PETA Attacks Pokemon Black & White 2

Animal rights group PETA has launched what could be seen as a scathing attack against Pokemon Black & White 2 which launched in North America on Sunday. The animal rights group released a Pokemon Black & White 2 spoof game to explain to consumers how they feel about the series. The group also provided the following statement regarding the popular franchise.

“Much like animals in the real world, Pokémon are treated as unfeeling objects and used for such things as human entertainment and as subjects in experiments. The way that Pokémon are stuffed into pokéballs is similar to how circuses chain elephants inside railroad cars and let them out only to perform confusing and often painful tricks that were taught using sharp steel-tipped bullhooks and electric shock prods …if PETA existed in Unova, our motto would be: Pokémon are not ours to use or abuse. They exist for their own reasons. We believe that this is the message that should be sent to children.”

293 thoughts on “PETA Attacks Pokemon Black & White 2”

    1. PETA do you not see them crying does that not make you cry
      Pikachu has fights because he wants to be the very best that no one ever was and if he was tortured then why would he cry for his “abusing” trainer. Ash SACRIFIED his life to save those Pokemon and the pokemon are only inside pokeballs if they want. Pikachu hates being inside the Pokeball Therfore Ash does not force Pikachu inside the pokeball. The only people who uses electic shock pods are team rocket and other evil olrganizations before you go on blabbering this go do some research.

      1. I cried as a kid in this scene…. i still thought i was a pokemon then and PETA they’re not in a small cramped space, they rest in imaginary space… and they xan get out of it if they want (Team Rocket’s Wobuffet)

    1. exactly Team Plasma, PETA always attack Nintendo, the last attack i remembered was about the tanooki suit. Whats next, Starfox – animals killing each other., Animal Crossing, talking animals. They treat games like they’re real. wth. hahhahhhaha…… . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. ….. ….. .. .. might aswell protest about Pokemon in telvision, stupid PETA

        1. I’m all for hating on PETA for the stupid stunts they pull, but the “think about the plants!” comeback fails on so many levels

      1. And Kirby for cooking birds and electric mice, Mother for killing rats, insects, and runaway dogs, Zelda for chicken abuse, Wii Play (or duck hunt) for killing ducks, Mario for burning fish and squid to death, Sonic for Eggman trying to kill animals…The list is nearly endless. Peta needs to just STFU and stop trying to attack video games. NO ONE FREAKING CARES IF POKEMON KILLS ANIMALS LIKE PETA AND TAKE IT THAT LITERALLY!

  1. PETA is not an animal rights group, they are an animal LIBERATION group, whose goal is to separate people from animals entirely.

    1. Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles–from our firesides, from the leather nooses and chains by which we enslave it. John Bryant, Fettered Kingdoms: An Examination of A Changing Ethic Washington, DC: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PeTA), 1982, p. 15

      You don’t have to own squirrels and starlings to get enjoyment from them … One day, we would like an end to pet shops and the breeding of animals. would pursue their natural lives in the wild … they would have full lives, not wasting at home for someone to come home in the evening and pet them and then sit there and watch TV, Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), Chicago Daily Herald, March 1, 1990

  2. Oh my… What is wrong with people? They obviously haven’t done any research into what Pokemon actually is & what lessons it teaches young kids. They must be extremely bored to start going after Pokemon. What’s next? Digimon representing animal abuse & cyber bullying?

  3. I guess PETA didn’t even bother to read the first few lines of dialogue in B/W2 where the little sister and your Rival are all “treAT UR POKEMON NICE OK”

    Besides that, PETA……. please. find something more important to be attacking than a kids game that has been around for years.

    1. Why don’t people focus on games like modern warfare depicting middle eastern conflict when pokemon is just mild cartoon fiction .

      Its got nothing to do with Animals , They’re pocket monsters .

      ”I feel so sorry for that giant ONIX” mmmmm onix isnt an animal its a ginormous Battle beast.

  4. REAL LIFE PLASMA TEAM!!! You don’t know that Pokemon are our friends? we love and care for each other, if they have their own objectives or dreams to pursue in life we RELEASE them!! it’s obvious that you don’t watch the anime!! YOU WON’T DEFEAT OUR FRIENDSHIP PLASMA TEAM!!! AAAggggh!! Gyarados use Giga Impact!! — hahaha man i’m so funny… –Now couldn’t they get their asses sued and systematically destroyed for using the Pokemon logo?

  5. PETA needs a reality check. I don’t know who’s in charge now but they used to do productive things like shutting down puppy mills.

    But hey, if you want to attack a franchise that promotes human-animal friendship by all means…


  6. I know this is another prank, but it’s a really unfortunate one for them since they’re comparing themselves to Team Plasma. PETA really needs to cool it w/ the publicity stunts, because they keep people from taking them seriously.

    Too, everything on the internet needs a front-and-center explaination of its exact intent, because people will misunderstand it othetwise. Even if PETA did admit this was a joke alongside its reveal, I’m sure many people here and elsewhere would still chastise them for it, and they’ve had it coming anyway.

  7. Well, seeing as though PETA is all about animals, would they care for the Pokemon that resemble plants, fungi and inanimate objects?

  8. So I just played some of that game… it’s a gross misrepresentation of what PETA apparently thinks Pokemon is, a game where you are readily informed that your pokemon exist to serve you, and tells you you can mistreat them how you please, and even abuse them readily as part of the game… if they actually picked up and played the game they’d see there’s such a huge emphasis on values like friendship and treating pokemon fairly and kindly… hell, watch the first movie if you need any proof about the positive influence Pokemon has on kids.

  9. Nintendo needs to sue them for all they’re worth. That is Slander and making them have a bad image. Of course, PETA always forgets to do research before attacking. There are PETA like groups in Pokemon and in the cartoon they show that they are released from their pokeball to relax and have fun. Of course that would require PETA to think with their brains and not with money. Disgusting

  10. Um no… If peta was in the pokemon world most pokemon would be considered rare. Peta “exterminates” more animals in the US than any other organization. Hell the founder of peta has a personal kill count that is over 35 thousand.

    Eat an eco-terrorist save a life that matters.

    1. Please expand on what you mean when yo say they are murders :) .

      Do you mean they go around ”Kulling” animals and then try to say that makes their population rise somehow ??? lol :)

      1. *Hill billy accent* ”I’m gowna shoot this lion in the dick , that’l piss em off an make them have sex , yuhuuuuk”

  11. Why didn’t they do this previously? Pokemon has been out for like 15 years and they didn’t have this brilliant idea before now?

    (note the sarcasm)

      1. The game is a joke. Ash never even puts Pikachu into a ball because he knows Pikachu hates it :| If anything, PETA is really only using this because they haven’t been able to attack anything else in a long while. Honestly, I hope to god that Nintendo sues them ’cause I HIGHLY doubt that they were given permission to use their characters the way they are.

  12. Don’t Team Plasma remember what happened when they said all that stuff about Mario and his habit of touching leaves?

  13. Why don’t PETA just f**k off and leave Pokemon alone it’s not like kids are going to start getting mice and dogs or spiders and fish and are going to make them fight each other. Also PETA don’t know anything about Pokemon as in the games most of the characters in the game who are not the villains all talk about be partners and friends with there Pokemon and not using them as slaves. Plus do they know what the inside of a Pokeball is like because all you know there could be like a little world inside of each one where the Pokemon rest and play or whatever Pokemon do inside the Pokeball’s.

    1. Well my friends and I have done bug death matches. Tarantullas, scorpions, millipedes, and someone thought a praying mantis was a good idea but that one was actually sad… African Grey won in the in but, that was expected, vicious little bastard.

      But then again we aren’t little kids and peta doesn’t care about bugs, only the fluffy animules that line their pockets.

  14. PETA said this years ago… we should recognize the potential in Pokemon and liberate them from humankind… HOWEVER I DISAGREE!!!

  15. Seriously? You have had 16 YEARS to complain about this from when it was first made, and four months since the this game’s Japanese release, why start now? Stupid Plasma, I mean PETA…

    PETA are just being stupid. This, Cooking Mama and Mario 3D Land have basically killed all the positive reputation they had with the gaming community, which was barely nothing at all.

  16. i just played to lose, but then it shows me a message…

    seek sancutary in the neries pokemon center….oh wait, you mean the place who runs a pokemon trainer called nurse joy?

    silly peta as always.

  17. Peta just fucking loves to waste their time doing dumb shit like this. Peta how about instead of attacking VIDEO GAMES you attack shit that happens in real life. None of these kids are going to stuff their cat in a ball so i think peta should just mind their own business and use their time wisely instead of going after things people enjoy.

  18. Bullshit. This is clearly just a parody with, even the slightest, a moral. Fed up of this pathetic making up of news stories. This website has gone to shit.

  19. Did any one click on the link? It has a huge Pikachu with a sign saying “I SUPPORT TEAM PLASMA!”

    They essetially are aware of the content of the game apparently. They are just attention whores for the look of it.

  20. F#ck you PETA you guys really hate Nintendo so much don’t you Jack@$$. you fools should be worry about get your a$$es sue in court by framers then worry about some video game. You guys are so damn stupid do everyone a favorite and stay off the internet with your BS.

  21. PETA kind of has a point, the majority of the Pokemon universe goes to battling which looks abusive and cruel. This isn’t the first time someone has attacked Pokemon for the resemblance to dog fights. That being said, they’re completely missing the point of Pokemon. You care and nurture your new friends and go through battles together where you both become stronger. Also, what the hell is up with their parody game?! Why is it all bloody? I realize it’s meant to show how violent they see Pokemon but god damn, children should NOT be looking at things like that!

    1. As I posted below…
      Pokemon are shown to have free will, and have been known to ignore their trainers, such as Ash’s Charizard. If they didn’t want to fight, they simply wouldn’t. And in this FICTIONAL world, healing Pokemon is as easy as taking them to a special place and getting them fixed up in seconds for free, anyone can do it. It’s got no genuine comparison to real life practices like dog/cock-fighting or animal mistreatment like PETA seems to believe. Indeed, trainers who push or punish or abuse their pokemon are displayed as villains or unlikable and generally get some form of punishment for their deeds.


  23. Out of all of the things PETA could attack, they attacked pokemon. I mean do pokemons are even classified as animals?! It’s a cartoon for gods sake!

  24. Who made PETA? Ghetsis?
    Seriously, anyone whos play Pokemon knows its all about humans and pokemon libing together in harmony

      1. But Pokemon are shown to have free will, and have been known to ignore their trainers, such as Ash’s Charizard. If they didn’t want to fight, they simply wouldn’t. And in this FICTIONAL world, healing Pokemon is as easy as taking them to a special place and getting them fixed up in seconds for free, anyone can do it. It’s got no genuine comparison to real life practices like cock-fighting or animal mistreatment like PETA seems to believe. Indeed, trainers who push or punish or abuse their pokemon are displayed as villains or unlikable and generally get some form of punishment for their deeds.

        1. Yeh I agree with everything you say :) . Reality is far from comparable to pokemon , lol .

          Its just a fictional story , franchise . You cannot pop an oil covered seal into a pokemon centre and magicaly heal it :) .

          I totaly agree with what you say , look for my other comment on this page . I just thought it would be funny to add the fact that they do anihalate each other XD

      2. Yeah, but they want to fight, or they ignore trainers.
        Also, its just a video game -.- no-ones beating pokemon to a bloody pulp.

  25. Gotta free ‘em all!……with petrol bombs and death threats! And then when we’ve freed them, we gotta gas them because, well, looking after animals is expensive, ya know? We can’t afford to rehouse ALL of these animals, are you crazy? That would cost, like, a lot.

  26. Oh, PETA? Hm, I guess they needed an ego boost. This will get them the needed boost for awhile, until they start feeling insignificant again.

  27. So they are wasting their time trying to protect non existing characters. If they would played the games, try would see trainers look after their Pokémon and live an adventure with then solving any obstacles and bonding friendship ties

  28. Wow, I guess team plasma exists in real life. “Pokémon are treated as unfeeling objects”… uuh, yeah… They’re fucking video game characters, they ARE unfeeling objects.

  29. I guess they’ve never watched the cartoon. It shows that the Pokemon WILLINGLY do what they do, and harsh training is frowned upon.

  30. PETA’s being a ridiculous attention whore now. I mean, they’ve been around longer than most videogames in Nintendo’s library, and they’re just NOW attacking them?!
    Furthermore, much like how they reacted to Super Mario 3D Land, they’re completely missing the point. Commercial video games were NEVER intended to promote animal abuse. They never were.
    So get back to assaulting poachers and the like, PETA! If you keep attacking the wrong causes, all you’ll do is make yourself look stupid.

  31. Peta only does this just to be famous and to get more money for people. I still love how some people always believe that Peta actually cares for the animals when they don’t. Well one thing is for sure, Nintendo isn’t going to let this slide, so I can’t wait until I see the next story saying “PETA gets sued for Verbally Attacking Pokemon.”

  32. My God its Tanooki Mario all over again from 3D Land. A month from now Petals will say oh it was just a joke. Like last time. What a bunch of dumbasses.

  33. There is a PETA in Pokémon. They’re called Team Plasma. And much like PETA in real life, they’re revealed to be full of crap at the end of the previous game.

  34. Team plasma- trying to free pokemon by making pokemon fight
    PETA-trying to stop pokemon as a game by making a game of pokemon
    (which is worse at that)

  35. Um. Pokémon has existed for about TWO decades, and Peta only realizes it NOW? Well done, Peta, well done.
    Also, what the fuck makes you think that the kids of our world mix up Pokémons and animals together? :I I don’t think the children are THAT stupid. Pokémons willingly do what they do, so I don’t think it can be called “forcing”.
    Why do you want to protect beings that don’t even exist? You fail at protecting existing things and you actually KILL animals that you are supposed to protect. This just adds more ridiculousness on you. And here I thought that you didn’t have it enough on you already. Shame. On. You.

  36. PETA get a life, it’s just a fucking game with made up Animal’s like really you think nobody would give flying pigeon shit about it…you think your making a point, but in truth your not all your doing is blowing hot shit from your time think before you start a rant about games that have animal’s and other shit fighting each other or people stomping on them and using them as a jacket or whatever..THERE JUST GAMES!!! get over your animal rights BULL SHIT!.

  37. i will keep killing them in the games for my entrainment are you kidding me PETA get the fuck over your self its a game………….come on get real

  38. Not this crap again… look, Peta, I support animals rights 100% and there’s a lot of junk that goes on in the world that isn’t right, but this is a VIDEO GAME. It is fictitious, no? Much like Mario donning a Tanooki suit, it isn’t real. Peta against Pokemon cruelty. That’s new.

  39. What the fuck.. Pokemon’s been around for over a decade and NOW you decide to say this?? They acting like we treat the pokemon like straight shit, and then on top of that IT’S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME. What’s even worse is I can think of more games that much worse than pokemon… Dumbass PETA..

  40. Are those guys comploetely insane ? Pokemon is just about fantasy characters in fantasy places with fantasy creatures. Why don´t they try to take care of real people in real places with real animals ?

  41. WHELP. Since Pokemon is so OBVIOUSLY about animal abuse, I think I’m gonna go home and shove my cat into a little ball and only let him out when I’m bored. ’cause y’know, that’s apparently how playing GAME logic works for morons like PETA. I have such a fragile mind that a game makes me do horrible things in real life. :| I’m all for animals rights, but Pokemon is a game. It always has been a game. It will never be anything MORE than a game.

  42. Another big brand, another PETA attack. Nintendo don’t get a break, do they? It’s all for the sake of publicity, so move along people.

  43. People For the Ethical Treatment of Pokemon? I’ve been playing video games almost daily since 1985 or so and I’ve never harmed an animal. I’ve never once considered Pokemon to be a violent series, let alone one worthy of criticism for the way its fictional creatures are treated. Holy moly. The Humane Society is where it’s at. Peta, man… there has to be something better you can do with your time.

  44. whats next peta, your gonna say that nsmb wiiu has mario skinning squirrels alive then uses its skin to fly

  45. First off, everything thy said made them sound EXACTLY like Team Plasma. Secondly, the people shown to actively mistreat Pokemon are always the bad people/villains, and its constantly stated that you can only be a truly good trainer if your Pokemon trust and love you and vice versa. Pokemon present themselves to trainers in the hope of being caught, so they obviously want it to happen. They aren’t literally crammed into balls, they’re converted into energy and send to a computer system. Also, Pokemon aren’t forced to do painful tricks, they harness their own powers, and only when they learn the ability to control them.

  46. Well, Team Plasma is actually the PETA of the pokemon world, well in Black and White that is. So they’re a little too late and it actually defeats the purpose of their cause when Plasma is using pokemon for battles when they are preaching that pokemon battling is wrong. I’m surprised PETA took that long to notice this though.

  47. WTAF….. I like it how they only do this, like years after Pokémon was released….. it’s ****ing 5th gen already… why do people have to ruin things now, if they really had a problem with it they would have brought it up in gen 1….
    Similar stupidity as with Mario’s Tanooki suit…

  48. PETA, It didn’t work 10 Years ago, It ain’t gonna work now. There are much more serious animal matters than Pokemon, This is just embarrassing & pathetic. I mean I ,personally, have not seen any kids throwing hard balls at random animals & shouting commands at them like they’re gonna do something :3

  49. Did they attack Pokémon before? Cos I hadn’t seen anything and was wondering when they’d do this. What’s funny is, if they’d actually play the game, the first thing you read is that Pokémon are friends, and you bond with them through battling, blah blah blah. They really should actually TRY something before knocking it down.

  50. Played a bit of it,honestly, its sad that i wish peta would develope more browser based games and fb related games so I can play them since they seem to be better at that than using their resources to help you know…REAL animals

  51. Clueless, out of touch, and obsolete as ever.

    If you want to do something useful to help animals, gentle reader, forget the attention-whores and donate to care shelters and wildlife preserves.

  52. People have been thinking this for a while, and it takes until AFTER Black and White, where they have a criminal organization claiming the same things, before they actually do this? FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  53. There is one aspect of this that I MIGHT agree with PETA on, and that’s that real-life players, despite Nintendo’s attempts toward the contrary, do tend to treat their Pokémon as tools. The whole “trust and love in your Pokémon” thing kind of falls apart when you realise that not all Pokémon are create equal and it really is just a numbers game.

    I do commend Nintendo for at least choosing to create a storyline that goes as far as to challenge the core aspects of their franchise. They already touched on similar themes with the Gamecube games.

  54. i played the spoof game for like 5 minutes, i named Tepig “PeTA sucks dick” and when i got to Professor Juniper, i thought “wait… why am i still playing this” and i stopped playing and picked up my 3DS and continued playing White 2

  55. Pfffft… HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH! Oh PETA, you Animal Wrongs group. You can tell the only reason they are doing this is because it’s popular and just came out YESTERDAY in North America, not because they care about animals, or becuase the games commit any crimes to animals. PETA is WORSE than Team Plasma (unless your talking about the Team Plasma Ghetsis created), since PETA wants all animals to not be owned by humans, even those animals that would DIE without humans to take care of them (Domesticated animals anyone?). *beep* these guys.

  56. Fuck PETA LMFAO High horse riding ass white people. Pokemon has existed for like 14years why attack them now. They’re not animals. Fucking idiots SMMFH.

  57. lol Even if you put aside the fact that Pokemon’s fictional, the underlying values of Pokemon are friendship and doing the right thing… PETA’s ridiculous…

  58. Their gonna get so suuuuuuued…Not to mention you just pissed off like…1,000,000,000 of the people in the world. (Don’t trust my math, i don’t think that’s right, ether way they just pissed off half the entire world)

  59. I remember the last time (and I’m sure by now someone has most likely mentioned it on here) how they went on about the tanooki suit for Mario sometime last year(?). Anyways, them mentioning this won’t exactly deter away any fans of the game since this has been around for over 10 years now. Seriously, don’t they have anything better to do such as focus on something realistic than feel the need to have a go at Nintendo again over some virtual fun people have.

    Makes you wonder what time they have on their hands thinking up this rubbish and asking someone to create it than concentrate on more important things.

  60. Peta just shut the fuck up already. You obviously know NOTHING about pokemon…its just a game, has anyone told you this?

  61. So there’s everyone pointing out peta is now being Team Plasma (again, lol, irony)
    and then they don’t see that Trainers and Pokemon are FRIENDS and co-exist in harmony, like Ash and Pikachu perfectly sync. They also missed how nearly every Trainer you talk to will feel sorry for their Pokemon when they lose but they blame themselves. They also obviously don’t know anything about the Sinnoh Region’s Mythology:
    Long ago, when Sinnoh had just been
    made, Pokémon and humans led
    separate lives.
    That is not to say they did not help
    each other. No, indeed they did.
    They supplied each other with goods,
    and supported each other.
    A Pokémon proposed to the others
    to always be ready to help humans.
    It asked that Pokémon be ready to
    appear before humans always.
    Thus, to this day, Pokémon appear
    to us if we venture into tall grass.

  62. i will sue them just for using copyrighted material as a campaign, for copying a game using characters from a well know franchise and for just talking nonsense

  63. Waking up a Groudon and battling isn’t like disturbing an animal and slaying it. I love animals but get real its a game full of made-up adorbale creatures.

  64. ….I think we all know exactly how we feel about this…

    1 PETA LOOK AT THE ANIME.. FIRST after all its the longest out going part of Pokemon…

    who remember the PokèMania craz.. where it went as a national carz.. if they wanted to do anything they should of started then or when it was just red and blue..

    the games involve a trainer.. collecting Pokemon … they don’t hurt them… you see in the game there’s always an organization who abuse Pokemon… the game is you stop the organization, and if its not that there’s mystery dungeon game where your a Pokemon who was once a human.. you help save Pokemon… and coliseum/XD you take back Pokemon and return them to normal from an origination that abused and hurt them… aka all games are played to save Pokemon and to become the very best person you be with your newly found Pokemon friend..

    The anime… Ash and co. are against hurting Pokemon.. unless their out of control and need to be stop like most people do… They fight evil organization… the don’t abuse Pokemon.. they save them from being abused and make friends Pokemon… it is their choice to join Ash… they battle to fight to accomplish their dream.. and goals.. and help everyone they can..

    The Manga… The manga don’t harm Pokemon unless they have to.. and is supposed to be from a kid to adults.. they grow up, language change.. and they protect, people and Pokemon..


  65. So PETA is going to sue game freak who make games on how people play as trainers and how they should bond with their Pokemon as if its their real pet!? I’ve always hated PETA but this is just proves PETA barely know anything about what company their sueing and why? Excuse while while I order something… I have a sudden craving for KFC

      1. Pokemon: Gotta free them all… from Preposterous Egotistical Toadstools for Animals!
        People Eating Tasty Animals: Fraudulently masquerading as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals since 1980

  66. Just as Reggie Fils-Aime is Giygas, PETA is Team Plasma.

    Well, in all seriousness, I think PETA’s just doing this for attention. They attacked Super Mario 3D Land and suddenly said that they were joking, I won’t be surprised if that happens again. PETA just makes animal rights organizations look like a joke.

  67. This is fucking hilarious. News flash Pita.. Is Onyx an animal? How about Grimer? Magnemite? Steelix? Oh Oh! I know, Regirock! Half of the pokemon aren’t even ANIMALS to begin with. As many others have said, Play the damn game and find out what it’s all about before you spread your stupid shit all over the internet. I hope Nintendo sues you guys for every penny you got and then some. Go catch real culprits abusing animals in the real world, Not in a kids game!

  68. This is purely promotional. When Super Mario 3D Land came out try did this, running on the fact that Mario wore an animal suit that they deemed “skinned.”

  69. I have refused to play the game. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague, it just looks that bad. PETA have dun goof’d once again.

  70. So basically they’re saying its not okay to do this to pokemon and that the humans of the world are deranged and should be murdered by animals. hmmmmm good job PETA, you’ve lost your mind.

  71. PETA should have played black and white. they are acting like team plasma. that and if they did they would see about how they talk about pokemon as friends and partners, not pets and slaves.

  72. Apart from the Pokemon’s being forced into battle so they can be stuffed into a small cramped ball, the rest is bullshit.

  73. It’s freaking game! I don’t go beating around every animal I see. -_- Freaking PETA! At least watch the series or something and get with the story line. Not just the most recent game.

  74. First Starfox, now Pokémon. What will be next Animal Crossing? PETA trying to be funny again results in failure

  75. First time i ever face desk.Wow peta you wait until 2012 to bash on pokemon, and what are they smoking? Pokemon teach kids to be nice to animals. Ash risked his life so many timesfor pokemon. I never liked PETA just a bunch of dicks. Also why bash pokemon and or digimon or that other show i think was called monsuno or something

  76. Wow I think peta is full of crazy people after seeing this. Pokemon is fiction and they are against it? Lol that just shows the world to not even give there ideas a chance I would say. Oh btw why does Peta people eat veggies? In the end they are made of cells like meat andresearch shows they can smel and communicate to each other sounds like they are very primitive compared to even a bee but still. Save the carrots! Save the potatoes! Lol

  77. Why do I get this weird feeling that Peta may be going after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would be next. -__-; If that does happen, bronies and pegasisters will rage to the 600th power.

  78. What a joke. Considering this is their second attempt, I don’t see them being let off the hook with the ‘we were joking’ line. If not for copyright, I’d like to see Nintendo sue them for slander. That’s the next best thing.
    It’s an organisation which is, quite frankly, pointless.

  79. I’m no expert, but if I were the owner of an organization that’s worth only around $35 million, I wouldn’t mess with a trillion dollar corporation that can probably afford to spend my organization’s entire net worth simply on lawyers. PETA has made three Nintendo spoofs that I know of- Cooking Mama, Mario, and now Pokemon. It seems that they’re just going to keep poking the bear (or Ursaring, if you’d prefer) until it wakes up and hyper beams them right in their organic shoelaces. All we can hope is that Nintendo does decide that it is in their best interest to sue and that when they do they put a nice little dent in PETA’s funds. Or- cross your fingers- bankrupt them!

  80. Pokémon are not ours to use or abuse. They exist for their own reasons.” i feel like i heard this before in pokemon white?

  81. why is peta making a big deal know about pokemon they should’ve done this long time ago when it first came out not wait years latter. besides pokemon are not real animals it’s fake make belveve. i could understand if it were real animals fighting then it would be wrong to show kids that but it’ s not. pokemon has been popualr for years why make a big deal know!

  82. You people fail to realise peta actually like thep pokemon and mario series.. Well some of them do. Sure peta are morons, sure they kill animals, sure they are only a bunch of money grubbers… Though that’s no reason to get mad at a joke.. They just want attention, nothing more. Clearly they didn’t get enough as children. You’re all giving them what they want..

  83. First Mario & Luigi was a victim of PeTA, then Cooking Mama with that Hideous anti Thanksgiving piece of crap “game” that PeTA “created” now Pokemon?!? Lets send Charlizard,Picachu,Raichu,Electrabuzz,Voltorb,Mr Mime & the other Pokemon to PeTA HQ in Norfolk Virgina to teach those Vegan Terrorist Thugs a lesson not to ever Eff with Nintendo again!

  84. FYI Petards from PeTA, Not all Pokemon are animals! there are Grass, Ice, Fire,Rock,Metal,Ghost,Crystal,Electric,Mystic & Quasi-Humanoid types!

  85. Wait wait whats next minecraft for beating up animals their meat and leather? And if s is the new team plasma then they shouLD look at tEAMplasma they are using Pokemon in pokeballs still they shuLD have looked at colloseum and xd where the main goal is to SAVE POKEMON

    Sorry for weird caps site is acting weird

    1. Don’t forget that Fourth Reich leader Ingrid Evil “Nazijerk” is the world’s dumbest animal abuser (a FACT not opinion)!
      Campaign slogan of the day: Ingrid Newkirk for EX-president of People Eating Tasty Animals

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