NPD: Wii U Reportedly Sold Less Than 63.7K In The United States During January

Nintendo has told Venture Beat that Wii U hardware and software increased by nearly 30 percent and nearly 45 percent over the same month last year. It’s not really the concrete numbers we were looking for, but it’s something. To put that in comparison the Xbox One sold more than 140K and was the second best-selling home console. Here’s some more information that came out of today’s NPD numbers for January.

  • Smash Wii U – 90K, 1.4 million LTD (digital + retail)
  • Smash 3DS – 90K, 2.1 million LTD (digital + retail)
  • Pokemon ORAS – 150K, 2.7 million LTD (digital + retail)
  • Wii U software is up nearly 45% year over year
  • PS4: #1 spot
  • Xbox One: Best January ever, so more than 140K
  • Wii U: Up nearly 30% year over year => a bit under ~63.7K

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NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The United States During January 2015

The official US sales data is now in thanks to the NPD Group. The best-selling video game during January in the United States was Dying Light for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Talking of the PlayStation 4, it was the best-selling hardware of the month. Nintendo fans should be pleased as Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U remain in the top ten best-sellers in January and was placed sixth in the all-formats charts. Here’s the best-selling video games in the United states during January.

  1. Dying Light
  2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  3. Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Minecraft
  5. NBA 2K15
  6. Super Smash Bros.
  7. Far Cry 4
  8. Madden NFL 15
  9. Destiny
  10. FIFA 15

NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In December In The United States

You may have seen that the Xbox One was the best-selling hardware in the United States during December, but what was the best-selling software? The NPD group has revealed that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the best-selling game during the Christmas period. There’s still hope for Nintendo fans as Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U held on to fourth place, beating the likes of Minecraft and Destiny. Here’s the best-sellers in the US.

  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Madden NFL 15
  4. Super Smash Bros
  5. NBA 2K15
  6. Minecraft
  7. Far Cry 4
  8. Just Dance 2015
  9. Destiny
  10. FIFA 15

NPD: Nintendo Says Wii U Had Its Best Week In The US Since It launched Back In 2012

Overall sales of Nintendo 3DS software in November increased by more than 40 percent over the same month in 2013, thanks in part to three huge games:

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: The next great Pokémon adventures for Nintendo 3DS launched on Nov. 21 and have already sold nearly 1.5 million combined physical and digital units in the U.S. alone.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: The best-selling individual portable game in the U.S. so far in 2014, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has sold more than 1.5 million physical and digital units in the U.S. since it launched on Oct. 3.

November was also a strong month for Nintendo on the console side, as sales of Wii U hardware and software increased by more than 10 percent and more than 90 percent, respectively, over the same period in 2013. In fact, the week of Nov. 23 was the biggest single week of Wii U hardware sales since the system launched in November 2012. Other Wii U highlights for the month include:

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has sold nearly 710,000 combined units since launching on Nov. 21. With a current Metacritic score of 92, the latest iteration in Nintendo’s venerable fighting franchise is one of the best-reviewed games in the current generation of systems.

Nov. 21 also saw the arrival of amiibo, Nintendo’s new platform where gaming’s most recognizable characters can be used in different ways in many compatible games. Sales of amiibo are approximately equal to sales of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U so far, while Link, Mario and Pikachu (in that order) have been the best-selling figures to date.

“This is a ringing endorsement from families and fans that Nintendo has the best variety, the best value and the best gaming experiences for sale this holiday season,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “We’re extremely confident in our holiday proposition and look forward to closing this year strong and starting 2015 with a full head of steam.”

Just a few days ago on Dec. 5, Wii U fans got the one-two punch of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, the intrepid explorer’s first stand-alone adventure, and NES Remix Pack, which combines previous digital-only games NES Remix and NES Remix 2 in one convenient physical package. More great games are coming for Nintendo systems in the first part of 2015, including Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for Wii U, and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. for Nintendo 3DS.

NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The United States In November

It’s that time of the month folks as we finally have concrete sales figures for the United States for the month of November courtesy of the NPD Group. The Xbox One was the best-selling video game console in both the United States and the UK. With regards to software Super Smash Bros arrived at number three in the US and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire was at five and Pokemon Omega Ruby was placed at number seven. Hopefully we will get some sales data through from Nintendo.

  • 1.) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (360, XBO, PS4, PS3, PC)
  • 2.) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3)
  • 3.) Super Smash Bros. (NWU, 3DS)
  • 4.) Madden NFL 15 (360, XBO, PS4, PS3)
  • 5.) Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
  • 6.) Far Cry 4 (PS4, XBO, 360, PS3, PC)
  • 7.) Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS)
  • 8.) NBA 2K15 (PS4, 360, XBO, PS3, PC)
  • 9.) Assassin’s Creed: Unity (PS4, XBO, PC)
  • 10.) Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XBO)

NPD: Here’s The Nintendo 3DS Million Sellers In The United States

Thanks to both the NPD Group and Nintendo of America we now know which Nintendo 3DS games have sold over one million units. It should be noted that this is in the United States only and also combines both physical and digital sales. Without further ado here’s the Nintendo’s 3DS Million Sellers.

  1. Mario Kart 7: 3.62 million
  2. Super Mario 3D Land: 3.34 million
  3. New Super Mario Bros. 2: 2.33 million
  4. Pokémon X: 2.11 million
  5. Pokémon Y: 2.03 million
  6. Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 1.42 million
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 1.41 million
  8. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon: 1.36 million
  9. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: 1.20 million
  10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: 1.06 million

NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The United States During October

We’ve finally got October’s NPD sales results for the United States. The NPD Group says consumers spent $790.7 million on games, accessories and hardware during the month of October. Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS had a good month, as the game was the second best-selling software in the US during October. However, it should be noted that Bayonetta 2 failed to make the top ten. Anyway, here’s the top ten best-selling games according to NPD data.

  1. NBA 2K15 (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)
  2. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (3DS)
  3. The Evil Within (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, PC)
  4. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (360, PS3, PC)
  5. Destiny (360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3)
  6. Skylanders: Trap Team (360, Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, 3DS, mobile)
  7. FIFA 15 (PS4, 360, PS3, Xbox One, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS)
  8. Madden NFL 15 (360, PS4, PS3, Xbox One)
  9. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4, XBox One, PC)
  10. Minecraft (360, PS3, PS4)

“October 2014 marks the first 12 months of sales for the Xbox One and PS4,” said Callahan. “After the first year, these consoles have had a great start as cumulative sales are currently over 70 percent higher than the combined first year totals of Xbox 360 and PS3.”

“The NPD Group also confirmed that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U hardware made up 80 percent of the money spent on game-related products in October.”