The First Nintendo Wii TV Commercial

The first television commercial advertising Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii console has made its debut on Japanese television today.

The advert visually maintains a minimalistic style that gracefully compliments the console and helps introduce the viewer to the concept of Wii‘s innovative hand controller, which is commonly referred to as the Wii remote, or ‘Wii-mote’.

Although only 15 seconds in length, the enticingly mysterious advert leaves the viewer compelled to learn more about what the device can actually do, and what’s it for – something Nintendo will no doubt show in the inevitable follow-up commercial.

Thanks to Youtube


  1. Yup, it’s definitely been produced with the purpose of enticing consumers who are unaware of the Wii to become intrigued and therefore learn how the consoles unique control method works.

  2. It’s a simple, intriguing commercial, which is actually why I like it. I have to wonder what Nintendo will do when they begin to screen commercials in English speaking countries. Will the simple marketing done in Japan speak to the rest of the world?

  3. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Nintendo devised a similar advert for the Western territories, as the commercial itself is simple and effective and brings about a certain degree of curiosity.

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