Nintendo Wii: Wii Consoles Shortages Could Last Till March


Millions of consumers will descend upon their local games emporiums during the festive season in hope of purchasing themselves a Nintendo Wii, but it looks as though the majority will walk away bitterly disappointed.

Paul-Jon McNealy who’s an analyst for American Technology Research recently went on record with Reuters to say that he expects ‘Wii shortages could ease in the March quarter’, though of course this all remains purely speculation at this point.

Whilst consumers are searching high and lo for the elusive console, some appear to be picking up other manufacturers products instead, much to the delight and fortune of the rival consoles producers who’re no doubt benefiting from the expected drought.



  1. It’s totally expected that there would be shortages. Who knows? Maybe Nintendo’s trying to hype up the console a little bit more. It really is one of the hottest gifts here in the US, Sickr.
    You guys waiting for the Wii shipments might not have to wait this long. I’d say that you’d be able to get one in January, but that’s just my guess.
    Keep up the good work Sickr!

  2. We’ve received a couple of batches that have subsequently sold out as expected. It appears as though the shipments are incredibly patchy and infrequent, but alas they’re still coming.

  3. I believe even Nintendo may have underestimated the staggering demand for the Wii. Their goal was to ship something like 4 million units by the end of December (which is significantly more than the 400,000 PS3s available) so I was hopeful there would be some availability, no matter how limited. Instead there are no Wiis anywhere, and by comparison it is actually possible to encounter PS3s lying around (I saw a few at Target the other day).

    Nintendo struck solid gold with this thing. I just hope they boost manufacturing because I want one before March… :p

  4. Are you serious? Sheesh. I was willing to pass up receiving one for Christmas, but to wait until March? Come on, Nintendo.

  5. This isn’t the best news for those wanting a Wii. One of my friends is going crazy because he can’t get one, no matter how hard he tries. *lol* I don’t have the heart to tell him I got mine day of release. Even though deep down, I think he knows.

  6. I miss the days of the gamecube when Nintendo wasn’t so popular… Was at least a lot easier to grab their console.

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