WayForward Working On Multiplatform Title For PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Wii U

Based on the LinkedIn profile of a WayForward Technologies Games Directer, the studio is developing an undisclosed multiplatform game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. We already know two games that WayForward is bringing to Nintendo’s upcoming console – Mighty Switch Force HD and a Shantae title.

96 thoughts on “WayForward Working On Multiplatform Title For PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Wii U”

    1. so let me get this straight, you are saying its garbage because its port while xbox and ps3 get ports as well, not to mention that 90% of games are port on xbox and ps3.
      so your saying AC3 is bad, batman is bad, and the rest of all the 3rd party’s games are bad just because there ports.

        1. Firstly… Ican get 90 percent of launch games on CURRENT GEN consoles. The exclusives are either mediocre like zombieU (ubisoft even said they will port it so again why a new console for just ports) or just a joke like nintendoland lmao enjoy your collection of minigames instead of a full f zero, zelda…you know what you all wanted prior to E3 nintendo never listens and are blinded by their own arrogance. 40 pounds for adigital download when its 30 in a supermarket? Are you fucking kidding me?!

          Secondly, batman is an OLD game that me and millions of other CORE gamers have finished 100 percent inc dlc. Same goes for me3 amd others. Shame that you only like nintendo. You missed out on these OLD games that you will buy for FULL price. As3 and darksiders 2 etc will be out before wiiU. Again, core gamers will buy for their current xonsoles. I don’t giv a shit if it has better resolution. Good for you nintendroids. Must be a big leap from your shitty blurry SD visuals LMAO

          Maybe you will learn for next gen. WiiU is just 7 years too late and what they do to apologise? Nintendoland at E3 LOL I wish nintendo stay so real gamers can laugh at how pathetic nintendo have become. Even if wii sold the most, the wii is not even deemed a proper console amongst the core community. Too bad!

            1. Sorry fanboy? Hahaha says the mlittle boy who insults anyone who airs an opinion against his precious god nintendo. I own all consoles inc pc so I can say the fuck I want because I experienced these OLD games. You were actually sitting on ur nerdy ass wanking to animal crossing :p lolvu

              Enjoy paying full price for batman wiiU. Hardly an improvement compared to ps3 and 360 ports.

            2. Fucking hypocrite ur the fanboy here.., how about you shut up .. And stop posting reviewtechusa videos ..rich isnt a nintenfag like you ..

          1. Ive played batman AC, i dont know what you meant by hardcore gamers but that game was ridiculous easy and short got tired of doing the same repetitive sidemissions and trophies hunting got bored fast. Still a good game though but I would say Mario Galaxy 1&2 was more hardcore if you ask me…

          2. 90% of launch games on current consoles?
            LOL no you cant. The only “ports” are Ninja Gaiden, Batman and Mass Effect, everything else is either multiplatform ( which you cant use to your arguement, its doesnt make or break the console), or a exclusives, which is has alot of. Everything else yo said was dumb too.

          3. 1) Learn to Spell.
            2) Please explain how the hell ZombiU is a port when it’s being designed for Wii U and Wii U only at this stage?
            3) You’re a sad excuse of an Aeolus Clone.
            4) Why buy consoles just for power when you can get a PC? Hmmm? I did that, the only reason I buy consoles is for exclusive and not the multi platforms because the console version is inferior.

    2. gimped ???? all the ports can do everything a ps3 can and more fyi .
      look at fifa 13 for wiiu.
      not really a port , it has better graphics and loads more features :/.
      so the ps3 version of fifa is a gimped port of the wiiu and pc version bro tash.

      why dont you look at the exclusives the wiiu is getting ?????
      there is a LOT and they all RULE
      pikmin 3 , NSMB u , Zombi u , lego city undercover , nintendo land , Rayman Legends , wii fit u , etc etc .
      and the ‘ports’ have better graphics , resoloution and more features.

      nuff said

      1. You lost all credibility for mentoning nintendo land as a great game

        You mean collection of minigames lmao

        Please play some real games

        1. my point was that the wiiu is NOT going to rely on cross platform shovel ports. infact it is going to be an awesome new console that will apeal to everyone.
          i wont play wii fit u , ever :/. but 20 million people will.
          same with Nintendo Land and NSMB2.
          HUGE MASSIVE sellers. which make other publishers feel obliged to support such a blatently succesful console.
          you will shut up an buy a wiiu , when you see how good it looks and plays.
          p.s. i would love tiho smash your 4gb Xbox arcade right over your trole head.
          and shove its ****** up yout ************************

          1. Funny cos wii sold loads of wii fits etc. Did it attract big third party hitters?

            Nope lol the wii is for casuals and fanboys. WiiU will be the same. Yeh u got visuals now. So did gamecube and 64. AND THEY STILL FLOPPED compared to ps2 and xbox and ps1.

            Third party devs like rockstar see nintendo consoles as pointless. Third party games don’t sell as well on nintendo as other platforms. FACT

              1. Hahaahahahaahahaha the original xbox failed?

                Sold more than the gamecube little fanboy :p

                Why do u think nntendo want third party? Graphic whore? You’re the one boasting about wiiU power not long ago!

                Man you lost all credibility :p thanks for the laugh though. Good to see a retard on this site pretending he is a gamer! A big hypocrite gamer

                Ps: you always say u mad bro if u can’t win an argument. So before u ask me that… No I am not mad you cunt haha! Laughing at you!

                  1. wooooow Japan…. one TINY country compared to CONTINENTS like America and Europe… nice try

                    why u even mentioning ps3? we are talking about xbox… you are losing an argument so you attack ps3… fanboy

                    1. One tiny country that has 130 million people and some of the greatest developers. Yep, they aren’t as important as everywhere else. Xbox fails. The only decent console of it’s generation was the PS2 and Gamecube. Oh and if you want to say a console is better because of sales how many did the wii sell compared to its other two competitors? hmmm? Sales don’t mean shit.

            1. the n64 didnt flop , how old are you , 11 ????.
              the gamecube was ok aswell.
              the wii was huge . and nintendo dominate handheld industry.
              the wiiu is going to take over gaming. gta5 is rumoured to be coming to wiiu .
              so you can stfu. w8 and see. nintendo know what they did wrong with the wii and they are fixing that with wiiu.
              its the ultimate console for everyone.
              you stick with your trollbox 360. poor ass troleer.

              wiiu = RIP sony. 3ds = RIP sony.

              microsoft = gay ass holes.

            2. also if you werent such a horrible Ginger 11 year old troll with no friends , you would KNOW that the WII had a lot of Awesome Eclusive titles. that were very good.
              so stfu and gtfo , cancer breath.
              you are the worst guy ever , here is your illustrious trophy.

            3. Explain Manhunt2 and bully on Wii then? You’re logic is flawed. You do realize that the Wii’s architecture and feature set was different the HD twins? Porting was just a hassle for the Wii plus Nintendo not giving a fuck about 3rd parties giving them no real incentives to bring those titles anyway. *Hopefully* the WIIU is Nintendo’s rights to those wrongs of last gen. Nothing about the Wii dictates the WiiUs future. Nintendo needs to quit fucking around and release the goddamn release info already.

              1. It’s possible that Nintendo isn’t sayin anythin because they don’t want to hype it up and make the WiiU more than what it already is. Plus it’s possible that they don’t want Sony and MS to gain any ideas either.

        2. What would you call a real game then? For all your Bioshocks with their supposedly deep messages, for your Zeldas with ingenious puzzles or even your Wii Play for quick, fun minigames every video game is the same thing: A glorified toy.

  1. Where does alba live? It says here that this was posted tomorrow, yet it’s on my end it’s still before 9pm and still the 20th

  2. Bing Bang Bop!!! I dont care what Aeolus thinks and no one else should either. He is wrong about the Wii U. The Wii U IS next gen. and it is going to be a huge success with huge 3rd party support, killer graphics and amazing exclusives. (oh and dont forget the awesome INNOVATIVE controller). It sure trumps the Xbox 360 any day of the week and it will sure trump the Xbox 720! Bippity Boppity Boop!!!

    1. I agree with you all up until the 720 part. We haven’t seen what the 720 is or what it can do. For everything considered it could prove to be of some great competition for the WiiU

      1. No it won’t, it like the 360 will have two exclusives and a lot of Kinect 2 nonsense. Ms is a greedy company that made the stupid zune and windows phone; need I say more. Gay fable is their best exclusive rpg lmao.

      2. Had you said PS4 I would have been like yes a little competition. No matter how much power the 720 shall have it will not have creative minds behind it. Seriously think about it. Nintendo is like mercedes, all their products are made magestically. Ms’s xbox line is like ford, mass produced nonsense.

        1. well *shrugs* that’s true sadly. All of that raw specs power but very little to no creativity to make good use for it…

  3. Microsoft should stop making consoles. Only Nintendo and Sony should remain. Xbox sucks, some one tell me what the dungbox had or did apart from holding the PS3’s full potential back!

    1. ^ this

      Seriously, if it didnt have Halo, it would be dead. Or at least it would be i it wasnt American *rolls eyes* stupid American mentality ( not all) thinking its the best just because its from their country, give me a break

    2. the 360 was the worst thing to happen to consoles in a long time

      too bad idiots PAID FOR ONLINE with xbox live, now it’s here to stay

  4. 1) Kratos = a little god wannabe that wears skirts. Yeah right a man wearing skirts acting all macho.

    2) Master chief = A Samus wannabe. I have always stated this ( guess what 343 former Retro studios employees are part of the Halo 4 team. They are applying a visor system in halo 4 similar to Metroid prime).

  5. Lol Wii U will have the shittiest version , they won’t even improve the visuals or anything …they will just add stupid touch controlls and crappy graphics.. Enjoy your gimmicky touch controlls over good graphics Nintendrones ;) lol what a stupid controller !

    1. the WiiU is a whole new system. Think of a nintendo DS. Top screen is your tv, and the bottom screen is your WiiU gamepad. You can switch the game from the tv to the controller if need be (in case somebody has auto tuned a tv show or something). The WiiU is compatible with HD up to 1080p. The controller supports up to 720p, though this may change in the future. It looks similar to the original Wii except for a few changes like rounded edges and from what I’ve seen it can’t be sat up right.

            1. Tell me, if you think Nintendo is shit, why do you even spend time on a Nintendo fan site? If it is to annoy all the “Nintendrones” you hate so much, you really must be a lonely, sad little man.

  6. Whenever I see an article with over 60 posts, I just assume it is full of trolls, Aeolus clones and the stupid flame wars they create… I remember when this website was good, the only trolls were the ones making fun of Peteriuss, and an actual polite conversation could take place without interference…

    Anyway, back to the actual article, I hope it is an original IP which isn’t a platformer, since they have been doing a lot of those recently and quite a few from them are coming out in the near future. And I hope they make it good, seeing that they have been very busy for a small developer recently.

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