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Tetris Ultimate Will Be Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Today, Ubisoft announced that the evolution of the world’s most loved puzzle game will be available for Nintendo 3DS this fall. In addition to delivering six exciting modes, Tetris Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS also includes an exclusive single-player Challenge mode that will put any player’s determination to the test.

With fun features and unique visuals, Tetris Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS allows 1–4 players to face off in seven different game modes:

• Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
• Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out.
• Ultra – Race to score as many points possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
• Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.
• Battle – Go head-to-head to knock out 1-4 challengers.
• Battle Ultimate – Be the last person playing after using crazy power-ups. Go on the offensive with Carousel and make your opponent’s Well shift to the left after each move, or trigger Let it Rain and dump garbage down on top of them. Buzz Saw helps you out by clearing away a number of your lines, especially useful when you’re in a spot of trouble.
• Challenge – From disappearing Tetriminos (Tetris playing pieces) to orientation-locked Tetriminos, be prepared for a variety of challenges that will test a player’s fortitude.

Real-time worldwide leaderboards add to the fervor and competition among friends to see who the best-of-the-best Tetris Ultimate players really are.

Tetris Ultimate will also be available for digital download this summer for the first time on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and this fall on PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system and Windows PC.

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Sakurai Reveals Rayman As A Trophy For Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. game director Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that Ubisoft’s limbless Rayman will be a trophy ahead of the playable character announcement later today. In his daily Miiverse post, Sakurai casually revealed the platform character to his followers, saying that Ubisoft’s designers had sent Nintendo a unique character model for Rayman.

It’s certainly an interesting move from Ubisoft, but let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember you can catch the live reveal at 3pm BST / 7am PDT today. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse:

“In order to make Rayman’s trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!!”

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Ubisoft Shows Just How Bad Their Wii U Sales Have Been


Ubisoft today announced their quarter one results for 2014. The report was dominated by news that the company’s recently released Watch Dogs has shipped eight million copies worldwide.
Sales for the first quarter of 2014-15 came to €360 million, up 374% (or 386% at constant exchange rates) compared with the €76 million recorded for first-quarter 2013-14. The first quarter sales figure was higher than the target of approximately €310 million announced when Ubisoft released its full-year 2013-14 results. The company also provided a breakdown of sales via platform and as you can see the Wii U didn’t generate very many. However, Ubisoft is still bringing out Watch Dogs to the platform later this year.


Ubisoft Claims Gamers Are More Open To DLC Now

Ubisoft believes that gamers are now more open to downloadable content than ever before. Ubisoft VP of digital publishing Chris Early claims that when they’ve introduced downloadable content such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s “Time saver” DLC packs, barely any consumers complained to the company about it. Here’s what he said.

“There was no resistance. Maybe there were 12 guys somewhere who said something, but whatever. As a whole, there wasn’t a problem.”

“I think there are some models that are accepted now. DLC is pretty much accepted. Season pass is pretty much accepted. Now it’s interesting when you start to think of Season Pass as a Service Pass. For our Season Pass holders, I know we hold events for them specifically, so it’s little bit more than just DLC content. So there’s an evolution going on there.”


Ubisoft Discounts 17 Games On North American eShop, Plus More Titles From Other Devs

If you fancy grabbing a bargain today then look no further than the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Ubisoft has put 17 of its games up for sale including the critically acclaimed Rayman Legends and the immensely popular Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. The games will be available at this price point until July 7th.

3DS games on sale:

Wii U games on sale:



Ubisoft Says Nobody Buys Sub-Par Games, So We Must Embrace Cancelling Titles

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently took some time out to discuss cancelling games that don’t quite make the cut. Guillemot told the site that consumers are much more wary about purchasing subpar games and this hurts the bottom line. Therefore developers and publishers should be more open to cancelling games that aren’t going to live up to expectation.

CVG: How difficult was it to make the decision to scrap the original design [of Rainbow Six] and start again? Among the big publishers, Ubisoft certainly seems the least afraid to go back to the drawing board…

Ubisoft: In a way it was difficult because you have to say ‘OK, let’s do a write-off’. But the business has become a bit clearer; if you don’t make the right decisions, it tells you at the end you’ve made a big mistake. The longer you wait, the bigger the mistake is.

So in a way the decision is easier to make now than it was before. Before we could say, ‘OK, we’ll still sell a couple of million units and monetize our investment’. Today if you are not at the right quality level, nobody will buy. Nobody will like it.

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Ubisoft CEO Says Wii U Can Only Succeed If It’s Sold At Right Price

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot believes that the Wii U could succeed if it was sold at an enticing price point to consumers. Guillemot says the company made the right step with Mario Kart 8 and he hopes they can do the same with Super Smash Bros Wii U. He also mentioned the game that they have ready for Wii U, but they won’t release it until the machine starts to sell as well as expected.

“Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has warned that the machine can only succeed if the price is right.”

“With Mario Kart, Wii U made one step and we expect with Smash Bros it will also do more. If Nintendo put the right price on the machine then they will probably have a chance to do further.”

“That game is waiting for more machines to be available. We are also waiting for them to achieve more sales so that we can invest more. Because the problem we have with next-gen now here, is that we are seeing less games that are on next-gen and last-gen consoles.”

“Nintendo has to perform this year, otherwise they will have less games. Justifying investing in the machine needs a larger install base.”


Tetris Ultimate Now Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

Tetris Ultimate will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, according to Nintendo of Europe’s upcoming games list. Last week, Ubisoft announced the title would be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but failed to mention a launch on any Nintendo platforms. Given that Tetris gained its biggest success on Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld back in 1989, it was an odd choice to skip Nintendo consoles entirely, particularly the 3DS.

Spotted on a Nintendo of Europe listing for upcoming games, Tetris Ultimate appears to be launching on the Nintendo 3DS  as a digital download this Autumn – exactly the same launch window as the PC, while other platforms will receive the title this summer in order to coincide with its 30th anniversary. Presumably, North America will also be able to join in on the familiar puzzle block game come Autumn as well.


Ubisoft CEO Reiterates Stance On Wii U Price Drop, Says “Right Price” Could Elevate Sales

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has reiterated his stance on a Wii U price drop. In a recent interview with CVG he said the console could elevate sales if sold at the “right price”. The publisher’s CEO has driven this point across by adding that their mystery family friendly game will only come to Nintendo’s latest home console if it expands its install base.

However, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has previously mentioned that another Wii U price drop – following its £30 cut last August – is currently not an option, though a core focus on quality titles and one game’s driving force can elevate sales in the long-run. Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot said the publisher would continue to support the Wii U with the few games coming this year.

“We are coming with Watch Dogs and Just Dance this year. We also have another game on the shelves that we expect to come at some point when there will be more machines.

“With Mario Kart, Wii U made one step and we expect with Smash Bros. it will also do more. If Nintendo put the right price on the machine then they will probably have a chance to do further.

“Nintendo has to perform this year, otherwise they will have less games. Justifying investing in the machine needs a larger installbase.”


Ubisoft Says They Will Take Their Time With Watch Dogs 2

With Watch Dogs being the fastest selling new IP in the history of the video games industry, it’s no surprise that the company is thinking about a sequel. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that the company won’t rush Watch Dogs 2 and will instead take their time developing the game.  Guillemot even said that they may turn it into an annual franchise.

“To start with we will take time on Watch Dogs, to make sure – like with Assassin’s Creed II – we can come back with something that takes full advantage of what everything we created to do with the first game,” said Guillemot.

“After that, we will see, it depends on our teams. What we try and do is have different teams that take care of a brand, and give each team enough time. So I can’t say now if it will be an annual release, we will see in time how it works out depending on the overall ability of the very talented teams that look after the brand.”

“Watch Dogs did a lot better than we expected sales wise. And we are still tweaking some things in the gameplay in some areas. We have built some tools and processes that could make it a huge brand for the company. And the subject of hacking is endless in possibilities, so we think there’s big potential to astonish people in the long-run.”