EA Says We Will Test Our Franchises On Wii U And Bring Them To SmartGlass

Cam Weber, EA’s general manager of American football has revealed that the firm is fully embracing Xbox SmartGlass. Weber says that firm will basically use the Wii U to test out exactly what works and what doesn’t work on a tablet device.

“Conceptually we look at it in the same kind of way,” Weber said, of SmartGlass and Wii U’s tablet. “I think our designers are trying to solve problems around, ‘How do you take advantage of the smart glass, on either device, and what kind of functionality does that unlock? And I think it’ll benefit both.”

“To be more specific, we have Wii U in development now [for Madden], we’ll learn from it and it’ll take us further in terms of delivering on the SmartGlass.”

152 thoughts on “EA Says We Will Test Our Franchises On Wii U And Bring Them To SmartGlass”

    1. nope it shows that wiiU is more powerful and that micrococks r getting PORTS



      1. wiiU is a handlet piece of shit and smartsupercomputertechnologyglass is fucking awesome and better than that piece of junk

        1. yeh sure mr superhack. enjoy your lovely ports with no buttons. what ya gonna do>? cha cha slide your fingers on the screen?

          if i wanna slide my fingers on a device ill get an iPad but since i am a TRUE GAMER, i will have my BUTTONS controls thanks!

            1. and you sound like a bitter hater because microripoff is copying nintendo,l and instead of making a better device, you just get some shitty over-priced peripheral that might not even work. Besides, ithought that if you were gonna rip-off some one else’s idea you could at least improve on it, not put put out a second rate piece of shit at a higher price….

          1. Thats the first thing i thoight when i saw SmartGlass, it just wont work, the whole point of the wiiu pad is that it has a screen, wifi, interplay with the console, gyro, motion and some other sensor, BUT IT HAS BUTTONS TOO

              1. That thing every hater slagged the wii off for not having even though it did, and no their company is release a device that has none. I can wait to see fanboys defend it

                1. lmfao smart glass is not a device its a app for androids and iphone/ipads that shit sucks but some people love crap

    2. Excellent news…. This shows that the Wii U is going to be the leading console used for next gen gaming experience. So no tacked on game play gimmicks or shovelware. Wii U will continue to have the advantage over Microsoft and their SmartGlass technology since Microsoft concept relies heavily on the consumer also have a tablet PC. The Wii U comes right out the box with everything you need for the next gen in gaming interaction and game play mechanics.

      Think about it… when was the last time a Nintendo console was mention as the leading platform to develop on. Good things are coming starting 2013.

      1. The Wii sold the most units xD but powers always chamge with consoles, ps2 was insane, i still dont know how they pulled that off. Im gona guess a stalemate with next gen, with wiiu on top. Although we dont know what sony has to offer yet

            1. I like this one ^ Best. That being said, the order is:

              Nintendo > Sony > Microsith < Apple

              I don't care what anyone else says, Apple does not make gaming devices. What Apple does make are devices that happen to be able to play simple games.

    1. idk wtf ea are talking about. i mean AT BEST they’re going to be able to draw play and check stats on a tablet, there is really nothing more they can really do with it.

    2. SmartGlass is reliant on the consumer to have other devices like a smartphone but for real implimentaion… a tablet PC (be it iPad, Android or WP8 based). With the tablet, Microsoft will have some of Wii U LCD capabilities.

      1. The main point being, its sold seperatly. People will have to buy it. It’ll be wise for them to package one with the 720 but looking at what theyre planning with the 720, its already got way too much stuff, and that before adding the actually insides of the console..

  1. Until they find out that the wii u gamepad is far superior to smart glass
    You can’t do everything you can on the gamepad on a regular tablet…

          1. Fair enough, but i wasnt going to play the games themselves away from TV, i dont have a wife to take away tv privileges xD

        Its really just a set of data
        Until you load it into a phone or table that MIGHT have HD and that MIGHT even be able to run it you’re screwed. The incompatibility issues are gonna suck
        Microsoft can’t even get their latest iteration of windows phone to be compatible with all their hardware so I’d like to see how this pans out.

        1. Who the fuck is this idiot?
          Seriously, an app? No, the WiiU’s online will have an app, but the WiiU is AN ENTIRELY NEW CONSOLE, YOU FUCKING IDIOT

          1. The issue is that you are the idiot here. He is referring to Smartglass. Yet is still wrong. But righter than you.

        2. Sorry bro, i thought you said WiiU, * walk of shame*
          But youre completely right.
          But i have seen people call the WiiU an app

          1. Its cool man
            I’m just wondering what happened to the gaming landscape since I was a kid. Companies BESIDES nintendo don’t care about fun at all. And gamers these days are too whiney. They forget about gameplay and only care for shiney visuals.

            1. To be honest i still love Sony, they deliver great games, the ps plus is fantastic value, and Even with the online hack that went down, to have Jack Tretton come up on stage at E3 last year and apologise and express how important the fans are took alot of guts.
              Even though they messed up a bit with Wii, nintendo are correcting all their mistakes and taking it one step beyond, and id always buy their consoles, their games are just too good to miss.
              Nintendo and Sony will always be in my home.

              1. Sony at least have some original ideas and offer free online. To Seigried or Roy, whatever it is: Hope you buy the Smartglass on day one. Don’t whine about it like you did with the Kinect.

  2. I guarantee they’ll be disappointed since Smartglass does’nt have buttons. It probably does’nt have near as much of the fuctionality that WiiU Gamepad has so I don’t even know why they’re comparing the two. Controller Versus Tablet = No Sense

    1. In my opinion, the best uses of Wii U will be touch only (for which Smartglass is fine) or as a second display, for maps and so forth so people could just look over at a tablet. Smartglass will be less efficient than Wii U but bear in mind Microsoft are using existing technology and while Nintendo are adding extra graphical capabilities too, they will charge upwards of $200 for it. Wii U will need so killer software or some great mainstream uses of the controller, that can’t be done on any other console.

    2. I think EA doesn’t quite understand that SmartGlass simply can’t do what the the Wii U can do. The U pad is a tablet/controller all in one that gives all new game play perspectives during gameplay. Look at Zombi U and Lego City as prime example. SmartGlass tools are simply tablets that can receive information. At best SmartGlass will work with touch screen functions for some sports games. Otherwise it simply isn’t the same. Like Moffit said, we don’t have three hands.

  3. And to think numerous non-Nintendo fans will deny that EA and other companies like them release test games on Nintendo hardware…

    1. getting more interesting now? so before they wer boring yet u wer licking ther arses? That is technically what you are saying.

      logic fail troll

  4. Sounds like a bit of a role reversal for the next gen.
    I honestly cant see SmartGlass working with games, simply because it has no buttons (im not aware if it has gyrosensor ect)
    But yeah, microsoft getting WiiU ports, being difference to gaming

        1. Not the way I look at it. It seems like “Microshit” (is that what people are calling it) bribed (or whatever their game plan is) EA. And EA are just basically using the Wii U as a prototype and then using what worked best and what didn’t work well for SmartGlass, and I do know that Wii U GamePad does have buttons, so SmartGlass sucks compared to Wii U. Thing is, I really don’t know why EA has done this and why they even posted this, they want to remain the worst company in A’mericah or what?

          1. I’d say EA want to release content on both, but see the WiiU as a much easier and full of much more oppeetunities. Then they see what would work for smartglass

  5. Good Luck with that
    The games won’t be able to perform as well on smart glass like Wii U due to lack of aformentioned Buttons
    your just wasting your time in making games people won’t be interested in playing
    in words of Scott Moffit
    “Unfortunately, we don’t have three hands”

  6. ea is stupid.. no wonder they got voted to be the worst company. U take a actual gaming console like the wii u to test stuff for a idiotic copy such as smartglass… well they must be pretty dumb to do that. who cares.. 360 is probally gonna get banned anyways

        1. I know right :) EA might scumbags, but they release some fantastic games, plus they seem intersted in using the game pad properly

  7. Not to be nit-picky here, but from what I saw at E3, few of the WiiU games actually utilized the touch screen AND the buttons at the same time. NSMU utilized only the touch screen, Rayman utilized only the touchscreen, NintendoLand utilized only the touch screen…the only buttons used were on the wiimotes.

    I’m not saying smart-glass will be better than the WiiU, not by any means, but for games similar to these, the experience could be pretty equal

    1. All of these titles im about to say play use the buttons:

      ZombiU uses the screen and more, Ninja Gaiden uses the screen, P-100 uses the screen and more, NintendoLand uses the whole controller, Rayman uses the touch screen and gyro, Batman uses the touch screen and more, pikmin use the touch screen, AC3 uses the touch screen, EA’s sport titles will use it, Aliens uses the gyro (thats what i know so far for that game).

      If youre gona make a point about the WiiU, at least look at more than 3 games

      1. Certainly there are going to be games for the Wii U that will be very difficult (if not impossible) to replicate with Smart-Glass. However, some games will not be so difficult. If you watch the MS presentation on Smart-glass, they showed a demonstration of how Madden might get around the issue of no buttons.

        Also, what tablet/smart phone doesn’t have a gyroscope?

        1. Im not demying that, but it makes it very inferior.
          Going off the top of my head, smart glass would work as a strategy enhancer and for games like sim city

    2. ZombiU = touchscreen and buttons
      AC3 = touchscreen and buttons
      Arkham city = touchscreen and buttons

      And you’re partly wrong because rayman legends single player uses both and so does new super Mario bros

      In.other words its all up to the developer

  8. And so it was that my respect for EA further plummeted.
    When are they going to realize that the Wii U game pad is not a full-blown tablet and that it was never designed to be so?
    They should have just stuck to the damned smart glass from the start.
    Nintendo doesn’t need them, anyways, especially with all of the bad decisions they’ve been making lately.-_-;;

    1. Its not a tablet because thats not what it was designed to be. Its an interactive controller, designed for GAMES, because thats what EA do they release GAMES.

      1. Yeah, but they are still trying to treat it as though it IS a tablet, by using it solely for “testing” before bringing it TO AN ACTUAL TABLET.
        They’ve gotten dumber, hence my respect for them fell further.

        1. I think you misunderstood. The WiiU is their main test product. But they’ll take the smartglass into consideration to be used for games. They arent treating it as a tablet

          1. Right, but consider this; the article states that they are using the Wii U’s gamepad to test the waters for Smart Glass games.
            At least, that’s how I read it.

    1. wo go to e3.Nintendo.cpm to learn more, but Nintendo has yet to reveal all features and launch line up.

    1. KIss my ass. Nintendo ripped us all! I just bought a 3DS a week ago and GameStop won’t give me my full money back.

        1. if you have the receipt is say’s on the back you get full refund if its defected so fuck it up like wet the battery then take it back and make sure you do it within 14 days from purchase you’ll get all your money back

          1. and if they still fucking with you tell them give a new system with a new receipt take it to a different gamestop and return the unopened 3ds back for a full refund

  9. Well they’re doing it the wrong way round. Smartglass has most of the abilities but not all and it could be used to test the waters, confirming sales on Xbox while checking whether it would be viable to release on Wii U at a later stage, at least in the early days before Wii U proves itself.

    1. I think the main problem is that it cant be used as a controller. We dont have 3 hands, and i’ll use a game that i know you like as an example (looking at your pic), Metroid. Using the WiiU’s pad for a game like Metroid would be insane, because you can use it in the traditonal way, but then say lift the control up and scan the area using the screen, without switching the pad. The Smart Glass cant do that, youd have to switch between controllers constantly.
      In terms of media, Smart Glass is probably better for watching tv ect admittedly, because its in HD.
      But games are still the main focus of a games console, and microsoft seem to of forget that in the design of smart glass

  10. ea is helping microsoft by using wii-u to make microwhores smart ass better that fucked up but it doesn’t matter smart ass will fail because people think its a new device but its not IT’S A APP!!! FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE LIKE IPHONE AND IPAD thats all it is a app and you fucking xbox fagboys are praising a app like its the next best thing in gaming lmfao……………………………………………………….still laughing………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..ok im done ….no im not still lmfao……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….ok now im done.

  11. So… Wii U is a testing platform. However, everything gets tested here, and ported to other devices. Ported. Port. Portal. We need Portal and Portal 2 on Wii U.

      1. i love science.i will become a scientist 1 day.oops hehe iam second high school now so dont missundersthood for my comment ok? i am just good at biology,maths and chemistry and a little bit at physics

  12. Some of you have to seriously calm down, you’re making this site look like a complete joke. The immature cursing and mindless insulting is just plain embarrassing.
    Oh there’s a mindless troll here? Try ignoring him, he just wants your attention.

  13. Well, at least they’re not hiding anymore about screwing Nintendo over.

    On the other hand, it’s much better than testing it on SmartGlass and then moving it to the Wii U. No way I want to use a SmartGlass port that’s more limited in scope than the Wii U, are you kidding me.

  14. This is making me rething all that praise they were giving to the wii U. “if EA likes it this much, it must be good,” is what I thought. But now they’re going gaga over this much more inferior gaming experience and I’m begining to think they will give praise to just about anything under the sun.

  15. So EA is basically taking advantage of the Wii U so they can lure them to the Smartglass? Either that sounds pretty sneaky, or I’m not understanding it correctly.

    1. It’ll probably be the new thing for consoles. Which if thats the case then Nintendo will be at the top. I wouldnt mind Sony titles using it, because at least they have some good games unlike microsoft. Metal Gear Solid with a game pad. Wooaaaah

  16. Their going to have to dumb down a Wii U game a hell of a lot to make it work with smart glass. EA generalizing and trying to use the same procedure on two consoles that are too far a part in terms of functionality. Leave luck to heaven.

  17. So EA will test there ideals on Wii U then learn what needs to be improved and polished so when they release on smartglass it will seam that the smartglass is a better product for the function being ported So if the ideal tanks and makes the wii u look bad microfucks will benefit from our failures

  18. The SmartGlass will never be able to play games as they appear on the Wii U. Because it has no buttons!!!! Also, don’t think you’ll be able to play games like Nintendo Land’s Takamaru’s Ninja Castle on the SmartGlass. That game require zero lag, and that’s impossible with only an app. Maybe they could do zero lag with their new surfade tablet, idk.

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