Take Two (Rockstar/2K) Will Have Sports & Family Games On Wii U, Not Sure About Hardcore Games

Take-Two Interactive Software chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick has confessed that he remains skeptical about Wii U. Zelnick says they will create sports and family related titles for the console, but they are undecided whether to bring their hardcore franchises to the platform.

While Take-Two will make sports and family titles for the Wii U, its bigger core franchises have been notably absent from the list of partners. And that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

“We haven’t announced anything,” says Zelnick on the possibility of moving the company’s mature titles onto the Wii U. “I’m skeptical.”

274 thoughts on “Take Two (Rockstar/2K) Will Have Sports & Family Games On Wii U, Not Sure About Hardcore Games”

    1. This^.
      A sequel to Bully would be much appriciated too.
      I love the concept of that game, and there’s still plenty of room to improve, so why no? :P

    1. Fuck Rock Star, They can keep their piece of shit games. GTA isn’t what it used to be. and Most of their games are over rated junk

    1. exactly. what stupid mentality they have. it’s like “oh hey look, a pwerful new console that’s launch with mostly hardcore games, im not sure we should put hardcore games on it….” doesn’t really make any sense to me

      1. Im sure it has more to so with rockstar not being competent enough to create something unique for nintendo. I truly believe thats a major reason 3rd parties dont make for nintendo. Its laziness and mediocrity.

      2. Not at all, they dont just say, “hey! lets stick this game on the Wiiu” and that’s it. It doesn’t work that way, if they have a new system they’re going to incorporate the features of it in the gameplay, if they don’t see see potential in tee system, why would they waste resorces, time, and money on it? they might cater to gamers, but at the end of the day they’re bussines men. (I’m glad I have a ps3)

    2. The thing is that they feel the U is being directed towards casuals again so they feel a game like RDR or GTA won’t sell well on the U

  1. lazy that’s what I say. either that or they are purposefully ignoring game sales? how dumb is that… umm, a lot. “o we don’t want to make money from wii u owners” bullshit they don’t. unless nintendo don’t like the absurd violence that gta has.

      1. No, it’s hardcore gameplay and I’m fairly sure a real life situation would be the same result with actual ninjas back then.

        Well, NG3 sucked, the previous two were fine that is.

          1. Absurd…not really; unless they butchered the plot or something for that to be said. Haven’t bothered playing most of that game to say for certain though.

            1. lol yeah the story makes no sense what soever. neither do the othe ninja gaiden games….but yeah, ng3 isn’t very good. since they are adding more weapons and abilities to the wiiu version though, it may be good….

  2. Some of these third parties just need to be more optimistic and they definitely need more motivation to create on Nintendo platforms. Me as a dedicated Nintendo gamer would love to see some core games from them. If they decide not to do that, I won’t give them my support. I’m just saying, the Wii U IS a revolution. The gameplay methods are just astounding. Nintendo knows what they are doing, but these third parties are to ignorant to see the light.

        1. +3

          Third parties are getting too used to milking their products and getting lazy. Nintendo demands a third party to get off their buts and work, and many of them don’t want to do that.

    1. Part of the problem here is completely Nintendo’s fault. Just take a look at their E3 conference (heavy on casual and very light on core, new core games). Nintendo make a big bold statement that they are core gamers focused this time around but yet their conference once again displays the opposite.

      As much as I am a fan of Nintendo and their great AAA franchises, their reputation over the years have made them none profitable for 3rd party core games. Nintendo have to do a hell of allot better to turn this around. This problem goes back at least 2 to 3 generations. If consumers feel any Nintendo console is for kids and causal only then they will not buy it. This also means AAA 3rd party games for the console will not sell and they cannot make a profit. I plan on getting the Wii U so I can finally play key Nintendo franchise (F-Zero, Mario, Zelda, Metrod, Starfox, etc) in glorious HD. I would also prefer playing AAA titles (GTA, BFBC, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, etc) on it instead of my PS3, but if the games do not come then I have no choice but to once invest in the other platform (Xbox and PS). Nintendo… more action and less talking. Get serious and get those franchise on the Wii U.

        1. Thanks guys… I always have been a diehard Nintendo fan… I grow up on their key franchise. I just want to see the very best on a Nintendo console because they are all about fun, family entertainment (really dedicated to protecting kids from harm) and innovation. I also what to play the AAA 3rd party games with the innovative use of the Wii U controller. This type of gaming experience can only be done on the Wii U. There is a reason why Microsoft and Sony, despite how much more powerful they make their consoles, will always look to Nintendo to innovate then copy.

          Powerful technology without vision to stimulate excitement is nothing but a lump of silicon. Nintendo weakest are is not innovation but the ability to step out of their traditional business model and fully embrace the core gamers. They were once the system to get because very key franchise (casuals and core) would be available for it. They need to return to that business model and be VERY aggressive with your online services.

          1. We need to be able to edit our comments… Correction:

            Powerful technology without vision to stimulate excitement is nothing but a lump of silicon. Nintendo weakest area is not innovation but the ability to step out of their traditional business model and fully embrace the core gamers as they have the casual market. They were once the system to get because every key franchise (casuals and core) would be available for it. They need to return to that business model and be VERY aggressive with your online services.

          2. If only that can happen. We can only hope that the Wii-U can pull a PS2 or an 360. Even though there’s a slim chance for something like that, I can always dream for that.

          1. no offense, but you get really annoying at times. Who do you think you are? Who is “we” that will “punish”. Get real u dont have power in your hands. If you did you ouldnt be silly-commenting the smallest detail…

            1. yes wii do! keep in mind wii have power to buy there games wii have power to keep the companies alive, also if wii dont like the way they treat nintendo fans like say capcom saids nintendo fans are something something, like a treat wii can be like oh hell no and not support them ITS DISRESPECT TO THE CONSUMERS.

              p.s: by the way capcom did say some treat to nintendo fans and the sale of the game (i forgot) drop
              bad because of it.

  3. NO! Please Take-Two, leave your casual (as in family games) out of the Wii U! Nintendo’s trying to bring the hardcore back to them, so please don’t bring Carnival Games to Nintendo’s next console! Give Nintendo a chance.

    1. Actually having casual games isn’t bad. More software is better as each game attracts a different audience to the console.

      But the bad part is that they’re saying they’re not bring the hardcore games yet as of now. We need to have both casual and hardcore, not just one over the other.

        1. yeah there no reason to get rid of casuals games,
          Kirby is casual look how he turn out, because of kirby smash bros was born and kid icarus uprising as well.(revive)

  4. I know this is because they probably want to see how this system does first, but aren’t their “core” titles more of a big seller? Even if they don’t sell as great on a Nintendo system, porting to the system doesn’t sound like a big investment even if they make a small quantity of titles they can still release and bring out more copies if there is demand.

  5. Yeah, that’ll help the Wii U reputation, by adding their shitty sports and family games. (sarcasm)
    If you are undecided about the Wii U, don’t fucking help the bad side, idiots, just put your goddamn GTA V on it! Everyone wants you guys to do it!

  6. There goes GTA V. Already the third parties resorting to shovelware alternatives and giving real consoles the major games over this device.

    This is just a Wii that can run 360 ports, might as well save your money kiddies. :)

    1. Except we still get the amazing first party titles that the ps3 and 360 dream of having. Also don’t refer to people as “kiddies” you fucking weirdo

        1. It’s fully a case of opinion, although I would have to say I prefer the Nintendo 1st party games against Microsoft’s 1st party. There’s just not much care given to Halo, and the rest of the games are just generic shooters (apart from Forza, which is quite good). The Nintendo 1st parties cover a bit more than generic shooter.

          1. While I think Halo is a good series, Microsoft doesn’t have many other good first party titles. Sony and Ninty on the other hand, both have great first and second party titles.

      1. Aeolus always appears when a bad article appears ;) He/she denies the Wii U’s advantages…shame really. Fanboyism brings the worst out of people.

      2. Quite big support actually. There’s more relevant third parties on the Vita than the 3DS if you did your research. EA not bring NFS MW to the 3DS, has a Vita version instead. AC cancelled on 3DS, also on Vita. Sega currently dishing out Jet Set Radio, Hatsune Miku Project Diva, 3DS missed both of those (I know for a fact it can run them.)

        Even a proper CoD title that the 3DS won’t get. So yeah, it is getting supported. And the recent 77% sales spike last week due to a major anticipated game is only further helping it. I can’t imagine when a certain title I previously mentioned gets outed in that country. :P

          1. If you consider 5 people and finally outselling it’s predecessor by a 3000 unit gap for the first time in several weeks, then I’m sure your fanboyism will continue to cloud your judgement of the facts I’ve conveyed here. :P

            The sales will continue to surge, games are coming to Japan that’s appealing to them. And many for western territories as well, while 3DS gets watered down versions and incredibly casual or kiddy titles as per usual.

            1. pfffff 3000 units, you must be so proud. sorry i couldn’t hear the rest of your comment over the 50,000 units 3DS has over vita… and that’s just in japan, it’s 85,000 ahead worldwide this week. but hey, while japan’s getting games they like, the west is still slowly coming to wonder why the vita is there when it has no games and a big price tag ;D

              1. haven’t you figured it out by now? every game ever put on a nintendo console or handheld is a casual title, except for the ones on other platforms. in that case, nintendo’s version is the one that sucks, every time *coughRE4cough*. and most importantly, nintendo is always doomed to failure. hope this was enlightening for you.

                sincerely yours,
                anyone who dislikes nintendo

              2. Castlevania is a port, lol.

                Don’t care about KI or KH, especially the latter. More stale than year old skim milk.

                1. So because you don’t care about them, they don’t matter? WTF? I guess because I don’t like Uncharted, God of War, Gears, and Halo they don’t matter.

          2. I don’t get it. You guys complain about ‘Sony fanboys’ making fun of the 3DS yet you guys will do the exact same thing to the Vita

          1. >That anime shit is going to suck.

            I could say the same for the majority of the titles on the 3DS for being “anime shit”. ;P

            This is coming from Sega, Sega knows quality HD games and this will undoubtedly appeal to the very large margin of fans of this franchise in Japan and even stateside.

            How’s your monster hunter localizing doing?

            OHWAIT, LOL.

              1. Streets of Rage isn’t a priority, and if the majority wanted it, it would surface.

                Sonic was nearly killed because the series had no vision until Unleashed changed the gameplay, Colors expanded on it, and Generations mastered it, albeit in a shorter, but still fun game.

                Better than having the same sidescroller every game like Mario does.

                    1. A lot of fans wanted a Kid Icraus sequel and they got it, so why not Shenmue 3 and Streets of Rage 4?

                1. “Same sidescroller ever game like Mario”

                  Yeah because, according to you, 3D Mario platformers don’t exist and, even if they did, are just the same shit over and over.

                  1. Well to be fair, NSMB series is pretty much the same sidescroller with very, very few differences and we’re getting two of those this year. And while I love Galaxy 1 & 2, they literally are the same game with different level designs. Let’s put it this way. We’ve had 15 Sonic games this generation. Granted that’s still a lot, but we’ve also had 35 Mario titles this gen. 35. More than double what Sonic has. That’s excluding ports, remakes, and games coming out this year

                    1. “They’re the same game w/ different level designs”, well obviously. Did you expect Mario to stop jumping around, punching enemies, dodging obstacles, etc.? The thing is, they have level designs unique enough and are spaced well enough to feel fresh. As for there being more Mario games, I’m only referring to the Main Mario games this gen and there’s only two of them. The thing is w/ Sonic is that even though each game of his this gen are unique, most of them just fall flat and have their own problems.

                    2. Only two main Mario games? I beg to differ
                      2006- SPP NSMB
                      2007-SPM SMG
                      2010-Galaxy 2
                      2012-NSMB2 NSMBU
                      Also, while I don’t expect Mario not to jump, Iet’s put it this way, the original Maro games had different physics and ideas compared to the last. Galaxy doesn’t do that and the NSMB series certainly doesn’t do that. I’m so sick of Mario, I want star-fox, F-zero, Metroid, something else

                    3. The New Super Mario Bros. series aren’t a part of the main series. So again, only two. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Also, are you SERIOUSLY trying to tell me Galaxy had NOTHING unique? You best be trolling.

                    4. Super Princess Peach isn’t a main Mario game, nor are ANY of the NSMB serie. The Paper Mario series is definitely NOT a main Mario game. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a fighting game and only has Mario as one of the 35 characters so that is DEFINTELY NOT a Mario game. So basically there’s only TWO main Mario games with them being Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I’ll give Super Mario 3D Land but that only makes three. Again, what’s your point? Just because a game has Mario or Mario-like elements doesn’t mean it’s a main Mario game.

                    5. They’re fucking 2D platformers, why wouldn’t they be? What exactly confines a Mario game to be in the main series?

                    6. Simple, they have to start with Super Mario in the title, be the definitive Mario game(s), AND be on a home console. That’s what makes it part of the main franchise. Most of what you said is either a spin-off or a COMPLETELY different franchise. SMB 1-3 are the definitive Mario games for the NES, something like Doctor Mario wouldn’t count. SMW would be the definitive Mario on the SNES, something like Mario Kart wouldn’t count. SM64 would be the definitive Mario game for the N64, the Mario Party series wouldn’t count. SMS was the definitive Mario game for the GC, something like Mario Golf wouldn’t count. SMG 1-2 would be the definitive Mario game on the Wii, something such as the spin-off, like Mario Kart or the NSMB series, wouldn’t count.

        1. Lol except A 77% boost is only A few thousand more sales . You finally outsold the PSP this week, so hows it fairing against 3Ds? you missed Dead or alive, Resident Evil, ‘which I know for A fact Vita can run’. Hatsune miku? LOL enjoy you little Deviants and cartoon golf Kiddy

          1. >Dead or Alive.

            Rather play UMVC3 with my mates with cross party chat and hardcore gameplay.
            Resident evil is more of the same action horror crap as RE5 when you progress in the game.

            It’s funny because the latter games you mentioned happen to be better than the 3DS equivalents of casual titles. Actually, the former isn’t even all that casual considering it’s a rhythm game.

            The 3DS sales are irrelevant since only kids have their moms buy it, there’s nothing appealing software-wise on that handheld. The Vita is getting HarDcore HD games left and right from big names while the 3DS gets the watered down leftovers for a quick buck that will fund the next HarDcore Vita title.

            1. I don’t see how sales can ever be irrelevant in the world of business. As a corporation, Sony’s and Nintendo’s main goal is to make money. Sales translate directly into money. That makes Nintendo the better corporation.

              1. Ok girls let’s chill out here I have both systems and both are great but I generally do play 3ds more that’s untill cod goes portable lol then again luigis

              2. Ok girls let’s chill out here I have both systems and both are great but I generally do play 3ds more that’s untill cod goes portable lol then again luigis mansion cud sway me ….

            2. So that’s why the 3DS is easily kicking the VITA’s ass? Is that why the 3DS is actually getting games that aren’t watered-down PS3 games?

              1. Cheap handheld with a stupid kiddy design, sells to kids. There I answered your dumb question for you.

                And tell me what games is this 3DS getting? Please do tell me.

                Because I could list a hell of a lot more titles on the 3DS that are actually ports or remakes than the Vita has. You’d be surprised.

                Also, which Vita games are “watered down” PS3 games? UMVC3 is a pitch perfect port, Mortal Kombat only got watered down when it came to character models in order to keep the 60 fps gameplay intact. *They could’ve done far better though*

                So list these fucking games, I haven’t seen SHIT that’s interesting on the 3DS at E3. They ruined paper mario, castlevania is a PORT. NSMB is the same old shit, different smell. And I couldn’t give two craps about Luigi’s mansion. So what is there???

                1. So basically you’re ignoring games because they don’t interest you? Great. I guess Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and Mortal Kombat don’t exist on the VITA either because I’m not interested in those franchises. There’s Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo franchises (enough said), Tales of the Abyss, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Dead or Alive, Shin Megumi Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked,…should I continue embarrassing you? The fact that you have to refer to the 3DS as a shitty and kiddy handheld and then try and ignore some of it’s upcoming games and make them out to be irrelevant shows that you couldn’t argue w/ me.

                  1. Not interesting = chances are I know it’ll be crap and easily tossed aside experience.

                    NSMB2 looks like every NSMB ever ultracasualized. Castlevania is on the PS3 so fuck that shit port. Luigi’s Mansion? [laughter]

                    Paper Mario screw over the only decent Mario game shown up to this point edition? Have fun being forced to do sidequests to gain exp and having no partners.

                    The Vita offers far more immersive and quality titles built to take advantage of the system’s power and show us what portable gaming truly is. The 3DS is a childs plaything and babies first portable device with a dumb 3D gimmick nobody cares about.

                    What’s funny is the last few titles you mentioned are also slated to appear on the Vita, Persona 4 and BlazBlue are already on the device, so why the shit is it worth buying a watered down 3DS entry in those IPs?

                    Don’t make me laugh dude, get this joke of a handheld out of my sight with nothing but rush job games and bad ports with a heap of Mario-themed games.

    2. Who the fuck do you think you are? You obviously know fucking nothing sbout wii u . Every console at launch has games from the last generation .
      The failbox 360 had cod 2 at launch and that was a last gen game so the 360 must be a KIDDIE peice of shit right ? :)

      1. Except Wii U literally has next to no appealing core games besides ZombiU which Ubisoft implied could be ported 6 months after the console’s release.

        It’s a repeat of the Wii, with 360 level visuals. Simple and cold truth.

        It doesn’t matter what the launch games are like, the 360/PS3 at least had next gen looking ones at that point, or unique titles exclusive to it that turned out to be great and hardcore. The Wii U shows no guaranteed signs of either.

          1. I’m willing to bet the majority of those games are going to be multiplats, so no I don’t need to pay attention.

            1. So, that puts it – at least – level with the competition. There’s also a few of which that are exclusives – pushing it ahead of their competition.

              1. Having exclusives mean nothing if the exclusives aren’t any good or interesting to core gamers. The core gamers they promised would be catered do, but it was a total lie and just showed off gimmicky ports of available games.

                Wii U is a stop-gap system, not a next generation system. 720 and PS4 will undoubtedly eat it alive when it comes to digital entertainment and a True Gaming Experience™

                I wouldn’t be surprised if both successors supported 4K resolutions either, so the Wii U will ultimately be left with dated 1080p PCs did a decade ago. Hmm.

          1. Really? Show me a PS2/Xbox game that looks like Resistance or Ridge Racer 7 then.

            And how is the Wii U launch better? It’s loaded with MULTIPLATS AND NO SYSTEM SELLERS WHATSOEVER.

            Keep trying, you never have a case…and actually I was supposed to ignore you, you’re too much of a Nintendrone desperately defending a shitty device that manages to lack practically mandatory features 6-7 year old consoles have.

            1. >no system sellers whatsoever

              need i remind you that new super mario brothers u is a launch title? and personal gaming opinions aside, mario sells systems. all it took was a mario game and mario kart to put the 3DS at the top of the charts last holiday season, and they were selling like water during the summertime. try not to pass off your opinion as fact in the future

              1. LOL? And upscaled in HD NSMBWII is a SYSTEM SELLER???? ON A “NEXT GEN” DEVICE???

                Dude get the fuck out of my sight, I hope you’re trying to troll me. These are fucking baby games and rush job rehashes. Show me real games for core gamers then let’s talk.

                1. daaaaang bro, you mad xD you completely disregarded the whole “personal gaming opinions aside” thing and just rapid-fired a bunch of sony-drone phrases instead of looking at the facts i had stated. your fanboysim is hilarious. i’ve never seen a person spout off so many ridiculous opinions and act as if truer words had never been spoken (or typed)

    3. Yeah because if one third party company doesn’t want to make a game on one system then all of them don’t, right Aelous? Please take your fail logic and leave

      1. Actually that’s a terrible sign. Next gen consoles are supposed to be attracting major third parties to push beyond the scope of gaming. The Wii U has none of them dedicated to it. None.

        It’ll be a piece of shit and I’ll enjoy when the system falls apart under it’s own failure because nobody will distinguish it from the Wii in terms of software.

          1. Who is fully supporting the Wii U with next-gen exclusives then

            and doesn’t go right afterwards and say “oh these games can get ported later”

            you know who i’m talking about, so do tell

        1. you speculate that the Wii U is going to fall apart under its own failure, yet sony is basically just watching the vita do so and you still defend it as if gaming as a whole would be horrible without its existence

          fanboyism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen

          1. How is Sony “watching them” do so? The Vita has some of the biggest and most anticipated titles on it coming THIS YEAR. And PS1 classics support being reinstated along with a ton of features to make it a device to bring along in virtually every scenario. Hell if they wanted to, a system update can literally turn it into a smartphone to further spank the 3DS’ “appeal”.

            They showed off a fucking montage of 20+ titles and has some of it’s own exclusives built from the ground up that are MISSING in action on the 3DS. o_O

            Get your facts straight, and the awkward moment when Vita actually gets more AAA third party brands than the 3DS. I’ll let you try to figure out why.

            1. oh boy, i can have PS1 games on my vita even though i can also have them on my PSP? SIGN ME UP! and what are those anticipated games? i may have missed them. weren’t they just super sony bros brawl (also on PS3, and cross-compatible, how original), generic FPS 17, and assassin’s creed, a series clearly past its prime? yeah, i feel like all that stuff isn’t going to make vitas fly off the shelves, or at least not for long. the vitanic’s hull was breached long ago, and when sony finally decided to do something about it, they broke out the scotch tape

              1. You don’t even know what “PS1 Classics support means”. So I can tell you’re flailing about seeking something stupid to say. :P

                That video alone doesn’t even cover a number of titles that were announced right after or still WiP with no trailers as of now.

                I’m also tired of posting said videos to prove retards wrong when it comes to games. The Vita’s got the goods, the 3DS has zip.

                >generic FPS 17

                which consistently breaks sales pre-order records and keeps an 85%+ metacritic average throughout every entry. Your CoD hate bandwagoning isn’t going to change a title many people happen to enjoy in the multiplayer mode. :

                >Assassins Creed past it’s prime.

                explains why it’s one of the most anticipated games this year.

                please, stop embarrassing yourself. it’s really, really sad now.

                The Vita is 5 months old, not a soul on this planet can write off this handheld yet. And you won’t be any different. Calling it a “vitanic” is retarded. Period.

                what’s disturbing is some people still think the 75 million+ sales of the PSP is a failure when it’s actually outselling the entire DS family (3DS doesnt count as such) during every month in Japan lately. Because it still gets supported with great, Hardcore™ titles.

  7. Wtf u wont release your games on wii u but youll release it for sony lol how da fuck are they making you money when theycant even sell their consoles and are going bankrupt. All ninty needs is relax the tax on 3rd party making games

  8. Nintendo needs to pay developers based on fair sales. Some developers hate shitendo cuz they dont pay until u sell a certain amount

    1. I think its 5000, but to be honest, if a game is so shit that it can’t even get 5000 sales, they don’t deserve any money.

  9. How da fuck you releasing ur games on playstation lol they went casual copying shitendo smh so ya rather release gamez on a sinking ship

  10. Xbox gets gta because its the number 1selling system and it caters to both casuals and hardcore besides having live,smart glass,kinect,hulu,netflix and more

  11. Yeah release it on the vita if you want a system seller lulz smh elitist pc rockstar fags. Fuck u we have mario thats all we need 3rd party can kiss my ass

    1. It’s just Rockstar being cautious with the Wii U. The Wii may have sold well, but that’s mainly because of the casual crowd. If Rockstar can’t be assured that there’s a market in the Wii U for them, then it would be very bad to release on the Wii U anyway.

    2. thats bs nintendo did not do anything to convince 3rd to not put gto to wii u, blame rockstar for that.

      1. Chinatown wars on DS didn’t sell well, MadWorld didn’t sell, well Dead Space Extration, House of the Dead over kill ect. Core games don’t sell well on the Wii, GTA 5 will sell very great on 360 and PS3, so Take-Two doesn’t see the point in the Wii U.

          1. True, but Nintendo really screwed themselves with the Wii, so i’m not surprised most developers are doing this. People are annoyed that MH: Tri G isn’t coming the west, but Capcom said it’s because MH: Tri didn’t sell well.

            1. and if developer keep up this crap Nintendo will not listen to these idiots saying they want a powerful nintendo console thy will do what they do best, 3rd parties can put there games in wii but there to lazy to do.

  12. Ninty needs to do a 360 on the casual crowd but then again theyre making companies rich cuz wii number one stunna lol

    1. Pretty much, I guess. I don’t blame them, the whole concept is stupid and not really a generational leap.

      Hey, at least you have the fairly good Chinatown wa–…wait, that eventually got ported. :(

        1. That has what to do with my point exactly? You’re expecting a -port- of a DS title to do all that better when it was essentially the same game with polished visuals?

          Rockstar committed a crime when they ported a DS title to a technical beast that the Vita was in that generation. GTA LCS/VCS thankfully compensated for their sin.

          1. “They committed a crime”…da fuck? The VITA isn’t some kind of god send or something. It’s not a religion for crying out loud. Please, take your elitist attitude outta here.

            1. Vita is a god send. qHD OLED screen. Quad core graphics and Quad core processor, 3G *which actually works on quite a few games*, DUAL ANALOGS HURR HURR, better online network and store, better multimedia features to actually keep it as a device to bring with me more often, list goes on and on. No mobile device on the planet has surpassed the Vita’s specs, and will likely take a while to do so as well.

              The Vita is the true next gen portable that was delivered for the REAL GAMERS. In HD, near-PS3 graphics and a practically future proof…unlike the 3DS rockin’ a 4 year old GPU and barely better than PSP graphics, LMAO.

              even the ipod touch 4g is a more competent device than that fisher price product

              1. blah blah specs blah godsend. the vita’s power was never an issue. that was established long ago. what was also established about the vita is that power=/=success. the vita’s selling like bibles in the middle east so apparently a lot of “real gamers” who the vita was delivered for are looking at the vita with a “yeah, no thanks” attitude, so it looks like all your precious specs don’t really do much for the vita.

                it’s a shame too, because seeing how much sony watches nintendo’s actions (and periodically copying them), they couldn’t manage to learn from nintendo’s mistake. a $250 handheld with no games isn’t attractive to most people. the only differences in their situations is that the 3DS still had noticeably more buyers at its original price and that nintendo actually cut the price instead of watching their system sell worse overall than the wii, which has pretty much been given up on at this point

                1. success to nintendo gamers – who sells the most units to casual gamers wanting short burst experiences for a cheap price tag

                  success to real gamers – who has the most software and consistently amazing third party support.

                  there, your wall of text got wrecked in a few lines.

                  Also, the Vita was priced strategically to force Nintendo to do a drastic move as such, which seemingly affected the Vita as well since many people expect it to have a price drop, but that isn’t going to happen. Nintendo overpriced and ripped off consumers with early 3DS’. Even the memory card argument won’t work for the Vita since that is still VASTLY better value than a $250 DSi with barely better than PSP internals.

                  1. HAHAHAHA that’s awesome. the vita “forced” nintendo to do a drastic move in cutting the price 5 MONTHS before the vita’s launch, but it hurt the vita more than nintendo xD sure, some nintendo guys took pay cuts to help cover for it, but they have reserves of money! and thanks to the 3DS’s new low price and system-selling software that came in the holiday season, the 3DS was selling like hotcakes and the vita became insignificant in japan after a month xD that’s some strategy sony had there. thanks for that. i needed a good laugh today

                    1. Vita became insignificant in Japan? [laughter]

                      The sales were low, but still consistent and spiked when newer titles started being announced. Persona 4 by itself disagrees, and that title by itself gave it a 77% sales boost and flew past it’s predecessor for the first time in weeks.

                      The Vita sells to serious, and older core gamers. The 3DS is easy to sell to kids, thus you get the obviously high rate of sales.

                      Just one title did that, and the Japanese have many others they’re anticipating on their lists.

                      Wake me up when you back up your drivel with researched facts.

            1. PSP? Technical beast?? Yeah, with bad sales and nearly no AAA games what so ever. 8 years after the PSP still sucks d*ck.

              1. 75 million units is “bad sales”? I don’t know what the fuck you’re smoking, but I don’t want any of that shit.

                Also, the PSP still still gets consistent sales to this day and outsells the entire DS family excluding 3DS every week. Even after all that rampant piracy on it, the system sells.

                So uhm…wanna make an idiot out of yourself some more?

                  1. Grasping at straws extraordinaire–the above poster.

                    75 million is by no possible or comparable means “bad sales.” You’re being a gigantic idiot, as usual.

        1. I play mine on PCs actually. That’s the only way to play shooters, unless it’s not actually a FPS or something.

          1. agreed
            the only console shooting game i’ve bought was Goldeneye Wii for nostalgia/ because a friend of mine bought it and wanted to play online
            (and the Metroid Primes but those doesn’t count, haha)

            1. Metroid Prime isn’t really an FPS in the conventional sense. Goldeneye 64 was good times back then…good times.

      1. Weeabootard Peewee Hermans? Who the hell taught you that retard insult? The guys at the hospital for trolls?

                    1. Laek lol doin pants bawt 3ds also flopped @ launch

                      I think that’s the reply you’d expect.

      1. i don’t care about bragging that my system is the most popular

        as long as i have the games i care about (which is very likely to happen), i’m happy

          1. You don’t really have much reason to, there’s nothing compelling coming for it that will force a purchase.

            …yet, not yet.

          2. well everyone should be skeptical about buying a system before it comes out

            if you’re not sure, wait 6 months after release to buy it. the price probably won’t go down, but at the very least there will be more games to to help you finalize your decision

            1. I think a better idea is to wait about a year or two after a system is released to build a decent library of games to choose from. 6 months is just the launch window and I can’t remember the last system, except for the VITA, that had a good launch window.

  13. I would rather them bring nothing at all. The hell with ‘em if they don’t want to develop any worth while titles for the wii-u. If Rockstar doesn’t want my money I’ll be happy spending it on Assassin’s Creed III , Dead Space 3 , Arkham City , Alien Colonial Marines , etc.

  14. Again, this doesn’t make sense. Nintendo needs all of the games that PS3 and Xbox get. There is no question. Obviously, Nintendo would be perfectly fine without them, but I want to be able to play awesome Nintendo games and then something like GTA or CoD on the same console. I don’t want to have to change consoles to play a different game. That’s what I want the Wii U to accomplish.

    1. its all what 3rd parties see wii u, and if they do this bs like what happen to wii, then nintendo will not help 3rd parites because of this treatment, but nintendo is giving 3rd a chance with wii u because of the complains they keep receiving.

    2. The problem is that most people think that the U is going down the same path the Wii did. Mostly gimmicky games made for casuals. Whether or not it actually is I don’t know, but Rockstar seems to think so. If anything, I’d blame Ninty’s E3 conference. They showed almost no “hardcore titles” that aren’t ports of games already released and spent the majority of the conference talking about again, a gimmicky game mostly made for “casuals”

    1. Yeah, it was made by RockStar games, too bad they don’t care about their old games that are not GTA or Max Payne.

  15. Nintendo prioritizes image over their games, and that image dictates how their games will go. They emphasize exploration, wonder, accomplishment, and harmonious well-being in their games thanks to the image they presented of themselves. As a result, many other games from other companies that don’t fall in line with that image will gain an undeserving stigma against them just for trying to fit in with that image. This wouldn’t really be a problem for Nintendo…except that at some point even they seem to have forgotten the image they intended. With the Wii U, they need to get back to those four things I mentioned: exploration, wonder, accomplishment, and harmonious well-being. THEY have to do it, and not rely on other companies to do so. Their games must be defining the idea of those four things that I mentioned.

  16. Let’s get one thing straight. He didn’t say “no”, he just said he was skeptical. Unfornately, while the Wii was the #1 selling console of this gen, it’s weaker power left a bad taste in the mouths of those developers who wanted to reach the Nintendo audience, but couldn’t. Let’s be honest, the causal market is here to stay, especially with all 3 companies embracing them. Truthfully speaking, from everything I know, the Wii U has all the tools to compete with current and next gen. First, they added analog sticks to the gamepad, then added a new pro controller (similar to 360) for those companies who would prefer to use that instead. Then, they can still use the wiimote and nunchuck. Secondly, the console is more powerful (we don’t know how much yet), with hd graphics. Finally, when the next ms/sony consoles come out, I don’t see how there wlll be a huge jump in graphics. Are they expected to be more powerful? Yes! However, not powerful enough that 3rd parties won’t be able to bring their games to Wii U. One more thought; sony, microsoft, and nintendo answer to investors. None of those companies will create these ultra powerful consoles if the investors don’t believe it will generate a return in profits. For example, the vita is very powerful, but sony is losing money on it. Now, I know a lot of people feel that once the games come, then the vita’s fortunes will turn around. To borrow a phrase from rockstar, I’m skeptical. I think sony needs to reduce the price to $200, include the 4gb memory card, and come out with a few more colors. Also, the 3ds is for everyone, just like the vita. I’ve seen parents purchase vitas for their kids too. If sony takes a page from the book of Nintendo, the vita will sell a lot better. I know, because I’ll buy one. Could buy now, just don’t think it’s worth it. I’ll stick with my ps3. Can’t wait for the Wii U.

    1. … You are one of the few people here who actually use valid reasoning and logic, instead of using their bias for Nintendo to comment on these pages. You show emotion to this, but in a way that makes it seem favorable to gaming, in general, and not to one specific company.

      You have earned my respect for that.

  17. If they really dont release every future game they make also on the WiiU becouse of this stupid reason, than they are really stupid and do not like money ;)

        1. they have 4 platforms now nobody should be complaining about there franchise not selling well, plus Wii U there’s no audience, so its a fresh start for all 3rd to sell there games on nintendo platforms.

  18. All I read is blah blah blah fanboys this fanboys that it’s all one goddamn industry jeez!!!!!! I understand u defend ur own consoles or company from what u grew/grow up with but seriously ninty Sony n micro are up against the goddamn casual iOS android market so chill the hell out people n move with the times this ain’t the bleeding 90’s anymore !

    1. ‘Sony and Microsoft are up against the casual iOS android market’

      We all know that the Casual (iOS/Android) market are little competition for consoles.

      1. Disagree entirely. The majority of people I know would much rather have a phone that can play games wherever they are than a “hardcore” gaming console. It won’t be a problem for people that are into games, but it does take out a large chunk of casual gamers. Hell, I own an Iphone and I’d rather play that in a car or airplane than a 3DS. Not because the Iphone has better games, far from it, but because there games are more suited for a handheld, games that don’t have much depth to them and don’t require long play times. That’s what the DS got perfect and I feel the 3DS is missing. Don’t get me wrong though, I love playing the 3DS at home, its just annoying to take out of there

  19. That’s too bad. They’ll change their minds eventually and come to the Wii . They all will. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Skeptical about the system not having the core crowd flock to it.

      Skeptical about it not having the sales expected by Nintendo, they expect 10 million.

      Skeptical if they’re games can really have any sort of different experience because of the controller.

      Skeptical whether or not their game will even have the sales that warrant more games to be announced for the system.

      They’re not lazy, they have every right to be skeptical.

      1. If you’re referring to me, then I have news for you: I do know what Nintendo is all about. They’re a company with policies of satisfying consumers and doing a completely different management in products.

        Even they, while expecting 10 million sales, also have skepticism over the general public and their knowledge of the Wii U. Why do you think they completely focus on the controller? To show that the controller is the main difference between the predecessor and successor. I am skipping over stuff, but you get it.

        Every company has the right to be skeptical over stuff like what I have mentioned. Nintendo once had stellar Third-Party back in the NES and SNES (though there were clashes with it’s rival) era, but it lessened when Sega was around with the Genesis (said rival). However, they lost many because of their adamant view about cartridges. They lost more during the Gamecube, because of it being more 1st Party than the others, especially with how it catered to kids more, in terms of aesthetics and whatnot.

        The Wii didn’t have much hardcore games from Third Party developers, such as Batman and Assassin’s Creed. Neither did the Gamecube. Especially with how the games sold on the two consoles compared to their adversaries. So, they have every right to remain skeptical over it.

  20. Hey, Ice Dead People and Aelous. Just a quick question. It shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time so just hear me out. Why do you come here? If you don’t like Nintendo, then why bother coming here? Do you just enjoy hating on Nintendo on a Nintendo-related blog? Just a question. I mean, you claim that things such as the Wii-U will fail and under-powered and that the 3DS will eventually be irrelevant compared the VITA and stuff like that. Not saying you can’t have an honest opinion but how about you stick to your non-Nintendo-related blogs, ya know? I mean, after all, Nintendo doesn’t care about the “hardcore” gamers so why care about what Nintendo is doing?

    1. My guess is that they do like Nintendo (or used to like) and think the fanboys on this site deserve to be attacked. That’s just my guess on it all.

        1. Some, if not most, of the fanboys on this site are rather… idiotic and if he does, just for entertainment; let him. I don’t mind, I think it can be entertaining.

          1. I hardly find it entertaining. He claims everyone here is a Nintendrone, that everyone here is childish, that everyone here has yet to play a real game, etc. In my eyes, he has yet to know what it’s like to have a life.

    2. Icy Dead People it’s dumbass who keeps saying sh*t about the WIi U that will turn out to be 100% wrong. And Aelous it’s one of the biggest Sony ass-clowns I have ever seen? PSP? A Godsend? Fuck off, Aelous.

  21. If their ‘casual’ games fail, then tell them i told them so. Seriously, if you don’t make your best games for Nintendo platforms, don’t be surprised if the ones you do make fail miserably.

  22. The irony here is that , by Rockstar/2k not showing faith in the system and releasing worthless shovelware , they are the reason that they have little faith in the system.

  23. Perhaps Take-Two has every reason to be skeptical of the Wii U. For one, the Wii U may not be an instant success. Moreover, it could even fail (this is very possible given what we know about the Wii U and its software). However, 3rd parties’ reluctance to release their multiplatform games on the Wii U may very well lead to its failure. So basically, 3rd parties will be the reason for Nintendo’s fall. Even it doesn’t fail, we will see pretty much the same crappy software seen with the Wii. I am appalled by the 3rd parties. It seems only Ubisoft and to an extent EA are supporting Wii U substantially. Nintendo made a promise to bring back the hardcore audience and 3rd party support. It seems they weren’t aggressive enough to accomplish that. Oh, how I fear Wii U and Nintendo.

      1. WiiU will succeed. People were like this with Wii and the Wii sold the most this gen! :) Nintendo have the money to spend as opposed to Sony and MS

        1. I appreciate your optimism. I hope the Wii U succeeds and brings back 3rd parties. That new Wii U Pro controller should give developers no reason to bring their franchises to Wii U.

  24. At this rate I’m about to leave the current gaming scene and immerse myself in my retro consoles… The WiiU was my last hope for the industry, and if it fails, I’ll stick to my NES and the like.

  25. I’m not too chafed by this.
    To be honest, I wouldn’t want a Grand Theft Auto on the Wii U, however much it would help sales. I’ve always thought it was an awful series.

    Having said that, though, I’m placing odds that they’ll change their mind mid 2013, after they’ve seen all of the other devs that are on-board and the offerings they put onto the system.
    Arkham City Armored Edition, Assassin’s Creed 3, and Black Ops are just the tip of the ever-growing ice-burg.

  26. Good, I’d hate to start pirating GTA/MC games because Take2/Rockstar decided to port them to a “family-friendly” console system.

  27. I guarantee u that no one will see this comment because it is so late.



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