Legend Of Kay Comes To Wii U For 10th Anniversary

Ten years after the release of Legend of Kay on the PlayStation 2, Nordic Games officially announced they are releasing a remastered Anniversary edition across multiple platforms this Summer. The price is expected to be around USD/EUR 19.99 and 29.99, depending on the platform. Targeted platforms include the Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC/MAC. In this 3D platformer, you’ll once again be able to play as martial arts fighting cat, Kay. Check out some screenshots of the new game here!

It has been a pleasure to work with KAIKO and having the opportunity bringing Kay back to life again. Legend of Kay is pure action-gaming with fantastic 3D Platformer Elements and a wonderful Soundtrack. My personal tagline for Legend of Kay: Easy to learn, hard to master. — Gennaro Giani, Producer & Localisation Manager

Reggie Points To PlayStation 2 In Defense Of Wii U Power


Nintendo of America president was asked by Forbes how he expects Wii U will compete against the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Specifically, Fils-Aime pointed out that both the PlayStation 2 and the original Wii were less powerful than the competition, but that didn’t stop either of those consoles dominating the marketplace. However, both consoles had a huge array of games along with some notable classics. Here’s what he had to say.

“The processing power of the hardware really doesn’t matter. I say that with confidence looking at the most recent generation of home consoles where the Wii, which the broad industry looked at and said “boy, that seems to be underpowered” but sold 100 million units globally. And the consumer saw the innovation of the Wii Remote and the active gameplay we offered.”

“Even if you look at the generation before that, it was Sony’s product that was underpowered compared to the other two home consoles and yet they won that generation. In the end it comes down to the games. The games drive the install base, the games excite the consumer. We feel excited about the games not just from a first party perspective, But from third party as well.”

Nintendo DS Passes PlayStation 2 To Become Best-Selling Video Game Platform


The Nintendo DS has finally surpassed the PlayStation 2 and is now the best-selling video game platform. The Nintendo DS has sold 153.69 million units, while the PlayStation 2 has sold 153.68 million units. The Nintendo DS outsold the PlayStation 2 globally from the week ending December 8th. Let’s see if it can retain its position as the best-selling platform worldwide.

Nintendo America COO Admits Sony Has Done A “Phenomenal Job” Driving PlayStation 2 Sales

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime admits Sony did a great job in terms of supporting its 12-year-old console, PlayStation 2, which launched in 2000. The PlayStation 2 is currently the best-selling video game system of all time, followed closely by the Nintendo DS, which released 2004. Like the PlayStation 2, Fils-Aime believes Wii will keep selling for quite some time.

Have you learned anything from watching Sony’s continued success selling the PlayStation 2?

“You know, PlayStation has done a phenomenal job driving sales on what is a [twelve] year-old machine. They’ve done a phenomenal job, and they have been able to address different marketing over time, to build an incredibly large install base. We believe that the Wii system, similarly, will keep selling for quite some time. They’re going to be different addressable markets, not only from a U.S. perspective but from a global perspective… [but we’ll] hopefully continue to drive sales at a historic rate.”

Capcom Says It’s Unrealistic If Monster Hunter Games Were Bound To Sony Platforms

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series started out on a Sony console – the PlayStation 2. The publisher expanded to Nintendo platforms with the third console installment in the franchise, Monster Hunter Tri for Wii, because it’s apparently unrealistic to keep the series forever bound to one company’s platforms.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will launch 2013 for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Monster Hunter 4 is also scheduled to release 2013, in Japan, and is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

“The series did start out on Sony platforms, but it’s just realistic to think that it can’t continue on one platform forever. With Monster Hunter 4, it actually just came down to timing – we were developing a new Monster Hunter and the 3DS hardware had just come out, so we figured it was probably the best platform for us to develop it on. You have two screens, with action on top and menus on the bottom, and there’s the 3D view as well. It just made sense to put it onto 3DS.”

-Monster Hunter creator Ryozo Tsujimoto

PlayStation 2 Being Removed For Wii U At GameStop

GameStop senior vice president of store operations Mike Dzura has told the Verge that the company is planning to remove PlayStation 2 content from a number of stores in an effort to free up space for Wii U. A number of GameStop stores will continue to sell PlayStation 2 games if they are still proving popular with consumers.

Viewtiful Joe Sequel Wanted By Director

The director of Viewtiful Joe, Hideki Kamiya, has revealed to Famitsu that he wants a Viewtiful Joe sequel. Kamiya is also the designer of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title Bayonetta but if he were given the chance to make a sequel to a game that he worked on, Viewtiful Joe would be his top pick.