Ouch: Nintendo Ds Outsells PSP Twice


The Nintendo Ds has become something of a status symbol, almost a fashion symbol for the consumers of Japan.

As we all know these factors combined with the consoles great array of games have helped shape the machines phenomenal success in its homeland. Though it has long been apparent that the Ds has secured the top spot, what wasn’t apparent was the fact that the console wasn’t only the number one piece of game hardware for the first half of 2006, but it was also the second best selling piece of hardware as well.

These statistics come courtesy of Enterbrain who are the wacky publishers behind the Japanese’es weekly gaming bible, Famitsu. In the company’s findings which were covered from 26/12/05 to 25/6/06 they showed that the Ds Lite officially came out on top as the best selling hardware sales, and believe it or not the original Ds came out second leaving the poor PSP as the contender for the unlucky third place.

In total Nintendo’s portable gaming device’s both the Ds and the Ds Lite are thought to have racked up 3.9 million units altogether. In comparison Sony’s handheld rival the PSP only managed to achieve sales of 1 million, which certainly left the machine choking on the dust it’s been gathering on all those Japanese store shelves. Nintendo on the other-hand are most likely cracking open the champagne bottles in celebration.

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