Harvest Moon Ds Suffers Delays.


If there is one thing that stands above all others in a gamers mind as infuriating, it has to be slipping of release dates.

Those of you who are avid gaming fans will know that feeling all to well, especially Nintendo fans who seem to suffer the most. Well lo and behold you can add another title to that delayed list; Harvest Moon Ds. Yes the cute farming simulator was originally set to see the light of day this month, but developer Natsume have announced that due to a ‘production delay’ American gamers wont see the title till September 12th.

This is bound to be either good, or bad news to some, mainly due to the fact that the previous titles in the series tend to suffer from a localization issue. This issue stems around the fact that the games are generally rather badly translated from their native language of Japanese, and when the title you’re playing generally consists of a fair amount of text this issue becomes a rather glaring one. Lets hope this delay goes someway to improving the bad translations that the series has received in the past; therefore adding to the great gameplay experience the Harvest Moon titles can offer gamers.



  1. Yeah that unhappy face will be even more unhappy, as the title isn’t due an official pal release untill 17/11/2006


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