American Fall Release Dates For Nintendo DS And GBA.


One of the added benefits with the Nintendo Ds is the ability for consumers to purchase titles from anywhere in the world.

No longer are we purely reliant upon Nintendo Europe’s release schedule, we can now order and play games from the Far East or America for use on our PAL systems, something that many gamers will be aware can not be done on most consoles without the use of some technical knowledge.

As the Americans seem to get the vast majority of first party titles before they arrive on our humble shores, it’s certainly advisable looking into import gaming. As why wait for an official UK release, when the said title has been out in America for the past two months? It’s something more and more Ds owners are latching onto.

So what has been given a tentative release date for the run up to the all important Christmas period? All is about to be revealed:

November 16th: Final Fantasy V and Elite Beat Agents

November 13th: Yoshi’s Island 2

December 4th: Kirby Squeak Squad, Custom Robo Arena

As you can see most of these titles are Nintendo’s big-guns, which the company is hoping to entice gamers with, come the holiday season. Although as I previously stated these are purely American release dates that have been announced, I personally can’t imagine the English release dates to be to far behind. It’s certainly a safe bet that the European arm of the company will also want to get these eagerly anticipated titles out on store shelves in time for the yearly Christmas rush.



  1. I imported Ouendan ages ago and I’ll be buying Elite Beat Agents too. There is something inately funny about loads of Japanese games that makes them worth importing. Band Bros is another gem that you just have to import. Viva no PAL problems!

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