Nintendo Ds Vs The Wrath Of Tekken

If there is one thing that could help threaten the phenomenal sales of the Nintendo Ds, then this is it:


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  1. Surely Tekken is a bit long in the tooth now to cause any kind of long term DS sales disruption? The biggest thing that could happen to the PSP would be some super exclusive Final Fantasy package surely. Still I’ve never been a Tekken fan so I may be seriously underestimating its pulling power.

  2. Great site by the way, wish I was as dedicated as you with updating news regularly. I’ll be adding this to the link list for sure!!! Be happy for you to join as a member btw! :-)

  3. Thanks for adding me and keep on reading :)

    I still believe the Tekken series still holds a lot of attraction to the ‘mainstream’ and ‘hardcore’ consumer (we at least get one customer a day asking if we have Tekken 5 in stock, seriously).

    Combine this with the causal gamers love for the Playstation brand, and this package I believe will cause some serious damage to Nintendo’s Ds sales figures.

    Granted Nintendo wont be running scared, but it will certainly up the ante on Sonys part in the battle for dominance in the handheld market.

  4. Wow that is interesting, especially the Tekken 5 part! About time Nintendo got a top quality beat em up on the DS then? Shame there never was one for the N64, Super Smash Bros online with the DS would be great, how about Fighters Destiny?

    Ummm…..maybe not :)

  5. Ha, good old Fighter Destiny.

    Well remembered as the only fighting game on the Nintendo 64 worth purchasing and thats not saying much…

    It’s strange we havent seen a sequel of sorts due to the game recieving resonably high review scores and selling moderately well.

    But yeah, it certainly would be great to have a quality beat em up for the Ds, though it appears that there are none on the horizon.


  6. Well Tekken is finally out over here in England and readily available for the PSP, and as far as I’m aware it hasn’t sold or shifted as where near as many units of either hardware or software at my store as we anticipated.

  7. Is it now too early to say the PSP is starting to die? It seems Tekken didnt do much and another GTA surely wont turn things around…….

  8. Well the machine hardly played a prominent part at this years E3 or Tokyo Gameshow, with no big games being announced at either event. The factor that I believe will keep the PSP above water is the much talked about download service which will allow gamers the ability to download numerous titles from the PSones expansive back catalogue.

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