleast one game exclusiv to them..

      PS has BBS, KH and KH2

      Nin has 358/2 Days

      So now owners of PS3 can play all of those games without having a Nintendo console and Nintendo owners can play it without having to get a PS console

      2.) on top of all games up to KH2 on one console the owners will be able to experience the full story from BBS until KH2 (THIS SHIT HAS SOME LONG GAME TIME COMING UP :P)

  7. Can’t imagine the cost of it. eme That would be a whole lot of games in one, so I seriously doubt that would be close to the price of any single game.

  8. I don’t think so. If there was a HD Collection, it would be KH(FM?), KH:Re:CoM, KH2(FM?), and maybe KH:BbS(FM?). The only real questionable things about this is 1) being on Wii U. 2) The odd game selection for it. And 3) KH:358/2D (mostly because this game hasn’t have a “Re:” update like CoM & Coded).

    1. Once again.. there are 4 KH games on PS and 4 KH games on Nintendo consoles… so why is it being on WiiU questionable xD

  9. Please Square Enix, please… I’m one of those rare cases that didn’t get to play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 because I didnt own a PS2 (didn’t have money, so invested in GameCube). I played 358/2 days and re:coded. But I want the originals more than anything. Since I will definitely own a Wii U in the future, a remastered collection would be the ultimate blessing I will ever receive as a gamer. Please, and thank you!

    1. Apparently some people don’t understand that the Vita has more memory (ram) than the PS3. If you’re talking about flash memory, then the cards can hold 9GB which is what normal DVD’s hold (Wii U)

        1. Well, technically I don’t know and I don’t think there’s a limit on VITA game cards. I looked at Resistance and it’s around 11GB.

      1. So far Sony has said the Vita cards hold up to 4GB of memory. I find it hard to believe Burning Skies is 11GB, that’s bigger than a lot of console games.

  10. I been playing the original game this past weeks on the ps2 emulator, running fantastically in HD. If im gonna buy this it better look much better than it does on that.

  11. These comments are youtube level.
    “Direct sequel” is describing Chain of memories. Learn to read.

    1. If you actually clicked on the link, you’d find out that Kingdom Hearts 2 is a part of this supposed collection. Sikr just kinda worded it a little strangely.

  12. Kingdom Heart is a stupid game and SqaureEnix should stop making it and instead make a Threads of Fate sequel more Dragon Quest game.

    1. Do you actually know how many fans KH has? Cause it´s a damn huge fanbase out there and I am just one of those little worms

  13. Too many fans for Kingdom Hearts, which means there are way too many emo ass little boys running around who didn’t grow up.

    1. Because the Kingdom Heart fan base is so stupid that they don’t know what to do with there money.

      Hey kid just give Mr-Joker the money and I will spend it wisely in taking over the world.

      1. Well it would give a chance for fans who haven’t played the ps/ds versions to play them all. And they’re awesome games anyway. And some really need to be in HD (358/2 days).

    2. Well the day after I was allowed to return my games they got screwed except chain of memories. Make sure to confirm with gamestop that the games are not scratched.

    3. Because I will never ever buy a PS2 or 3 just to play a few good games that happens to be on those systems.

    1. Just to let you know… it´s not just missing Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance (3DS) but also Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS)

      Re:Coded takes place after KH2 and before KH 3D

  14. If they do announce this for Wii U it should be a must buy for everyone. Kingdom Hearts is probably the best IP created in the last 10 years. I’ve beaten 1 & 2, 358/2 Days and Re:Coded several times and will beat them several times more. PLEASE let this be true.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  15. I’m just about to buy the wife, kids and myself a PlayStation Vita, so it’d be great to have the Kingdom Hearts series available for purchase, particularly seeing as we’re all such big fans… Failing that, the PlayStation 3 would be a welcome upgrade, considering we can’t play our PlayStation 2 Kingdom Hearts games on it.

    It’d make sense for them to re-release the former games on the PlayStation 3, seeing as the third of the mainstream games is rumored to be in development and most PlayStation 3 consoles can’t play the older games…

  16. Nope just left e3 and the only thing kh was DDD so thanks squre and nomura you have pissed us off yet again. So all we get is a gay dreamy kingdom hearts for pre teens with no pubes.

  17. guess this is fakeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( damn, nintendo really messed up, i still love the wii u but come on they didnt show half the things i wanted! a bootup, ok fair do they showed the main screen, i wanted to see some channels, but nintendo really slacked man :( i hope they make up for this!

    feel free to hate on this comment

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