Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Promo


One of the most feverishly awaited games by many on the Nintendo Ds is the next installment of the popular Pokémon franchise.

The new additions to the series are titled Pokémon Diamond and Pearl which are set to take the Japanese gaming market by storm once the titles are released in Japan, September 28th.

Yesterday the television advertisement for the games leaked onto the Internet, subsequently causing many Pokémon fans to faint as they were overwhelmed at the possibilities that Nintendo have laid forth for them in its upcoming iteration of the series.

Without further ado here I present to you the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl commercial.


  1. Tournaments and trading are going to be top of my Pokémon agenda for these games.

    I can’t wait to con new players by trading bad pokémon for their better ones…

  2. Ha, thats a beautiful scheme you have mastered up there.

    One that I’m probably going to fall prey to, being a ‘newb’ to the Pokemon scene.

    Looking forward to this release though, as I think its the perfect one for me to kick start my career as a fully fledged Pokemon trainer.


  3. Good luck Sickr! I really hope you get into these games as they are my personal favourite series on the planet… although saying that… Zelda comes to mind. Anyway, if these manage to out-class Gold and Silver, they will be the best of the series so far but that is verging into imposibility. Anyway, are you Ignite from the ONM forums becuase this site is in his sig. The good thing about this site is daily updates, they may not always be ground breaking but they are something nice to read anyway.

  4. Ha thanks Max, I know the series is very highly regarded and has a huge fanbase so I’m certainly looking forward to getting to grips with it.

    And in regards to your question – Yup, I post on the ONM forums as Ignite.

    To be honest this blog was never meant to become your typical Nintendo news outlet.

    My intentions with is to create articles relating to how I believe Nintendo are set to reclaim their video gaming crown.

    Though of late these articles have subsided and have therefore made way for more ‘news’ related storys.

    As more information is made available towards the launch of the Wii, expect the site to revert back to in-depth articles relating to what we can expect from Nintendo, rather than just ‘news’.

    So hey theres plenty more to come…


  5. I’ll have to play you guys when this comes out. I’ll thrash the lot of ya!

    It may be worthy to note that you can transfer pokémon from the GBA games to Diamond and Pearl. So you can be prepared for playing Wi-fi.

  6. Ha, sounds like a challenge to me :D

    The ability to transfer your Pokemon from the GBA games is certainly a wise idea on Nintendo’s part.

  7. Why is it gonna be on ds we dont all have 130$ 2 go out and by a ds im 13 and i never get tired of pokemon games i have every pokemon title including gamecube games but i dont have ds i have an sp and micro dont have any money to by a ds they should publish on both handhelds.

  8. Well for starters the Ds is capable of displaying superior visuals, and has a unique control scheme which gives the developers more scope to work with, and to add innovative new features.

    Maybe you should consider trading in both your Gameboy micro and Sp towards a Nintendo Ds, as the Ds can play all your GBA games. The Ds is a fantastic machine in general, and I would urge any self respecting gamer out there to purchase one.


  9. Well me being a Pokemon newb I couldn’t say for sure, though I’m sure some one on here will be able to help you out on your quest to become a Pokemon master.

  10. Alright thanks for the help! Also, do you have any idea or guess when diamond and pearl will come out for the U.S.? I’m really looking forward to these games.

  11. No problems :)

    Well the game is set to be released in Japan 28th September, but for an American release I’m afraid Nintendo haven’t stated when you guys should expect it.

    Hopefully you wont have to wait to long, as we are not likely to see it here in England until the Christmas period.

  12. First of all – release date. The game will not be released until Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger are released. In Europe, these two wont be out until 2007, so we’ve got a bit of a wait. I’m not sure when Md and Ranger are out in the States, but I’ll try and find out for you.

    Now, the best type. There is no one best type to use. All pokemon have weaknesses. For example: Fire can be beaten easily by water, but Grass can be beaten by Fire. So when you are training up your team make sure that you have a variety of types. That is just the simple way of putting it, it gets very complicated in the present games, but I don’t know how D/P will work. But I presume they will follow the same game mechanics as the previous games as you can trade between the GBA games to the DS ones.

    If anyone needs any more help, just ask. To be honest, I’m a complete n00b when compared to some players, but I know a lot about how the game works.

  13. I’d also like to add that there is no ‘strongest pokemon’ in the game. They can all by beaten fairly easily when you get the hang of the game. There are legendary pokemon and pokemon classed as ubers by the players. these pokemon have higher stats than other pokemon, but can still be defeated by using type advantage. these shouldn’t become a worry when playing online as they are generally frowned upon by the experienced players so its best to get into a habit of not using them if you plan to play online.

  14. You are really helpful Calum. I’ll have to ask you some more questions when i need help.

    Now I am also interested in what your favorite type is. I know that theres not one best type so could you tell me what type you like over others? My two favoirte are Dragon and Fire.

  15. I agree with Calum in almost everything…
    i use to play pokemon a lot in netbattle (a simulator that allows you to battle with any pokemon on a PC) (e-mail me if you want more info)
    well, now to the point:
    i love pokemon battles since, as calum said, there are no ”perfect” type and/or pokemon…
    i use an UU(Un Used, ”weak” pokemon) mono ice team and i’m able to beat almost any Uber team since ppl don’t know how to use legendaries…
    Really, i’m waiting for these games but sadly, we’re gonna see the gamers use a LOT of legendaries…
    luckly, some1 with a UU team will get there soon enough to show pokemon’s true power…
    BTW, strategy is really complicated… not in-game because you’ll always have higher leveled pokemon compared to the AI, but with multiplayer games… HELL YES, i’ll buy a ds just for this game
    (yeah, i’m a pokemon fan, yet not a fanboy so..)

  16. The good thing is I already have a DS Lite and I’ll be ready for the game. I’m just a fan also not a fanboy.
    Hey I have a question? What does IMO mean. Sorry I’m new.

  17. I’m glad i already bought my Nintendo DS Lite. I’m not a fanboy either im just a fan.
    Also, how old are you guys?

  18. Ds Lite is such an improvement on the original.

    I played the original DS at work today and was suprised at just how dull the screen looked compared to the vibrancy of the Lite.

    IMO = In my opinion ;)

    And I’m 23, though I’m unsure how old the other guys who commented are.

    Hope that clears a couple of things up.


  19. Yeah, the Lite feels WAY better in size and color.

    Thanks for tellin me wat imo means lol. I’ve been wondering for awhile.

    I hate it when people always say: “You’re weird because you play Pokemon.” or “Pokemon is for kids.” Well Pokemon has Alot of strategy in it.

  20. Man, I can’t wait for these new games to come out. I can’t decide which one to get. My little brother and I both own DS’ – Red and Blue respectively – but I have no clue about the differences. I’d appreciate it very much if anyone knows anything.

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