Rumoured Next Gen Nintendo Specs Leak Online

Technical specifications for Nintendo’s next generation home console, and possibly their handheld, have apparently leaked online. We already heard a rumour on NeoGAF last week that Nintendo already started working on a brand new platform in early 2013 which is presumably a handheld device. Today’s leaked specifications are for two units called Nintendo Fusion DS and Terminal and should be taken with a grain of salt at this moment in time.


  • CPU: ARMv8-A Cortex-A53 GPU: Custom Adreno 420-based AMD GPU
  • COM MEMORY: 3 GB LPDDR3 (2 GB Games, 1 GB OS)
  • 2 130 mm DVGA (960 x 640) Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Slide Out Design with Custom Swivel Tilt Hinge
  • Upper Screen made of Gorilla Glass, Comes with Magnetic Cover
  • Low End Vibration for Gameplay and App Alerts
  • 2 Motorized Circle Pads for Haptic Feedback
  • Thumbprint Security Scanner with Pulse Sensing Feedback
  • 2 1mp Stereoptic Cameras
  • Multi-Array Microphone
  • A, B, X, Y, D-Pad, L, R, 1, 2 Buttons
  • 3 Axis Tuning Fork Gyroscope, 3 Axis Accelerometer, Magnetometer
  • NFC Reader
  • 3G Chip with GPS Location
  • Bluetooth v4.0 BLE Command Node used to Interface with Bluetooth Devices such as Cell Phones, Tablets
  • 16 Gigabytes of Internal Flash Storage (Possible Future Unit With 32 Gigbytes)
  • Nintendo 3DS Cart Slot
  • SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” Card Slot up to 128 Gigabyte Limit
  • Mini USB I/O
  • 3300 mAh Li-Ion battery


  • GPGPU: Custom Radeon HD RX 200 GPU CODENAME LADY (2816 shaders @ 960 MHz, 4.60 TFLOP/s, Fillrates: 60.6 Gpixel/s, 170 Gtexel/s)
  • CPU: IBM 64-Bit Custom POWER 8-Based IBM 8-Core Processor CODENAME JUMPMAN (2.2 GHz, Shared 6 MB L4 cache)
  • Co-CPU: IBM PowerPC 750-based 1.24 GHz Tri-Core Co-Processor CODENAME HAMMER
  • MEMORY: 4 Gigabytes of Unified DDR4 SDRAM CODENAME KONG, 2 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600 MHz (12.8 GB/s) On Die CODENAMED BARREL
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless
  • Bluetooth v4.0 BLE
  • 2 USB 3.0
  • 1 Coaxial Cable Input
  • 1 CableCARD Slot
  • 4 Custom Stream-Interface Nodes up to 4 Wii U GamePads or 4 DSc
  • Versions with Disk Drive play Wii U Optical Disk (4 Layers Maximum), FUSION Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) and Nintendo 3DS Card Slot.
  • 1 HDMI 2.0 1080p/4K Port
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Inductive Charging Surface for up to 4 FUSION DS or IC-Wii Remote Plus Controllers
  • Two versions: Disk Slot Version with 60 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage and Diskless Version with 300 Gigs of Internal Flash Storage.

Thank to everyone who sent this in.

311 thoughts on “Rumoured Next Gen Nintendo Specs Leak Online”

      1. For me it was L and r 1 and 2 buttons.
        Nintendo wouldn’t go that ham on a handheld. This is some fans wishful thinking trying to influence Nintendo. While it sounds cool I wish sickr wouldn’t post this crap. It’s my Nintendo news not my Nintendo rumours

        1. it says “capacitive” … iPhone does not use capacitive … it’s better for games … 3DS already uses this, so did the DS … this is expected. he’s clearly confused

          1. Capacitive is what the iPhone does use. The DS and 3DS use Resistive Touch screens, which react to pressure – Capacitive reacts to how skin is electrically conductive. Resistive is better for stylus use, while capacitive is better for fingers and also supports multi-touch.

          2. They well have a multitouch screen for sure, how ever they well use a digital stylus (which can add pressure and angle sensitivity) much like the Samsung tablets. To many developers complained by the use of single touch. They well also most likely use OLED, as they well be main stream by the time this stuff comes out

      2. Yeah. I was looking at the usb ports and the fact that you can connect 4 wii u gamepads to it when i realized it was fake. Btw whats the cheapest i can get 3d world, rayman legends, or injustice for and where?

        1. Why is 4 gamepad support so unreasonable? The current Wii U is capable of supporting 2 gamepads now, so why is it so unreasonable that the future next gen console (which is probably 5+ years away) can support 2 more gamepads?

      1. This wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon. They always start work on their next system about a year after the launch of the previous system.

        These wouldn’t be the specs though and that would take a long time to be finalized. Not to mention that “Terminal” has a 2GB DDR3 pool clocked at 800mhz(DDR1600). The person who made this is clearly under the assumption that the RAM size, type and speed need to be the same to be compatible with Wii U software when it just needs to be a least at those specs.

        For example, if this were a real product they would just add 2 more GB of DDR4.

      1. Leave it to a black guy to try and sue at the first sign of a possible infringement just to get some easy money. STFU and stop bitching, if you say this is infringing then you better sue the shit out of Reddit also, because 90 percent of everyone online gets their news second hand through someone’s link, and someone else’s information. He even credited where he posted it, stop making a hernia out of a RUMOR you stupid retard, the internet is a free realm and the information shared is exactly that, SHARED, not yours, not anyone’s, it’s for the world.

    1. Early word about a year or so ago, direct from iwata, was that nintendos next home console would probably be something along the lines of a traditional handheld that featured some form of tv connectivity. This doesnt really seem as far fetched as some would have you believe.

      I didnt believe it personally because at the time it looked like theyd be cutting off one revenue stream in favor of another, but with the games we’ve seen between 3ds and wiiu, it looks like nintendo could support one machine really well by themselves and have only been struggling as much as they have because its got to be a huge pain in the *** supporting two.

  1. Yes…it would definitely be something if the console specs were already out. Either way, they’re so early in development that they would be subject to change. I’m assuming that this is cake, but I actually do like the names so I wouldn’t mind if it were real. I guess they’re aiming for more cross play like Sony since the names are pretty similar

    1. That’s what I hoped the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS would be. I would love to get at least a little reward for buying all Nintendo’s stuff! Also, Animal Crossing would kill using some sort of cross play. The Nintendo 3DS allows you to check every day, and the Wii U could have lots of more features than the limited handheld version!

  2. Those specs are overly powerful. But it find it highly unlikely someone has found out this information already.

    It’s good to see Nintendo are not dropping the PowerPC as it’s the best for a video games console.

    1. For today’s standards maybe, but the 3DS has probably another 3 years and a half before it’s sucessor takes its place, and this “terminal” probably would come a year later.

      if those rumors have any truth in them, and nintendo follows its usual pattern of a around 5~6 years life cicle, those specs are not that overly powerful

      well, maybe a bit for this fds, nintendo has always gone for “nothing more than good enough” portables, but one of the reasons for wii u’s failure is it’s overly weak hardware not combined with real casual-gamers-attracting controllers like it was with the wii

      1. Overly weak hardware? Wii U can run any game the PS4 and Xbox One can. Seeing as I have worked on all 3 dev kits. Wii U has more power then you think. Yes PS4 is the “Strongest” But Xbox One and Wii U are similar in “power”

        1. WiiU has an unknown ceiling at this point, as in the graphics, speed, ect can get better over time as unit is developed on. Xone and PS4 are pretty much at their ceiling. This has been noted in many articles.

        2. My problem with the wii u is people think it’s crap and can’t do anything. It’s powerful enough. Most people don’t even utilize their ps4 and xbones to its full potential so what’s the point. I can’t wait until the steam machines come out and stop all this spec bull shit. 90% don’t even know what the specs mean. Core for core the wii u processor is stronger than the ps4, but overall weaker.

          1. Eh what? You’ve sort of contradicted yourself.

            “Core for core the wii u process is stronger than the ps4 but overall weaker?

            Talk about not understanding hardware. How can something be stronger but weaker at the same time? Impossible!

            1. The wii us processor is a tri core and the ps4 is an 8 core each individual core.. As In core for core is stronger in the wii u but seen as the ps4 is has more cores it overall is stronger than the wii us

            1. Not really because it’s going to be expensive as fuck. On top of buying the individual part you’ll have to buy the specialized modular version of it.

        3. You can’t do much with 2GB RAM, 1of which is dedicated to the OS, that’s one of Wii U’s big fails. The Wii U may seem powerful now, but it will perform very poorly with future games that will definitively make use of the ample RAM found on the other consoles, making those always superior than their Wii U ports. And that’s just RAM I’m talking about.

          1. This is another thing.

            There was no need to whack more than 2GB in there. Wii U get’s it’s mega power from the eDRAM in the CPU caches and the GPGPU, that’s there isn’t more than 2Gb in there.

            eDRAM on latte can has got 563.2Gb/s bandwidth. That’s faster than the the RAM in the PS4.

            X1 and PS4 need the RAM as the coding is a lot larger than Wii U’s so therefore there is less needed.

            Then again, the memory architecture was designed so that the CPU and GPGPU can access both the pools together, so technically speaking you’ve got roughly 576 GB/s bandwidth of RAM to use.

            There is more to the console than what most think.

            1. still the amount of ram is limited and there is only so much you can do with texture streaming
              he does have a point
              the other next gen consoles will be capable of much more detailed textures

      2. Again we have all proved the hardware of Wii U is just as powerful. A single Wii U core can do as much work as 2 x86 cores. Now that’s very powerful.

        There is more to Wii U’s power and performance that we never knew it and it gets unraveled. .

  3. I say definitely fake, but the names would be a huge step in the right direction since I have to admit that I like them. Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal? I can’t say I wouldn’t mind owning a console with cool names like that.

    1. Yeah completely agree with you.

      Looks like my next home console may very well be something from Nintendo. Hope they bump up the eDRAM from 35Mb to say 70Mb.

          1. They really should implement some of these code names… Revolution or fusion would be great names! Wii was inventive with the marketing campaign they had “Wii would like to play”
            WiiU name sucks DK balls.

            1. Those names sound like hair products the Wii and the Wii U are actually infinitely better. “I have a Nintendo Revolution.” is far more embarrassing to say than I have a wii. How about nintendo cafe…. really Dolphin …. vomit in my mouth

  4. I’m ready for a new ninty console. Maybe a high end one which can sit next to their current consoles on store shelves

  5. If this is true, these consoles will definitely bump Nintendo into the “next-gen” category that many expects them to be in.

    1. well, even if those rumors are true, this terminal is at least 4 years away, so i highly doubt that it would be competing with the ps4 for long, even considering that sony likes bigger life cicles for its consoles

      1. I bet since wii u is dead… they are going to bring out by christmss 2015… I already knew about this two years ago… wii u was a Trojan horse for sony snd microsoft to push their junk snd push new ststem with 10 year life cycles. .. home snd portable console in one. 600 dollar peice of hardware… 500 at min..

      2. To a point the long life cycles of the Xbox One and Ps4 well be Nintendo’s saving grace as they well most likely be at least 10 years long. Nintendo by tradition well make a new system every 5 years. Because of this Nintendo well unquestionably he more powerful simply to be modern. Also its clear to iyawata now that they should have made a 400$ system with a 100$ gamepad. The next one well most likely have a OS that can let the controller work as its own device and well most likely offer its ow. App store just for gamepad apps.

  6. I hope they whack an extra 2Mb of cache on the CPU, because 6Mb shared by 8 cores will give each core roughly .075Mb each.

    Wii U has 3Mb shared between each core – that’s logical.

    1. There is no “If True”, this is fake, end of story.

      SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” – lol doesn’t exist, holographics is for laser/disc based media, SD are silicon chips
      DVGA – ?? wtf is this
      abysmal L4 chache – messed up
      embedded 2gb ddr3 – pointless
      huge disc capacity vs smaller hdd storage – huh?

      I could go on, it looks like someone is trying to troll with these nonsense specs.

        1. Ah it’s OK man. Nice to see you’ve look at these “rumored specs”.

          I can only imagine DVGA is Digital VGA? Just guessing.

  7. If true… Now Nintendo is playing with power. But first… this needs to happen:

    Iwata has to go and Nintendo needs to stop doing business as usual. That’s the same mindset that killed BlackBerry.

    The lack of attention to a robust online presence, an outdated UI, half backed multimedia services, no app/service to truly link the handheld to the console, not being aggressive at owning new 2nd developers which will expand Nintendo’s portfolio in gaming categories they have struggles with over the years and over use of Mario as a stop gap when there are massive droughts between AAA titles is hurting Nintendo’s brand.

    1. Iwata is the genius behind this… urbs gool ur going to have to see that failure is a chance for growth. This us brillant marketing if this is tru. The wii u and 3ds were beta test for this new system. I for one am very pleased with thud development even owning both systems.

  8. This “Rumor” only have ground because Fusion the hand held market and the home console is the logical step to do and the fact that Nintendo put both development teams in a single building; many people, including me though that that is what Nintendo was going to do with the 3DS and the succesor of the Wii, the now know Wii U, Why they do not do it, is beyond me, but they could do it for the next generation.

    I already design how this could work with a optional linked account system and a administered pool of digital share games that can easly deal/works for any kind of mishap.

  9. Well Nintendo HAS ALWAYS researched their systems even after a system has been released. They do that with their consoles and their handhelds. So this is no surprise. If the Fusion console gets released, you bet that it’ll be backwards compatible with the Wii U. Hopefully it won’t be software emulated, that would suck balls.

    1. Yea Id rather not have to pay for 3G on my N-device, but Im sure tons of ppl would and it probably where the industry is trending with everything being connected.

      1. They could actually probably partner with Verizon or t-Mobil and it would only be about 5$ a month by the time the system came out. Hell t-mobile already gives free date for life on the iPad.

  10. You know WiiU is a complete failure when we’re talking about Nintendos next console already after 1 year. I’m not buying it at launch.

    1. I don’t call a console that has sole 4.3+ million units exactly a “complete failure”.

      It’s only because there is not a great deal of software out right now. When Bayonetta 2, Smash, MK8 etc are out, then we shall see those sales increase.

      1. Agreed. But if smash, MK8, and other first party games don’t cause a big shift then yeah, Wii U is done. But that shouldn’t be the case. Wii U will probably have lifetime sales of 30-40m which is not all that bad.

    2. PS4 and Xone were being researched right when PS3 and 360 launched. Same with N64, GameCube, Wii, WiiU…. Every console maker has to put research and development into a new console immediately after launch as it is a very intensive process. I thought even a gaming noob such as yourself would know that.

    3. First off this is clearly fake, 2 Nintendo always starts r&d right after they launch a system. 3 you would be surprised how many systems they well sell when the new Zelda, Mario cart, and smash brothers come out

  11. 300GB storage space and yet games are on discs that hold over 1.7TB?

    Be more realistic by having at least a 1PB internal storage when using 1.7TB sized games….

        1. I want to say ( like always ) imagine a Mario like 64 with this power !
          Im proud that nintendo release ( of its true ) a true next gen console !
          And not selling themself to Sony or Microsoft like Sega …

      1. I know, it says HVD which I guess (reading) Basic HVD drives read 100-500GB discs. HVD last I read was 1.7TB that’s what I meant :)

        1. That’s not the point, if someone makes a game, that requires 1.7TB of space, they have done a SHIT job, or made a game, larger than anything ever created, to the point where it’s 50-100X larger than alot of large memory required games around today.

      1. It says HVD Holographic Versatile Disc which can hold 6TB I was wrong on the 1.7TB (been a while since last read about them) Basic HVD drives it would appear to be 100-500GB discs. So we would still need a good 5TB Storage

            1. 4 times the texture size would mean we’re looking at 200GB games *at most* but that’s already a stretch… neither would that system be able to reliably handle 4k graphics
              current high end systems with more power than that aren’t able to

  12. Probably fake but the Fusion name is awesome, and makes sense to what Nintendo are probably going to with their new stuff, having them with together, streaming stuff, which would be great

  13. If they keep the Wii U and don’t release Fusion within the lifespan of the Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo will have outdated hardware again in comparison to their competition. But who knows, this might be a souped up version of the Wii U. and the current Wii U will be targeted toward the casual market.. Ahh who knows.

    The Wii U isn’t exactly dated, it uses similar engineering as the X1 and PS4. It just has a slower CPU and only has 3 cores. Other than that, they’re the same. Any fool will know that if they did some research and knew something about tech.

    1. Don’t read directly into the clock speeds.

      Each core of Espresso can do twice the amount of work two x86 cores can do.

      And also 5 or 6 cores of PS4 and X1 are usable as there are a few cores that are needed for the OS.

      This is why you should now consider what hardware does per clock cycle rather than the frequency.

      1. Its pretty useless telling the majority of ppl this. Consumers are brainwashed into assuming more of something= better.

        1. Well then if they’re not sure like I am, then why bother believing something else.

          Put this to the test.

          A single core of Epsresso (Wii U’s cores) can do up to 3 instructions per clock, out of order and has 5 execution points – that’s pretty efficient and fast.

          A single core of x86-64 has to do twice the amount of work as a single core only does 2 instructions. I know 1 instruction doesn’t seem a lot more, but when you compare it for each core, it’s faster than you think.

          5/6 cores of x86 can be used as the others are locked down for other things. Wii U can do 9 instructions every clock. Weighing everything out, Wii U is more powerful than what most people think.

  14. I don’t really think that this is real. But the names are too accurate and they feel real. It will be odd for them to release a console this early. They could face what SEGA faced they kept dealing a console after the other until they failed.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but the deal with Sega was that it happened multiple times, not just once. I’m not saying Nintendo will release a new console soon (it would be amazing if they did) but if they did I’d guess they would offer some kind of trade-in program.

  15. I can almost believe the handheld specs (even though t would make it more powerful than the Wii u) but the home console does seem strange because their so specific. The Wii U has just cam out and they’ve practically made the next gen system. If a next gen system does hit in the next 4-5 years i hope they give a free console to all of the early Wii U buyers, i know they wont but i still hope.

    1. Practically made? Console makers start work on developing the next console soon after launch. These specifics, if even hypothetically real at this point, are preliminary and would still be years away.

  16. You rarely see specs this specific until after a console’s actual launch. For it to be the first thing to leak, yeah, as if. Come on guys, don’t be fools.

  17. Now im no tech geek but why the hell cant Nintendo just throw up an expansion pack similar to what the did with N64 to improve performance?

    1. is not that easy
      the Exp pack on the N64 was for certain games, specially sicne they used clocktimes, and more rendering
      The WiiU’s power is able to reach Ps4 averga gfx, so is not a priority.
      Also, a fucking addon is what normally kills some consoles(look sa the Sega 32x)

    1. Every day is April 1st…

      Don’t you watch the news?…

      Politicians and fanatics promoting peace and good while doing neither every day…

  18. As much as I wish this was real……. It isn’t. There is no way the specs are this specific already. We didn’t even know the full specs of the X1 and PS4 until very close to launch. “Fusion DS” and “Fusion Terminal” are bad ass names though.

    1. those are codenames
      also, if you could hack sony, you could see a Ps6 specs are planned
      This companies really take their time to plan both patents and resources

  19. Whatever the case is, Nintendo should really consider to make a system like the Wii U but with the Gamepad being a real handheld instead like the 3DS. And cloudgaming of course.

          1. You are just Shitty Nintendo fan boys or what ???
            WiiU sucks a lot !!!
            You really have Shitty tastes !
            Play with a tray bear ?

  20. There is no “If True”, this is fake, end of story.

    SDHC “Holographic Enhanced” – lol doesn’t exist, holographics is for laser/disc based media, SD are silicon chips
    DVGA – ?? wtf is this
    abysmal L4 chache – messed up
    embedded 2gb ddr3 – pointless
    huge disc capacity vs smaller hdd storage – huh?

    I could go on, it looks like someone is trying to troll with these nonsense specs.

  21. You realize Nintendo unlike Sony and Microsoft can keep their mouth shut until they are ready to say what they have to say right. This was made by some random guy who just wants these Specs with a Nintendo system. If somehow there was a leak Nintendo would either kill the guy who leaked it, sue the guy, decide to quit gaming, or just change their minds and do something else. I highly doubt Nintendo actually has a finalized decision on what to do next. Iwata just finally woke up from dream world and realized Wii U needs attention and to be fixed, he cant focus on the next home console right now.

    1. I don’t know because IBM is usually secretive about their CPU specs but they do have a conventional naming system which this guy has spot on.

      I’m not saying it could be true but if these specs do turn out to be real then the next Nintendo Console AND Handheld could prove console gaming isn’t dead for Nintendo.

  22. The problem with people who make up stories like this is that they get too ambitious with the details. They always over do it which is a clear sign of deception.

    1. Yeah, as much as i want this to be true, it’s clearly fake. It’s unrealistic for the Big N to have that much high tech stuff in their handheld. The Fusion is a good name though XD

      1. That’s another thing. Nintendo prototype console usually start off with a cool codename and the final name is something lame.

        Ultra64 – Nintendo64
        Dolphin – Gamecube
        Revolution – Wii
        Stream – Wii U

        So in that regard that is the only believable thing in this article.

        1. Well i liked GameCube better than dolphin. And yeah i’m willing to bet that the successor will have a witty name like it’s predecessors, hopefully i am wrong though lol.

      1. Because Nintendo just released a console. Who’s gonna buy a console that might only last a year or 2? It’s a waste of money, doesn’t matter if they’re Nintendo or not. That would be Nintendo pulling a Sega, terrible idea. Now I could see this being initial specs for their next gen system for nearly 4 years from now, cause Nintendo starts planning their hardware immediate after the most recent console has been released, but, if that were the case, it’d just be underpowered when it does finally come out. Not that it’ll really matter much by that point, but still, who knows what we’ll be seeing in gaming by then. Maybe VR will take off and this wouldn’t be nearly powerful enough for that. But we’ll see

        1. This has already been said but console development takes several years. This console wouldn’t see the light of day until at least 2017 which would be 6 years after launch of the 3DS. Nintendo traditionally follows it 5-6 years window between consoles. Just because someone uncovers information that development has started doesn’t mean you are going to see the console anytime soon. Wii U development started in 2008 and wasn’t released until late 2012.

          So even though this article is as fake as the cleavage of any WWE Diva, the fact that development for the 3DS successor could have started is just par for the course.

      1. because they would be releasing a new console well before its time. They need to support the wii u for at least 5 years. anything other than that is just stupid. Why would anyone continue to support Nintendo if they abandon their consoles.

        Now unless this article means to say that this is the successor to the Wii U then fine. But even these specs seem behind what ps4 can do.

      2. they would either go bankrupt because of subsidies since these specs would be ridiculously expensive OR they wouldn’t sell any consoles since no one would be able to afford them

      1. well this is what sega did and look at were they are at. the launched the Saturn and then a couple years later said it wasnt their true next gen machine then launched the Dreamcast. Suicide.

  23. There’s no way those specs are final. But I can imagine this is their tentative spec sheet, so developers like for example Gamefreak, can start developing their games for the next-gen consoles (in Gamefreak’s case, Pokémon).

    1. this isn’t any of the sort.. no tentative spec sheet, no nothing since these specs are completely ridiculous

      the POWER8 is a gigantic CPU that is meant for HPC not for consoles and it would cost nintendo an arm and a leg and cause them a whole lot of power and heat issues if they were to put it into their console

      and don’t even get me started about the 4,6 TFLOPs GPU…

      not going to happen

        1. yeah but it’s a current gen GPU… you won’t get that cooled in a small console casing since it will easily chew through 150-200 watts of power under load

            1. then why use a current gen GPU? if they’re planning to use a smaller process they can just go for a later generation… shrinking a GPU architecture costs money and they might aswell invest that into more advanced tech

              and you’re forgetting that they’re also apparently using a HPC CPU which also needs a lot of cooling

              please just stop arguing about it these specs are absolutely ridiculous

  24. The wii u and 3 ds are the Trojan horse consoled of this gen. No other system would ccompete after this… add a set of googles and balm…

    1. No !
      Not the 3DS ! WiiU is really an error !
      But not the 3DS ! Way better than other consoles !!!
      3DS>PS3 PS4 and others ! Seriously !!!

  25. Isn’t 4GB of ram lower than we should expect ??? And it’s not even ddr5 which sony uses for this gen and above that it’s 8GB of it , I seriously don’t understand that much in technology so correct me if I am wrong please

    1. sony uses GDDR5 not DDR5
      big difference as DDR5 doesn’t even exist

      GDDR5 is basically nothing other than DDR3 SDRAM that is adressed in a different way by the controller increasing latency but also increasing bandwidth at the same time

      1. that’s way too generalized… GDDR5 will still have higher bandwidth however DDR4 will of course have lower latencies
        when will people realize that GDDR is bandwidth optimized and DDR is latency optimized? you can’t simply compare the two

  26. Let the rumor die, people. The Wii U doesn’t suck, and its not over. It just doesn’t have any go-to games for it that people really notice over other games(I thought Wonderful 101 was genius). Once more games release, it’ll be fine. Besides. Why do -you- guys care what anyone else games on? If you care so much about Wii U sales and Nintendo, just get the systems. If you just are looking for ammunition for your precious console wars, just get out. Some of us are mature enough to actually care about the company we’re reading about, and not simply using it to go to a different site and act like “HA-HA! Nintendo’s doomed Nintendo sucks Wii U’s doomed Wii U sucks.”

  27. Fun ideas, fun ideas, but the next DS line won’t be out for another 4 years, though that actually still sounds fine for a handheld. The 3DS is almost as powerful as I personally believe a handheld would ever need to be, but that’s something people will argue about and I don’t feel like. The home console sounds like it’s fun ideas and maybe Nintendo could be using this as their first look into next-gen, since they always start planning within a year of their newest console’s life, but even if this were real (which it’d probably be obsolete by a long shot by then), it wouldn’t be out for another nearly 4 years. Wii U will at least get the 5 year lifespan. People’d be pissed if it were any shorter than that, most likely

  28. Maybe i wasnt looking hard enough but I didn’t see miiverse, friend codes, or Wii Sports 2xHD so obviously it’s a fake


    1.) why a CPU and a co-processor? … they want visualization and segmented processing and protected processing. This is very similar to XboxOne’s ability to do this but non-proprietary. So, switching between TV and Games and OS and merging these is technically more smooth … something WiiU is not (smooth transition between modes)

    2.) USB 3.0? … this is odd, as it’s Intel IP, so you’d need another licensed chip, if you’re not using an Intel based CPU. i’d much rather believe USB 2.0 … this might be the oddest thing i’ve seen. Yes, i know 3.0 is newer … but you don’t want extra chips and costs without any real benefits … just more room for error and harder to program against, if it’s not seemless. If this is real, this deserves more thought in terms of why this would be needed. They’re big on wireless … yet, this is extreme-wired technology.

    3.) the HTML 2.0 would be for variable framerate, if newer displays support it … low-frame-rate if 4k and likely high frame-rate for 1080p.

    4.) the 4 layer discs is a sign than this is not fake … because someone didn’t just overkill the specs here … 4 layer is the next big move for these types of capacity discs … they’re not compressing, they’re adding more layers soon to support 4k video. It will be more backwards compatible.

    5.) usb with the new DS? … i have no idea … this might be related to the strange usb 3.0 on the new system


    i believe this is real and likely not the final specs … it will be a step-up from Sony and MS … i’m not seeing the “new gimmick” though … there’s no point, if there’s no NEW technology. hmmmm…

    1. 1. The co-processor would obviously for BC with wii u.
      2. Yes you want usb 3.0 for external hard drives and the like. There’s no way nintendo would use 2.0 for another console.
      3.HDMI 2.0 supports 4k resolution at 60 FPS.
      4.HVD can hold up to 6 TB
      5. Why is usb 3.0 strange? PS4 and X1 have it.

      1. USB 2.0 is 100MB/Sec … USB 3.0 is 1000/MB/Sec … it’s not like the system has terabytes on it and you’re transferring video files back and forth … it’s not a PC.

        USB 2.0 is overkill for most things … you’d only need 3.0 on the gaming console, if you were transfering a real-time HD Video … so, the likely purpose of this is viewing your handheld on your TV through the console … or using your handheld as a gamepad for your console … or viewing HDTV on your handheld while teathered to your console … these are the only good reasons.

        PS4 and XboxOne have it, but they’re x86 … they just need 3rd party parts to do that, it’s easier and less costly.

        i’m just saying, nintendo doesn’t throw extra stuff without using it.

  30. As far as I can see, the fusion of handheld and home console is definitely the one thing that’s gonna happen with Nintendo’s new system. The Wii U is merely the first step towards that goal, the “prototype” if you will. Whatever Nintendo releases next will be the true realization of what the Wii U was supposed to do.

    1. Then we’ll have full backwards capabilities once and for all!!!!

      I have a sneaky suspicion that Nintendo’s next home console(/ hand held?) will be a major success. Especially after learning the lesson they needed to learn with the Wii U.

      In a way, the Wii U is like the complete overhaul Nintendo needed (like how the U.S government needs a complete overhaul).

  31. terminal, this isn’t the first time we seen that, remember the Pokémon x and y article, not to mention the time Nintendo supposedly started making these 2 systems was when they merged their home and portable consoles buildings

  32. i think this is just to bring more attention to nintendo but i do think they should go all out on there next console.

  33. The next device well not be branded “ds” how ever they may use that branding In another way.
    wile this spec sheet may not be reall its about what I was thinking of, as a analyst my self its nice to know that people are on the sane track.
    I think the next handheld well function much like tablet and be more app friendly it well most likely have a gaming mode ware you slide out the bottom screen and controls. It would also most likely have a “device mode” ware you well only have access to the top screen and the boulder buttons. Most apps and some games well have optional support for second screen use.
    as far as chips they well most likely have a partnership with Nvidea and AMD. It well also be be build to have more compatibly with other smart devices and their new home system.

    1. probably not I think. Im an analyst myself lol.

      also. well is not will and boulder is not shoulder.

      instead of well use will…………..totally different words.

  34. its too early for a new console, the wiiu is just a year old ands its great if you buy the greatest titles like. Super mari 3d world, zombiu, AC4, Wii party u, donkey kong, mario kart 8. There is enough.
    I think there will be a new console in the end of 2015 or 2016.
    A new handheld is possible for this year.

  35. sounds like a complete dud
    especially the terminal

    of course nintendo will now put a 4.6 TFLOPS GPU and a top of the line POWER8 CPU from IBM into their next console^^

    not only would this be fairly difficult to cool it would also be extremely expensive
    the POWER8 is huge.. even as an 8 core it would be about 3 times as big as intels quad cores without their GPU part… its size pushes production cost to a whole new level
    not to mention that this CPU would be complete overkill for a console.. that type of CPU was bred for HPC and not for consoles

    and why the fuck would it feature HVD, a technology that is already a dud and will likely never be released.. not to mention that a drive capable of reading 100GB blurays would be completely sufficient for years to come and will most likely be much cheaper than some completely unestablished technology

    and you can’t fit fricking 2GB of eDRAM on a single processor die.. that’s preposterous

    sounds to me like someone indulged himself in wishful thinking but nothing more

    utter bullshit this rumor

  36. Please dont be true. It would mean a console years form now still has less and slower ram than the ps4. Im not a graphics whore, I preffer gameplay, but I dont see why we have to constantly lag behind in graphics. Its about the whole package for me.

    1. of course it’s not true.. just take one look at the ridiculously overpowered CPU.. no desktop CPU you can currently buy would even get close to the performance (or price) of that beast and that kind of power is simply not necessary in a console
      does that sound to you like something nintendo would do? or in fact like a console anyone could afford? it would be much worse than the PS3

      both the CPU and the high performance GPU would also be nearly impossible to cool in a tiny console chassis

        1. it will still be a fricking behemoth at over 400mm²
          much larger and more powerful than any desktop CPU you can currently buy
          complete and utter overkill for a console

          this is definitely a fake

          1. and that’s supposed to tell me what? that doesn’t matter, the specifications are already known

            you can’t reach the bandwidths of GDDR5 with DDR4
            it’s simply not meant for that
            in its specification DDR4 currently has a max bandwidth of twice what the fastest DDR3 modules can offer (i.e. ~70 GB/s in dual channel mode)
            GDDR5 can go well beyond 300GB/s as can be seen in the newest generation of GPUs

          1. only that eDRAM statement makes zero sense.. you can’t put eDRAM of that size on a single die.. and it wouldn’t make any sense to have it running with such a low bandwidth

            this whole rumor makes zero sense

            it’s clearly a fake

    1. Yes, if you were buying each part at retail, but if you could get them closer to cost on wholesale, they’d be a lot cheaper. Although the CPU might be very expensive. What people are missing though in the CPU spec is the “custom” part.

      1. Even at wholesale a Power 8 CPU would be too expensive to even measure in mass-quantity. One of the reasons why Nintendo chose to go PowerPC750 rather than Power7 is because of the costs. IBM was able to customize it to run some of the features of a Power7 though.

        The “custom” part is really neither here nor there because it could be tooled up or down. We’d never know.

        Although Nintendo has gone tech-heavy in the past with consoles like the SNES, N64, and Gamecube, this seems like overkill. Even if Nintendo sticks with their schedule of releasing a new console every 5-7 years, that still would be ridiculously over-powered even at that time.

        You think developers are having a hard time with a console with a Tri-Core PowerPC750, Dual-Core ARM processor and dedicated sound processor, you lay an 8-core Power 8 CPU on them and they would never gettign anything done.

        As far as I know Power 8 CPUs have 12 cores not 8 so that could be another reason this is bogus.

          1. I did read the article, but as I said as far as I know there are no 8-core Power8 CPUs. I’ve searched.

            The Power7 on the other hand has up to 8 cores. It wouldn’t make that much sense to turn down a Power8 so that it could use 8 cores when you can use a Power 7 and have the 8 cores that you want.

            It’s just not probable. Also “custom” in THIS case just means that it would be specifically designed for gaming hardware rather than just off-the-shelf like the x86 CPUs of the PS4 and XBOX One

            Plus, Power7 CPUs will be much cheaper to produce by then and still be able to give you more than enough of a graphical leap over the 8th generation.

            1. “Also “custom” in THIS case just means that it would be specifically designed for gaming hardware”

              Exactly. Thank you for making my point. Why not use power8 if you could? There aren’t any 8 core power8 because they haven’t made any yet, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing so.

          1. The CPU would be drastically overpowered. The PS4 and XBOX One are pushing next-gen graphics on the antiquated x86 architecture. Power-based CPUs are more efficient and powerful than equivalent x86 CPU. The Tri-Core PowerPC750 in the Wii U is capable of doing anything the 8-core x86 in the PS4 and XBOX One can do. An 8-core Power7 CPU would rip all the current consoles to shreds. A 8-core Power8 would be ridiculous and since Power8 has a 12-core and not an 8-core it would be even more ridiculous.

            But we are going to keep going back and forth on this.

      2. what people are missing is that the POWER8 in its 12 core configuration is a behemoth of 650mm²

        an 8 core configuration would still sit well above 400 mm² and would be completely unfeasible for any console -> gigantic cost, gigantic power hog and gigantic heat dissipation

        1. You’re not thinking, it says “custom” power8. It wouldn’t be exactly the same and certainly wouldn’t be clocked at 4 GHz, etc. It would be customized for a console.

          1. it would STILL use POWER8 cores and those have a SPECIFIC size

            and an increase in size in chip manufacturing results in an exponential increase of manufacturing costs

            1. Yes they do, but you don’t know what node process they would use nor do you know every detail of those possible cores. You can’t tell me exactly how big they would be because you don’t know how they would customize it.

              1. you can’t just change the size of a core of any given architecture at a whim.. this would result in a completely different architecture

                1. Lol I’m sure the engineering geniuses at Nintendo know what they’re doing and have worked with powerpc for quite some time. They’ve also worked with IBM for quite some time as well.

                  1. lol i’m sure you have absolutely no idea of CPU architecture design

                    if they changed the number and/or width of execution units in the POWER8 layout it wouldn’t be POWER8 anymore it would be something entirely different on top of being ridiculously expensive to develop

                    end of story

  37. Its fake Nintendo just began making their games in HD and they said it themselves that its hard enough for them to do, I doubt that they are going to make a console with 4K Definition because that would be harder on them.. TV’s that use this aren’t even that common in house holds yet. you”d expect them to use HD 1080p for their next console.

    1. Umm no. If they go with specs geared towards 1080p for their next console they will be a huge laughing stock and definitely out of consoles at that point. That would be the dumbest thing they could ever do.

      1. since consoles can’t even now reliably handle 1080p i don’t see them reliably handling 4K (4 times the necessary power at the same visual quality) for the next generation.. any of them

        even PCs will need another 1-2 years at least before high end builds will reliably handle 4K.. not to speak of mid range PCs

        1. you can easily do 4K … it’s just that you can’t easily take advantage of it. i mean, the potential of 1080p is huge … they likely haven’t saturated 720p much … 720p gaming still would need to be optimized. there’s nothing lazy about it.

          basically we’re just talking about more pixels, meaning more buffering, polygons, effects, colors, etc … it means more processing for anything real-time.

          however … like i said, you can easily do 4K … and that might be Nintendos next “gimmick” … “we can do 4K!” … blast processing!

          1. “you can easily do 4K”

            yeah if you tone down the visuals to a level where we’d be back in 2006…

            compelling 3D graphics and 4K currently don’t go well together.. try finding a single GPU rig that can render crysis 3 on high settings (not even talking about ultra) at 4K and 30 fps minimum.. most can’t even reach 20fps on *average*.. currently only SLI systems using the most powerful GPUs can handle that..60 fps are unthinkable and ultra settings are too
            for battlefield 4 it looks similar

  38. Well consoles can be optimized more efficiently, but if Nintendo releases a console in THREE or FOUR years, it should be 4k capable otherwise they will get obliterated.

  39. Whether this is true or not, they’d need more than 60/300 gb’s of flash memory and adding two versions of the same console wouldnt be the smartest idea either, seeing what happened with the Wiiu.

    1. The 2 different models of the wii u wasn’t what hurt it at all. If they really are targeting 4k gaming, a 1 TB flash drive won’t be enough. I’m guessing it would be mostly for updates. That is one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is the discless version unless they would be expecting you to get an external hard drive.

      1. external hard drive, yes … most people don’t realize that encryption is getting ridiculously awesome and bullet proof and the concepts are being more widely accepted.

        look at bitcoin … yes, you can encrypt your games and have them linked to 1 console and useless on another console … they’ll let you backup your games on whatever you can plug into the USB port.

  40. lets hope the specs for the next system arn’t nintendo:its got a cpu its got a gpu it has flash memory it has discs me:can you be more specific nintendo:????????? antinintendo people:its weak as sh@t! no swearing lets keep it pg

    1. If this rumor is true, you won’t need to worry about it being as weak as “sh@t” kiddo :) The specs of the Fusion Terminal is about 3.5-4 times more powerful than the PS4 :D

      1. wow thats awesome until the announce the ps5 which will blow this away no im kidding this is fantasic my only question is what are the gonna call it oh well i guess we’ll have to wait intill 2017-2020 just a guess before i forget to say glad to speak to a logical person.

          1. true but predicting that far in the future has ver little accuracy wow i just shot down my own prediction im kinda weird like that.p.s thanks for being awesome

              1. excellent point im going to guess if these are real they are probaly prototype specs to be finalized when close to the release date.i know i maybe repeating myself but its shocking to have nice civilized debate here besides your gay nintendo iz domed or something like like that.

  41. These are probably only prototype specs. I think Nintendo would reduce the power of the console to reduce costs but what has been happening to the Wii U lately I don’t think they’ll lower the power by much.

  42. This is why I think this might be real, take a look at these

    1 Coaxial Cable Input
    1 CableCARD Slot

    No console in history has ever had these ports before, apart from… their dev kits, this leads me to believe that this could be 40% legit and is just a prototype for the next Nintendo console that we’ll see in 2016 and will probably release in 2017

    1. Well I hope it’s sooner than 2017 since these specs will be underpowered by then, except the Power 8 8 core processor if that does exist.

          1. Really…. so tell me why only Unreal Engine 4 needs about 2.2Teraflops to run on max and is the only engine to do so? By the time the Fusion is released 4Teraflops will be the norm but it would also mean that graphics can’t get any better because we are at that tipping point in were only the frame rates can get better.

            1. 4k gaming will require at least this much if not more.Also I believe Unreal 4 needs 3.5. Not only that but Unreal 4 isn’t the end of graphical improvement. There’s still ray tracing and perhaps beyond.

              1. Not really, the PS4 has shown that with only 1.84TeraFlops of power you can get photorealistic graphics on a console which is nearing the end of graphics and the starting of better framerates, plus 4k isn’t as big as you may think.

                Also, it was already confirmed that Unreal Engine 4 only needed 2.2 Teraflops to perform on Maxed out settings. Like I said graphics can’t get anymore advanced, only the polygon count can get higher and the CPU Computing Power.

                1. That’s just not true. You really believe that Unreal 4 is the end of all graphical improvement? Do you know what Ray tracing is? To run BF4 on pc at 4k you need QUAD SLI Nvidia Titan.

                    1. Well that’s my point. It takez a ton of power to push 4k not to mention more particle effects better animations, physics, and AI.

  43. They already have new specs for both home and handled next gen consoles? By the way, i remember the first Wii U specs with super power7 quad core cpu @ 3Ghz and 3GB ddr4 ram..etc.. we all know the real Wii U specs.

  44. Why would Ninty make another handheld when the 3DS is still blazin’ strong?

    ….What would I do with a fingerprint scanner on my handheld?!

  45. The nearer we get to modern times the more empty and repetitive colour the work becomes.

    Most say it’s primed for acrylic and oils, or you could choose a
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