Nintendo Started Working On A New Platform In Early 2013?

A rumour that has originated on NeoGAF suggests that Nintendo started working on a brand new platform in early 2013. The platform is supposedly a handheld, which would make it the successor to the Nintendo 3DS. This is a rumour, but it’s likely that Nintendo has already begun planning the followup to the successful 3DS console.

Almost certainly off-topic, but I don’t quite want to make a new thread, because it would go to shit quickly. Also, I’d need to post a source, and I don’t really want to get people in trouble. Anyway, Nintendo apparently started working on a new platform in early 2013 and has already selected a vendor for the SoC after talking to several potential candidates. The SoC might be based on an existing design, but will be changed to fit Nintendo’s requirements. I assume it’s for their next handheld, though.

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    1. WELL they did start working on the wii a quite a long time before they sold it.

      iu guess its the same.

      but if they make a 3dsi I will rage. but probably whatever they come up will sell NEXT gen.

        1. the whole reason why it was called DSi was cuz of the camera and 3DS obviously already has that. Hopefully they are actually including a second joy stick on this rumored new handheld.

        2. The 3DS’ internet could use an upgrade, it can barely load an average web page, and some of the larger webpages will completely fail to load. That and dual Circle Pads would be reason enough for a mid gen upgrade.

    2. Uhh hello! I think this is not reel and mother and i have 2 call buuuuullllllll sheet. (Mother says i cannot post the reel word because she loves mii.) anyways mother thinks nintendo is werking on a new sistem definity butt it is no way reddy for relese any time soon because mother and i just bought wii2 about a yeer ago and if a wii3 was to come out this yeer i wudnt love it. do u think nintendo is making the 4ds? would it 4D games wich is like seaing 3d butt u can like fele it and toutch it out of the screne. like say u play POKEMON PLUS AND MINUS and sqirtle wants 2 use water gun, you then fele water come out of screne and it is liek u r in the game. how cool wud that be. i would just love it!! :)

      -thebensanders :)

    3. Considering they’re constantly working on their follow-up systems in some form or another, this is no surprise. It’s pretty lame how this story is spun as “Nintendo gives up on their platform,” because there’s plenty of titles yet to come this year that should do for Wii U what Fire Emblem did for 3DS.

      Admit it: As much as prior owners, like myself, had enjoyed our portables up to that point it was starting at Fire Emblem where 3DS got generally accepted as a culturally-relevant platform (even if I still catch people calling it the DS).

      1. After realizing this article was about the following handheld, I had to add on.

        Yes, I doubt we’ll be seeing a “next generation of Nintendo handhelds” anytime soon. I firmly believe that if this is true they’re working on another 3DS iteration, perhaps a GBC/SP/DSi type of step.

    1. They have stated as soon as system comes out, they are already starting development of the next console. The N64 successor was already being planned a month or two after it came out. The thing is it doesn’t get serious until a two years before the system is released.

      Source, dozens of interviews that have been released over the last decade with Nintendo about console developement.

    2. Wouldn’t surprise me if the next handheld and the next console were one in the same. It seems like the Wii U stops just short of that in that sometimes you want to play on your TV, sometimes you want freedom from your TV. One of the issues with Wii U is that you need to stay in the same room as the system for off-TV play. The issue with the Vita and PS3/4 connectivity, is that off screen play over WiFi is sketchy at best. Nintendo has been dominating handhelds, and has been struggling with consoles more or less since the Wii’s sugar rush died down. I can see them making a tablet controller handheld system that you can take anywhere, but when you get home you plug it in or hit a switch and you can play on a big screen.

      1. Precisely what I was thinking! Combine this rumour with those of the next Pokemon game (which mentions a docking station) and it dies seem quite probable that Nintendo’s next console will combine the two. I will buy that day 1!!!

    1. He is cursed by our empire the same way Demide cursed Zelda and Link for all eternity…

      He will never escape its grasp…

    1. You act like they are gonna reveal it just like boom and replace it (no they aren’t). 3ds came out 3 years ago, that was way early man, so no need to panic

      1. They are probably working on a new platform, most likely a successor to the 3DS, but It is WAAAAAAAAY to early to retire the 3DS, the original DS released in 2004 and was “retired” a year or so after the release of the 3DS in 2011, so that is 7 years, the 3DS is only 3 years old, the 3DS has 3 maybe 4 more years in it’s career

        1. They started RnD on the Wii U in 2008 and that was 2 years after the Wii. I know for a fact they started at least thinking about whats after the 3ds (I am calling it, it will the Nintendo HDS)

          1. They need to rebrand the ds line, as well as rebrand Wii, U,
            Wii should be their family friendly branding
            the next gamepad should be a full tablet device and the tv button should be changed to the “U” button and it can bring up “U apps” menu like miivers, web browser, Nintendo tv, eshop, and other apps but as a overlay from the tablet.

            they should push the Nintendo name next time and name things like
            Nintendo remote 3.0, Nintendo view pad 2.0, Nintendo classic controller 7.0, Nintendo fit board 2.0.

            another good move would be to buy up Sega and platinum games (which has only ever published with Nintendo or Sega) and then let those devs work on crossovers and T or M rated tittles.

            then Nintendo can brand E rated games like Mario, pushmo, Dillon, super monkey ball, sonic, Mario cart, exe as “Wii” games for the family. Then games like bayoneta, w101, Zelda, metroid, house of the dead dk wont be branded by wii

            1. I feel only half of this is even necessary, what you said about the gamepad isn’t what Nintendo is about

              They aren’t about all that jazz dood

    1. Pokemon plus and minus? Thats a bit far fetched. How about we start a new rumor about the new pokemon negative/posotive or the even newer pokemon ding/dong XD No offence to anyone but it feels like that name is too different from other pokemon games.

      1. You mean just like X/Y are way different from the traditional colors?

        Im not saying that the rumors sound even remotely true, but saying that Plus/Minus or Positive/Negative as names for a pokemon games are farfetch is a bit silly at this point, considering the name of the last games released.

  1. Sickr, are you avoiding posting the article I sent you? I sent it last night and several hours ago today. You would have no reason to so can you explain why you haven’t done it yet? (if its in the works of uploading then tell me)

    Sorry for going off-topic

    I know for a fact they have started at least thinking since it came out around 3 years ago. I don’t think anything is production yet

    1. If it’s the story from another developer saying the Digital Foundry article was based on an older dev kit then I’ve already posted two stories on this subject already. No need for overkill!

                    1. “if they wrote an email to everyone sending in news they’d probably never get done with it”

                      this sentence right here implies that they never reply to news sent in

                      this is actually common practice on any bigger news site.. you never get replies to the news you send in

    1. you don’t even develop for Wii U so you have no idea of what console built for mileage rather than amazing day one performance can do.

    2. yeah and the (in sony’s words) ” need[ed} for our success and the gaming industry” company. that is ninetndo.

      WELL more loosely on something like they are importanat for the success of ours I to be honest I cant remember Exact words. bye.

      soooooo u want gaminmg industry to start failing? ok do as you wish,

      WII U WILL NOT BE KILLED OFF ANYWAY. until next gen in about 6 years maybe.

    3. don’t be surprised if wii u doesn’t last as long as the other 2 systems. its not selling and there last game is probably zelda u…… then what?? there is no support?? iwata being fired and a system that can compete. what the other systems will last 8 years. it won’t hurt nintendo to have fail u for only 4 years and then try not to make a fail system.

      1. dude , not trying to sound like a fanboy but seriously ??? do you really think they will stop with zelda ??? there is a new ip already on the way , shin x emblem thing and i am sure as hell that they will make another metroid , will probably make another mario 3d game , another mario bros ( okay those two are kinda bad news ) and i am sure monolith soft will make yet another game , and maybe , maaaaaaaybe an f-zero game , nintendo is known for thriving on first party games ( well it’s kinda bad in a way ) and some cool 3rd party exclusives , the wii u will do just fine as a secondary console , which is what i am going to do while the ps4 will be the main .

        1. He’s just a bleeding idiot and completely demoralises the company. I don’t get why he is even here. He’s just wasting his time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a MS employee paid to do this.

          1. There are others for that here and around other sites but not him. At least I don’t think that. He’s actually a big fan of Nintendo but feeling disappointed of their obvious fumbling around***

            Yeah we want a family car, no Lamborghini. Yeah a nice and quiet minuscule Suzuki***

      2. you really don’t know anything about console development do you

        if they ditched the wii u in 3 years time they wouldn’t have anything to replace it with because nothing would be ready, no hardware, no SDK, no games, nothing

  2. Would make sense. Work on the Wii U started in 2008, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be the next handheld.

    1. work on the successor to the wii u is most likely also already in progress
      a new console needs a lot of development time

      also a reason why nintendo won’t ditch the wii u anytime soon.. they wouldn’t have a system ready to replace it with, that will take several more years

    1. They did merge their handheld makers and console makers a while back…maybe higher level moblie console Tv play like the game pad and on the go like a handheld with a high level console experience.

  3. Well even if this is fake, they probably ARE working on one. My bet is that its somewhat a HD DS… maybe name it Nintendo HDS? I think they want to keep the 2 screens, so you can play 3DS games on it. It will probably not have 3D, but can play the games in 2D :D

    1. I hope they keep the 3D…

      It would be a lot cheaper implementing it than when the 3DS was first made…

      But if High Command goes for HD as the only new thing about the new handheld then I expect the specs to be at least somewhat more powerful than the PS Vita’s…

    2. I agree with HDS. I can see it having 2 circle pads, ZL and ZR buttons, both screens are 16:9 and in HD (obviously) and 3D removed while still being backwards compatable.

      1. Don’t expect a DS with two 16:9 screens, the reason they don’t have one on the 3ds is because it would make the system awkwardly long, and it would create allot of empty room on the top half. And giving it zl and Zr buttons would make it to fat.

    3. Ooooo, a HD DS, now that is something that would be very impressive. I also hear that the vendor for the new handheld is going to base the SoC on the predecessor, so that will allow for BC for 3DS games.

      I think it’s a good move that they do that.

    4. I rarely use the 3D on my 3DS, so a Nintendo HDS wouldn’t be too bad if we can see a clear gaming. I could be wrong about this, but hey it’s just my opinion.

  4. Of course they are. I’m hoping they’re working on their next home console as well. The WiiU is fine and all but I just hope Nintendo isn’t looking at a 10 year console cycle like Microsoft and Sony.

    1. 10 year console life cycle doesn’t have to mean the successor can’t be released before that

      only in nintendos case it often does because the successor is probably going to be backwards compatible again, making it almost pointless to buy the older piece of kit when you can get both consoles at a slightly higher price
      not like that’s a bad thing though

      1. A console cycle is referring to how long there is between the launch of one console and the next. If a console’s life cycle is viewed at 10 years that’s how long they plan on having it as their leading hardware. It was just tolerable enough that the previous gen of consoles lasted as long as it did. And considering how much computer parts can change in 10 years? Yeah, that’s pretty worrisome.

        1. no the life cycle refers to how long the console will be on the market obviously hence called *life* cycle

          both the ps3 and the xbox 360 are still on the market and it’s been only 7-8years since their release… they didn’t release the follow up consoles any sooner than expected, they released them according to plan
          the old consoles will be around for roughly another 2 years provided they keep selling at a steady rate

  5. they are panicking. “mario isn’t saving wii u, we fucked up!!” *puts wii u in coffin* r.i.p wii u…. 2012-2015. *puts iwata in coffin with it*

    1. i really do laugh at how often you provide news, yet you hate the wiiu XD. its silly to me. anyway, nintendo Wiiu, i feel is going to have the same result as the N64, so i dont think we have any worries. besides, if nintendo was bankrupt, im sure we would be bowing down to your claims. but it isnt. so keep on that console war!

      1. shhhhhhhhh…… sickr and alba have me chained up….. hhheeeelllllp. keep quiet. here……. *writes down directions on paper in a hurry* this is my location!!!!
        *stomping from stairs* NOOOO!! ninosoft HURRY!! “what are you doing!!” I’m…… not calling for help. I’m….. getting some news!!!!!

        “you liar!!!! GIVE ME MORE NEWS!!” hahahahahah yes the chain is lose * breaks out* I’m almost up the stairs!! *sickr grabs gun and shoots*


        R.I.P iceazeama.

        *gasps last breath* immmmm……… finally…….free. uuhhhhhhh.

      2. Yes it’s quite ironic isn’t it. He posts on the site, yet he hates the console for no reason. Makes no sense.

        There are many reasons why Nintendo did what they did.

              1. What the hell is that even supposed to mean? How can a person hate a console they know nothing of but not the company that designed it from the ground up? Humanity is slightly baffling….

    2. Early 2013… Wii U sales were promising back then, it’s obviously their next handheld console. Dumping the Wii U would ruin the entire company.

      Look at how everyone waited for the updated 3DS and Wii U when they just released because the DS had anoter and better version after a year. Look at how everyone was waiting for a price drop on the Wii U because they did I it once on the 3DS. Dumping the Wii U now would only result in a line of bad and underpreforming home consoles and that could result in Nintendo having to quit the console business which they need to make great games. Look how Sonic turned out after Sega dropping out and not knowing how the hardware they are developing for.

      Sure, right now people can assume that their next console won’t have much games but they can at least say, look how much great games we gave our previous console even tough it was struggling. Allot of people look at Nintendo as the brand that’s sitting next to their ps4/xbone because it has more and great exclusives and it’s cheap.

      1. Well the Wii U isn’t exactly underperforming, it’s more of a case that it could be doing better, but no one is really wanting to give it a chance.

        Also Nintendo have more than enough money thanks to Wii to not even push them out of the hardware business. Why would they? Besides they wouldn’t even bothering outsourcing their own IPs to third party as the quality would probably fall.

        1. unless its platinum and next leverl an ones they trust will do well.

          next level created pucnhoiur for wii Mario strikers and then luigis manion2 for 3ds. ALL successful. now they are purely 2nd party to Nintendo.

          platinum makes a ton of games to Nintendo so that’s great.

          and retro , being impressed by dk, they are thinking of handling metroid over to them and retro actually want to do that next. explains their new hiring ads.

    1. Mr.Stansbury-Cecil…

      I’m sure High Command heard your request and will bless you with the amazing innovative power and machinery of the next generation handheld console that will once again dominate the world!

  6. I dunno. The 3DS isn’t old enough to be replaced just yet. Not to mention, the PokéBank is gonna to be tied to your 3DS, and Game Freak wants to use it for future Pokémon installments, which means that the 3DS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      1. No? Please don’t give me any snarky remarks if you haven’t read it yourself. I was refering to this: “This is a rumour, but it’s likely that Nintendo has already begun planning the followup to the successful 3DS console.”

  7. i don’t think this article offers much.

    GBA and DS had 2 huge hardware revisions roughly every 2 years.

    3DS XL came almost 2 years later … we just got the 2DS … but, these aren’t major upgrades, but rather athetic changes. These asthetic changes are likely a result of consumer demand as would be a complete revision (ie, it’s good enough to not require major revision).

    However, i don’t think a major replacement would be coming soon … they’re always doing R&D but i think we’re 3 years away from a new platform to replace the 3DS … i’d much sooner believe and expect a major revision or improvement to the existing design.

  8. 3DS gameplay videos are 720p already, though most likely upscaled. Does anyone think the next handheld will be full 1080p?

      1. So essentially you’re asking for at least a 4.5 – 5″ screen? Only reason for that is if you look at mobile phone screens, the screens are the same sort of size and back in the same amount of PPI.

        1. some of those screens feature resolutions that are way beyond what the average human eye can perceive at normal viewing distance
          i’m more talking about 6 inches and above…

          the retina distance for that display would be at 23cm meaning that with 20/20 vision (100%) you will have to move your eyes as close as 23cm to the screen before you even start seeing individual pixlels and that’s already ridiculously low

          anyone who buys a 4.5″ screen with full HD resolution without having fricking hawk eyes is just an idiot

    1. 720 resolution typically means 1280×720 (0.9 million dots)

      1080 resolution typically means 1920×1080 (2 million dots)

      3DS is 640×480 (0.3 million dots) and it might be half-that, depending on how you look at it ;)

    2. yeah. and the home consoles would be 4 k maybe. people will have a lot of 4k TV’s in the 2020′s . or earlier.i don’t expect next gen to start earlier than that,

  9. For those thinking that this is too soon, Nintendo started working on the Wii U in 2008. So that that into account.

    It’s best to start development early. The earlier you get hardware finished, the earlier you can get dev kits ready and the earlier you can get 3rd parties on board.

    1. i don’t mean to argue for the sake of arguing … but, i think there’s always a grey-area in regards to anything.

      i think in retrospect, they decided they started in 2008 because Miyamoto suggested in 2008 when using the DS “Can’t this be the new console?” … if he simply said that in 2008, then you could say that development started in 2008 but i don’t think they started ordering parts the next day … i think they had a long stretch of talking, meetings, feasibility studies etc … and likely if you seen what they had in 2009, it probably had zero support, no contracts, no manufacturing, no operating system, nothing finalized, no 3rd parties etc.

    2. Should i mention something as an X-Factor also?

      Wii U still has legacy features and design influences dating back to Gamecube. for anyone not very technical, please don’t argue … i mean it’s once again PowerPC arc among other things. The fact that Wii was backwards compatible and the WiiU is backwards compatible, you can see that there is a relationship between the WiiU and the Gamecube.

      What’s my point? … well, before i make a point, let me point out that the 3DS has legacy dating back to the GBA in regards to resolution among other technical aspects similar to WiiU and Gamecube.

      I think nintendo dreamed more integration between the 3DS and the WiiU, unfortunately they don’t have much in relation … they have more in relation to their own legacy systems in fact still to this day.

      the Gamepad looks like another attempt to merge these 2 worlds but a failure at that … as it just muddies the water in regards to relating the WiiU and the 3DS.

      My Point now? … my point is similar to the XboxOne and PS4, Nintendo might look at starting fresh with a completely redesigned platform with zero hardware legacy support.

      The only legacy support Nintendo will likely carry on into the future will be the Nintendo Network ID … :)

      1. 3DS is doing just fine – there is no need to replace it right now or anytime soon. Nintendo need to take their time on their next console. A big reason for 3DS’s early problems and Wii U’s current problems was rushing the consoles to launch before they were really ready.

      2. I don’t see why Nintendo choosing to stick with PowerPC has to do with anything other than the fact that PowerPC has better performance for consoles that x86 which is why it was used for so long by all three companies.

        Sony and Microsoft choosing x86 over PowerPC had to do with money. x86 is far less expensive than PowerPC and neither Sony nor Microsoft could afford to launch next-gen consoles at a a loss. For Sony the reasons are obvious, but for Microsoft’s case the people that are in charge of the XBOX division now simply look at the XBOX brand as just another tool to get Windows in every phase of life.

        The GamePad is not an “attempt” at anything. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Whether it’s the Wii U GamePad, cross-play on the PS4 with PSVITA, or XBOX SmartGlass, the future of gaming is mobile, not console.

        While it may not happen until generation 9th at the earliest eventually gaming will not be about dedicated consoles anymore. It will be about receiving a signal from some place on a terminal of your choice be that a portable device or another piece of equipment, or both (i.e. PlayStation Now.)

        However while this is all interesting speculation it has nothing to do with (assuming the rumor is true) Nintendo starting up development on a 3DS successor. Development of a console takes a LOOOOOOONG time and the longer the better to insure that you have the least amount of issues possible at launch. The 7th gen and what we have seen so far with the 8th gen are a prime example of what happens when you get ahead of yourself in development.

        I will say this. I remember a long time ago that Fils-Aime said that the DS brand was not a successor to the GameBoy but it’s own brand. Considering the fact that the Wii U GamePad looks and awful lot like a GameBoy Advance it would not surprise me that at some point Nintendo releases an attachment that makes the Wii U GamePad a fully-functional portable device. That port on the bottom is there for a reason. Ever since the NES Nintendo has always built backdoor ports on their consoles for future enhancement or attachments just in case.

        1. i honesty hope they do release an addon as you say. i wouldnt mind carrying around my wiiu pad if it meant console nintendo games all around. the possilbities are endless, and it would finally make off tv play a very useful feature. lets hope we see this soon

          1. If it does happen I think CES would have been the best place to unveil that with everyone watching, but Nintendo loves to be reclusive and do their own thing so if any such upgrade was coming to the Wii U they’ll probably wait until a Nintendo Direct or something. However IF that happens (and it still is a wild stab in the dark) I think it will not happen for a little while yet. When the 3DS starts to take a dip that is when it would happen IF it happens.

          2. regardless of what kind of bullshit xpander2k will tell you this won’t happen for 4 reasons

            1. cost: the wii U gamepad is absolutely bare.. an attachment would need to contain most of the vital hardware required to run the device: GPU, CPU, DRM measures, RAM, and of course a slot to insert game cartridges into, this would be a very expensive attachment

            2. speed: even if you include all these components they will never even remotely match up to what the wii u is capable of so essentially you’d be limited to content that was made specifically for the attachment

            3. size: the wii u gamepad is already relatively bulky and heavy and not easy to transport in a bag for example due to the protruding analogue sticks and the exposed and easily scratched screen.. add to that a giant attachment and it will have lost any semblance of a mobile device

            4. battery: the wii u gamepad is already struggling with battery life.. you can get 6-8 hours out of it max and that’s with an enhanced battery pack..
            now imagine what will happen if the battery has to power CPU, GPU and a RAM pool on top of that, the biggest power hogs of any mobile system.. battery life will shrivel into nothingness and we’re maybe looking at 2-3 hours.. tops

        2. Fils-Aime said that … but you both need to wake up

          “However, backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance titles and strong sales ultimately established the new handheld console as the successor to the Game Boy series”

          Also, i said PowerPC among other things. the Gamecube’s Dev Kit was also the Dev Kit for the Wii … and that evolved Dev Kit was the same one used for WiiU. i can point out opcode references among other things … there’s power stepping built-in to accommodate for running older code. there’s even memory bus limits as this isn’t dynamically set (yes, some bus speeds are the same as Gamecube). Lets not forget that they’re still using the same graphical libraries, as these are tied to the dev kits … the specs on the dev kits are public and they only hide hardware performance by asking you to test but all the logical restrictions are right there.

          1. First of all, using Wikipedia as a source is not a good idea. I could edit that right now if I wanted to and put whatever I want.

            This isn’t a conversation about the type of hardware Nintendo uses. This is about Nintendo possible developing another handheld. Not one person is questioning the coding process or how the Wii U dev kits are similar to the previous ones or any of that. Since you bring it up, if something works right the first time and there isn’t anything better that cost the same or not much more, why change it? All successful business do this and have done for for decades.

            The reason why Nintendo has 18 billion dollars profit in the bank is because they make sound decisions (for the most part.) No one knows more about console development than Nintendo because they have been doing it at least since 1975.

            Steering this back one track, the POINT is that if Nintendo is working a new handheld now to is not a cause for alarm. They don’t it before, hundreds of other companies have done it before (meaning starting work on a next-generation model of and existing product less than three years after launch.) Please do not respond with any more technical jargon that is irrelevant to this particular conversation and which you clearly do not understand. If you cannot simply address the topic at hand then we are done here.

            1. “First of all, using Wikipedia as a source is not a good idea. I could edit that right now if I wanted to and put whatever I want. ”

              wow you better shut up right now

              using wikipedia as a source is HEAPS better than what you’re doing all the time, which is not using ANY sources and making up shit off the top of your head

              and i honestly had to laugh when you were telling him not to use technical jargon HE doesn’t understand
              fucking hilarious
              i’d be surprised if YOU understood a tenth of it

              fucking mook

              1. Yeah. I make up websites, buy domain space, put all the information there myself just so I can link to it in my response for your sake.


                I mean if you want to be an jerk that’s fine. You do it very well I must commend and I can’t stop you from doing that, but everything I’ve said I’ve backed with with links that you no doubt clicked on yourself. I can care less if you don’t want to believe it, but lying saying that I didn’t post sources only further frames your colossal retardation. You accuse me of not understanding technical jargon, but you can’t even grasp punctuation and sentence structure. Something that would have been taught in…oh….I don’t know, grade school?

                How someone can be so dilapidated is beyond me. You are a true embarrassment to your race……

                The human race. Congrats.

                1. not a single link from you
                  not one
                  and yet you have the fucking nerve to say that you’re backing your delusional claims with facts..
                  the only fact however is that this is something you NEVER do

                  the human race indeed

                  you’re the embarassment here bud not me

                2. also i certainly won’t waste any kind of punctuation on the likes of you seeing as you won’t even conjure up some sources to the bullshit you’re spouting all day long

                  and my sentence structure is just fine thank you very much ;)

      3. ninnewtork streeptpass spotpass and miiverse. they have to stay.

        i think they will have a new lineup………but handhelds MUST have 2 screens! nothing beats that!

        so a handheld that is compoletley new …..but still 2 screens and obviously 1080p HD, i don’t think the 3d will continue. something new as we know Nintendo. holograms? no that wouldn’t work but whatever they come up with.

    1. many TV manufactures are discontinuing 3D, while perusing UHD

      Nintendo has already released the 2DS, and they constantly survey people over whether they use the 3D or not … it looks like they’ll drop it.

      1. Yeah I would like it if the next one was 3d but realistically I know it probably won’t and I hope that Nintendo gets on the ball with hd on the next handheld .

  10. And we should trust this source because? I mean, come on, it’s from Neogaf, the breeding ground for fake rumors.

    1. it will be NEXT GEN. they always do this. they only really concentrate a ton about 1-2 yearsbefore 3d’s or wii u’s gen is done.

  11. Hmmm… and Nvidia announced their latest chip early this year, the Tegra K1…. I hope to god Nintendo uses that chip, it would mean it would be more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One and Vita. (Over 900Mhz, while the PS4 has only 800Mhz, Xbox One has 853Mhz (Still a weak GPU seeing how the PS4 has more Teraflops) )

    It might mean the console will cost about $400 but it would be worth it seeing how the chip is based of a GTX Titan apparently

    1. the PS4 and XboxOne are very quiet with huge heat sinks … they’re the fastest they can be, while still being as quiet as they are and without being any larger.

      so, settle down … those things are progressive, not decided. also, nintendo is always a little more cautious … nobody wants an Xbox360 styled launch.

    2. The chip is ment for portable devices, but they would probably use next years model if they were going to use it. And they learned the hard way to not make a system price to high. It wouldn’t be over 200$

      personaly I hope it has 2 multi touch screens
      digital stylus
      HD cameras
      a full HD OLED screen (up)
      and a high density OLED bellow
      it would also be nice to have a any angle 3D screen.
      also a more smart phone like device, with Bluetooth, and possibly a cell version gps. And a fucking Skype app would be nice.
      a second circle pad would be its biggest NEED.
      maybe the OS can be a mod of web os,

  12. They work on these things YEARS before release. Nintendo is not about to stop supporting the 3DS. It just got started! We have at least 5-6 more years of amazing 3DS support to go through before we hear anything (officially) about Nintendo’s new handheld until after that.

      1. 5-6 for sure. I predict the next Pokemon generation will make it onto the 3DS and we won’t get that for at least 5 years (Diamond and Pearl released in 2006 and Black and White were in 2011 aka 5 years apart). We just got X and Y so the next gen will most likely still be on the 3DS just like how DS got two Pokemon generations.

        I’m not saying there won’t be anymore 3DS “family members” like the 2DS, but the 3DS line is staying for at least 5 more years.

        1. gameboy advance: 3 years without successor on the market
          DS/DSi: 5 years without successor on the market

          the 3DS was released 3 years ago.. you’re now suggesting that the 3DS will be without successor for 8-9 years.. no handheld and no console ever achieved that and the 3DS won’t either

          nintendo will release their new handheld within the next 3-4 years

    1. IDK that the 3DS will last another 5-6 years, and I’m 90% certain the Wii U won’t. 8th gen hasn’t been going as well as Nintendo would like, they’re probably going to want to move on as soon as they can (without causing any sorts of major problems at launch). With that in mind, I would think 2016/2017 sounds about right for the beginning of 9th gen.

      1. Well… Yeah… I mean, look at Xbone and PS4. They don’t innovate at all, so it’s kinda easy for Nintendo to claim that title.

        and yeah…………….WITHOUT Nintendo you wouldn’t be yousing ur ps4 or x1 controllers.

        + they werefirst for motion controls d pad circle bad augmented reality ECT ECT ECT.

        one thing you CANT do………is LIE about FACTS!

    1. Well the DS line has worked wonders for Nintendo. The only thing I can see them doing is going back to the “Gameboy” line. It would be freaking awesome if they came out with some sort of HD handheld called the Gameboy Next Generation (GNG for short).

  13. I’m hoping it’s an HDS being able to run full 1080p or higher, two screens with stereoscopic 3D display in the top screen included with 3D slider, no less than 4 GB of RAM, gyroscope, accelerometer, 3D camera and internal camera with AR sensors, mic for voice chat, headphone port, SD card slot, clam shell design, circle pads on both sides that can click if pressed hard enough, built in phone capabilities with rumble support, 4G support, and apps available day one on eShop. Launch this with great games and you have an instant success.

  14. I hate hearing about new consoles/platforms in the works when I’m just starting to love the current ones.

    I wish Nintendo would vastly improve the Mii creator and allow people to use pictures of their real faces for the Mii’s (and put full bodies, instead of bowling-pin characters). But I know it won’t happen because that would be too cool. I’m being both serious AND sarcastic.

  15. If the 3D concept returns in the 3DS successor, I sure hope Nintendo improves it so that it actually looks good even when tilting and shaking the system around. The 3D is horrible on the 3DS as it is. One reason why it causes headaches and stuff. The screen shouldn’t flicker and look terrible just because you tilt the system (when the 3D is on).

    1. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. You’ll have to have some sort of 3D using 3D glasses to get around that.

  16. Love the 3DS, my favorite system ever! I hope they are planing for some sort of cross play for next generation, as I thought there would be some between Wii U and 3DS. Animal Crossing could kill using that feature: You can check your game everywhere, all the time. But when you’re home, you can play on the big screen, with much more to do!

    1. Pokemon would benefit from that feature a lot more considering Game Freak outright refuses to make a console Pokemon game unless it has handheld features.

  17. I laugh for those idiots who think Nintendo is replacing 3DS or WiiU this soon, it would make more damage to Nintendo than they want to believe, just look what happened to Sega when they released hardware after hardware rapidly. Anyway Nintendo always starts to work for successor of their systems years before they come out, you dont make console or handheld in a day. Sony and Ms are probably developing their new systems now, heck even Sega was developing successor to Dreamcast after DC was launched. Nintendo started to develop Wii and WiiU way before they were announced, same for DS and 3DS. Nintendo started developing Gameboy advance (which was codenamed atlantis) in the early/mid 90s. My point is those who think Nintendo is replacin either of their systems are idiots.

  18. The DSi Came out in 2009 and the 3DS came out in 2011. That’s a 2 year span, the 3DS XL already released which would mean the DS line is due for an upgrade. but I hope not. They have been releasing DS consoles willy nilly, albeit XL, Lite, i, or 2D Versions. The 3DS has almost been out for 3 years now til march. After the XL and the 2DS release, I think the 3DS should run for at LEAST another year and a half, there is still WAYY more things that the 3DS can do (and throughout the future) if they do add a second circle pad, and a bottom screen fix so that it doesnt ruin your top screen, then that would be fine. but I don’t feel its time for a new edition yet and I don’t want to spend the extra money for it, I JUST bought my cobalt blue 3DS after having the aqua blue since release . I hope they do not reveal another DS in the next E3. I wish there were a way to update your system to the newest DS OS instead of releasing a new handheld altogether, with the types of system altering updates that they release now, I wouldnt be surprised if they could do it, It could be a paid update, I don’t care, as long as I dont have to get an entirely new system altogether

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