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Star Fox Command Comic-Con Footage

As you can see from the video footage, Star Fox command is shaping up rather nicely.

Although die hard Star Fox fans were let down by the previous incarnation that set foot on the Gamecube in 2005, Nintendo looks set to do right with this latest iteration of the popular series. Although this addition retains the presentation of its Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo predecessors, the game itself is brimming with new features such as the free roam mode, and this in-particular is what has long term Nintendo fans worried. Still, we will find out whether this is in-fact a worthy addition to the long running franchise which stars Fox McCloud and company, come the games release date of August 28th in the States.

2 thoughts on “Star Fox Command Comic-Con Footage”

  1. Yeah, Star Fox Adventures was a real let down, so I hope they make up for it. At least the game is now in the hands of the original developer.

  2. Exactly.

    From the video footage, and the generally promising previews scattered around the net, my fingers are crossed that this will hopefully turn out to be a winner.

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