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Yet again its another slow news day in paradise, well England to be exact.

Anyhow those rather terrific people at 4color are reporting that Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi has gone on record to say that Wii owners wont get to experience the fantastic Castlevania series on the Wii just yet.

The reasons he decided to give fans of the long running series were rather interesting to say the least. One of the reasons he states, is that the Wii's audience will be to busy to want to play through another huge Castlevania game. Could this actually be any further from the truth?!

We want. No, let me rephrase that, we demand another fantastic addition to the Castlevania series for the upcoming Wii. Koji also stated another reason for not releasing it was due to the fact, he currently could not think of a way to put the Wii controller to use in the game. Come on just imagine the control system, using the Wii'mote' as the whip, cracking it in mid air and slaying foes. Sounds just fantastic to me…

Well hopefully Koji Igarashi brain is working at overdrive as I write this, thinking of new innovative ways to take full advantage of the Wii's innovative control scheme… As all we want out of life is a Wii Castlevania fix.


  1. Can’t think of uses for the wiimote? that’s a little strange. I mean, who doesn’t want ot be able to use the controller as a whip?

  2. Maybe he’s trying to say that the Wii’s interface is best utilized in a 3D gaming environment (for action/adventure games anyway). After all, the only Castlevania games that can truly be considered a success both fiscally and in terms of quality of design are the 2D sidescrolling games; eg. the retro set, Symphony of the Night, the GBA titles, and Castlevania DS.

    I believe I even remember reading an interview with Koji Igarashi, not long back, where he admits to some amount of frustration with the difficulties he has faced in the task of remaking Castlevania into a 3D game.

    Sure, whip cracking with the Wii-mote would be cool, but it’s just a gimmick with out a detailed and attractive world to use it in.

  3. Thanks for your insightful contribution.

    To be perfectly honest with you I will have to put my hands up and admit I have yet to play any of the itterations of the Castlevania franchise, though I realize the series is quite highly regarded amongst gamers.

    But your correct, if the controller is just used as a gimick and the level design and all the other things that make Castlevania such an attractive package amongst consumers and reviewers alike then Koji Igariashi should just wait until he has a solid idea of what he wants to achieve with the new title.

  4. Come on. How can the Wii mote NOT be good for a castelvania game? Have they forgotten about Zelda: TP controls? And Who says it has to be a whip? What about Symphony of the Night or Curse of Darkness on PS2?

  5. I’m sure the developers have had time to test out what works, and what doesn’t. It all depends on how well the gameplay of the successful series mixes with the Wii’s unique control scheme. Hopefully we shall be seeing the fruits of their labour sooner, rather than later.

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