Pokémon Red And Blue Classics Won’t Hit Virtual Console In Near Future

pokemon classicThis year’s E3 has led to a varied amount of questions, but this one has probably been in the minds (and hearts) of many Pokémon fans for years. Will Pokémon Red and Blue ever find their way onto the Virtual Console? Well, according to Game Freak it’s not about to happen in the near future. In a question and answer session today, the Pokémon developer responded as such:

“We’re always very careful—we believe that Pokémon is best on a handheld. If we were to put it on virtual console, on the home console, what would you do with the Pokémon you caught? It would be kind of stuck, was one of the concerns we’ve had.”

Strangely enough, Game Freak’s first thoughts were for the Wii U’s Virtual Console, and not with the 3DS’s – a much more logical choice, and one that houses the recently released The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Do the old Pokémon games strike a nostalgic chord with you, and would you eventually like to see them on the 3DS Virtual Console? Let us know in the comments below. 

58 thoughts on “Pokémon Red And Blue Classics Won’t Hit Virtual Console In Near Future”

  1. They’re probably testing the virtual connectivity waters by letting those Zelda titles first and seeing how practical they work. That way they don’t screw things up with the older Pokemon games.

      1. That is true that you only need passwords but I think what he mean is that they testing out the new feature on the two Zelda titles. I don’t think the new feature are released public since I can’t use link connection at all. (Its did said in the manual that the link connection will not work.) Putting in the password is the only way for communication between two Zelda games.

  2. Well, they misinterpreted the question to be about the Wii U Virtual Console so I wouldn’t kick the idea just yet. It’d be cool to have them on the 3DS VC, but things like trading and battling would have to be changed so it could be done wirelessly.

    1. You have some nerve calling the developers of a Pokemon games ” idiots”. You should note that they are more successful than then the current position you are in right now kiddo. If they don’t want to put it on virtual console right now the leave it at that.

  3. I really want to see them on the 3DS. Pokémon only works for me on a handheld. I try playing ROMS but I always get bored. I want to do Nuzlockes but have no real ability to do so. >.>

      1. In the Nintendo Direct from the conference room, they flashed the Pokemon logo and show a scene that looked like a stadium. Hopefully that means well BR getting a new stadium game!

  4. As much as I enjoyed the older games, I think that time should be put into something else for right now. We’ve seen the Kanto region remade a lot these past few years with FR/LG and HG/SS. I’d say that if they’re going to do it at all, wait until at least X/Y are released for a while so it can be some filler until the spin-offs start coming in.

    1. True lol . Absolute 10/10 for their time , probably the best and most memorable handheld games ever made… but they suck balls compared to each new iteration of Poke.

      I have a feeling X and Y is just gunna tear everybody a new asshole and get reviews like TLOU , lol.

      1. I was watching videos from people who went to the X and Y presentation and stuff that’s basically MMO real world battles anywhere and eerywhere in the game, and choosing your music in online battles, new types, new battle types, customisation, i’m looking forward to it.

        1. Same , looks like the best 3DS game yet!

          Animal Crossing , Fire emblem , Pokemon X and Y , Zelda : link to the whatever it was called and much more like Bravely default :S it’s overwhelming. the 3DS is king right now.

  5. while it would be cool to have them on the vc, I have the original red and blue plus yellow, so don’t really need them on vc. plus since the newer Pokémon games have more Pokémon and regions, the originals might seem pretty bare bones if they were just released as is with no new content

  6. they need to remake blue, red, yellow, ruby, sapphire and emerald. i dont want a new game. i want a revamped original.

  7. Yes, I want to see them on VC, 3DS and/or Wii U.

    I play GBA Pokemon through the gameboy player on my Gamecube. Pretty cool. I then use my DS lite to transfer caught Pokemon to a DS Pokemon game.

  8. I would much rather see the pokemon games continue on the virtual console, but I wouldn’t put it just on the wii u I would put it on both the wii u and th 3ds

  9. I thought of this ages ago, how would people trade from red to blue? I know catching them all isn’t everything, but if they released gold/silver or ruby/sapphire for instance I would want them all and how would we trade? If they managed to come up with a way to work it then great but otherwise might not put them on virtual console, that’s why we have remakes!

    1. It doesn’t really matter, the pokedes is just something extra, who completes that thing anyways. But back to the point, they SHOULD allow a wireless link between 3DS VC games. Otherwise the games would be missing the feature that made them popular.

      1. Pokemon masters that catches em’ all completes the pokedex.
        The whole point of R/B was to complete the pokedex. I don’t really want them on the VC though, since they aren’t too great games. Other than Nostalgia values I don’t think they’re great :(
        Something like Johto or Hoenn remakes is another story >:D

        1. I agree with the pokedex thing! I always complete it! Even in Black 2 with all 649!
          Agree with JOSePh4 with the wireless idea for VC games!

  10. As much as I love Red and Blue, if they ever decide to re-release older Pokemon games on either Virtual Console, I think they should go with FireRed and LeafGreen, since you know, those are enhanced remakes.

  11. If Red, blue, and yellow, and gold, silver, and crystal come to the Nintendo 3DS eshop, I would be happy beyond words. It would be as if Microsoft announced that the xbox one does not require an internet connection! I would simply be speechless if either happened.

  12. They could do classic pokemon games on the VC and charge another 10 dollars for a DLC retail game that lets you trade or battle people online through all versions but they are too busy releasing terrible games like pokepark….. They need to make a WiiU version of the pokemon “adventure” games in HD if they refuse make it for VC; however, they are afraid of its success because the 3ds wouldnt sell for pokemon anymore(COMPATABILITY??!)… Nintendo wont be able to survive on these generic party games and this kiddy crap for much longer….I might trade in my WiiU for a PS4.

    1. kiddy games have you even watched the nintendo direct ? so your calling bayonetta 2 and X by the xenobldae team kiddish ? i think you need to watch the nintendo direct again

  13. Nintendo and Game Freak don’t have a fucking clue on why they won’t re-release these on the 3DS Virtual Console. You can’t even find a good working copy of these games anymore yet they fail to realize that and the fact these games would sell very well. So our only hope in playing these games is on Android phones via emulators which Nintendo is against! What a fucking joke on Nintendo and Game Freak’s end. They obviously don’t want free money!

  14. Hell yeah if they released pokemon blue red and yellow I would definitely buy all 3 those pokemon games were my childhood

  15. why wouldn’t someone want red, blue, or yellow if not all 3 on 3ds virtual console? lots of people who play the new generation should play the old versions to get a feel of what it was like if they haven’t played those versions before

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