Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Demo Now Available

A group of community developers have created a batch of additional levels for Super Mario Galaxy 2. In order to play these immensely fun looking levels you will need Homebrew and Riivolution to play, as well as a retail Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc.

The installer download will walk you through the process of downloading and properly placing the downloaded folders, while the direct download will give you the two folders which you will need to manually place on the root of your SD card/USB drive.

Thanks, Andrew

69 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Demo Now Available”

    1. exactly!! good idea , but if it isnt legit , i will not support this.
      i am against anything that isnt real .
      wish nintendo were doing DLC for super mario galaxy 2 , that would be awesome.

      1. It’s perfectly legal, as this addition to the game is being distributed by the people who made it, and it doesn’t affect the sales to Nintendo in any way.

        1. Precisely. If you had to download and patch an ISO or something to play this, fair enough. All Riivolution does though is take extra files from the SD Card and apply them to a real game disc when needed. It’s safe and legal.

            1. Normally, installing it is safe, if your Wii is on the right version. However, if I recall correctly, updating your Wii before 4.2 with the Homebrew Channel present in the system bricks your Wii, so the Wii menu wouldn’t load anymore, but now it just removes the program on 4.3 if you try to update. So basically, never update your Wii.

            2. I’ve only ever used it for Brawl texture and moveset hacking, a GBA emulator, and a general media player, and I never had any problems. Some things like playing game backups and ripping game discs can get complicated and has risks, but the basics are completely safe.

  1. I never bothered to get Riivolution, I always just used Gecko for Brawl hacking, but after seeing this trailer, I am definitely going to download it!

    1. There are some things Riivolution can do that Gecko cannot, and vice versa. Riivolution can enable Japanese voices, but can’t do alternate texture loading.

      1. Yeah, for Brawl hacking, I don’t think Gecko can use item hacks, at least it doesn’t work for me, but I know that’s something that Riivolution can do.

  2. I’d be an indignant fanboy moaning at people stealing Nintendos stuff, but considering they are making fuck-all these days, I’m gonna get right on with modding my Wii.

    1. “but considering they are making fuck-all these days”

      Aw, look at that, the little tyke’s using words he doesn’t even know! How cute.

      1. To be honest, we haven’t had a great first party game in a while, and there aren’t many coming until the Wii U comes out. That’s no excuse for him to be a dick though.

          1. Yeah, that wasn’t too long ago actually, and 3 months before that we got MK7 and 3D Land, there still won’t be any more for another 3 months or so though. And to genhero, I’m in Europe, so I had the opportunity to get Xenoblade around this time last year.

        1. “we haven’t had a great first party game in a while”

          Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus Uprising.

          Play the fucking game, you twat.

            1. Does people like ness and Aeolus on this site actually like nintendo or are most of them Microsoft fanboys looking to annoy people

    2. Stealing? Not at all! It requires the disk which contains all Nintendo’s stuff meaning its perfectly legal as well as being morally correct!

  3. saw a remake of a certain level too! from N64 which is the bombomb land! like the first world u go on in super Mario 64! EPIC!

    1. if you look at 0.52 on the video you can see they’ve added the bob-omb battlefield stage from super mario 64 :)
      looks good, but I only have the original super mario galaxy

  4. Well, time to hack my Wii. I’ve avoided it because I thought that I couldn’t resell it, but I can’t pass up on SMG2.5!

  5. I’m sorry for trolling you guys. I really love Nintendo, I just can’t socialize with people because I’m to busy sucking d**ks in my parents house :(

  6. Bing Bang Bop! AWESOME!…now if they could make a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sequel…lol it would keep me occupied until SSB Wii U comes out!!! I mean look at those graphics. For a bunch of community developers, the level designs for Mario Galaxy 2.5 look stunning! I personally would like to see them make their own Super Smash game. Bop Bam Boom!!!

  7. I’d really like to think this is what future Nintendo dlc will be like- thanks for playing this game, enjoy these extra levels!
    Otherwise I wouldn’t mind more level creators, especially for something like Mario. Maybe even Zelda- but I bet anything online with Zelda will probably be “leaderboards” for the various minigames/sidequests.

  8. All of those new stages look pretty cool except for the one shown in 0:57-0:59. That’s a part of a stage that’s already in the original galaxy 2. Sure it might be a new stage but if so, then show the part that is new and not one that’s already in original.

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