Nintendo Ds Nobel Pink Launch


Yesterday huge queues adorned many Japanese gaming outlets literally for one reason alone, the Nintendo Ds Lite ‘Nobel Pink‘ launch.

With the pink iteration of the original Nintendo Ds still selling extremely well worldwide (considering it has now been outclassed by its Lite successor), it was widely expected that the pink version of the Ds Lite would be released purely to send more feminine gamers into a frenzy, and by the looks of things it achieved just that, and possibly more.

Stores appeared to be over-run with gamers of all ages and gender, anxious to get their hands on one of these elusive machines. Though merely a cosmetic colour update, it almost appeared to unaware spectators that the launch was for a brand new console, mainly due to the unprecedented number of prospective Ds Lite owners out in force. This situation just goes to illustrate just how highly regarded the machine is in its homeland of Japan.


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