Nintendo Expects To Sell 10.5 Million Wii & Wii U Consoles During Fiscal Year

Nintendo has announced that it plans to sell a combined total of 10.5 million Wii and Wii U console during the fiscal year ending March 2013. With Wii sales slowing down, Nintendo clearly hopes the majority of those sales will be for the Wii U which is due for release this holiday season.

162 thoughts on “Nintendo Expects To Sell 10.5 Million Wii & Wii U Consoles During Fiscal Year”

    1. When did the 3DS get released? Because thats already sold over 10 million, and it was overpriced. If they price the wiiu reasonabley and not with the same mistake as the 3DS price, i see this as a very possible estimation. Bare in mind this is about one year and 4 months after its launch, thats 2 black fridays (if the release date is correct) and 2 holiday seasons.

      1. It says ending March 2013, meaning only about 4 months following launch. Despite that, I reckon the Wii U will easily reach 3-4 million sales by 2013.

      2. Assuming the Wii U launches in November, that only gives it roughly 4 months to add to the 10.5 million combined Wii and Wii U units. How many Wii’s have sold since April 1st?

    2. Well the Wii has been selling some (all be it not much), and it will help boost the number up a lot. This is a combined total.

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            1. Seriously, i hate all fanboys. I lve Nintendo AND Sony, they deliver different games and different experiences, and i want it to stay like that. I dont want a WiiU that has PC specs, i just wana play my fucking Zelda games. If i want to gawk and a games visuals i’ll play Uncharted or God of War.
              Both are epic, both are my bros, end of, Aeolus sucks cock.

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      1. $250? That only confirms the console will be weak shit and will die just as fast as the original Wii. With not nearly as much as the sales on that console.

        Nintendo isn’t taking a hardware loss either. Accept the truth, Wii U is an overclocked 360.

          1. If it’s too high, it’ll end up like PS3, unaffordable.
            If it’s too low, it’ll be a joke. Price should be around $275-$300. :/

        1. They could sell at 329.99 makes a 50 dollar on every consoles and have it be 3x the PS3/360… outclassing them is dirt cheap since they are old.
          That said I love my PS3, going back to play Uncharted

  1. Way too Optimistic. They’ll get maybe 500,000 from the Wii, and in about 3/4 months they won’t sell 10 million Wii Us.

      1. They’d be lucky to even sell another 2 million Wiis.

        Let alone a device that they’re trying to convince casuals that it’s not an add-on.

                    1. Oh and by the way, WORLDWIDE 3DS sales were only 6.68 million at the end of October in 2011. A few months AFTER the price drop as well.


                      That looks like 9 times the amount to you? IDIOT.

                      3DS was 6 months old at this very time last year in Japan. 5 in the U.S.

                      Vita is little over 5 months old in western territories and 7 months old in Japan. The system has yet to have seen a worldwide holiday season and currently sits at 2.5 million units sold.

                      You guys really blow the Vita way out of fucking proportion. Like it’s been said many times, too early to judge, and absolutely poor analysis when compared to the sales of the 3DS. Not much different at all.

                    2. You weren’t talking about SHIT relating to this week. You’re trying to cover your tracks because you spouted total bullshit. That still wasn’t “nine times” by the way.

                    1. When fanboys constantly try to call a young device a “failure.” When it’s not doing nearly as bad as they think.

                      Fanboys like you.

      2. I know, and I said that seems unlikely, since I think the Wii will sell no more than 500,000, which leaves them 10 million units short of the estimate, and I doubt the Wii U will sell that many.

  2. This article was obviously written by a Nintendo fanboy.

    10 million? WiiU won’t come close. Mark my words, WiiU will sell worse than the Vita. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fanboy and an idiot.

        1. Why? How is it a fake? Nintendo could very well have said this, what makes you believe otherwise? Also, why do you keep coming around this site if you’re litteraly just bad-mouthing everything? Why be an asshole, dude? So unneccesary.

                1. I wasn’t even on there for a combined hour. The power of multitasking and getting $$$ at the same time is amazing.

                  You on the other hand are browsing on your iPhone rather than texting your girlfriend because somebody is making you upset over the internet.

                  Assuming you can even get a girlfriend that is, I doubt you talk to girls if you’re using your iPhone for that, anywho.

                  1. Or so you’d have us believe.
                    Also, girlfriend insults? Really?
                    Dude, high school ended a long ass time ago for you. Time to step out of that mentality and grow.
                    Your Trolling is as immature as your insults.

                    1. You probably don’t have a girlfriend either, Eric.

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              1. Your avatar is a Mii, and you replace your words with “U” “Mii” “Wii” amongst other things.

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    1. Don’t listen to my above comment. I love the idea of this article being written by a Nintendo fanboy. I worship Nintendo now! All hail Nintendo. Wii U will get more than 10 million. It’ll get 10 billion! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a SONY fanboy and an idiot.

    2. “anyone who thinks otherwise is a fanboy and an idiot”
      pretty much all you say. saying stuff like that makes you more of a fanboy than anyone else.

    3. At first I found you annoying.

      But now that I realise how many people you confuse by changing your name and “personality” I’m finding it hilarious

    4. Why is it so wrong for Nintendo to set the bar high for themselves? If they sell the 10 million than thats Great! if they dont, well it will probably do well anyways.

    5. LOL, realistically, WiiU won’t sell this much… however Vita did 2.5 million WiiU is doing at least 5 million

  3. I think it’s very possible. With a holiday launch with awesome games and a Wiimotion Plus boxed in, I think they can make this. The 3DS did, and the Wii U launch line up looks way better than that one. I know I’m gonna pick one up as soon as possible. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Fiscal year. Not the actual year. If the Wii U is launched in November it will have until April/May 2013 or whenever Nintendo’s fiscal year begins next year.

        1. Precisely. The 3DS sold over 10 million in it’s fiscal year, because it launched right at the beginning. They want to sell 10.5 million Wiis and Wii U’s by March, 4/5 months after the console launches which will be in March (the end of the fiscal year). That will never happen.

  4. The 3DS is going to sell WAY more this holiday than the Wii U will. Ten Million? They will be lucky if they sell half of that.

    1. I don’t think so. Just think of it this way, how many do you think they will sell with in the first weeks?

      It probably sells a 1Million+ in Japan by itself. 2 million in Asia combined.
      Im guessing another million in North America (Canada, the US, and Mexico). Half a million in South America and another half in Europe.

      That’s 4million a couple weeks after launch with the Holidays waiting. Don’t forget the other 3months left until March. =]

  5. Yeah! Aeolus will never miss such opportunity to contradict this statement.. You can’t blame him actually, he’s just living up to his father’s expectation.. he’s Pachters son after all.

    1. Patcher is NOT my FATHER. Not anymore. Not now I’m a Nintendo fan. I chucked him on the streets with he’s SONY and Microsoft gadgets and made him homeless.

  6. I just hope they won’t run out of consoles like before! Took me like 5 months to get a Wii! This console launch looks better than any in recent memory and it will sell… I really think It’ll be $299.99 (little over $400 with other game and extra controller). How’re they gonna sell more Wiis, though?… ?

    1. Ugh, it’ll suck if i have to wait -.- hopefully i can pre-order one soon as possible and get one (as long as GAME dont decided to say, “oh we’re not selling it because we’re stupid” like they did with Mass Effect 3

      1. If they miss a console launch, I think they’ll be in trouble. Again. With TONS of angry gamers protesting and setting fires and stuff.

    2. Yeah I remember that… They were selling on eBay for twice as much as the retail price… It was pretty cool to see the console becoming so successful, but still it took ages to get my Wii! EVERYWHERE had sold out.

  7. Wii U will probably get 8-12 million sales by the end of March 2013. I mean…… Nintendo is doing lots of WIi U Experiences and brand new third party games that will kick other consoles ass. I think it will be very pleasing! :D

  8. Well the biggest crowd is the casual market, so they’ll also have to release a game similar to Wii Sports, or at least one that appeals to the casuals.

    Leave duck to oven.

  9. Something’s telling me that Nintendo should aim to launch the Wii U by the end of October. that way, they may very well be back in the strong profits.
    They’re losing a fortune, and I would hate for them to end up diverting to software alone…Come on Nintendo, you can do it!

    1. Nintendo are only loosing money because of Wii sales drops and money going into producing the wiiu and its games. But Nintendo have a shit ton of money, dont worry about them every becoming software only, they wont :p

    2. Am I really the only one here that remembers Nintendo’s statement that if they quit making consoles, they’d stop making games altogether and let their IP’s die rather than make them for others?

      1. Nope, i remember that. But funnily enough, that’ll never happen. People compare Nintendo to MS and Sony….when have Nintendo ever tried to directly challenge another company. They just make Nintendo stuff, and third parties do as they wish. No-ones ever had the “hmm, should i buy a ps3 or a wii to go with my 360?” thought. Because the ps3 and 360 are the same thing, except the ps3 is slightly more powerful, free online and has better exclusives (only in america does the 360 do better than the ps3, its all based on patriotisms and being ‘Merican!”

        1. Very, very true dude. We run that same style of business too, where things break down quickly and hoping you buy another one. My second car was a brand new Malibu back in 2004 and I shit you not that once the payment was paid off the damn thing kept breaking down on me. Always on time with oil changes, replacing brakes, tires, etc. Unfortunately, my warranty ran out also. Never again will I go back, just like those with RRODs.

  10. Hmmmm
    Well if we knew the release list it would be easier to estimate it.
    Nsmbu 5 million by march.
    Rayman 4 million by march
    Asscreed3 2 million
    If wii sport players liked nintendo land
    Then that along could make up 10 million.

    It actually is possible… The price announcement is the last thing needed.

  11. Quite the expectation. It’s really difficult for me to see the Wii U sell as successful as the Wii. But, the new system is carrying the Wii brand in it’s name, so I do see it at least accomplishing half of these sales. That and the fact that’s it’s completely compatible with the monster that is the Wii.

    I’m pretty sure it’s the tablet controller, in comparison to the Wii remote and Nunchuk, that’s leaves me skeptical of it’s mass appeal and sales success.

    Nonetheless, I’m still hoping it proves my doubt wrong. Again, I’d really hate to see this end up as the Gamecube.

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