The Triumphant Return Of Banjo-Kazooie


Banjo-Kazooie the title which is regarded by many as the only real competitor to Super Mario 64‘s 3D platforming crown is finally set to make a resurgence on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Currently no screenshots are available to drool over, but there is a promotional trailer doing the rounds which shows that the game is set to retain the original’s goofy sense of humour.

This game alongside Rare’s ‘Viva Piñata’ could tempt me towards the infamous ‘Wii60’ combination which as we’re all aware is Peter Moore’s current buzzword of choice.

Check out the Banjo-Kazooie 3 video here


  1. I can’t either, if it manages to retain the originals zany sense of humour whilst providing the player with a fun interactive world to explore then we are all in for a treat.

    Thanks I didn’t know there was a problem with the feed, is it listing the headlines twice?

  2. Ha, now that would be a nightmare. Well I just checked it out and it seems to be fine my end, thanks for informing me. If anyone else has, or finds any problems feel free to email me etc :)

  3. I absolutely love the Banjo series. Tooie was one of my favourite games ever. I just hope this will life up to expectations and not go down the same road as Perfect Dark.

  4. That’s certainly one of my concerns as well, considering most of the team who worked on the classic Nintendo 64 originals have left Rare. Let’s just hope this new iteration can preserve the charm of the previous titles.

  5. I’m more worried that the Banjo ‘team’ (what’s left of them) have been polishing off ‘Viva Pinata’ however, this trailer could have simply been whipped up to prove it is in development, while the game itself will not be released for another few years.

    Regardless, I have high hopes. Being without a stunning platformer for a few years could mean I will accept the game even if it isn’t as good as kazooie, however Mario Galaxy could be the comparison for this game. And so I feel sorry for it.

    And my final point, I want it to be more like Kazooie’s streamlined approach than Tooie’s linked levels and pointless Mumbo sections. however after some of Conkers ‘improvements’ I’m not really sure Rare will be as good a judge on what’s fun and what’s annoying as they were…

  6. I’ve got to admit I’m slightly worried about this Banjo Kazooie project, although I wish I wasn’t. As you stated it isn’t the original team working on this new addition to the franchise which is something that happened with Rare’s other follow-up to a Nintendo 64 title: Perfect Dark, we all know how that turned out. Another thing that worries me about this title is just who is the game aimed towards? We already know that the Xbox 360 isn’t orientated towards the younger market so Rare need to include humour that is set to appeal to all ages, otherwise this could end up doing just as well as Kameo in terms of sales figures.

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