UK Magazine Reports Gamecube Games Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

Retro Gamer, a UK gaming publication run by Imagine publishing, has stated in its latest issue that Nintendo Gamecube games will be available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console. While the publication acknowledges that Gamecube discs won’t be playable on Wii U, it says that you can enjoy the classic Gamecube line-up on the Virtual Console.

“Backwards compatibility with Wii will be included but you’ll no longer be able to play GameCube titles. They’ll be on the Virtual Console store instead.”

161 thoughts on “UK Magazine Reports Gamecube Games Coming To Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. I swear I heard this months ago about there being summit for people with gamecube games but! they won’t make them HD or anything so it will stay to what graphics and resolution they were but could means some HD remakes if they decided too anyway, More choices the better i guess.

    1. I don’t see how it’s possible, considering that 2 of the GC’s best titles: Luigi’s Mansion and Sunshine, can’t be added since they use analogue triggers which the Wii U doesn’t have. It could work if they made adaptations to the controls, but that would be dumb, and it’s probably too late to change the controllers now. Who knows, maybe they’ll do it and jsut miss out those games, but so far I’m calling it an assumption.

    1. I’m pretty sure I have read that VC games will not be playable on the gamepad…which is very disappointing.

      “Nintendo has confirmed that gamers won’t be able to play their virtual console on their Wii U Gamepad screen.”

      Taken from a different site, but it is true :(

      1. That applies to the Wii VC at least. I guess you should be able to play GCN games with the gamepad, since the Wii wouldn’t be able to handle so much memory for one game. I’m guessing this would be for the Wii U VC only.

      2. Don’t be too sure.

        That’s for Wii VC, which is Wii software. If GC games are on Wii U VC, we could play them on GamePad.

  2. Rogue Squadron II, Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime I, are just a few of the games I truly love on the GameCube. Rumor has it that some of the Nintendo GameCube titles will be coming to the Wii U’s Virtual Console. If it’s true, I’m gonna fatten up my credit card balance and download ‘em!

    Now you’re playing with POWER!!!!!!

  3. I placed my GameCube and 105 GC games in a box 2 weeks ago to make space for my Wii U games on my shelf. If GC games are coming for the VC.. I will probably wait to buy only thoses I missed.

    Believe it or not.. but the Gamecube game I have played the most is Phantasy Star Online III : Card Revolution. Over 1200 hours of online matchs. I dont think this one will come back on the Wii U VC… and even if he return .. the online will probably not work.

    1. I have PSO epsiode 1 AND 2 and pso episode 3 aswell in my gamecube ^_^ . I have a more modest 24 gamecube games , I sold or gave away the ones i Didn’t like or care for !.

      I have put well over a 1000 hours into PSO episode 1 and 2 , those hunters liscences used to cost me a fortune!!!! I have played it a few times since they took down the servers for it .

      I recently played coop with my little bro , and we both got to over level 100 and on Ultimate mode!!! One of my favorite games of all time .

      1. Haha ! I remember PSO 1 and 2. Both are very good games and adictive. I’m sure we will meet again on Miiverse someday.

      2. I’m playing Metroid Prime Trilogy right now. Prime 1 and 2 with Wiimote Nunchuck control is the absolute perfection.

        1. I dont have trilogy , cus I have 1 and 2 on gamecube and 3 on wii :) . Does the pointer controlls really enhance 1 and 2 ?? I bet it does!!!! . And apparently they turned the difficulty down on prime 2 a bit for the trilogy , cus that game is pretty damn tough on gamecube haha.

          Gamecube along with the dreamcast are the 2 best under apreciated consoles ever. Gamecube is the number 1.

          And yeh , we will miit again on Phantasy star online 3 exclusively for Wiiu !!!

        1. :) . I love my gamecube games!!! I’m always picking them up and admiring the awesome box arts of a glorious time when i was 12-15 playing that beautifull console :) .

          You have incentive to download some then ! Some of my gamecube games are worth a fortune . Perfect condition limited edition windwaker = £50 , Perfect condition tales of symphonia =£50-80 , perfect condition PSO ep 1 and 2 = £30-60 , perfect condition LOZ collectors edition = £30-60 , Perfect F-zero GX = £10-30 , And others that are around the £10 minimum mark and are rising by the day :) .

            1. Haven’t played those games, I hope Nintendo eventually puts them on the 3DS Virtual Console. I’ve looked them up and I think I want Seasons more.

    2. Please, upload a picture… i love gamecube games, i just have a box with used games over the years, no more than 30 i guess. I wish i could collect some more. )=

  4. Sounds more like a educated guess than true fact. I mean, we KNOW gamecube games will be on the WiiU store, and there a solid chance we could get HD re-releases on disk too.
    But that doesnt confirm they are available.
    We know, one day, GBA games willbe available to everyone on the 3DS eShop (even if the whole ambassador thing didnt exist), but it doesnt mean its been confirmed, or its coming soon, but with its lifetime, it will, because it just will.

    1. I would like a slow and steady stream of retextured native 1080p gamecube games , like one every month or two ! . imagine the power of windwaker , f-zero GX , Mario sunshine , Luigis mansion , Resi remake in glorious full HD . I would happily pay £20-30

      1. Yeah, i mean i never own a gamecube, although when i got a Wii, i played a bunch, but teres still game i havent played yet like Eternal Darkness, Luigis Mansion, Star Fox Assault or the original Pikmin games, so id buy them if they got put on the store.

  5. This seems like an assumption, nonetheless is old news. I hope Nintendo looks very carefully at what sony is doing with its HD releases, its making bank on nostolgic nerds (I own most of its HD releases lol)

    I still own most of my old games so getting them again in digital format is no good for me specially since I still have my wii and gamecub, but if I got an HD version of Smash, Windwaker, Twilight Princes, Tales of Symphonia, ect ect. I would loose my fucking mind.

  6. As they should…but this console should’ve been backwards compatible to begin with, no real reason why it isn’t.

        1. Come on dude!! the gamecube only sold 20,000,000 . So its rare , you can only find games online . Second of all its 11 nearly 12 years old …. So there is absolutly no logical reason to include gamecube backward compatability . Thats like saying you should be able to plug in an N64 pad and play them , lol.

          It would be awesome if it was BC with GC , but its totaly stupid and unrealistic .

          Can you shove a GBC or GBA cartridge into a 3ds ???? why not ??? becuase thats just stupid ……

          1. Thats because the gbc/gba cards are not even remotly the size of the ds 3ds cartridges. Nows that’s stupidly unrealistic.

            The GC/Wii/Wii U are all disc based (I agree that its little stupid to ask for B/C of the GCN on the WiiU) but not unrealistic, all PS3′s are B/C with PSX tittles, so why not.

            1. PS3 is not compatible with PS2 games. It is unrealistic because remember how small gamecube disc were? When a console is in HD the disc have to be HD as well, in order for it to be seen in full HD. Therefore there would have to be 3 disc players in the Wii U. 1. For HD and bigger memory Wii U disc. 2. For non-HD Wii Disk. 3. For Small non-HD Gamecube disk. This would raise the price. Now imagine if they tried to include Blu-Ray and DVD compatibility. I guarantee you the Wii U would not have sold out, it still would be the best console ever but the price would have been to high. The original fat PS3 was b/c with ps2 games but not many people own/use the fat ps3.

          2. Sorry, but that’s a load of horseshit. All PS3s to date can play PS1 games. It’s not about the fucking sales. It’s about the legacy games that made the console at least get somewhere.

            The console accepts discs, they could have easily modified the drive to read those. You’d lose the controller ports and memory cards, but that’s not even a real loss when you get BC in the end. There’s literally no reason for them NOT including it. Nintendo is being cheap, as always and wants you to buy games all over again.

              1. Too make them cheaper..

                But what I do think sony fucked up on was that new Super Slim. If they wanted to sell more units, instead of remodling it, they should’ve just added the PS2′s B/C back. I would’ve traded in my old PS3 for one that still played PS2 games.

                1. If Sony really wanted to remove backward compatibility they could’ve gotten rid of PS1 support and kept PS2. But wait, then they couldn’t have made all that money doing this If you want to play PS2 games on PS3 you have to buy them again on either the Playstation store or the HD remakes. Similar to how you have to buy PSP games again to play them on PSVita.

                  1. Not really the same, considering the HD collections are remastered HD games of SD games.

                    I hope nintendo does the same though.

              2. Actually it was, since the PS2 wasn’t properly playing certain games since Cell sucks at emulating the Emotion Engine. So they actually had a reason there.

                You ought to do your research.

                1. So they basically fucked themselves over by not checking if it worked properly with all PS2 games. That’s actually pretty funny considering Nintendo managed to make the Wii compatible with ALL GameCube games and likely did the same with the Wii U and Wii games. I also hear the Xbox 360 has some trouble with backward compatibility.

                  1. Not checking? It’s the processors fault, I highly doubt they’re going to catalog over a thousand games to see if they all ran properly on the PS3. When reports of games running horribly on the console started coming in like wildfire, that’s when it became quite clear there was no point in supporting it.

                    Also, uhm…how is that funny? Wii is literally overclocked/slightly modified Gamecube architecture, there wouldn’t be any possible way it would suck at being what it pretty much is. The Cell was a processor made by scratch and had perhaps billions poured into it. It had NO relationship with previous consoles or existing processors. That was a disaster waiting to happen.

            1. Isnt a bussines model though? Plus die hard fans aren’t going to give up their systems, and if they do rebuy it’ll be for convenience, just like I can easily pop in my FF7/8/9 game because I still own them but still decided to rebuy them so I could play them in a flash. For convenience.

              Now yes the PS3 is BC with PS1 and I’m happy but wh ps1 and Not PS2? Let me guess…. money right?

              At the end a company makes money and that’s that.

              1. I give up my systems when there’s simply no space or place for them in my entertainment stand. I don’t do excess clutter just for the sake of playing a few titles I’m fond of in the past.

                The PS2 BC was actually not a money issue, but a Cell issue.

            2. No thats , horseshit what you just said . Gamecube games have been out of production for about 7 years . There very gard to get hold of , so its a waste of time and effort making the wiiu compatible with them .

              You dont have to ”redownload” anything you idiot . Anyone who still owns are likes old boxed gamecube games will either have to use a gamecube or a backwards compatible wii .

              There is 100% NO reason why they should put big old ugly wired gamecube controler ports on a 2012 console , think about it ….

              What you said is just as stupid as saying ” Nintendo should of made the 3ds backwards compatible with the GBC or GBA . JEEEZ times move on .

              You just sound like an idiot anyway . Wii games are still being produced today and there is an abundance of them everywhere and its only 6 years old , so it makes a lot of sense to include wii compatability . But gamecube ??? nah , its too old . The gamecube died in 2005 .
              It deserves to be a niche downloadable format , thats it .

              1. You know , a lot of gamecube games have been destroyed and thrown away over the years , A LOT , thats what happens .

                I bet there is about 500k – 1M people in the entire world who still play , own and collect physical gamecubes . So Nintendo is making a wiiu aimed at tens of millions of people , And you expect them to put gamecube controller ports on it , to cater to a miniscule Niche market of hardcore gamecube collectors ????

                Thats the biggest horseshit i’ve heard . You would probably be horrified at how many old consoles end up in the BIN . yes , some people just bin their old shit .


                The point is for those wanting to get rid of excess clutter by selling the console, they’d still keep the discs and would be able to play them on new hardware. If Nintendo is selling GC games on VC, you will be buying them again or keep unnecessary devices just to play them again. It’s called inconvenience, moron.

                Also, nice not reading anything else. Like I clearly said before, you’d lose the ports and memory cards. They could easily have the internal storage to save your games, and use the gamepad/pro controller as a substitute. Use your fucking head, dunce. If the PS3 can do it for PS1 games, so could the Wii U. How “old” the games are is goddamn irrelevant when the format of the games can CLEARLY still be used if the console was developed for that.

                1. Unfortunately for Nintendo , what makes your logical but unrealistic dreams so far from reality is the fact they mangle and miss shape their controllers every gen . The playstation 3 controller is a ps1 controller aswell as a dual shock 3 .

                  Nintendo would need to reformat or patch every single gamecube game to get them to work with the pro controller or gamepad . IF this wasn’t the case , then Every first party gamecube game would be on the Virtual console on Day 1 .

                  Sony play it safe with their Nice controller , Nintendo’s controllers are all quite different to one another .
                  Sony are in a much easier position for Backwards compatability . Now they know how Nintendo feel becuase their shitty UMD discs were dog shit and the ps vita doesn’t support them.

                  We’re both presenting logical sides to a 2 sided discussion . But Nintendo’s situation is completely different to sony’s.

                  1. Also . the gamecube had analogue shoulder buttons , As far as I know , the wiiu doesn’t .

                    So like on F-zero if you press the shoulders lightly you straif lightly or you press them hard and you straif hard . That would need reformating somehow . I’m not sure if they have pressure sensors or they are just 4 shoulder buttons .

                  2. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

                    The hell does the shape of the controller have SHIT to do with this argument? “Reformat”??? What the fuck are you even going on with? Classic Controller…ever heard of it? It’s in EVERY damn VC game that requires it, all from consoles with DIFFERENT CONTROLLERS.

                    Also, no, Sony isn’t. UMDs would be completely counter intuitive and slower than flash based storage. Nintendo’s situation is $$$. It always is.

                    1. The wii’s clasic controller , does not support gamecube games you retard . Does it have Analogue shoulder buttons ??? no , does it have a c-stick ??? .

                      Nintendo MAY release a first party wireless gamecube controller for wiiu , but its unlikely .
                      Other wise gamecube games are going to slowly trickle onto the VC like GBC games are trickling onto 3DS VC…

                    2. Don’t bring up the fucking buttons, because that will be an issue EVEN IF THEY OFFER THEM DIGITALLY. It’s completely irrelevant.

                      Also, no they won’t. Nintendo is not going to release a specific controller just for that, they’ll find a way to make it work. Since the Wii U has extra shoulder buttons/clickable sticks anyway.

            3. So backwards compatibility over two generations ago (which Sony said in their manuals might not always work) makes the fact that it doesn’t play games from the previous generation alright? Jesus Christ.

    1. You really expect a console 2 generations ahead of another to be backwards compatible with the one before??? Ha!! You obviously dont kbow how a company runs business.

        1. Except its not, it just has games available for download, which is the same as this, so why hes fucking saying that anyway is beyond me

          1. No, you can literally put a PSX game disc in the PS3′s blu-Ray Drive and play it.

            As a PS3 owner I’m shock you aren’t aware of this. Yes ps1&2 games are also downloable but you aren’t force to rebuy them if you still have the game yourself (ps2 not so much) hell you can get psx tittles for like $1 online. So its a good thing to have the option.

            1. Seriously? Well i dont own any psone games anymore anyway, but that just seems odd, especially when it cant play ps2 games

      1. GBA family excluding Micro plays GBC and GB titles, your argument is invalid and full of AIDS, just like your whore mother.

        1. If you’re replying to me (which I doubt , becuase you would of exposed yourself) then I said , is it logical for Nintendo to make the 3ds BC with GBC and GBA ??? No its not , becuase they’re not mainstream anymore , theyre collectors items .

          Your argument is invalid . Backwards compatability is only nessecary or logical for the previous generation . God knows why the ps3 is BC with PS1 and Not PS2 , thats probably the shittest and stupidest thing I’ve ever heard .

    2. Oh, so is the ps3 and vita backward conpatible? Stuff the fuck up, gamecube games will be 2 generation old by the time the WiiU is out, why the hell would it play gamecube games? And the WiiU is still backward compatible, not only with Wii disks, but technicaly compatible with all its consoles, and genesis/megadrive, dreamcast, neogeo, ect due to Virtual Console.

      1. No vita isn’t, Sony fucked up in that end, and you’re blowing this out of proportion. Yes, Aeolus isn’t beign reasonable because having B/C for a system thats 2 Gens behind would be pretty stupid, but its not unrealistic.

      2. The former is and the first generation was fully done so, even if it had errors with some PS2 titles.

        Nintendo is being cheap. I’m tired of this stupid fanboy justification. I could point out dozens of things they removed to cut costs that will eventually fuck people over that care about it. Hop off their dick and open your eyes you sheepish little bitch.

        Oh and by the way, that’s stupid logic. You’re using software titles as a basis for BC, in which case, I could easily say Vita is backwards compatible with PSP/PS1 on account of it being able to play all of the PSP games and PS1 classics on the store digitally. Nice try, but that’s not viable in this discussion.

        1. For me the drop of GameCube support isn’t a big deal considering I still have a GameCube and i’m keeping my Wii. Also, most of the GameCube games I want to get on Virtual Console are ones i’ve never played before so it will be my first time buying them.

          1. Nintendo would respond to Aelous by simply saying

            ”its not logical for Nintendo to put 11 year old controller and memory card ports on our new 2012 console . We made the wii backwards compatible for our cherished gamecube owners and you can still buy wii’s evrywhere , there is a 100 million of them in the world . We could even advise you to buy a Gamecube off the internet .
            We will make gamecube games available on our virtual console to sell digitally in this ever moving age of technology , fuck you Aeolus , fuck you ” – Satoru Iwata , CEO of Nintendo.

          2. Considering you can transfer Wiiware titles and whatnot from the Wii, I could have easily sold it off if the console kept physical Gamecube BC…but no, it doesn’t.

            It just plain doesn’t.

        2. But its not “dropping gamecube support” or anything. If someone REALLY wants to play gamecube games, theyll buy a gamecube or a wii, and buy them for barely any money. Thats why the ps2 still sells. Yet, gamecube is out of production, has been for a long while, why would they make it backwards compatible, when the people who actually own those games, own a system to play it. I’ll have to rebuy GBA games ive bought in the past when they go on the eshop. Do i care? No, because its my fault for selling or loosing the original in the first place.
          Same way if you want to “clear room” and sell old consoles, then want to play on a game, and realise the system isnt backward compatible, you cant blame that on the company, its your fault.
          Id understand if the WiiU wasnt backward compatible with Wii games, but it is.
          Also, the availablity on GC games is very small, and some may consider it collectable, and charge an arm and a leg for it.
          You dont seem to complain that the ps3 isnt BC with ps2 games (or at least not the vast majority).
          I own a Wii, i can play GC title whenever i want, but only the ones i own. I dont own Star Fox, Fzero, Eternal Darkness, Kirby Air Ride, Mario Kart, Resi4 (although i can just buy the Wii version or HD version on my ps3).

          The 3DS isnt compatible with GBA games. Nobody cares, because either the previous generation system is, you can buy an actually GBA, or, wait for the games on the eshop.

          Its not lazyiness, its hust makes sense and saves alot of money.

          1. The company can and SHOULD be blamed when there is no genuine excuse for excluding GC support. End. Of. The. Fucking. Discussion.

            They’re not “saving” shit, they’re being cheap. It’s fucking Nintendo, they’re ASSOCIATED with cheaping out. The same idiots who have no Ethernet port on the Wii U, No Optical Out on it, won’t pay Blu-Ray/DVD royalty fees (literally $2 fucking dollars) to enable playback (the Wii U USES A BLU RAY DRIVE.) Cannot upscale Wii games, No SATA port *because everyone wants to use USB externals*, No A/C adapter with Japanese 3DS XLs , honestly I can go on and on. At this point, you’re just kissing their ass. Guess what? They don’t care about you Dragon, you’re just their little bitch feeding their wallet. Letting you know.


              I dont get pissed off if i cant go out an buy a commadore 64. If the demand isnt high, they will not do it. There are TWO systems that can play gamecube games, gamecube and gamecube games arent made anymore. The gamecube already had low sales, why would they carry on producing for it after how many freaking years its been, and when theyre moving into the second generatio after it. If you to play gamecube games, but font want to download it, BUY THE FUCKING SYSTEM. Or, just a fucking thought, dont fucking sell it. Its YOUR FAULT, if you BOUGHT a system, and then SOLD it, and then wanted to PLAY it. Tough. Fucking. Shit. Dont sell stuff, and dont be a fucking spaztic retard. As for everyone else who hasnt own the system or the games, theyre up for fucking download! Technically, Nintendo still supports NES games, seeing as theyre one the virtual console. But what, i suppose you want a fucking NES slot in the WiiU now? Shut. Your. Fucking. Mouth.
              Its a DEAD SYSTEM. Why in the holy fuck, would they spend money on making the disk drive compatable, when the disks arent fucking made anymore?

              Stop being a fucking RETARD DRONE. Thats all you are. Ps3 cant play ps2 disks, yet you defend it. SHUT UP YOU CUNT!

              1. What the FUCK do hardware sales have to do with software ones? PEOPLE FUCKING OWN THE DISCS. Why the fuck should they ditch the consumers in the event they want to upgrade and just say “lol buy a gamecube”? Did they do that with the GBA and GB/GBC titles? No right? THEN YOU HAVE NO FUCKING ARGUMENT.

                You don’t even know whether or not they’ll be up for download, because it’s a RUMOR; YOU MORON.

                Don’t hurl words in my mouth either, you piece of shit. The system has a motherfucking disc slot and obviously Wii architecture; it should be playing Gamecube games just like the Wii and just like the fucking PS3 plays PSX/PS2 (early models) does. There is NO EXCUSE.


                I have never seen a bigger fanboy FAGGOT like you in all my life. You and Nintedward must have daily circle jerks for nintendo. Bunch of fake ass pussies and shitty “gamers” you are.

                1. Have you guys noticed that whenever aeolus gets mad,he writes many paragraphs?I was too lazy to read the long posts he has.

                2. The only fanboy I see is you. A raging fanboy with no way to back off his arguments, unless insults are legitimate responses.
                  You really should stop over-using a word when you apparently don’t know its definition, not to mention when you fit the actual definition of the term.

                    1. Is going on message boards clearly intented to be about something you dislike and then insult people you’ve never ever seen in your life the only good thing you have to do? You also just proved me that you have no way of defending yourself, so you relied on giving pathetic insults.
                      That’s just sad man, go outside and explore the outside world for a change.

              2. I agree with your statement.
                Putting backward compatibility of a system that’ two generations old would likely cost more money. I never owned a gamecube, but I definitely enjoy the games on the system that I could play on the Wii, like Fire Emblem and Paper Mario. The fact I’d be able to play gamecube games I just couldn’t find (I really lucked out when I found the two I mentionned) very easily by just downloading them if and when I decide to buy a Wii U is a plus.

            2. And dont even start bullshiting on the lack of chargers, and dvd. If it is just $2 to put it in, guess what, if the WiiU sells nearly 100 million unit, like the Wii did, that 200 million fucking dollars.

            3. I like how you have this whole researched argument to justify Sony jewing consumers but point fingers at Nintendo when the system isn’t even out yet

              you’re not a fanboy at all

            4. Oh, and while you’re at it, try to justify sony using a fucking TOP LOADER in on their new ps3 model. This is fucking 2012 Sony, come the fuck on. Even the fucking WII doesn’t have that.

              This isn’t even the first time they’ve pulled this bullshit. A ton of PS3 models have loud fans because Sony replaced their decent 19-blade fan with a 15-blade fan. They do this stupid bullshit all the time and they get away with it because their PR is good at making little kiddies think they have the best system to play games on (spoiler: it’s not).

              Sony is -dying- for a good reason, their business decisions are SHIT.

    1. Give Nintendo few years and they will release a New F-Zero full HD for Wii U and online with 12 players. I’m prety sure it will happen since we got no new f-zero on the Wii.

  7. As much as I love the GameCube games. They won’t be worth re-buying unless the upgrade them to HD. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. At first, this made me happy. But something about that last line pissed me off: “Backwards compatibility with Wii will be included but you’ll no longer be able to play GameCube titles. They’ll be on the Virtual Console store instead.” In other words, it won’t play the GC games you own, so you’re going to have to buy them again. Fuck that shit. Unless there’s a way to get the games you already own for free or at a discount. I understand it’s cool for people who didn’t have a GC and that you can’t make each new system backwards compatible with every one that came before it, but I’m not repurchasing all of my GC games. So this doesn’t really do much for me. Still cool though I guess.

    1. Well, think about this for a second; what kind of tools could they possibly put into the Wii U that would allow players to get free/discounted copies of games, that would not be exploited out the wazoo?
      Saves you can download to cards and CD’s are everywhere, and borrowing from friends isn’t exactly hard, either. I can’t honestly see any method they could implement other than re-downloading that would not cause them to lose more than they deserve to lose to people who just don’t give a fuck.

  9. YES!!! I sold all of my Gamecube games a long time ago and have regretted it ever since. I can’t wait to replay some of my old favorites. So stoked.

  10. If that’s the case is it far fetch to think if millions buy a specific title that it can be remade. I’m a viewtiful joe. Loved 1 and 2.

  11. Hopefully they find a way allow us to play games without the analog trigger buttons. I will be sad if they can’t rerelease Super Mario Sunshine because we don’t have pressure sensitive buttons.

  12. This is good, makes it more convenient than plugging in my GameCube. I wish they made them HD though and playable on Gamepad, I don’t see why not, Nintendo advertises being able to play game on pad while someone else watches TV, I thought that was one of the points of the whole gamepad

  13. Well if this is real, I just hope they re-release them in HD, I’d love to see Windwaker, Twilight Princess, F-Zero GX, Rogue Squadron 2, Soul Calibur 2, Melee, Sunshine, the 2 Metroid Prime games, and the 2 Starfox games in HD. If they aren’t then I’ll stick to playing them on the Wii till they have a sale on them at the Wii U’s eShop.

  14. Lost Kingdoms 1 and 2, please.
    And, if you can do it, get the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.
    Or, hire someone to do a spiritual successor of the series.
    It was too entertaining to just be allowed to die so easily…

  15. I like the idea of bringing back the old GC games for Wii U. Although I still own the Game Cube console, it will be great to get games which may have been hard to find, even now.

    Would be also a bonus if they could bring Tales of Symphonia onto it for a download content, as I’m always frightened of using the original game because the first disc always caused me problems, no matter how many times I have bought a copy :/

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