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Sonic In Smash Brothers Brawl?


If there’s one character gamers the world over would love to see the inclusion of in the upcoming Super Smash Brothers Brawl title for the Nintendo Wii, it would have to be Sega’s very own spiky blue mascot; Sonic The Hedgehog.

In a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto courtesy of Tip and Tricks magazine, Miyamoto revealed that Sonic was the most requested character by fans to appear in the forthcoming iteration of the melee based beat ’em up. To top this off Miyamoto personally believes that Sonic could become the perfect contender to battle alongside, or against his platforming arch enemy Super Mario. Although he didn’t actually reveal whether or not we will see Sonic added to the unprecedented lineup, it appears Nintendo have actually contacted Sega regarding the matter, though Miyamoto states the company is still awaiting a final verdict.


254 thoughts on “Sonic In Smash Brothers Brawl?”

  1. I think that I’m the only ne that doesn’t want Sonic in the game. He would cause too much imbalance due to his speed and lack of attacks.

  2. I can see what you’re saying, but I believe that if Sonic is included within the game it’s likely that he won’t possess any greater attributes, or damaging attacks than the rest of the cast.

  3. But Sonic doesn’t exactly have any attacks. All he does is runs and jumps, Mario had the various power-ups to aid him in combat, but Sonic just has invincibilty and shields and such.

  4. I’m sure that if Sonic was added as an inclusion into Smash Brothers Brawl the developers would grant him some new moves/attacks much like Sega have done in Sonic Fighters. But yes, I can see how his inclusion could cause some imbalance.

  5. In Sonics defence I would like to say that he has always made a far more fitting superhero(though not as good games). His primary superpower was super-speed while Mario’s was super-jumping powers; I think u get the idea. BTW there is a certain game called Sonic Battle which highlights his speed, agility, strength and BATTLE MOVES. Calum u have been owned! ( Why did I say that?)

  6. Sonic has fighting moves, like his break-danceing
    moves. his speed added on to his kicks and punchs.
    Besides he can become Super Sonic! Sonic is the best. Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl Sonic for Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nintendo can just give Sonic moves from Sonic Battle. Come on people we need to help our blue hero get in SSBB. SONIC FOR BRAWL!!

  8. It is good that Nintendo And Sega are friend’s Now and can work together as a team… If sonic is in
    SSB:Brawl so is it okay! And if Sega want to do a Game and want Sonic and Mario as a team it’s Fun…

    And if you want to now so have I read that Yuji Naka Sonic’s creator is saying that. Where Nintendo Go Sega go to… Here is the site.. And

  9. lets just hope they make him the fastest but still balance his skills against the rest(if they put him in). Nintendo have apparently contacted Sega about putting Sonic in the game but Sega haven’t replied (check Wikipedia). BTW Yuji Naka no longer works for Sonic Team: he’s gone to form his own games company called PROPE( but still part of Sega’s development team).

  10. I can’t wait to see Sonic face off against his mascot rival Mario. And probably Sonic’s stage would be Green Hill Zone with the remix of Green Hill theme, or maybe Station Square with the theme “It Doesn’t Matter”.

  11. Sonic in Brawl would be sweet and now that SEGA and NINTENDO are friends this is a higher chance of this happening


  13. hes not gonna be in the game, think about it, if sega alloud us to finally have this sonic vs mario showdown people have been waiting for, it is under nintendos surcomstances, they would control his abilities and everything, they could make mario seem better through a game and this would be bad for segas buisiness, hes not gonna be in the game

  14. Umm there is no longer tension between nintendo and sega… sega lost to them, game over, they are now developers just like konami and snake looks awesome in motion, why wouldn’t sonic?
    Also sonic would probly have spin dash like jiggly puff did, it’s common sense, also probly alot of kick combos like falco but more sonic-like.

  15. ok, if u think he will be in the game, then maybe its u that does not deserve to post a comment, and all of u stupid overglorified sonic fans that want him in the game so badly, just face the facts, he wont be in the game

  16. Just because people are Sonic fans does not make them dumb! I myself know Sonic’s 3D games have not been so good but I’m smart enough to admit that but Sonic as a hero is far more regonisable: he makes a far better fighter than Mario even if Mario’s games are more fun to play.

    He’s in or he’s not, get over it!

  17. I think Skullkid could be a really good character becuse his moves could be his flute mask thunder and meny more. Skullkid will be the funnyest character in brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  19. Sonic sux but would still be a good addition to the SSBB roster. Face the facts. Sonic sux but should be in it so I can pummel him into the ground.

  20. Sonics moves:
    Hes got that fiery summersault,
    the bouncy ball thing :P SOrry it’s in SA+SA2 you like jump then tap B…BOUNCE BRACELET! Yea thats it.
    and..umm… the Sonic Battle moves =P

    I vote yes.

  21. Sonic is so cool, and is my most favorite caharacter of all time. It would be so dang cool, if Sonic the Hedgehog would take part in SSB:Brawl.

    P.S.: Put Shadow and/or Metal Sonic in there, it would be more interesting…

  22. I would luv sonic to be in the new smash bros. game. Not only would I (along with many other fans) luv to hav sonic in it, it would be good buisness for Nintendo. Think about it. All of the fans that get the smash bros game would buy it along with all those sonic fanatics out there. That would meen a lot more people would buy the game. They’ve already done one HUGE and brilliant move by attracting Snake fans by putting him in.
    Also, it would be advertising sonic a lot more if sega would allow him to be in the game. It’s a win (nintendo), win (sega), win (us guys) situation!
    Also, about the ‘what moves would he use’ thing. I personally think it would be easy to choose what moves he would use seeing as he has plenty of them.
    He could do quick kick attacks as his basic attacks (different directions would determan different kicks, e.g. up and basic attack could be something like a mini back flip handstand kick). His heavyer attacks could be like his summersault kicks, spin dashes, sliding kicks that he does in SA2, that weird bounce power he has, and stuff like that. I would also like to see him use the mystic mellody some how. That could be interesting.
    I really want to see sonic in this as he REALLY needs some good publicity.
    It would also be intersting to see super sonic and metal in it.
    Sonic for Smash Bros!

  23. Sonic is the greatest hedgehog. Sonic in SSB?(SSBB already came out), that would be a suprise. He would probably be given a Sonic wind, chaos control, etc. from the Sonic games. Sonic in Brawl!

  24. I’d like to see the Sonic with the more classical moves (more like the SONIC CD intro, before he had gadgets and a flame on his chest…) along with a series counter balance of the “Mecha” Sonic from the comic books (Where sonic was actually turned into a robot by Robotnik and went crazy). It would be a shame if the “new” sonic was included, having homing spin attacks and shooting fireballs… Am i wrong?

  25. Hmm… Aaron, I like your thinking. The classic sonic would be better but I don’t think they would include him (but they could hav a second costume for classic sonic).
    BTW, how can you not like sonics homing attack? I love it! But I agree with you on the fact that sonic shooting fireballs just doesn’t seem right.

  26. Those attacks seem pretty neat. lol, you must have a lot of time on your hands :P I dont have any time now that i’m at college!
    Anyways, I wish that they could have sonic like that again (hell, they may even take him back to his old roots! Sonic team ain’t planning on doing another sonic game 4 a while so they can re-think him compleately!)
    We’ve just gotta hope that he’s in the game! It’s still not definate yet, unfortunately.
    Well, for the time being we can live in hope (and if I want to see sonic vs mario, I just play Mugen!)

  27. Sure I think sonic will be in brawl, but I think diddy kong should be in aswell. Every starter character in Super Smash Brothers except Donkey Kong has had another character from their game series in Super Smash brothers, melee or even upcoming characters in brawl e.g. zero suit samus. Mario has Luigi, Bowser, Docter Mario, Yoshi and Princess Peach, Samus has the upcoming character in Brawl, Zero suit samus, Fox McCloud has Falco, Pikichu has Mewtwo, jigglypuff and pichu, Kirby has the upcoming character in Brawl, Meta knight, Link has Young Link, Zelda and Ganondorf and yoshi has Mario, Luigi etc.

  28. If sonic was in, his moves would probably be B= sort of like jigglypuffs move,rolls around to pick up power and rolls across like jigglypuff, except sonic style, down B= jumps up, rolls into a ball, and bounces up and down (can do this contiuously like DK’s hand slap) Side B= homing attack, shoots at them (even on ground) and up B= turns into ball and does a curved jump thing up, same sort of motion as captain falcons up B move (if tails is a playable character, otherwise, tails comes from of the screen onto screen, then sonic grabs on to his leg, flys onto stage, then tails flies of screen and anyone who touches tails’ tails gets hurt)

  29. I feel passionant about sonic, but not as much as I am about Diddy.If Diddy was a character, his moves would be B= charges up tail like DK charges fist, then press B again and Diddy whips them with tail, up B= Diddy spins and tail turns like link’s up B move, hurts anyone hit by spinning him or tail, side B= runs over them with his car (Diddy Kong Racing, Nintendo 64)(like fox’s side B move)(doesn’t hurt them nearly as much as you think, probably as much as fox’s side B move hurts), Down B= turns 90o to his right, hits them with his tail, turns 90o left from his original position, and whips them again, then spins around and whips them (all at once, well one after another without having to press down B again)(Off Donky Kong 64, Nintendo

    If you want to know more, Email me at

  30. I feel passionant about sonic, but not as much as I am about Diddy.If Diddy was a character, his moves would be B= charges up tail like DK charges fist, then press B again and Diddy whips them with tail, up B= Diddy spins and tail turns like link’s up B move, hurts anyone hit by spinning him or tail, side B= runs over them with his car (Diddy Kong Racing, Nintendo 64)(like fox’s side B move)(doesn’t hurt them nearly as much as you think, probably as much as fox’s side B move hurts), Down B= turns 90o to his right, hits them with his tail, turns 90o left from his original position, and whips them again, then spins around and whips them (all at once, well one after another without having to press down B again)(Off Donky Kong 64, Nintendo 64)

    If you want to know more, Email me at

  31. sonic is most likely to end up in brawl cuz sega and Nintendo are working together so its obvious its bound to happen. But I would also love to see Tails in brawl, that would be cool ^_^

  32. Sonic has many attacks look up on YouTube Sonic battle or Sonic fighters. He was in fighting games before.

  33. what’s this about Sonic not having a lot of attacks? sure, the normal moves wouldn’t be that hard to figure out, but he definately has moves to look at. theres too many games to say that he doesn’t have a lot of moves. He has the Spin Dash (should be hsi Down B move), the LightSpeed Dash (possible Forward B move), the Blast Attack (from sonic 3d blast, Up B recovery), the Sonic Wind (from Sonic Adventure 2, possible forward B) the Homing Attack (maybe a B move), and his final Smash would most likely be his transformation into Super Sonic. and i know im missing some moves because there are at least a few more in the SA series alone. and there’s nothing wrong with giving him something new, i for one know that Fire Fox (Fox’s UpB move)isn’t a regular move in the StarFox games.

    what would really excite me is the possiblity of the Chaos Emeralds making an appearence if Sonic is. An overall increase in fighting ability for any character who gets one seems about right.

  34. Hey. This is the very first and very last time I enter here and read a lot of mtfck’n gayly comments about sonic wtf? I used to play sonic the hedgehog back then and i can still play it… but become a fan and say that he is THE WOW is not my vision of it. I would not like to see sonic in Brawl… I would take mario out if I were one of the creators. Bad news is that I cant take the main character out, otherwise it would not be Smash Bros…. TO END MY COMMENT I MUST SAY that Sonic Sux and Mario Sux too…….. IF SONIC MAKES IT TO BRAWL IT WILL BE FOR ME AND OTHER ONES TO BEAT HIM UP WITH OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS (SAME TO MARIO THAT WILL BE SURELY BEATEN UP) by me… well people dont take it personally. just stay back from loving someone who doesnt even has it. SONIC IS NOT WONDERFUL…

    ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY ABOUT THIS COMMENT IS WELCOMED IN MY EMAIL i will respond everything to you just as i think…


  35. Dude. Those are some pretty harsh words you said there. You aren’t gonna make many friends with an attitude like that but I guess everyones entitled to there own opinions and I respect that. You have your opinion and we have ours. I’m pretty sure that people who have been following this string of messages know that I would love to see sonic in smash bros. brawl but it’s not because I’m some kinda huge fan of sonic, it’s because I think that it would suit the feel of smash bros.
    Still, no hard feelings. I’m sure everone else will also respect how you feel about sonic being in smash bros. brawl.

  36. Even if sonic has no moves now, nintendo can create some. Peach had no moves. capt faalcon had no moves, he just sat in a car. Foz had no moves.

  37. Umm…Sonic IS in Brawl. For sure. I went to Best Buy to preorder it and on the back of the box, there’s pictures of gameplay like always, and Sonic was there.

  38. sonic needs to be on this game the whole united states wants him on brawl except a couple of crackheads on this list and kris you better not be lieing

  39. Ummmmm….. you can’t possibly have the box, because when you preorder a game they just say “we’ll call you”. That’s it. We all know your lying so no further discussion.

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  41. yea, i think Sonic should be in brawl, he could be a good addition to the franchise…and for all those that say he doesnt have any moves, u guys can suck it….Y??? bcuz think of princess peach, she had the parasol move nobody knew about, and that exploding butt attack, and they where clever in giving her a bat, frying pan, and a golf club. Another character to think about is C. Falcon, Falco and Fox.. from what i heard of, C. Falcon is a racer, and Falco and Fox usually attack with air ships from outer space…thanx for reading!!!!!!!! :) :)

  42. I think tails should be in SSBB. hes the coolest sonic character ever!! he would be perfect in battles, due to his ability to fly and over whelming inteligence. he will outmatch EVEYONE!!

  43. If sonic was in brawl he would probly be in his sonic and the secert rings form (fire on chest sonic just got some extra fire effects to moves)because it’s a wii game.
    If sonic is in brawl I thought his attacks would be.

    b up, Spin attack jump like the coin jump
    b, charge move sonic spin yosih’s egg roll
    b side, dash like his homing attack fox’s dash
    b down, reflect or something
    Final smash ,super sonic or darkspine sonic depending on his form or chaous emerlad blast/chaous control.

    People always wanted ash for brawl and people always said he’d never get in but know we have him (practicly) as the pokemon trainer.

  44. what is all this crap about “Sonic can only jump and spin”!?!?!?!? Am i the only who noticed that in the other two games that the gave random punching moves and physical attacks to the characters? I don’t every recall playing poke mon yellow and kicking my opponent with my feet. Or headbutting enemies with Mario or doing a tornado for that matter. The would just give sonic random kick and punch attacks for his A moves and all his B moves would be related to his games. Example: B would charge spindash right/left B would be the fire tackle from Adventure 2. Using these techniques Nintendo could potentially make anyone into a character. So if sonic can’t be a character because of moves then no one really can.

  45. I’ve just thought of the items brawl would get if sonic was in it the ring or the emrald. You could get the ramdom computer box things from like sonic 3 or 2 that have the power ups in them. Fire sheild could work like the swrew ball powerup but you shot forward if you held it down.

  46. I am sonic legend. and I have incredible news. I have just been confIrmed by SEGA and SONIC TEAM that sonic, shadow, and knuckles will appear in SSBB. I do not know if any other sonic character will appear in it, but im sure having only those 3 characters is satisfying enough…….

  47. awrsome can you give us a website link. Or a copy of the email they sent you. or something. it sucks shadows in it too he’s just a clone. i hope they unclone him with his own moveset.

  48. sonic legend, you got to know this how? If you’re speaking the truth, I’ll be pleased. But… I don’t know… I don’t think Masahiro Sakurai would put all those 3 in there, as he said it would be only about 3 3rd party characters, Snake is one of them.

  49. i’m prety sure there will only be sonic, he fits the brawl angle well and nintedo is awsome so they’d fit him in well even if he couldn’t. Tails would be the next charater in line in my opinan because you know “sonic and tails” but in brawl there would only be one sonic charater because Masahiro Sakurai only put snake in brawl, not any other snake game charaters.
    Also it would suck having shadow and sonic in the brawl it’s just another clone and we don’t need more iof them.

  50. A) Sonic is most likely as he was schedule to be in Melee as well as Snake, but were left out due to time constraints, expect the same thing to repeat with big name characters from VERY strong franchises. (That is to say maybe a belmont but not likely, probably a 1993 cut off)

    B) When you first heard of Snake, didn’t you think it’d would be unfair because he’d have so many guns at his disposal?? They had no problems altering his play style.

    C) The same goes for sonic–Those of you who claim he has no fighting moves should check your material, Sonic has actually had two fighting games, and his animations in the recent gba games also show off his breakdancing/capioera even fighting style

  51. hmmm… have a point there. It does make sense that tails would follow behind the appearence of sonic. I hope tails is in it. but your statement about snake doesnt proove anything, because kurby appeared in SSBM but nobody else from kurby appeared in it.

  52. About snake, I was saying there wouldn’t be more than 1 3rd party charaters per party in my opian. I just realy don’t think that Masahiro Sakurai
    would put more than sonic in brawl if he got in there.

    Also where is the evidence of SEGA telling you sonic,shadow and Kuckels will be in brawl i realy want to see it.

  53. ok, let me tell you…..on February of 2007 I won a contest for the first copy of sonic and the secret rings for the WII. soon after I won, the SEGA & SONICTEAM company started E-mailing me on exclusive sonic the hedgehog information. So just recently I received information on SSBB & mario and sonic at the olympic games. And ive decided to share this info with the world……is that enough info for ya?

  54. If you still have the e-mail in your inbox, you can send it to me and then I’ll believe you. And I promise I will keep it secret.
    And I’m not saying you’re a liar, because I kind of believe you, somehow.

  55. Hey everyone if sonics in brwal what items do you think will be put in? I think the ring woulden’t be because it dosen’t do anything sept in sonic “sat am” the chous emralds could be a possibillty if i powered you up or somthing and the little computers with power ups in might apper. If any apper my moneys on the super shoe power up, it would just speed up your chatacter like the bunny hood but more and with no jump boost.

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  57. I saw the confirmation page on youtube yesterday, along with one for Rayman, Stafy and Sora. I also saw some convincing pictures of Bomberman, Daisy and even one picture of the old Sonic game in 3D for brawl. Check it out. Just thought I’d put those out there, I personally think everything’s being revealed finally. Believe what you want, but I’m believing now.

  58. It looks like sonic has a roll charge attack (b definatetly) it look very controlable, he is bounding of a spring in defino plasa whitch is probley his up b (no sonic spring in defino plasa) or an iteam. He uses super sonic so thats probely his final smash.

  59. Yep he can use a spring, look at vedio on the site and when the music says “you can hardly swallow” sonic should be in pit’s map and the frist thing he does is bounce of a sonic spring that dissapears.

  60. Hey guys if yall wnat to know everything about Sonic in brawl go to and some of you will be pleased to know that brawl will have the blue hedgehog in it’s fine cast Oh andI almost forgot this website has brand new updates every weekday(Monday-Friday) so every weekday is a new update hope u enjoy my news

  61. Obviously, by now everyone and their mom knows that SONIC HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!! The video on the website looks GREAT, keeping in mind they only show his basic moves. I hope they keep him within the “sonic 1” – “sonic adventure” era. I know its a strong chance he will have some Secret of the Rings moves since its the main sonic wii game, but it would play much better if you had a more ambiguous fighting style. It would ruin this kind of a VARIETY fighting game if he was a moving “plug” for another game that already exists on the wii. I’m already kinda disappointed with some of mario’s sunshine moves, but that’s ok. Now if we could only take care of sonics annoying catch phases…

  62. Now that sonics in and practicly all of his moves are anonced, what do we speculate?

    I’m thinking other 3rd party things from sonic like assist trofies or iteams. Dose anyone think other soinc/sega people will make it into the game somehow?

    Sonic leadgend said ku’x and shadow will be in. Will they be assit trofies or chariters. If Ku’x is in he’d use a string of punches but, shadow would use choas blast or something.

  63. Sonic’s final smash is super sonic where he breifly transforms and flys invincilbe. He attacks by flying into people and his unnamed specail move looks to be a charge move where he runs stainonary his legs looking like 8 on it’s side.

  64. im not sure actually, because the message just stated that knuckles and shadow will have an APPEARENCE in the game. they can appear as anything. a trophie, a weapon (I dont know how), or characters. but hopefully they will be playable characters

  65. Amy!? but not tails!

    Those 4 as playable charachters is realy pushing it but just appearing, hmmm…

    Also I was thinking: if everyone has a plot line for the main story/quest will each have a differnt last 2nd to last boss? (everyone would have like the same last boss like the hands or the cosmic emopror person) Robotnick might make an appearance in brawl as a boss in sonics storyline and sonic friends might appear as just background people. The bosses must be different beacuse mario has to fight PP and he’s holding the pricesses, both having there own story line so the bosses might all be differnt.

  66. Also considring the Petey Piranha princess storyline thing Petey Piranha could even be a playable character!

    Well he could be. I supose… Now sonics in brawl the charaters I realy want to see are Petey Piranha (yeah I konw but it’s possible) who the playerble pokemon are (jiggly puff again? load of people are expecting lucario) and tails. If anyone else from sonic get in it should be tails. Shadow is wanted but he’d just be a clone and we don’t need more clones, Knux isn’t as big a charater as tails to be picked beacause he’s just not sonics main guy and Silver,amy,rouge,blaze,cream ect arn’t big at all.

    (not realy about sonic this bit) Dose anyone else think Petey has a chance of being a playerble charater in brawl? He’s in loads of Mario games as an awsome last person to unlock charater. i.e Mario strikers, mario tennis, mario double dash, mario golf and he’s in sunshine, galaxy and the DS games to. He’s a way better and more fun villan/person/plant than bowser but he was never the big boss, that always being bowser.

  67. actually!! petey is not (and will not) be a playable character, this is because he is a boss character, not a “action, butt-kickin” character. I think hes a boss in either mario’s story, or peach’s. (sorry to burst your bubble)………but I would like to see Tails though!

  68. oh!! I also forgot!! shadow isnt a clone!! hes the real thing! In “shadow the hedgehog”, shadow destroyed all the shadow clones himself, and if you complete the story correctly then eggman will reveal to shadow that he is in fact NOT A CLONE!! and that he is the REAL ultimate lifeform. (sorry to burst your bubble….again)

  69. No, no, no I ment shadow would clone shadows moves. People called lugi a clone of mario and Dr Mario a clone of mario because there moves were the same (yes I know about the lugi explostion). Cpt Falco and Gannoandorf werte also clones! (I didn’t know Shadow was thought to be a clone of Sonic though)

    And Petey P i also knew was a boss charater but I said earlyer about bosses being differnt to the storyline, I thought PP could be a playable charater in brawl and KIrbys first boss. PP would appear as subject to an experement of the Subspace emmisary (or something) and a charater in the game. My bubble is safe (sorry I had to burst your’s)

  70. well actually, my bubble isnt busted….its actually strong & powerful enough to sustain me within. and most likely PP isnt going to be a playable character, she/he isnt no where near as important enough to be a playable character

    PP has about as much of a chance as Big the cat appearing in the game as a playable character……….and besides, some people like “clone” characters because they can find a way to fight as good as the enemy without having to be the enemy (sorry, my bubble’s safe and sexy…..your has offically been busted)

  71. I Know, I Know but i was personaly (my opian) saying that I didn’t whant another clone. Some clones are fun but we have load already.

    Also I know PP doesn’t have much of a chance but he does have more than Big the Cat. PP’s male by the way and has been in loads of Mario games like Mtennis, Mgolf, MSC football, Mcart ect. He is like bowser Jr, Dasiy and Warlugi and some have been in SSB games and such but never their own game. Anyway he has defately got better chance than Big. Big is like only in Sonic heroes and random extras and also if more 3rd partys get in Big would be left in the dust of people like rouge and cream let alone everyone else. (sorry I expoded your bubble is a vissuois and cruel stroke of this 13th centery pin do-hicky thing i found)

    Although I know what you mean about clones, Luigi vs Mario is much better the Mario vs Mario we had: Fox, Falco, Lugi, Mario, Dr Mario, Gannandorf, Cpt Falcon, Pickchu,Pichu, Marth,Roy,Link and even Young Link as clones. I Just thought we could do with less clones or just slightly different movesets at lest.

  72. ok, ok, I see how much you really like PP. I understand because my favorite sonic character is Tails, but everyone hates him and tells me he sucks, but I still like him anyway. But unfortunately PP isnt a character. (sorry, but the only way you could’ve burst my bubble with a pen, is if your bubble was already gone. So your bubble bursted first).

    But I would like to play as shadow before I permanently use Tails (and nobody else) for the rest of my “smash bros” life.

  73. What! Tails dosn’t suck! He’s the easyest charater and the only one who can fly. I mean Sonic good an all but in agame he’d never beat Tails because Tails can just take short cuts.

    About the clones by the way. If we get clones and new charaters that would be great, but if we just got clones that would be a bit sucky. If we could get Tails that would be great but if we got got Tails and a clone (shadow) that would be better. We could just use more charaters than clones and I woulden’t mind.

    What do you think Tails’s moves would be? He’d have giled along with the oters in the form of this helicopter but, he woulden’t have 5 mini jumps beacause he never did in any game, it was always jump or fly. His B moves might be:

    B- Tail swipe (sonic advanced)
    Side B- Through fake rings like in sonic heroes?
    Down B- Spin Pop but slower than sonics (evert one who could get in would probly have the spin pop
    don’t you think?)
    Up B- All I can think of is spring jump or like a big jump with the heilcopter strung on so he sped up wards ,tails sping, damging every one in the way.

    What do you think Tails moves would be?

    Also PP most probably isn’t i brawl (as a playable person) but I was just voicing the hope he would be, i’d love to spew gloop (super mario sunshine) over the all stars of nintendo and others in a wide spread brawl or just to be the Piranha Plant agin.

    (bubble reforming… thump…thump…)

  74. I think Tails’ moves will be

    B-dummy ring bomb
    up B-fly
    down B-spin dash (slower than sonic’s)
    left/right B-Kick
    smash up-upword punch
    smash left/right-tail spin
    smash down-tail tornado (spins tails on the ground)
    FINAL SMASH-the cyclone (Tails’ robot from sonic adventure 2 battle)

  75. Are you sure about the cyclone? I thought the tornado would fly down and tails would hop into it and it bombed the stage. Or the tornado would just sweep around of it’s own acord hiting people. Also what dose the cyclone do? Does it have a speical or something like a big blast? Or would itbe like the Land master of foxes?

    Oh! I just thought do you think clones would have diffen’t Final Smashes? It would suck to see Mario,lugui,Dr Mario and Other clone that might appear all have the same final smash.

  76. The cyclone? it fires lazer missiles, and its special is a HUGE blast of energy(similar to metroid’s).

    I do think that clones will have different final smashes. sonic’s final smash is super sonic, but shadow’s final smash could be chaos blast.
    even though they’re clones, they can still have their own individual smashes.

  77. Ah, i see, I think the cyclone would be the best final smash for Tails. Would it just appear and blast or just be a transformation? Transformation would be best like the land master (have you seen the land master bottem of the page) it could fire missales and stuff then use it’s big blast just as it finishes.

    Also do you think Tails dummy ring would be like Mario’s fireballs or chargeable like link’s arrows?

    (bubble formed… begin coating with metal skin)

  78. WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!!

    I just found out that the games directer has said no clones would appear in brawl and that the previous clones would have new move sets. Now who will return as a non-clone? Luigi is most likely but who else and what will the new moves be?
    If Shadow or Tails appeard they would have to have differnt movesets.

    I also found out that only 3-4 3rd party people will apear as charaters. Will any more SEGA’s even appear as playables?
    Also his is made tighter by all of the people who are buddging to be in the game at all!

  79. yes I have seen the land master before, and yes its good for Tails to have the transformation as a final smash.

    but anyway, im almost certain that Tails WILL be in it because when SSBM was being developed, SEGA asked them to put sonic and Tails in it. but they asked too late so thats why sonic & Tails didnt appear in it. so if Sonic is in it, then Tails is ALMOST certainly going to be in it.

    and besides…..they NEED atleast 2 SEGA characters so people wont fight over being one character from a certain video game

  80. I thought they were going to put sonic and tails as one charater like the ice climers. In SSBM it was rumered (false) that if you beat 20 people in crule mel’e you would unlock sonic and tails. Also what about the meatle gear series? there is only snake from that game in brawl as a playable. And in SSBM Kirby was the only kirby game playable.

    (bubble plated with meatle spikes and meatle coat, giving that cool random fireball sheild thingy from sonic 3)

  81. the reason why theres only ONE snake character is because KUNAMI begged and pleaded for snake to appear in SSBB, so the smash bros company showed pity apon them and put him in it.

    also, Kirby was the only kirby character because the smash bros company said that they wanted to save meta knight for the better game (SSBB). And besides……he would have made the character count uneven

  82. But there were going to put snake in fro SSBM but it was to late like sonic. Anyway he they said he practicly begged not begged and pleaded.

    And,and Kirby was the only Kirby cha’ because Sakurai was worried about putting to many of his people ( he worked on kirby in hal and he wa like the first kirby game directer ) in the game. He would have put Kirby, Meda Knight and Dedede in SSBM exept he thought it would make him seem a bit pompus.

  83. begged, begged and pleaded…same thing. but anyway, im sure Tails will be playable because they said they needed to make the game as good as possible cuz they probably wont be making another smash bros game again.

    so if they REALLY wanted to make it great, then they would put Tails in it just for the advancement of the game
    (bubble grows mechanical quadruped legs and machine gun arms)

  84. WHAT!!!!!!!

    They are so making more Smash games! They make huge money and are like relse date games. They can’t just stop the smash games! that would suck so bad. I’ve spent like the last 2 mouths talking about it to people and i cheak the site every day and everything! They are so making more smashes or ill kill them…

    Tails would be fun. Don’t you think it would be weird seeing tails beat the crud out of sonic or visa versa. That would be so weird, especaly if you had an asist like kunx’ and Shadow blowing up stuff to. Weird and awsome.

  85. O_O…….you sure know your smash bros…..but anyway, I would like to see Tails beat the crud out of sonic (but not visa versa). Im sure that either Tails or shadow will be in it because sonic, shadow, and Tails are the three top popular sonic characters……and they’d better put Tails in it, OR ELSE!……

    actually, to tell you the truth….im more anxious about the release of
    sonic riders: zero gravity
    I mean, I like smash bros and all, but I LOVE sonic the hedgehog games, which is the only reason why im getting smash bros brawl

  86. Meh… I’m not that addicted. But still they are so making more smash games, they are realy big and having you charater in smash give you a huge boost in popularty and fame. Brawl is the next most antsipated game this year. (Halo 3 is 1st i think i’m not sure and Mario is second because Mario is Mr Video game in japan, Brawl is 3rd I know)

    Sonic rider ZG sounds quite cool actuly. I maight buy it if it’s anything like Sonic a.t.s.r. By that i mean wii mote controlled mainly because it’s so much more fun than an anolog stick. Is it do you know? I’ll read up on it.

  87. Sorry about my later reply, I kinda though you’d left the chat. I looked at sonic riders ZG and I’ll probly buy it. I fact i was thinking of buying it when i whent out christmas shoping but i realsied it wasn’t out yet :} I got Paper mario insted.

    I also looked around the web after you said this might be the last Smash bros and i found people saying it would stay on as a realse date game. Masahiro Sakurai was acutly saying he whanted the next smash to be a relase title!

    Off subject, do you find that some sonic a.t.s.rings levels are like amazingly hard or annoying. I spent like a whole 1 & 1/2 hours doing the “Pirate Storm” no pearl lv and the Perfect chalange was only a bit easyer. And did your arm hurt after the last boss? my shoulder cained.

  88. well…to tell the truth… only took me 30 minutes to beat the last boss, although I do agree with you about the levels being annoying and hard including the “pirate storm”…….my arms wasnt tired but my eyes where tired of looking at the big screen

  89. The last boss was the only one i found difficult, i have gold medels on every boss exept him. For him i only have bronze. Pirate storm is the only world i don’t like playing because of it’s annyongly easy to die on levels.

    P.S – Have you seen the new mario game out?! I’ve seen it around alot and never thought to much of it but i saw some posts on youtube and got wow’d

  90. Super mario galaxy *insane laughter* you just have to of hear of it. It’s one of the biggest money makers this christmas. It’s as long as zelda and as fun as a mario game can get. It’s all a bit strange but i’s amazing. Mario can walk in small galaxys like round a small rock or blast soaring through space from a starshot or platform level and such. Have the fun of the game is just walking through level and lands.

    This is my fav’ mario string of vids. It a walkthrough by some guy with a funny voice and who kinda sucks at mario. He’s so funny at times. I havn’t looked at all of his vid’s because that would ruin the game but i saw the first five or so. There all amazingly awsome.

  91. Yeah you should get it… If you get all 120 stars you unlock the game to play as lugi.

    Have you seen todays smash update with all the kirby faces/hats. They didn’t show sonic for some reson but they did show everyone else. I laughted for like 10min’s when i saw kirbys snake face. Ha! kirby with a beard, tash, sideburns tossing grenades at people.

    P.S I found a site with a brawl clock if you interested. I use it now and then to see how longs left till brawls out.

  92. I just saw the new sub space thingy movie and now i just realy want to play it to see what the hecks going on. What are those weird guns andwhat on earth would mr game and watch’s plot be?

    One of the things i realy whant to see is kirby being able to copy the powers of some of the guys in the space army. Nothing amazing just like a copy of bowsers flame or somthign for a fire guy.

  93. I think kirby would turn blue and get ears and spikes or do it like picakchu and have a patch of spikes and some ears on his head. He would probley turn blue because then the could just copy his spin dash sprites on to him. Ha… kirby doing a spin dash.

    “pie-oh” zoooooommmmmm*smack*

    Merry christmas!

  94. ha ha ha, funny. its probably going to be more of a blue-body kinda thing.

    the angel island song is kinda cool. when smash bros brawl comes out, imma play angel island all the time

  95. I hope they make an angel island stage where you canrun across speed runs. Those little ramps that make you go super fast, do they have a name?

    On second thought they’d probly bost you all the way out of the stage… :S

  96. with the whole sonic level thing. Do you think they’ll take insperation from the 3d sonic lv in sonic battle? Also have you ever played pikmin? Alot of people on the web seem to whant them in brawl…

    sorry about my late post :(

  97. its ok…..but yes, I know who pikmin is. if they make an appearence in brawl, they will probably be an assist trophie because they are an army of little guys.

    I just want Tails in brawl…..if that happens, then ill be the happiest boy in the universe

  98. What if tails was in brawl and sonic wasn’t?… Anyway it would be awsome to just like have a day where you and a friend as sonic and tails played through the wole of brawl. Or as sonic and mario for the wole “oh wow it’s s & m in the same game” kind of hype.

    Knowing my freinds they’d be useless in any person so they’d probley be the next version of gannandorf for random killing.

  99. Hey look olimar and pikmin! I’m so right.

    some of these charaters look realy complex… hope i can marster them :)

  100. I think he looks awsome! I love pikmin but never owned any of the games, when i played on it the levels were great fun though. Now i know his move he looks preaty simple but i wonder about some little things.

    1) What happens to pikmin you don’t need when you make a chain? i think they might grab on below yuo on your feet or something.
    2) Do the pikmin on someone come off when you whistel?
    3) Can you just kill all the pikmin on you with bowser’s shell spin?
    4) And whats the differance in the leaf, bud and flowerd pikmin? in the game i think the flower is more powerful but how do you get differn’t types of flower stage to come up?

    anyway whitch is your favorate pikmin? mine is definatly purple. My least fav is probley red because of his weird nose… huh, pointy…

  101. The team attack is already done with king DDD and kid icerus. And a giant pikmin was never seen in any of the games. It could be an attack by a monster from pikmin or the bulbmin could replace your pikmin and be realy powerful.

    It could be that parzling powder that Cpt Olmar uses or even the Titan Dwevil’s (last boss if you didn’t know) wepons. The titan dwevile it’s self could just be the attack with loiui riding it. Or loiui could help out as the smash.

    This smash is preety open so it could be anything.

  102. Wow it says under the charater all there moves and there final smash. Zelda’s FS is light arrow… hmmm, could these be the light arrows she used on gannaondorf in twilight princess?

    If you look around at the profile pages of the charaters you can guess the attacks they didn’t show in an annoying way. Like when they showed two of 3 moves of each of the pokemon trainers poke’s.
    For instance sonic’s only unshown move is: Standard Special Move – Homing Attack
    And DDD’s is inhale
    Charizard’s is fly ,ect

    You should go through the charater pages and look at the new move descriptions. It’s preaty interesting.

  103. Tails go’s round the loop at 00:21 Ku’x go’s at 1:25. It’s very hard to see so shrink the box and stare at the loop.

    Anyway there chaos around smash fourms and Brawl central. Everything’s shown somewhere and all the charaters have been seen.

    One thing has realy been agravating me through. What The Hell does Kirby do with olimars pluck move?! When kirby sucks up olimar and copys his standerd “B” (gaining an antena on his head like olimar) he can use the pluck move.

    What does he do with it god damn it!? And when he losses move star by being whacked what happens to all the pikmin? I realy whant to know.

  104. Tails would have been so good in brawl… but they do have shadow as an AT. I hope he dosen’t use his guns from his own game. I thought that was one of the worst games i’ve ever played and the worst of all the sonic games.

    Also i found what kirby does with the olimar hat: he just plucks and tosses the pikmin. I’ve also seen kirby with the sonic hat, he looks kinda like the main charater from “Nights” sometimes.

  105. Yeh i know but mewtwo, mario (and his clones but mainly him) and gannondorf were my fave people to play as. I think i was a mario main but i didn’t always use him.

    Still i’ve seen lucario’s move set and it does look awsome. Extreme speed is great and so is his defence/counter thing. Also did you know he does more damage with all his attacks at higher percentages.

  106. Hey I just noticed that there are 10 days left and there are 6 more characters to shown on the dojo! There are still two weekends so there are only six updateable days left untill brawl’s out. So will they put out all the characters now or keep people waiting after brawl.

    Have you seen all the characters? I don’t want to spoil them if you haven’t seem them. Can you tell me if you have and if you haven’t and want to use this link:

  107. This is a pic form the japnese version of brawl with all the charaters unlocked. In japan’s version there are differnt names and voice acters and such. Also in the american and european version I think ROBOT is called R.O.B (robotic operating buddy), japan’s bowser is caled Kooper and pikmin and olimar is just olimar in japan.

    If you watch a video on Youtube of jiggly/purin’s final smash you will hear her yell PURIN! Also it is the worst final smash in the game. There is an awsome glitch with it though, you make jiggles use the smash in an area where the stage can rebuild it’s self an if it rebuild in her smash she stays freakishly huge. No bous effects at all, she is just huge…awsome. Ill play my freinds with her and beat them down with hugenesness.

  108. Kirbys is awsome! It’s range is huge and can’t be doged and it has good damage. It’s better the more is in the pot as well.

    The worst final smashes are: didy kongs, DK’s, lucas + ness and sonic’s. The one shot smashes can be sheilded or rolled of so that they are wasted.

    Same about sonic’s. You see as it is so freakishly fast you can just stand still and use the doge buttons. You can even use atacks as he passes you to stop all damage! Of corse if you are quick and controlled or just fighting a newbie it dosen’t matter.

    Pikachu’s isn’t the same. It is easyer to controll, can shoot out a feild of shock power and can’t be stoped by attacking.

  109. Also are you american? i’m english and I don’t know when brawls coming out for eroupe…sigh… Amazon ( were i preorderd it ) says it will be here by the 30th of aprill.

    Freaking hell if that’s true… anyway.

    Hey we should exchange wii codes! (or are they called friend codes?) Do you think thats ok? We could play brawl online when it comes out.

  110. yes im american, and brawl comes out THIS WEEKEND!!! YAY!! MARCH 9TH!!!

    anyway, sure its ok if I give you my code……but first I wanna wait for brawl so I can practice with sonic, cuz without sonic then I cant be called “sonic Legend”

    I hope thats ok with you?

    ps: I also need to buy a WIFI adapter

  111. Ha, I main mario (and probley still will in brawl even with the F.L.U.D.D as downB) so when we play it will be mario vs sonic.

    “Wha Ha!” (mario jump) “too slow” (sonic taunt) “Yah hoo” (mario’s most awsome throw: his back one) “whoosh, zoom” (sonic’s moves and run and some smashes and tilts and final smash ect)

    I haven’t asked, did you have/play melee? Is brawl going to be your first time the smash bros universe? I’ve played melee alot and am preaty good at it I’d say. Of course i’ve never played against a pro player so I don’t know how good.

    When you get brawl you just have to tell me what it is like. The thing I want to know most about is gliding and the S.S.E. And of course sonic.

  112. Hi again. Im just going to leave some nice links to video’s of funny or interesting things in brawl. Charizard glides around places. Meda Knight fly much easyer than charizard round places. Kirby singing a tune using only sound effects. Gaint jigglypuff glitch. All the final smashes.
    !st snake codex talk vid.
    number 2
    4 (last)

    Have fun watching these!…whilst you have brawl…*sigh*

  113. yes, I have melee. and infact im pretty darn good at it…….unfortunately I like playing with mario too, but now that brawl is coming out imma start playing with sonic

    note: this was posted the night before brawl’s release

    dont worry, ill give you the heads up on the game, and I promise not to use mario against you…….ill just use sonic or peach, their my brawlers.

    and I like the video of sonic running with the speed riders, that was cool

  114. Wait, whats unfortunate about playing with mario? You don’t have to not play mario because I main him. I always found it funny to play the same charater as your opponent. Or like a 4-man brawl with all bowser or kirby or something.

    Also what is the first thing you’re going to do once you get brawl? WIth most games you’d go straight into the main play or storyline. Yet in brawl loads of the newcomers (LOADS, I mean come on even olimar is a starter AND pokemon trainer) so you could just play in a normal match to see them all play. Or just to see how your fav’ vetran has changed. Or are you going to try and unlock everything with clasic mode?

    I want to go on the S.S.E and I realy want to play as mario. The good thing is they combine on the first level. ;P


    Was there any one you didn’t realy like playing in melee? I never liked playing as Fox, Falco or Ness.

  116. actually, I NEVER liked playing as ness, samus, or ganondorf (I hope thats how you spell it).

    wow, I guess I was wrong, kirby’s final smash is great!!

    and that video of mario and luigi, ive seen that on T.V from a show called “robot chicken”. have you seen it? its a funny show

  117. WwWwaaaAAAAAAAAAAaAaaAhHHhhahahahhhhHhhh!!!!!

    *sob cry*

    You have brawl and have almost unlocked sonic. I have another month untill I even get the game at least. I don’t even have an official release date yet! Even the ones I do have say “30th Aprill” and march isn’t even over yet!

    Now when I go on the smashbords everyone talks about the game and I don’t have it.

    At least I don’t live in Austrialia. They only got mario strikers a few weeks a go.

  118. “I am sonic legend. and I have incredible news. I have just been confIrmed by SEGA and SONIC TEAM that sonic, shadow, and knuckles will appear in SSBB. I do not know if any other sonic character will appear in it, but im sure having only those 3 characters is satisfying enough…….”

    Remember when you said this. We all thought it ment they were playable. Shadow is an AT and knux is in the background with sliver and tails.

    I just noticed.

  119. yea, about that…..I never actually got the chance to to say that they were not playable, but I didnt want to spoil the moment.


    sorry, I dont mean to get you upset, but I cant help it!! the….game….is…SO……GREAT!!!! all my friends have it, and this weekend were gonna have our own brawl compotition!!!…….as soon as I unlock Sonic

    once again, sorry. But dont worry, before you know it, brawl will be in your hands and into your wii.

  120. Am I the only one that feels somewhat disappointed with how Brawl turned out? Don’t get me wrong, I stayed up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday playing Brawl, Solo, and SSE into the GROUND… but I was under the impression that Brawl was going to but MUCH MUCH more than what it turned out to be. Its in some ways a 480p, highly rendered, melee update w/ final smashes. The combination of copy characters (and just because you changed a move or two does not make you a UNIQUE character…Wolf), throw away characters (Olimar, ROB, DeDeDe…De), and pooooooorly developed moves for potentially GREAT characters (snake and sonic(UP and SIDE B moves)) makes me angry that I had faith in this “next gen” game. They need to put this one back in the oven… it’s not quite done yet.

  121. Since I don’t have the game I’ll just wait for sonic legend to answer that coment.

    Olimar, Dedede and ROB aren’t throw away charaters. How ever I do agree with the hole wolf+falco+fox thing. I mean even 3 landmasters. And they practicly all have the same moves.

    My only dislike in this game I have seen is the inclution of wolf and the fact there are three land masters. And almost jigglypuff’s final smash. But it’s so damn funny to see it fail each time I don’t care.

    For instance: ” OMG it’s huge!” “stop growing” “OMG OMG” “IT’S STILL GROWING!!!” “ARRRRGGGHHHHHhhh”

    “oh well that did not damage what-so-ever” “indeed”

  122. Oh also,


    I even did all my homework and tidyed and everything the weekend before brawl and then It turned out I cant play the american version on my english wii. That was so depressing… more so when I forgot my H.W and got yelled at anyway.

  123. You may find this useful sonic legend



    * Fastest running speed
    * Fast attacks
    * Fairly small target
    * Very fast forward and backwards rolling
    * Can Wall-jump
    * Attacks have low lag
    * Down-Air can stop upwards momentum and can spike
    * Aerials can juggle relatively well and effectively
    * All B attacks are recoveries
    * Up B has great vertical height and allows attacking afterwards
    * Down B fully charged is faster then regular dashing speed
    * Can edgeguard very well because the falling Spring of his Up B can spike.
    * Down Smash has very good range
    * Many moves appear similar to each other making them somewhat difficult to predict

    * Lacks a good killing move.
    * Fairly light
    * Up-B is one of the few that cannot auto-sweetspot the ledge.
    * Only projectile (the spring from his Up-B) only goes downward and is only a projectile in mid-air
    * Spring can be used by opponents
    * Low priority aerials


    2 days ago, I came home from school and discovered that someone broke into the house by breaking the padio door with a brick……nothing seemed to be missing though, but then I realized that when I went up to my room, ALL MY GAMES WERE GONE!!!! INCUDING MY 360, MY GAMECUBE, AND WII, AND EVERY GAME FOR ALL THE SYSTEMS!!!! *cry* im so freakin pissed!!! I JUST unlocked sonic too and now Im video gameless.

    the police lady ducted for finger prints, but havent found anything yet. And the detectives will be here in 2 days to inspect everyones houses, but by then, the theives would probably disposed of the stuff. but the bright side is, my mom said she ordered another wii and she called the intire family to help replace all my games and systems……but that will never replace sonic in my heart *sob* *cry*


    That’s worse than the time my arm got slashed open by a freaking door handle at school! I mean A FREAKING door handle! The cut was llike round my whole arm and deep STOPING just before my bone! I had 32 stiches, 16 n top the nurse had to yank of later, and bruises everywhere! Then I had to were a sling for a month.

    But at lest no one stole my all my games and all my consles and all my memory. I didn’t have to rewrite my arm on how to work or hold things after wards!

    I HATE people how steal! They are compleat *effing* *someone who was born before parentle marryaige* They screw up everything ever! I hope the police woman acidently (or not) clubs them all over the head with something meatle!

    Why would any one do that?

  126. yay!!! I got my wii in the mail!! and smash bros brawl again! I unlocked sonic!!!

    here you go rbnttn, heres my friend code:

    just tell me when you get the game, and we’ll BRAWL!!

  127. Ummm… mine is


    Did you miss out part of your friend code? Don’t tell me I can’t register you because you live in america. That’s insane… You unlocked sonic quickly. Did you go by the S.S.E or another way?

    OH! was that the code I put in, in game? Actualy in Brawl?

    I realy hope we can play each other. I realy want to see how good you are.

  128. I unlocked sonic by playing classic mode with 10 characters.

    I think you need to put the code in after you connect into nintendo wi-fi. you choose friend roster, then input the code.

    yes, that code was for brawl, which can also be used for the mii thing

    the wii number has 4 sections like yours.
    but when you play brawl, the first time you connect to wi-fi, they give you a 3 sectioned number, which is your friend code……so in order to play me, you must get brawl to figure out your brawl friend code

    to simplify: you need to get brawl!!!

  130. Awesome! We can play each other. But are we going to swap wii number codes? We could wii-mail (don’t know what it’s called) each other and say like: I’m going to be on brawl all weekend so turn on wii connect around midday.

    If we only have brawl friend codes, when will we know when to go online in brawl?

    It’s ok if you don’t want to send me your wii code though. :)

  131. its ok, I trust you enough to give you my wii code.
    heres my wii code:

    feel free to message me whenever you want.
    (lets just call it wii-mail)
    Also message me when you get brawl ^_^

  132. Also how do you like sonic’s final smash. Can you control it easyly? Does it do good damage? And have you played as Giga bowser?

    I so want to play as giga bowser.

  133. yes, I LOVE sonic’s final smash. ive learned how to control it with a steady pace and aim greatly. it does good damage too, but if their damage is at 0% then its harder to kill them.

    I havent played as giga bowser, nore have I ever seen anyone play as him, but sense you reminded me about it imma go to training and play with giga bowser.

  134. Sonic is so damn fast. Anyway have you heard/have I told you about tripping? It’s an increadbly small chance of triping. There is no point to it at all and it sucks horribley.
    Giga bowser takes up like the whole of the battlefeild stage and his stride is so huge you don’t even have to run!

    Oh, yeh. I saw this thing on youtube where a guy had made a stage on the stage builder that was a tiny box ,but with no lid and he’d but 4 computer bowsers in there. One became Giga bowser and he took up the whole box. It only took one smash attack to clear the box of bowsers and they were all only on around 40%. That was so awsome.

    Also how go’s the investigation into who took your stuff. Hope you get everything back.

  135. Also to wii-mail you, you need to put in my wii-number on your wii so we can message each other. It’s so people who put their number online arn’t messaged by a milioin people they don’t know I think.

  136. Hahaha,

    read this I just saw: If there’s another delay i’ll throw sakurai off a building shouting: YOU MUST RECOVER


  137. yea, giga bowser is awesome. but anyway, the videogame theif was not found yet, but when they find ’em imma rip their soul right out their body!!!!!!!

  138. Then feed them to something with lots of teeth.

    Anyway, did you know/have you noticed that giga bowser has elementel attacks? I think his down air freezes, his forward smash does fire damage or darkness damage and one tilt move does electrical damage. I think certain pikmin take no damage from this extra hit.

    I love the way you can grab through bowser or charizard using fire breath with a red pikmin. It’s very usfull if players don’t know about it.

  139. oh, ive never noticed bowsers attacks were like that, and I also didnt know about grabbing bowser or charizard with a red pikmin. But ofcourse I wouldnt know because I dont use olimar at all, I barely use pokemon trainer, and bowser is just to slow for me to handle.

  140. Oh, do you not like olimar? I love the pikmin in general so I realy want to play as him. I quite liked bowser in melee and pokemon trainer looks fun. Do you not like olimar and P.T or do you just not play as them much? I liked Yoshi and link in melee but I never realy used them much, for instance.

    Also, what would you say are your fav’ few charaters? Excluding sonic of course. ;)

  141. Pikachu is way better in brawl ,like Kirby. Have you used Kirby’s new slide attack? It’s so much better than his feeble fireball from melee. Have/do you use the pulse in pikachu’s FS? I think I mentioned it before now. (if I haven’t you hit “b” in the FS and a pulse around pikachu comes out and deals huge knockback) Anyway it’s a realy importent part of pikachu’s FS. Use it at high damage for awsomeness.

    I think eroupe’s brawl may be coming out soon. I heard something about it being out with mario cart on the 11th, but then agin I herd it comes out on the 30th aswell. Still no notice on the dojo showing the relese date but I think/hope that’s because it goes to HAL lab and they fiddle with it to make it usealbe for eroupe.

    I’d have been happy with an american version personaly. The only differance would have been it said “soccer ball” instead of “foot ball” in the iteams bit.

  142. Final smash, sorry I should have said. People use it on the smash bords alot so I use it in text all the time.

    Also they said that peaches down air is worse this time.

    Quote: It’s no longer god like”

  143. darn, I liked peach the way she was on melee, she was one of the best, now shes one of the worst!!

    but thanx for the heads up on pikachu, now that I weild this power I can defeat anyone!!

  144. I saw a video somewhere when a guy uterly destroyed everyone else twice in one FS of pikachu’s.


    Then everyone got blasted of screen.


    Once again everyone was of screen.

    That was awsome, he only hit each person once and got them to 40%ish and plused them all away. I am starting to think this is a high teir final smash. Not like Marth’s. Press the sheild button or roll/doge and it’s worthless.

  145. dodgeing pikachus final smash is actually kinda easy for me, seeing how im so fast with sonic ;) …….ive also tried using the pulse thing with pikachu, its hard to control the special but the pulse thing makes it a whole lot easier to get direct hits!!

  146. Sorry. I didn’t say that very well.

    I ment that you can dodge marht’s FS by rolling or sheilding. If you do it right he wastes a whole FS and it’s pointless. It’s funny to hear new marth player swear that they should have hit you when you do it.

    Anyway, have you done all of the event matches yet? They looked alot more simple than in melee. Are they at all?

  147. no…not,not yet… (sob)

    “Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)” [Video Game]
    Estimated arrival date: 03/06/08 – 04/06/08

    This is what it says on my amazon order thingy emailed to me a few days ago. It’s changed twice already. The moment I get it we will play against each other! so you can OWN me because I won’t have played it yet!

    I just realy badly want to play you. I Hope we are realy equal so we can play for ages. I wouldn’t be as fun if one of us could alway beat the other.

  148. Maybe… but, these are some of the top brawl people. The must have some reason…

    I’m going to find out exactly what makes them call sonic so bad. I was wondering if they just arn’t very good with him, as he is so fast. Have you found any glaring weaknesses with sonic? That could help.

    Also Have you played mario kart (for some reson it is “kart” not “cart” thats kinda weird) wii? It’s suposed to be awsome. My sister loved it and she never plays games.

  149. By the way, you diddy’s rocket barrel move? Olimar can get 5 pikmin onto him if he’s quick. I saw a video where he racked up 120% in 8 seconds.

    Olimar down smashed him of then threw 3 reds a blue onto diddy, then used a purple so diddy had to charge up the barrles again.

    Now thats power.

  150. Europe Release Date Announced
    Submitted on 4-24-2008 5:00pm

    Europeans finally have a release date for Brawl, and that date is June 27, 2008. It’s been confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

    In site news, we’ve just made a few fixes to a few errors, and we’ve tested the rankings and tournament system. We’ll keep you updated in the forums about what’s going on with our testings.

    (this is from brawl cental!)

    Final a GOD DAMNED relese date! Even if it is 2 days and 2 months away…

  151. At least I have mario kart wii to help me…

    Also brawl come out just after my birthday! my birthdays on the 21st of June.

  152. awesome!! that can be a good birthday present! :)

    by the way, do you or have you ever played mysims? I was thinking about getting it, but I needed to hear how it was for everyone else.

  153. My freind has it for DS and says it’s fun. He is going to get mysims for wii when he finaly gets his wii. He said that the DS and Wii versions are differnt and that the wii one was better. Its an ok game.

  154. good, then ill get it.

    ive been wondering, why does it take so long to make a European version of smash bros.? I know it took about a month for the american version, But after that they should have mastered translation by now

  155. They are holding out until summer so it will sell more I think. Plus they do have to slightly re-do it so it will only work on European wii’s.

    But yeah they could have done it all by now. Odds are they are just lazy or something.

    Did you know that the Australians have to wait almost half a year to get games for them after the Japan release date? That’s kind of ridicules.

  156. wow! thats…very ridicules…
    you guys must be very eager to get those games.

    so, enjoying mario cart wii? my friend got it a few days ago and we have been playing it like crazy!

  157. YES! I toataly have mario kart wii! Me and my friend have also been playing it like crazy and he is even watching me as i type this.

    (he says hi)

    I unlocked mirror 150cc and so we went on it with the iteams on frantic and the CPU’s off. I put loadsa of peels down for him and stoped at the finish line to see if he’d hit them.

    Mario kart’s awsome.

  158. Oh, and sorry if I don’t reply later but I’m going on away for a while. A bit more than a week as a matter-of-fact so sorry if I can’t respond if you say anything.

  159. hey there JthemasterT. hope your enjoying mario cart wii, and will soon be enjoying smash bros. brawl.

    I dont mean to empose, but I cant seem to remember you JthemasterT

    ps: can I just call you Jmaster?

  160. Yes you can call me Jmaster

    By the way I don’t have Mario kart Wii yet…I was going to get it but it was out of stock so I got galaxy instead.

    The link i posted was a game called spore… made by Maxis…the creators of the sims. I’ve been tracking it for 3 years because off all the damn delays.

    I only just joined this fourm so you wouldn’t have seen me before.

    rbnttn should be back on Saturday sometime.

    I just got Portal yesterday and it’s really great. I keep on fainting against all the turrets…

    I hope you could look up spore.

    -Jmaster ^_^

  161. you said you just gor portal yesterday?
    whats portal? is that a game too?

    ive checked out that spore game video thing… that game looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!
    too bad its a pc game, I hate sitting at the computer for a very long time. thats why I would rather have it for a game system or something

    -Sonic Legend ;D

  162. Hey I’m back!

    Hi (-insert letters for name hear then delete them because you don’t want me shouting you real name out-) JthemasterT. Mind if I just call you “JT” like I call sonic legend “sonicL” to keep it short?

    SonicL- JT is a spore fanatic like we are about brawl. I introduced him to this fourm a while ago so that’s how he knows you. Oh, and the post I made some time ago:

    YES! I totally have mario kart wii! Me and my friend have also been playing it like crazy and he is even watching me as i type this.

    (he says hi)

    I unlocked mirror 150cc and so we went on it with the iteams on frantic and the CPU’s off. I put loadsa of peels down for him and stoped at the finish line to see if he’d hit them.

    Mario kart’s awesome.

    My friend I mentioned, that was JT! Plus portal is a PC puzzle game about shooting portals everywhere with really good black humour.
    I kinda don’t like playing games on PC’s too unless they are strategy. I really prefer a game played on a console if it’s in any other genre.

    JT-Wow! you got portal, awesome! Everyone says it’s great and you seem to follow suit. The spore creature thing looks better than I hoped or thought it would be but I wish someone competent had made the dragon.
    Oh, whilst on holiday I got a DS and “mario and luigi partners in time” it’s so good. You should get it. Maybe now. Now is a good time. Yay now!

    So any way, JT:
    Here’s Yahtzee’s review of portal plus the orange box. For SonicL:
    This is his review of brawl. He kind of hates Nintendo and fighting games so he rates brawl as bad to say the least. Yahtzee reviews games in a funny way that me and JT like but he does swear a lot just to warn you.

    -Rbnttn XD “I wrote LOADS”

  163. they’re bringing out a DS, wireless and maybe wii version as well.

    but since it’s made by maxis it’s gonna be the PC first, then other consoles…

    Portal is part of the orange box, a big half life 2 games package. Portal includes the popular term…’THE CAKE IS A LIE’

    And don’t apologize about typos, it’s the internet for god’s sake.

    rbnttn should reply soon…

    -Jmaster ^_^

  164. On June 17 spore is releasing a demo creature creator which is unlimited(isn’t timed). There’s a free and a full version. With the full version you get the first simcity as well.

    -JT? or Jmaster? XD

  165. Funny story about brawl.

    Brawl comes out a week after my brithday on saterday the 27th. I was overjoyed untill I worked out that the day after was a date where the post didn’t run. Ok ,so I thought, it can come on monday but, then I rememberd it’s on free and super slow mail.

    That would have still been ok but then it turns out i’m going to centre parks (big fun school trip) from tuesday to friday.

    I will not get to play brawl untill a week after it’s relese date.

    ‘cry’ “sob”

  166. LoL bad luck at least u can enjoy it on friday and saturday.

    Plus this goes back to why I always order my games on delivery is free and it arive almost always the next day or two days later. There’s a bonus though. Last time I pre-ordered a game on it came A DAY BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE because the game gets dispached two days before the release date :D. But the game was simcity societies which in the end SUCKED like a hairy lollipop ^_^

    So the moral is Always buy at


    P.S.Yes it really did happen to me and one of my other friends when he got Mario Kart wii!!!!

  167. Yep : ) My copy has been on pre-order for a while with and should hopefully arrive a day early *crosses fingers*. Can’t wait!

  168. HUWARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRAWL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …this friday…

    …but I can’t play it ’till next saturday…


  169. WHOA!

    Brawl just got dispatched to me a day before the release date! I thought only “Game” did this. This could mean me playing brawl on Saturday!

    (Demented giggle followed by cackling squawk of freakish out right insane lunacy)

    Even though I’ve been waiting for brawl for years and played melee into a state of rigourmortis, I just can’t imagine playing brawl.

    It’s strange…

  170. OH HEY! there ARE making Pikmin!

    “At tonight’s E3 2008 Nintendo Developer Roundtable, Shigeru Miyamoto quickly and casually confirmed that a new Pikmin title is under development. His words? “We’re making Pikmin.” The long version of that answer, when asked if the team was planning on revisiting that particular franchise was far more verbose.

    “We continue investigating all types of games,” Miyamoto responded. “When it’s time to announce such a title, I’ll announce it.” Then he did. “We’re making Pikmin.”

    Again, that’s “We’re making Pikmin.”)


  171. Hey SonicL!

    A long time indeed.

    I stopped because you didn’t post on this any more… I shall send you a wii mail now!

    (nice to here from you again)

    WAIT, do I have your wii number or you stolen wii number? I message you and find out.

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