Nintendo Takes Sly Dig At Xbox SmartGlass

Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Nintendo of America has taken a slight dig at Microsoft’s forthcoming SmartGlass peripheral for the Xbox 360. Scibetta claims that Nintendo’s tablet controller is better due to it being firmly integrated with the system, rather than an additional accessory.

“We like our solution because it’s integrated. You know it’s going to work. It’s not adding something on that you think might work. When you pick up the (Wii U) GamePad, you know there’s not going to be any kind of learning curve in terms of trying to configure it.”

165 thoughts on “Nintendo Takes Sly Dig At Xbox SmartGlass”

    1. Yeah I know that.. but did you know that

      Aeolus is actually Pachter’s son? Mess with him and he’ll ‘ANAL’yze you.

      Anyway, good move from Nintendo, don’t be too quiet! The servants are now gaining confidence thanks to that..

      ‘awe know the vita has remote play! fuck Nintendo for copying!’

      But the question now is.. will it have great support? I mean look at the PSP’s remoteplay? what happened.. they’re boasting about it but in the end.. it was forgotten.

      Anyway, the idea of using your handheld gaming device as a controller for your console was successful introduced by Nintendo with the Gamecube and the Advance.. It’s fucking different from remoteplay but let’s not be blind to see that it is the same concept.

      1. “Aeolus is actually Pachter’s son? Mess with him and he’ll ‘ANAL’yze you.”
        lol my god i though i was the only one who notice that, or maybe he=patcher this whole time, who knows.

    2. Ya the Wii U gamepad is a total piece of crap though it uses a resistive touch screen why the fuck with someone with the right mind use that over Microsoft’s solution?

      1. You know what? I believe that it’s better to have a resistive touch screen since it is more accurate.. it is intended for heavy gaming by the way and not some just touching touching

            1. No! In my opinion.. having it as multi touch will just hinder the game play.. what happens when you keep accidentally touching the pad? given that the Wii U pad has a big screen that will happen a lot..

            2. Comparing Capacitive and Resistive is like comparing Plasmas to LCDs. Both have their own pros and cons, and a winner can ony be stablished depending on the context.

      2. U mad because the Wii U Game Pad is a revolutionary controller that can do many things the other controllers don’t have. Not only does it have a 16:9 touchscreen… but also features Near Field Communications technology.

        One other thing– The very first remote play that was introduced was the GameCube and GameBoy ADVANCE!

              1. That’s the difference between you and me, Amir. You have youth, I have experience. The problem is you have a dick in your booty while myself and each and everyone of them here are playing video games just for the fun of it.

      3. Yeah, because multitouch screens cost more, and they dont need them, theyd make a very small difference, the DS is fine with one touch, and so is this

        1. maybe it works well for ipods and ipads but i dont see multi-touch is needed for the upad or gamepad since it has buttons..

        1. why do you need to? pretty sure that one of you hand will be holding the tablet while the other will be using the touch screen so that eliminates the need for multi touch and dont say that it’s the same as using the ipad cus the gamepad is much wider and YOU cannot simply reach your thumbs over and onto the screen, maybe you can but it’ll be a hassel..

        1. bowsers inside story?
          but yeah i know what you mean and i agree
          just going around the mushroom kingdom kicking ass aww yeah

  1. They must be pretty tired by now, from all the stealing that is. First, the motion part, now the touch screen controller. I can’t wait for the PlayStation Touch comes out to see how badly it’ll compare.

      1. Vita is a handheld
        The Wii U pad is a controller.
        The 3DS is a handheld

        The 3DS can connect to the Wii U just like the GBA and GCN did.

      1. Wont work, not properly anyway, the WiiU uses 1 of its cores to steam and keep the game running smoothly, ps3 wont or will sacrifice its power to use it. And vita doesnt have all the tmstyff the WiiU’s pad does

        1. “All the tech stuff”

          What is the actual Game Pad doing besides a fucking streaming chip.

          Fanboys these days…

          1. It’s actually even funnier because you’re so clueless about how this works that you’re using very vague “tech stuff”.

            This shit isn’t rocket science, and I’m not seeing what makes the Wii U so special at it.

              1. Most tablets have all of that besides buttons, not to mention SmartGlass is a free app. While it may or may not take off for “gaming” it’ll certainly be something when it comes to having the house of the future that Microsoft wants.

                Nintendo took a DS, and have the bottom screen slapped in a hunk of cheap plastic with no way to be functional outside of your house. Such amazing innovation…not.

                1. And don’t even get me started on the Vita, the PS3 is getting aged, when the PS4 comes out, you can bet your bottom fucking dollar Sony will flip the switch on Remote Play with better hardware powering the streams.

                  1. so i have to buy a $300 piece of shit handheld just to make my ps3 like a Wii U ?
                    and btw Wii U specs aren’t released yet.

                    1. Stopped reading at “piece of shit” handheld. You’re a Ninty fanboy, so you don’t buy competitive products anyway, dipshit.

                2. Zzz seriously, you talk absolute shit, people dont buy game consoles foreverythingexcept a game, WE WANT FUCKING GAMES. If it does oter stuff, like the WiiU is doingas well, forfree, then awesome, but the most inportant thingis a game, and with consoles you neednew stuff like the gamepadbecause theyre under powered in comparisonto a PC.

                  1. “People don’t buy game consoles for everything except a game”.

                    Explains why the Wii is the most used Netflix device. Explains why Microsoft and Sony have all of these non-gaming partnerships and offerings on their consoles.

                    If you seriously believe this horseshit you typed, I deeply feel sorry for you.

                    Wii only has a shit load of multiplatform games readily available or casual games coming from Nintendo.

                    Try again.

                  2. Ya I know why the fuck would anyone in the right mind buy a Wii U that console has the shittiest games and has shitty ports buy a console with good games like PS3 or Xbox 360

                    1. Considering I already own a PS3, I have 0 reason to actually buy this system to begin with until it starts showing clear signs of being Next-gen, which it hasn’t at all. It’s literally a HD DS without the portability of that handheld.

                3. What makes Nintendo specifically a target for that argument? Give me one “innovative” use of your 360 or PS3 controller outside of your house.

                  1. The 360 and PS3 are irrelevant in this discussion.

                    The Wii U falls apart by the mere fact that it’s such shitty innovation. Toting this screen in a controller and being able to stream full games. WITHIN your house and under the belief that apparently every household only seems to have one TV.

                    What if I want to stream those full games on the go, away from home? IT’S USELESS.

                    I own four TVs within this house, I don’t see any need for the Wii U controller besides being a mediocre HD version of the DS and little more than some shitty map usage.

                    Nintendo is a moronic company, I really hope the fanboys wake up and accept this. This console is one of their worst, if not THE worst idea they’ve ever come up with. Behind the Virtual Boy, that is, but that wasn’t technically a console.

                    I’ll invest in consoles that actually seem to have a future, oh and having formats that cost $8-17 extra to fully implement *I’m looking at you, DVD/Blu-Ray playback*.

                    1. i only have 1 tv and my family is always using it, actually a lot of people only have 1 tv so its a great idea and will be useful to me

                  2. I don’t know if your high or if your a fucking retard… PS3 and 360 are console dumbass. If you wanted a tablet get Nexus 7 far superior and has the same genre of games as the Wii U… casual.

                    1. I really looking forward to see how “innovative” the next ps4 going to be, probably some better graphic and a litle more power…

                    2. The problem is the PS4 won’t be a quantum leap and it’s not going to be “innovative” as you proudly assumes. The PS4 is going to be aimed toward casuals and women.

            1. Quite well considering it has it’s own version and isn’t actually a “controller”.

              Research fail from surprise: Nintendo fanboys.

              1. You say Nintendo is moronic.Hey Aeolus do you have billions of dollars no?Did you do any to change the industry?Who are you? That’s right a nobody on the internet.

                You have no creditably.Hell your only know for obsessing over nintendo a toy company.What do you even do with your life that doesn’t make you seem like a loser in life?

                These guys are just happy to play with toys nobody cares what you think of nintendo or any company because you’re a loser.Nintendo there is some guy on the internet who isn’t happy with your decisions.WHO CARES?

                This is a nintendo fansite/news forum were we discuss things about nintendo.Why are here do you feel like your existence means more when you cry and whine on a nintendo forum? Excuse my language but you sound like a no life b*****(basically no ba**s).You need some help with your video game addictions.Video Games are fantasy COMEBACK to the real world.

                GO outside or do something more with life.

                It’s really getting pretty bad that you’re still doing this.


                1. Your grammar and spelling is so horrid, I didn’t bother to continue reading after the first two paragraphs.

                  1. Summed up:
                    You have no life.You complain and troll on a nintendo fansite about a toy you don’t have to buy.You take video gaming way to serious if you feel the need to come here as long as you have.Stop whining and do something proactive with your life.

                    P.S You have a video game addiction get help.I meet someone who did the same thing and got help.


    1. When you consider that Nintendo’s goal was to “revolutionize” gaming with Wii and Wii U, you come to realize that the others’ jumping on board means Nintendo succeeded.

      Don’t call it stealing. Consider the Wii U the paradigm in touch and motion controls to which most others will compare themselves.

    2. Don’t mess with Aeolus! He’s actually Pachter’s son.. Do it and he’ll ‘ANAL’ yze you..

      Anyway, what’s with the fanboys this days? why are they not giving proper credits to the one who have successfully introduced using handheld gaming device as a controller for the console.. like what the gamecube and the advance did? yeah it is different from remote play but fuck that! In the end it is a similar concept so learn to respect your masters okay? So I’ll leave you for now and use my PSP’s remoteplay feature… oh wait It’s unplayable!

  2. totally agree with this. im kindof hating how people keep comparing wiiu and smart glass, when they are used totally differently. the wiiu is for gaming and the smartglass is for entertainment. thats it.

          1. That because ex-Retro employees work at 343.
            But thats not the point, goin on waypoint doesnt enhance the game at all

            1. I like microsoft’s pcs so much and better than apple’s but i don’t like playing xbox so much.I own a wii,a xbox which it has been ringed me so i dicided to buy a wii and i have 2 pcs

  3. SmartGlass is an app isnt it? But even then, you cant exactly say, “oh, i can play ZombiU with my SmartGlass”. Really? Do you have 3 hands? Can youre xbox handle using your phone as a second screen? No. It wont work anything like the wiiu

  4. You can’t even compare the Wii U to Smart Glass. Not even close to being the same thing. One is the original idea (Wii U) and the other is a pale imitation (Smart Glass). Leave luck to heaven.

  5. Nintendo power, than nlnow your playing with super nintendo power WITH SONYS FX CHIP than get n or out with big 64 plastered on console yep theyre not liers says:

    Playing with two wii u pads is very laggy besides ppl alreay have mobile phones=huge installed base=no need to buy expensive iuwiipad. Also ipad has intigration with smart tv and longer battery life and it can be a phone and has retina ps3 graphics

    1. Do you own a Wii U? Have you played with two touch screen pads? Then shut up and go and play your RROD disk scratcher.

    2. haha “retina PS3 graphics” *yawn* wake me up when the ipad has a game with graphics like uncharted 3. Wait, by then Sony will have made the PS4 and ipad will need to do another few years of catch-up! nvm, don’t bother waking me up, I don’t want to have to wake up to a bunch of trolls.

  6. Wow i though ninty wasnt concerned about their competition Lmfao there fucking scared shitless of xphone 720…yeah cuz everything wii u can do my iphone pad can plus its a phone,comic,book app, and it can be modded for thing like projection…ko

      1. That and the fact that he stated that Nintendo are concerned about competition. This is a completely different employee at Nintendo and not those in control. I don’t think he knows how businesses work.

    1. hahahahaha an exbot, trying to ask apple to back them up. Nintendo is making games, kicking ass and taking names; Apple just got added to the list.


    1. Dumb comment i have ever seen. And it short, yeah it probably could, if Nintendo released those things on an app store

  8. @the dragon actually kotaku reported you can now buy a controller for iphone that actually works good and is cheaper than wii motion plus

  9. @unation lmfao yet you buy nintendo and they lie and especially lie and trolled about zelda timeline….hippocrate much

  10. Smart Glass is dumb. You would have to keep switching between the tablet and the controller. The Game Pad on the other hand, is a tablet + controller. Smart Glass is a dumb copy. If Microsoft fanboys say Smart Glass is better. Anyone could just just say “It has buttons..”. YOU WIN THE FIGHT! Plus the Game Pad was actually BUILT for gaming and it’s comfortable in the hands. And Smart Glass is probably gonna have a lot of connection problems. WII U WINS!

  11. @shadow iphone can have buttons its original ninty stole ipad. And unlike upad smartglass already as we speak has billion installed base. And unlike upad ,made for gaming lulz, has no framerate issues battery and has retina hd
    upad lose :D


    1. Upad doesn’t need kinect. it has motion sensor, camera, and microphone. it’s complete and doesn’t need any kind of acessory to do miracle things

      1. “miracle things”

        You mean gimmicks that don’t revolutionize gameplay and only serve to fuck with the wheel that people are used to.

            1. That word doesnt even stand for whats its used for anymore. You can anything a gimmick, graphics are a gimmick, its just a retarded word cunt fanboys like you dish out. But seriously, why are you even here? Get a fucking life. You trying to “spread the truth”? Because the only other people who do that are religious cunts like Jehovas and Mormons and nobody wants that or listens to it, unless theyre insane. Go back to banging your sister.

  13. @DRAGON heck you can already mod and jailbreak iphone and kinect to do cool things. You can even mod the wii to work for the kinect. Its not that hard

  14. And your point is? if you’re saying the Vita did this before Nintendo; then, you’re dreaming. nintendo had this idea even before the PSP came out with the Gamecube-to-Gameboy. If you think the Vita-PS3 can out-perform the Wii U; then, you’re also delusional. the Wii U controller is integrated with the system, the Vita is not; thus, games won’t run smoothly nor will the games offer the same kind of integrated tech on the games. Also, the cross-platform between the PS Vita-PS3 is expensive. Not only you should by both of the system, you also need to buy both of the games. If you think about it, not many gamers will want this, and guess what would happen if not many buy this? Most developers will lose interest and will quit supporting it, just like what happened to PS Move.

    1. Gamecube to Gameboy was absolutely NOTHING similar.

      The whole point of Remote Play is Streaming, not as a control type. Your wall of text is now invalid. And if you think because the Vita is “separate” it won’t run as smoothly as the Wii U, you’re bullshitting yourself. Quite badly.

      1. “Not as a control type”…..
        You think this doesn’t matter, when we’re talking about CONSOLES here, which are very, VERY dependent on control types.
        You’re also extremely blind, thinking that GC to GB was nothing similar.
        It was interactivity, as a control method, between a hand-held and a console. Streaming or not doesn’t fucking matter; Remote Play is serving the same function, or trying to, with the Vita to PS3.
        They’ve already proven in previous articles that there is lag with the Vita to PS3 that simply is not present with games on the Wii U.
        Go look up said articles for yourself, or remain willfully ignorant, but either way, you’re not worth wasting any more of my time on.

        1. Remote Play is streaming; GC to GB is controller connectivity. Nothing else. Stop bullshitting yourself, it’s pathetic.

          Also, Remote Play isn’t even officially enabled by Sony in games, so of course it would lag if it’s not on proper firmware, you bloody fucking idiot.

          1. What is the point of Remote Play then? DO you really think you will be able to play God of War: Ascension on the go? or The Last of Us? Those games will require a lot of processing power, that the puny Vita doesn’t have.
            If anything, you will only be able to play Casual games on the go, you know like sports and music games that do not require a lot of power. If you want to play full games, you will need to stay at home, close to your PS3, so it helps the Vita with the processing stuff.

            You talk about streaming as if it was some magical term that only applies to playing games on the go. The GCN streamed content to the GBA, but not full games. The Wii U will stream content to its controller, the Wii U Pad, and to the 3DS.

    2. Yeah. The only problems I truly have are with Vita-PS3/4 connectivity are:
      The Vita wasn’t built specifically for it. The entire point of the Wii U is no lag between the screens. I see this as more of a connectivity issue than a processing issue, though.
      Not all games will support it. If they do, it will be more of an add-on than a core feature. Maybe it will do some of the simpler things that aren’t necessary, like cleaning up the screen, showing maps, etc. I cant see developers using it for core aspects, I.e ZombiU gamepad functionality, because of the risk of alienating a large part of their consumer base.
      The price is also an issue. You’d be paying a total of $500 for the two, but without the promise of good connectivity or even game support in the first place.

    3. Technically handheld to console integration was used before GameCube / game boy advanced with the n64. The Pokemon stadium attachment allowed you to use your Pokemon game boy cartridge to upload the Pokemon you caught in blue, yellow and red to use in game. Technically :P

      1. I’m one of the few people who has played Zelda Four Swords on the GCN with four GBA devices attached at the same time. Playing that game with three of my friends was a unique and very memorable gaming experience, the way Nintendo mixed the gameplay up between the big screen and your own GBA screen was brilliant fun. The Wii U could deliver some really unique and memorable gaming experiences without needing to buy extra kit and cables, I hope Nintendoland turns out to be as much fun as Four Swords.

  15. Smart glass= Screen (meaning you will have to switch the whole time)
    PS3+PSV= A cheap (well expensive. 300$ for the PS3 and 300 for the PSV making it 600) copy that has a screen that is tiny compared to the Wii U Gamepad screen. And it is not even made for being used like that meaning it might be laggy and in a year there MIGHT be no games that use the PS3&PSV connectivity. But I think it is still better than Smartglass.
    Wii u = screen+controller. Making it the best that is what I think and NOT you Aeolus).
    1st Wii U
    2nd PS3+PSV
    3rd Smartglass.
    That is how i rate it.
    I just think the Wii U is the best at the moment.
    But just wait. Next year at Sonys E3 they will announce the PS4 that uses a controller with screen and they will be happy to tell us that they had this idea since the PS1. Just like they did with motion gaming (Wii controller).

  16. touch screen with a pen have always been my preference… pen with a rubber to mimic the finger is not a pen.. it sucks… only resistive touch screen is able to recieve accurate pen input, with any pen, even a real pen.. but its dead now… thank you nintendo for keeping the resistive touch screen… and from the video i’ve seen, it seem the touch screen sensitivity is not bad.. might be comparable to the capacitive ones..

  17. Everyone is acting like this is a new idea. Nintendo first started this with gamecube and the first gen gameboy advance. I remember using it with splinter cell back then as a map and security camera menu. Technology has just advanced to the point where it can be used to create a different way to play games.

    Nintendo is only in the hardware market bc noone would design a system to meet their software philosophy. Being that they are the #game developers as elected in ign.coms list and the proof of their innovation and sales.

    Wii U also has a pro controller. Everyone just sees the gamepad and writes the system off. Plenty of games will be made in the traditional style.

    1. I’ll say it again, this idea is not GBA – GCN connectivity. Not in the slightest.

      Even then, the Dreamcast did it before that too.

      1. Actually with 4 swords youd get an different picture on the GBA, and in fact you use the GBA screen when you got into caves. Its a basic idea, but id gladly bring up any fact to prove your stupid fanboy ass wrong

            1. Eh Dragon, we should all know how bum ass Aeolus is man. He hates Smash Bros. but praises PS Allstars, disses Wii’s motion controls but faints hard when the PS Move and Kinect came out. He’s born to hate N that’s all, but we shouldn’t hate him too for that. Good news for him, I believe they’re going to duplicate N’s idea again which thay time and time again call a gimmick.

  18. Ok, what nintendo needs to understand is that the wii U gamepad and smartglass are not doing the same thing, the Wii U gamepad is used to change gameplay experience, as well as basically controll your games. The smartglass is made so that you have all of your social experiences from xbox all in one place, it is not to improve gameplay but to stay connected on xbox live and see what’s happening and what your friends are doing. So they are both having their own separate goals. Nintendo needs to see this and stop making comments about microsoft copying eachother. Because. These are both awesome ideas.

  19. It’s so true though. I have nothing against XBOX, I rather like it, and really like Kinect, but the Smart Glass was definitely a thrown on thing to attempt to compete with Wii U. It COULD very well be a great thing, but Nintendo’s right, it’s not something that’s integrated, and it MIGHT work, but it won’t DEFINITELY work.

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