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Reggie Points To PlayStation 2 In Defense Of Wii U Power


Nintendo of America president was asked by Forbes how he expects Wii U will compete against the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Specifically, Fils-Aime pointed out that both the PlayStation 2 and the original Wii were less powerful than the competition, but that didn’t stop either of those consoles dominating the marketplace. However, both consoles had a huge array of games along with some notable classics. Here’s what he had to say.

“The processing power of the hardware really doesn’t matter. I say that with confidence looking at the most recent generation of home consoles where the Wii, which the broad industry looked at and said “boy, that seems to be underpowered” but sold 100 million units globally. And the consumer saw the innovation of the Wii Remote and the active gameplay we offered.”

“Even if you look at the generation before that, it was Sony’s product that was underpowered compared to the other two home consoles and yet they won that generation. In the end it comes down to the games. The games drive the install base, the games excite the consumer. We feel excited about the games not just from a first party perspective, But from third party as well.”

416 thoughts on “Reggie Points To PlayStation 2 In Defense Of Wii U Power”

    1. Ps2 won because it had GAMES, it had amazing first party and Third party, which the wiki is currently lacking. Plus it wasn’t that much behind in power compared to the wii was and the wii u is. Stop making excuses for being cheap asses.

            1. A lot of big talk to defend a console that so far has provided no innovation OR good games. Nice one, Reggie. Hopefully when they turn it around, everyone will eat their words, though.

          1. No PS2 won cos had games cos Sony had pay for first and third party games not like this SCUMBAGS nintendo who think only for their selfish asses and copy and paste from 20 years one Zelda and Mario

      1. Mean while psvita is lacking in games aswell… last time i searched news for ps2 it was being takin over by ds in most sold console.

      2. True. And Nintendo dont have the third party support like Sony had with PS2.

        However, I would love for Wii U to have great third party support. But even if it gets none at all, I would be happy with the Nintendo magic.

      3. ps1 cd gimmick ps2 dvd gimmick ps3 boo ray gimmick xbox download music gimmick dvd gimmick 360 xbox live hd dvd gimmick that’s all they have are gimmicks and 3rd party bailouts

      4. GameCube also had games, too. Wii did have good games, as well, but lacked third-party support, as it was not in HD, which is what most third-party companies required. Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 are all in HD, but the Wii U is not as powerful as the other two, but has as much support that it needs. EA is not a need, though they will develop some games for Wii U.

        1. the wii was the greatest until the u showed up every multiplat from the 7th gen would of been better with motion imo

      5. that is exactly what he said.. the difference in hardware capabilitesmay not have been quite as big as it’s now between wii U and the new consoles but it was definitely noticeable…. and if you want a more appropriate comparison.. just look at N64 and playstation… the playstation was a lot weaker than the N64 (difference is comparable to wii U and PS4/Xbone today) and sold 3 times (!) more units than the N64

        reggie is spot on in his assessment and you’re just making a bad trolling attempt as usual

        1. PlayStation also had CD-ROM, which could hold roughly 600 MB. No one wanted to mess with small-ass cartridges. That made games more difficult to make.

      6. And the PS2 started with fewer games, just like the Wii U.
        Third parties slowly added to it over time and it became a blow-out success despite its lower power.
        The Wii U will do the same; it’d take a moron to actually think it can’t happen.

    1. No, he is saying that power and graphics does not have an impact on sales at all…

      High Command is very aware about how the industry and its fanbases work…

      Well spoken my Lord Regginator!

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                                                1. Yup I remember when vice city came out. You couldn’t find that game anywhere. That is the first and probably only time I will ever see a game sold out at every single retailer

                                            1. So is the Wii U basically a PS2, Xbox One is Gamecube, PS4 is Xbox?
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                                                1. Actually the N64 is vastly more powerful than the PS1. The only advantage the PS1 had over the N64 was that it was a CD-ROM based console.

                                                  Go look at specs. I suggest Google as your start point.

                                                2. No the PS1 was 32 bit and the N64 was 64 bit. The PS1 was more successful because devs were more drawn to its cheaper to produce discs which also housed more memory than cartridges could.

                                                  1. It’s more-so because Nintendo pissed off their 3rd party support. There were huge lines ups of games for the Virtual Boy and Nintendo 64 Disc Drive and both were pulled off the market before anything could be done with them.

                                                    Infact, it’s a proven fact that the n64DD was about as powerful as the gamecube and had MUCH better features. You the Swap Notes and Miiverse you love so much? The N64DD had that even before that. The 64DD was technically the first console with built-in broadband as well. It was fantastic but ultimately dropped just because the gamecube was coming.

                                                    You know those awesome titles we never got like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy? Originally they were gonna be on the 64 DD. Oh yeah, not to mention we were going to get sequels to Mario 64 and Mario RPG AND expansions to titles like Ocarina of Time.

                                                1. Those add-ons made the Megadrive a mess. The only thing it really had on the SNES was speed apparently. It was either twice as fast or almost twice as fast as the SNES…which I couldn’t tell and I had both.

                                                  …didn’t play the Genesis much. It was great if you loved sports games, but I mainly enjoyed it for Phantasy Star, Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage, and Comix Zone.

                                            2. What games Reggie? lolololol the Wii U is a paperweight. That shit is collecting dust. Have fun plays remakes and your kiddie Mario games while the rest of us will be playing the real games; Dead Rising 3, Halo, KH3.

                                                  1. A place where someone can’t spell for a can of beans because they dropped out of elementary school.
                                                    Also, next time put two “m”s on “cumin.” It’ll be funny.

                                              1. Step 1: Call Mario games “kiddie” games Step 2: Call Kingdom Hearts, a game about basicly going to Disneyland a “real” game. Conclusion: your deffinitions of “kiddie” and “real” games are weird!

                                              2. Obviously he’s trying to annoy as much ppl as possible. Unfortunately many of the people on this site cant ever seem to understand that

                                            3. As long as the software is great, people will come.

                                              Having powerful hardware isn’t the be-all and end-all of a console. If it was, PC gaming wouldn’t be as widespread as it is. You only need the highest-end parts if you want to play games on their highest settings, but those games play just fine on a mid-tier system.

                                              1. It hasn’t even been out for a year yet, you impatient retard.

                                                It’s barely had a chance to prove itself yet, and yet everyone’s complaining.

                                                Plenty of new games were shown at E3. But it seems as enough is never enough for the haters…

                                                1. Yes , hater , one does not simply compare any console to the ps2 .
                                                  Until they bring 3rd party support my statement isn’t going to change .

                                            4. I’m afraid Nintendo is getting out of tune.

                                              Reggie words seem to be a desperate move to convince consumers that Wii U is well worth, which seems not to be the case so far.

                                              I feel they are in the middle of a desert, waiting for the rain that will never come.

                                              As time passes, Wii U is gradually losing third-party support – just see the bad news lately. Gamers are no longer hopeful about Wii U fate, even Nintendo fans like me. I’ve been convinced that Nintendo has made a huge mistake in releasing it so early and forcing gamers to use such an awkward controller which requires you to go back-and-forth from the TV screen to it.

                                              Game & Wario is nothing but crap when compared to Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play and Wii Play Motion.

                                              1. Get a hold of yourself.

                                                PS: I’d rather play Game & Wario and share drawings on Miiverse than pretend to play baseball any fucking day.

                                              2. Lets rewind one year

                                                Average Gamer in mynintendonews: I’m afraid Nintendo is getting out of tune.

                                                Reggie words seem to be a desperate move to convince consumers that 3ds is well worth, which seems not to be the case so far.

                                                I feel they are in the middle of a desert, waiting for the rain that will never come.

                                                As time passes, the 3ds is gradually losing third-party support – just see the bad news lately. Gamers are no longer hopeful about 3ds fate, even Nintendo fans like me. I’ve been convinced that Nintendo has made a huge mistake in releasing it so early and suggesting gamers to look such an awkward screen which requires you to go back-and-forth from the 3d screen to the touchscreen it.

                                                Pilotwings resort is nothing but crap when compared to New Super Mario bros, Mario Kart DS and Super Mario 64 DS.

                                                1. You are very loud and creative, Silent. :)

                                                  Do you know anything about the 3DS $80.00-price cut that happen in the past?

                                                  Do you believe Nintendo will drop the Wii U price in short-term?

                                                  Do you really think Wii U fortune will bring it success and recognition? I really would like to believe in it, but I just no longer can.

                                                  By the way, I’ve never, ever, said that about Nintendo 3DS, and purchased and supported mine since day-one.

                                                  1. The price cut really had nothing to do with it. The 3DS started receiving a steady stream of games with SM3D Land, and they are continuing to this day.
                                                    I haven’t addressed the price cut. You know what else got a price cut? The PS Vita, in Japan, where handhelds are bigger than consoles. Sales quadrupled, and for one week it outsold the 3DS. Now? SONY has abandoned it to ports and as an expensive Gamepad knockoff. The difference is that the 3DS got games, while the Vita didn’t. People don’t want portable consoles, they want different systems with different games. The Wii U is starting to receive a lot of good games, and all of its big releases besides SM3D World will be out by Black Friday. Even if there’s no official price cut, the second half of 2013 will be amazing for the Wii U.
                                                    I’m not being a fanboy, I’m just using data as evidence for an educated guess. Essentially, I just supported my hypothesis.

                                                    1. I am sure the price cut played a role in the increase of 3DS sales – the numbers prove it. Just to to VGChartz and look for it – the admins of this blog don’t allow posting links here in the comments sections, although a number of people do so.

                                                      You mentioned an interesting point: the PS Vita. It is an amazing machine, but it lacks appealing, blockbuster games. Its library is just ok. I see the same happening to Wii U. No marketing, no good games, no sales, no increasing in the install base, no third party-support – I do not know what is cause and what is consequence, but anyway – no future.

                                                      I wouldn’t mind just having first- and second-party games on Wii U. But it seems that Nintendo has gotten lost in their own dream in the sense that they have never been so sluggish and pointless. The titles in the pipeline are just ok; none of them will be a system seller, except for Mario Kart 8 – but it is a guess, no more than that.

                                                      I wanted so badly to be proved wrong, actually. Time will tell.

                                                    2. Super Mario 3D Land was a weak game. Just sayin’. Even my friend, a die-hard Nintendo fan, agrees.
                                                      Anyway, moving on…
                                                      I had to wait 6 months after the 3DS released to get any good games (that is, games I thought worthy of my limited money, like StarFox 64 3D and Ocarina of Time 3D). Until then I had to rely on the Ambassador Program in order to not let my 3DS collect dust.
                                                      Not entirely sure where that fits into your argument. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

                                              3. So whats my point: You guys are impatient. You prefer to just declare the console as a failure just like people labeled the 3ds as a failure. And now people are going to tell me that ”it was because of the vita and the lack of competition” BS. In this industry there is no real, or hardcore or VIP gamer. I’m waiting for Nintendo to release their games. Im tired of people saying the Wii U is only for casuals. There is only casual and non-casual. People who call themselves hardcore gamers are just kids trying to look cool infront of other idiots. The term is just a way of social acceptance because they dont have any social skills to be accepted in society. As of now, the Wii U is having a rough start, but it its not failing

                                                1. Do you really believe Wii U will ever have such an amazing library of games like Nintendo 3DS does?

                                                  Games sell boxes. If Wii U is struggling against competition of 360 and PS3, imagine how tough the picture will get when XBone and PS4, that are just down the road, reach the market. The latter consoles are more appealing – at least to developers – than Wii U. And when it comes for gamers, the PS4 is, undoubtedly and sadly, far more appealing than the Wii U.

                                                  This scenario is nothing close to that one which Nintendo 3DS ever faced.

                                                  1. You are giving up hope too soon. Nintendo has definitely made some mistakes but it won’t be the end of them. It’s going to take awhile but their console will be fine. I hope your opinion is your own and you’re not just banwagoning off of all this Nintendo hatred that seems to be popular as of late. It’s not over until they give an official statement saying they stopped supporting Wii U. I just don’t see that happening. They stuck it out with the Gamecube and they will do the same for Wii U. As time goes on people tend to jump on nostalgia. No one seemed to care much for the Gamecube back then when it released, but now people are all “Oh heavenly Gamecube! You were the best!” The same thing is going to happen with Wii U. Sometimes you don’t know how great something was until it’s gone. I feel Wii U will be the ultimate Nintendo console over time. It’s already shaping up to be the embodiment of all things Nintendo. It has something for old and new gamers given their steadily growing library. 3rd party support will naturally pick up once Nintendo picks up their pace with game releases.

                                            5. Too bad we have to wait till the FUCKING END OF THE YEAR before we get some good games. If this kind of drought happens again I don’t know what i’ll do. Nintendo, please, hire more people so you can make your games faster.

                                              1. Think about it… would you rather have a rushed mess of a game, or would you rather have them take their time so that the game is as good as possible. No one ever thinks of the developers… impatient little whiners…

                                                1. How about they hire more devs so they can do their quality Nintendo magic a little faster? Fucking apologetic fanboy…………..

                                            6. That was only true last generation because of the price and the interest of the wii. This generation the Wii U only has the price. Even then it is only 100 dollars cheaper than the Ps4. To be honest, the Wii U is lacking in games and no one really cares about it. The older generation only liked the wii because it was easy to use. Without any real advertising they don’t know what the Wii U is. People that are in their 30’s want something with good games, good power, without a huge pricetag. The PS4 has proved that it meets all of the requirements.

                                              Graphics don’t matter, but when you have few games, terrible advertising, and a price point that hardly makes it competitive, you have nothing. The Wii U is destined to fail unless they actually advertise it as a whole new system, or they come out with more good games. Smash bros will help sure, but by that point people will be invested in their Xbox and Playstation. The Wii U will be forgotten this holiday season for sure.

                                              Therefore, it is incredibly difficult to compare the Wii U to the Wii or the PS2. The only real comparison to be made are the less than perfect graphics. Until Nintendo quits making the mistakes it has been, the Wii U will fail.

                                              1. ^This.

                                                Moreover, I’m grabbing a PS4 at launch. First time in life I’ll get a non-Nintendo console. I’m tired of skipping good titles due to the lack of third-party support to Nintendo.


                                                2. You’re making a good choice man, I have nothing against Nintendo, they have fantastic first party games and all, but you really do miss out on a lot of third party games if you stay exclusively with nintendo.

                                                  1. Mine is pre-ordered already! =D

                                                    Yeah, I’ve been a loyal Nintendo fan for over 25 years… But I do want to play all the good titles that sadly won’t head to Wii U.

                                                    And, of course, Sony has an interesting catalogue of first-party titles.

                                                  2. any game that’s not on the u is not good enough 4 the u i am sure the u will have more than enough games i can play anywhere i can find a power socket that’s the level kingtendo is on sonysoft gets lots of help cuz they are pathetic

                                            7. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                              PS4 is $400 instead of $500 because it dropped the camera. Xbox One is $500 because it has its camera (Kinect). I really would’ve payed $400 or $450 for my Wii U if they used the extra dollars to make it more competitive. Not to mention, the Wii U has some other noteworthy issues:

                                              -GamePad doesn’t charge with USB, so why bother having FOUR USB ports with two IN THE FRONT?!
                                              -No Ethernet cable
                                              -Wii U Pro controller lacks multiple features
                                              -Stressing GamePad use
                                              -DVD Player
                                              -More things I’m forgetting.

                                              The lack of power means it’ll lack in games. PS2 still got games. Developers are already moving away from the console. It’s already too late.

                                              1. The lack of an Ethernet port really surprised me. Like, really? Not ok. The gamepad breaks immersion therefore making hardcore gaming very difficult. DVD player still? Jeebus Christ are we cavemen???

                                                1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                                  You’d think after focusing on the PS3 and 360 they would’ve added a DVD player. If all of this crap is because of the “expensive” GamePad, I really would rather be without it.
                                                  People keep wanting Nintendo to implement some innovative function in their games with the GamePad and yet Nintendo doesn’t. That’s because developers have already done pretty much everything that CAN be done!
                                                  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I’d rather have a normal console that kills the competition and deals out super powered Zelda and Metroid games.


                                                1. It’s simply not a match for the other consoles. PS4/ONE’s GCN is way more efficient than Wii U’s stoneage VLIW5, they….or PS4 atleast is a lot easier to program for which results in less or equal cost by a much better outcome. 1GB vs 7GB’s……there’s not even a competition, USB3.0 Superspeed, INTERNAL HDD with 20*the size of Wii U Premium’s user available storage and so on…..

                                                  1. unimportantbystander

                                                    In my opinion PS4 and Xbox 1 are basically custom PCs wouldn’t surprise me if emulating their games would be a piece of cake.

                                                2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                                                  I’m fine with the GamePad but I would like to have payed $100 more for a console that GETS GAMES. The reason why it’s not $250 is because of the GamePad itself. If they dropped the GamePad and then raised $100 it’d be $350 still lol. I’d want it the same price as PS4 or in between PS4 and X1.

                                                3. where were u spec bitches in the 64 cube era ps4 box1 have overated specs going by dollars i bet u we are not going to see fifty dollar difference the whole gen that makes the u double better

                                              3. yeah, i dont want multiple dvd/blu-ray players, one is fine, second, your right about no port for Ethernet connection but you can connect an Ethernet cable using an adapter, 3, unless you have the brightness settings to 1 then it lasts longer, not much but still,

                                                    1. I guess you could call that porn. I am totally excited to pick up Tomb Raider for 7.50. Assuming that is is all true that is.

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                                                        1. Just because you hate PC and steam doesn’t mean you should call it Porn! I mean, sure my PC is basically my porn but still….

                                                          1. DON'T CLICK ON THIS LINK!

                                                            PORN IS NOT PC AND STEAM! THAT WAS “REAL” PORN! LIKE SOME GUY WAS FORNICATING WITH SOME OTHER GUY O.O

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                                            8. Power means nothing if you have good games. That’s basically what Reggie said and he is completely right.

                                              1. But power means something if it brings you games! Nintendo always manages to screw up the chances for support with a dealbreaker.

                                                N64: We’ll use Cartridges with less space and higher cost because that’s what evrybody wants!
                                                Gamecube: We have powerful hardware and a good controller. Hmm, everyone seems to want a “it only does everything”…. Nah we’ll use mini DVDs.
                                                Wii:We have a standard optical media and a new idea….hmmm oh yes we’ll make it extremely underpowerd….

                                                Wii U: Ok it seems like we need strong hardware to get those games but we need to lie and release a stopgap system that can’t keep up and miss the chance to use standard hardware.

                                                1. That’s true on the N64. Although I will admit in 1996-1999, if I wanted something I could loan and expect back in working/cosmetic condition it was cartridges all day.

                                                  Loaning a CD in middle school and you were basically telling a classmate “Please return my PS game in a condition that seems like you either left it on the dashboard in the southern heat clear side up or dragged it behind your bicycle in the alley with all the broken Wild Irish Rose and other assorted whiskey bottles. Please?”

                                            9. How is a user benefiting from sales number which’s money he doesn’t get ?
                                              And did selling the most make the PS2 games playable ?

                                            10. One big problem with his comparison. PS2 had excellent third-party support, considering that that was when Sony nabbed the big RPG franchises (Final Fantasy, Tales of, etc.)

                                              Honestly, while I am very much looking forward to the great 1st-party title for Wii U, third-part developers just don’t seem to want to develop for it. Even Ubisoft seems to be jumping off the bandwagon a bit.

                                              I love Nintendo and I always will, but even I have to admit, they’re also going a very good job of pissing off 3rd-party developers.

                                                    1. Ok, I can send you A LINK TO A PAGE WITH MY ADDRESS but oh wait …. I guess you won’t klick it because there might be porn in it…..or an over the air punch.

                                            11. Pikachu Pika Pikachu Pi
                                              (Nintendo does need third party because after a while first party won’t be enough)


                                                1. Hey Stonework, you want me to come over der and smack u upside duh head?! I’ll do it, bitch! 💋

                                                    1. I’ll be there soon enough. Just remember, Ice type is super effective against rock type ;) 💋

                                                            1. Pay attention reality is super effective against drug supported illusions! And reality WILL HIT YOU LIKE A ROCK!

                                              1. you speak of the 3DS as if it was in the past tense…and the VITA’s only had like a year on the market, 2 years like the 3DS. lol.

                                            12. Ps2 won becouse of piracy and games. In addition to this, ps2 was not so underpowered compared to its competitors. Wii had the wii mote and a lot of casual games.
                                              Wii U has… a touchscreen? Still does not have games and it’s really underpowered compared to xbox1 and ps4.
                                              Nintendo has no excuses this time: wii u is a mistake.

                                              1. The Wii U isnt that far off either graphically. Looking at comparison videos of Wii U and PS4 put my fears to rest.

                                            13. +PS2 had a lot of hype before launch…..Wii U not
                                              +PS2 had a lot of support……Wii U not
                                              +PS2 tech matched its launch time………Wii U not
                                              +PS2 had a huge fanbase………Wii U not
                                              +PS2 HAD A HUGE AND WELL MADE M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G F-A-M-P-A-I-N……….Wii U not

                                                  1. I’d ask you to get over yourself, but seeing as how your ass is so large it’ll be highly impossible…

                                                1. The same day grammar nazi bitches like you were born. Do you know what “browsing on a mobile” is? If you type fast on an onscreen keyboard then it’s likely thay you’ll make mistakes. But you probably don’t know what I mean because you’re much likely unable to afford one……..

                                              1. the u has several game changers ps2 had one big gimmick wii u is the best console ever no matter who wins gaming on nintendo will be power required from now on the nintendo mob with the u power is going to smash shit and i wouldn’t bet against that

                                            14. The PlayStation 2 is great. Speaking of PS2 today I picked up Dynasty Warriors 2 for PS2 for only £1.50.

                                            15. Arnold Swollenpecker

                                              I got banned from Miiverse for saying the VC has been crap so far and then calling the defense force of fanboys that jumped down my throat delusional. HAHAHA!!!! What a fucking joke. Really looking forward to getting my PS4….

                                            16. The general point here from Reggie is excitement per se – ok then Nintendo – the Wii U did lack some tremendous excitement after launch and now it’s slowly picking up thanks to some quite exciting games. Let’s continue that please***

                                            17. I don’t know what games Reggie is talking about. The Wii U has no games. The Wii U pretty much has no 3rd party support. What is Reggie talking about if not even 3rd party developers are making games for the Wii U.
                                              The only ones interested in the Wii U are kids. Nintendo forgot about the core gamers. The ones of us who grew up playing on Nintendo systems. They used to have Rare (Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, etc) Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness) Left Field (Excitebike64), even the special relationship they had with Factor 5 (all the Rogue Squadron games on the GC, Battle for Naboo on N64). Now the only western studio they have left is Retro and they put them to work on another kiddie game, what a waste of talent. Nintendo used to make other type of games for the ones of us who don’t want all these kiddie games. But they forgot about us. Wave Race, Wave Race Blue Storm, 1080° were also great games.
                                              It took “Operation Rainfall” to convince Nintendo to release Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower on the West, as clearly Nintendo is so out of touch it had no intention to do so. Apparently even Nintendo thought that those more mature games weren’t going to sell on their system in the West.
                                              That why I am moving to PS4 where I can play the type of games that I want and don’t have to play the kiddie games that Nintendo puts out now and wait years and years for maybe one game that might appeal to me. I’m tired of missing out on all the Triple A games that never get released on Nintendo consoles (Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, GTA5, I can keep going and going) More interested in Ubisofts “The Divison” and “The Crew” than in anything Nintendo showed at E3 (and anything they have put out in the last few years for that matter).

                                              I used to like Nintendo a lot, but the old Nintendo, the Nintendo who had all these awesome 2nd party studios, when they used to make other types of games than all these Mario and kiddie games that I’m not interested in. (I gave a big list of games that I liked that they made back in the day.)

                                              But Nintendo is out of touch, they been so for years. My loyalty to them is gone.

                                              1. Arnold Swollenpecker

                                                Amen!!!!! They lost me at E3. Fucking Donkey Kong instead of Metroid?????? That Mario game is a joke and anyone that feels otherwise is a god damn noob. When Super Mario bros came out it was a game changer, same with Super Mario World. Mario 64 was the most mindfucking assgasm in the history of gaming when it came out. Now look at em porting handheld games over to fill te roster.

                                              2. I kind of feel the same way. I can see Nintendo becoming irrelevant and no one is doing anything to stop this. This is sad and I am very disappointed with the situation and with Nintendo. I am sure all of us Nintendo fans wish for a miracle, but I do not see that happening any time soon, or ever…

                                            18. LOL he said “third party” , NEWS FLASH reggie we don’t want disney planes or smurfs 2 or even that croods games… when I see games like gta 5, battlefield, the division, KH3 ,FF, thief on the wiiu only then will I believe .. but atleast nintendo is releasin some first party games from july .. unlike my vita

                                            19. problem is back in the pre hd era retards weren’t as obsessed with graphical horsepower as they are now and the ps2 had more going for it than games than the cube with its mini disc. in this hd era there are more than just consoles for gaming so comparing the wiiu to the success of the ps2 won’t prove or solve anything.

                                            20. YOU PEOPLE ARE INEPT TO THINK WIIU ISNT NEXT GEN



                                              OPTERMIZED PRE FETCH AND gDDR3 RAM IS SUB 20NS LATENT AND THE EDRAM AND SRAM IS SUB 5 NS


                                              MAIN RAM READS ARE OVER 10 X LONGER AND VS EDRAM OVER 20 X LONGER


                                              PRESTO WIIU IS EFFIECENT IS THIS SO HARD


                                              CLEARLY MAKES GFLOP FANBOYS LOOK INSANE AND STUPID

                                              ENOUGH ALREADY WITH 8GB RAM

                                              ITS FUCKING SLOW RAM AND DOESNT FEED GPU DIRECTLY ITS A SLOW CPU BY PASS

                                              WIIUS EDRAM AND SUB MEMORY SYSTEM IS 70X BIGGER THAN PS4 AND LIGHTNING FAST
                                              WIIUS MAIN RAM IS OVER 10 X FASTER THAN PS4


                                              TRY EDUCATING YOUR SELVES

                                              1. Kind of sucks though that a lot of 3rd-party games seem to be running on engines that aren’t compatable with Wii U.

                                                Either that or 3rd-parties aren’t trying hard enough.


                                                You could put as much bullshit in caps lock to make yourself seem intelligent about hardware, but it won’t make you intelligent, lol.

                                                I admire your persistence over the month though, but when I’ve called you out for your bullshit numerous times before you never reply with sources or anything to prove it. Because this is all fresh out of your ass, where you will likely find your /shitty/ grades from high school. :P

                                                It’s eclipsed by the Xbox One and PS4 on the hardware front, not even debatable. It’s time to step back into reality, this shtick of yours is getting tired now.

                                              3. hahaha you’re post indicated you don’t know shit about hardware, good job.
                                                delusional .. you are it :)

                                            21. Here’s the thing.
                                              There is no console war to me. Any company that tries too hard to match or outdo the competition will fail.

                                              Look at SEGA. They spent so much time attempting to one-up Nintendo and Sony with the 32X, CD, and the Saturn, and by the time they pursued their own vision with the Dreamcast, the PS2 had come along and it was too late.

                                              Nintendo isn’t here to compete, they are here to pursue their own visions and entertain their way. Expecting games immediately after a console’s launch is silly, and comparing it to consoles that don’t exist yet is even sillier.
                                              Wait a year or two, see how everything plays out, and then we can make a proper verdict.

                                              1. But they are competing, whether they like it or not. They have to woo consumers away from buying and supporting their iPads/iPhones, PS3s/360s and soon, their PS4s and XB1s. Both Nintendo’s consoles and that of their rivals, primarily play video games. So yes, they are all in competition for consumer interest and support.

                                            22. Pingback: Reggie Says Processing Power Won’t Win This Generation | GenGAME

                                            23. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                              GDDR5 NOT SUITED TO CPU s I think you can easily find that out online

                                              Sony lead design guy ADMITTED ps4 didnt have edram or fast ram because sony couldnt afford it

                                              Wiiu uses high bandwith fast edram xbone uses 6t sram esram


                                              So ps4 used OFF THE SHELF SHIT


                                              Wiius CUSTOM WELL DESIGNED HARDWARE

                                              Gflops dont meen shit. With slow ass 200ns ram

                                            24. Good point. That’s why I haven’t lost faith. The system just needs games that take advantage of what the system is capable of innovative-wise

                                            25. PS2: Underpowered, great games
                                              Vita: Fantastic piece of machinery, has jack shit for games. Ports don’t count.

                                            26. i dont get this, nintendo keeps trying to defend why wii u is underpowered, yes they sold a truck load of wiis and games but the top 10 games 7-8 were nintendo made, i love nintendo but they have lost touch with gamers not saying they have to be like ps4 or xbox one but what they are doing isnt working

                                              1. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                                You kidding right !!!

                                                Gddr5 is the latest generic ram used on pc graphics cards its the highest bandwidth BUT THE SLOWEST COMUNICATOR the slow speed is a serious issue in comparason to wiius edram and xbobes esram

                                                Ddr3 gddr3 is a more traditional dram for both cpus and gpus its much cleaner faster than GDDR5 BUT LESS BANDWIDTH

                                                Wiuu has the fastest memory set up it has gddr3 with customized pre fetch and a fast ram sub memory on gpu of 32mb edram 2 mb edram and 1 mb sram all embedded to gpu

                                                Wiius mcm is also low latency design

                                                Ps4 cannot read to gpu from gddr5 its cpu bound and has to re root via a by pass combine that with Rediculous latency 200ns

                                                Its clear ps4 is vastly less effective than wiiu

                                                1. So what are you getting at? Does that mean that the Wiiu is going to get better games then the PS4? Because if not then you can rant about how much more efficient the Wiiu runs but it’s not going to compete unless Nintendo lowers the price and start paying to get some 3rd party exclusives.

                                                  1. He’s not getting at anything, he’s singing his tired tune about GDDR5 having more latency (which isn’t good for a CPU) and parading around about it as if a hardware focused company like Sony is clueless about transmissions and doesn’t know a workaround for that or a special way in which data can transmit. But apparently he has difficulty processing that in his Nintendo corroded brain.

                                                    He lives in this bizarro land where he thinks the Wii U will outperform the next-gen consoles in any aspect, lol. Or where Mario Kart 8 according to him was the most impressive looking game on the E3 show floor.

                                                    Do yourself a big favor and skip over all of his bullshit and alt accounts, he’s a laughing stock on every single forum he visits. :)

                                                  2. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                                    WHAT AM SAYING IS FACT

                                                    Heres the fact YOU CANNOT PROCESS DATA THAT ISNT THERE


                                                    Were as ps4 is reading from slow main ram allbthe way thru the system to the gpu back out again All the way back to main ram AND REPEAT

                                                    Same applys cpu gddr5 has poor cpu performance

                                                    Were ps4 is wasting clocks and bandwidth and ram WIIU IS USING IT NOT TRASHING CLOCKS

                                                    Presto wiiu and ps4 are both NEXT GEN POWER but wiiu is doing it with tiny power draw tiny heat a smaller box and a more refined hardware

                                                    Ps4 is trying to BRUTE FORCE IT

                                                    THATS WHAT AM SAYING

                                                    Say wiiu is 550mhz gpu its being used FAST and EFFICENT

                                                    Ps4 has a 800mhz gpu BUT ITS WASTING CLOCKS WAITING FOR DATS FROM MR SLOW RAM TWIDDLING ITS THUMBS

                                                    Get it

                                                2. So the Wii U’s CPU and GPU have a way better relationship with each other and PS4’s CPU and GPU just says, “What’s up” around Christmas and Easter.

                                            27. There is a significant difference though. During the PS2’s era, it was current gen tech. And regarding the Wii, it sold so well because it wasn’t a games console, it was a pop culture phenomenon. It was also something very new and was very cheap. WiiU on the other hand is old technology and doesn’t offer anything like the phenomenon that was the Wii. They have to accept the reality, that WiiU is not going to be a success like the PS2 and Wii, or even the 360 and PS3. This is why I believe that Nintendo needs a fresh approach to WiiU. It needs to grow up, because children don’t want Nintendo products anymore, they want iPhones/iPads. So Nintendo has to start targeting the older gamer now and stop faffing about with demographics that aren’t interested anymore.

                                            28. Reggie for god sake wake up!

                                              I need to point this out, ’cause nobody seems to think about the following. During the early 00’s the DVD were introduced, but like so much other tech, it’s costly at first, there’s hardly any competition between companies, and PS2 had a very direct advantage to the Dreamcast and GameCube in that manner.

                                              The DVD format was a huge leap from VHS, and unlike blu-ray, it didn’t really require a new TV to truly see the difference, so while it was costly, people saw the added DVD player in the PS2 as a bonus, and a good one at that! This is one of the very sole reasons people stuck to the PS brand, or left Nintendo.

                                              Besides that PS1 had won over people with it’s design. GameCube looked like a toy, and however good the controller was (one of the best in my opinion – if not THE best), it’s no secret that the older crowd preferred a more sharp design.

                                              And then there’s one more thing… The PS2 came out 2 years earlier than the GameCube – with such a huge gap, people saw no reason to invest in a GameCube, when they already had a solid library of PS2 games. I mean 2 years for god sake! Had the Wii U come out in November 2012, like it did, but with a decent flow of games, maybe it could’ve actually had some potential to stay with the competetion, but with the complete drought in games, it’s become clear that they prefer staying in their own course, which i admire, but Lego City doesn’t interrest me, i’m sure it’s a good game, but it does’t interrest me, so i don’t buy it, simple as that – what then? Need for Speed, Amazing Spider-Man? Ports of games, that i can get cheaper on the PC, heck even the other consoles?

                                              Nintendo admits to the fact, that they lack 3rd party games, they don’t evade the questions like they once did, but now they make use of arguments, without even thinking of the simple facts as to why people bought the PS2 and not the more powerful GameCube.

                                              1. More valid points. I admire Reggie’s blind determination, after all, it’s his job to praise Nintendo as he’s (trying) to sell it’s product. But deep down, I think he knows full well, that Nintendo of Japan are driving down the motorway in the wrong direction. They have made ALL the wrong moves. They have done NOTHING right with WiiU. From the moment it was announced, people were iffy about it, and now sales are reflecting Nintendo’s inability to innovate and capture the interest of gamers and non-gamers anymore.

                                                They say it’s all about the games… what games?! Most of them are sub par ports, Nintendo’s own existing and upcoming titles are unoriginal and are struggling to interest anyone outside of Nintendo’s fan base. The one drawing the main attention is “X” and that probably won’t be out, at the earliest, until sometime at the end of 2014.

                                                I just don’t know what they are thinking at the moment. This is no way to run a business and it’s definitely not a way to survive in the modern gaming era.

                                                1. The “Sub par ports” thing you’re toting is false.
                                                  There’s a few great ports, and a lot of bad ports that were not developed right.
                                                  You cannot, CANNOT!, put blame on Nintendo for EA making the fucked-up decision to release ME3 when THERE WAS A COLLECTION COMING OUT THEY COULD HAVE RELEASE INSTEAD ALONGSIDE SOME OF THE DLC.

                                                  Similarly, Sniper Elite V2 TOTES GRAPHICS AS ITS DAMNED SELLING POINT when they made the foolish move of LEAVING OUT MULTIPLAYER AND ALL OF THE DLC.

                                                  Similarly, you’re incorrect in saying that “X” is the only main draw.

                                                  You’re showing an amount of blind bias so immense that I can only assume you hate the system with a purple passion and are DIGGING for any reason, however small and weak, to try and put it down.

                                                  If you want a legitimate reason to put it down, BASH THE WEAK ADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGN.
                                                  THAT is a legitimate complain.
                                                  Not the things you’ve tried claiming thus far.

                                                  1. I didn’t blame Nintendo for ME3. Where the hell did you get that from? As for every other point I made, sorry, but they are all accurate. Just saying “but but but, you’re wrong!” and stamping your feet doesn’t change that fact. Deal with it. Wake up, as I did, and accept that Nintendo have completely screwed up, in every area, this time around. Defending a mistake doesn’t make it any less so.

                                                      1. What bias? The is no bias TOO deal with. And all of the problems I highlighted are very much existent. I own a Wii U and several games. I have also owned every previous Nintendo console and a considerable number of games. My opinions come from logical observations and experience. The are in no way affected by some misplaced loyalty or hatred.

                                                        If anything, loyalty and positive bias are one of the main causes of all of this. Nintendo fans spent so much time and money lapping up whatever Nintendo say and do, that they essentially became yes men; telling Nintendo, via their wallets, that everything is just fine, there is no need to innovate, be creative and take risks.

                                                        The best thing for companies like Nintendo is a shock reality check. That things aren’t “just fine”, stop being hopeful and assuming everything will work out in the end, and make some big, positive changes to ensure the continued growth and success of their business.

                                            29. lol right, it comes down to the games…. but Wii U has a huge lack of a big pool of great games yet. perhaps 2014… but Nintendo thinks, the success of the Wii can be repeated with Wii U so easily, and I don’t think so. There are less games, less advertisements, less potential customers, because the families and casuals have their Wii and think they do not need anything new.

                                              The Wii U better gets a price cut when PS4 and Xbox One come out, and have some surprises for 2013 (not “stay tuned” or “2014”!!)…

                                              As a huge fan of Nintendo franchises since 1994 I own every nintendo console so far… except the Wii U, because there are not enough great nintendo-franchise games yet.