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Squaresoft Announces Dragon Quest And Final Fantasy For Wii


Well, if Nintendo wanted to make a good first impression in Japan and the West with the Wii, it’s done so in magnificent style.

Yes, it’s got the full support of role playing giant Squaresoft, who announced support for the console by revealing two well respected RPG’s for the upcoming Wii console.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is the follow up to the Gamecube’s well received mulltiplayer fest, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The release date for this game is yet to be announced but more news will appear shortly.

Secondly the other game announced is a new addition to the Dragon Quest series, which will appear as a launch game for the Wii. This game is so big in Japan that the publishers aren’t allowed to released any game’s in the Dragon Quest series on a week day, due to hordes of Japanese games players avoiding work to get their hands on the game.

True story.

You can read more on both games here:

Dragon Quest Wii

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii

1 thought on “Squaresoft Announces Dragon Quest And Final Fantasy For Wii”

  1. Uhhh…Squaresoft??? Just want you to know that Dragon Quest came from the Enix part of the company, and it’s been 3 years since the 2 companies merged. It’s quite a pain to see people associate Dragon Quest with solely “Square”…sorry for the random blabbering….

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