Nintendo Wii: Kingdom Hearts Wii Bound?


The next iteration of the popular role playing series Kingdom Hearts could be making its impetuous début on the Nintendo Wii.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the relationship between Disney Interactive, Square Enix and Nintendo is currently at an unprecedented all time high, therefore it should come as no surprise that both respected developers have supposedly agreed to début the next instalment of the popular franchise on the Nintendo Wii.

Personally this titbit of information doesn’t sound too far fetched, considering the target audience of the console currently consists of teens, young adults and family’s, all of which this exquisite franchise should, or hopefully will, appeal too. Although nothings been confirmed yet from either party, expect this rumour to continue to blossom.



  1. OMG I’m a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan!!! Just imagine, swinging the Wiimote as if you’re weilding a Keyblade… GOD I’m so excited!!! :D

  2. I won’t be buying it myself if it comes out (I’ve never understood the whole Keyblade thing :P ), but this could attract a serious amount of people to the Wii, and makes a Final Fantasy Wii look that bit more likely.

  3. This rumour has been rampant since earlier this year, I just want Square and or Nintendo to put KH fans out of their misery! *chuckles*

    As you rightly said Sickr, Kingdom Hearts on Wii would make sense as the the KH demographic is established on the Wii, so it’d definetely sell well. Even if it was just Final mix+, it would still sell really well, because alot of Nintendo fans haven’t played a KH game before.

    Tetsuya Nomura did mention that there would be a big announcement concerning the series not far from now…

  4. Surely Squeenix won’t transfer all of their key IP to Nintendo consoles? that would completely average out sales of the top 3 consoles this gen in my opinion.

  5. well thinking about it, its not a bad idea and not so far fetched cause i’ve read on 2 top Magazines here in Aus that FFXII will come out on DS as announced by SquareEnix, plus there’s the Crystal Chronicles and Dragon Quest IX, so u know, its a big possibility. without Mentioning that the MGS chief declared he wants to make a Game for the Wii. Lastly, Wii will have a much bigger library than PS3 cause of the cost of games and Easiness in creating such.

  6. I’m hoping that this faint glimmer of a dream comes true. I love every KH game and will probably end up buying a PS3 if it’s exclusively for Sony. To further Andrezao comment about FFXII, it’s not the actuall FFXII game coming to DS but a story that happens during the same time. It’ll tie in as well as explore other parts of that world. I’m very excited that Square Enix and Nintendo have seem to made up finally.

  7. mmm… well in the magazine over here and apprently nintendo Power from US, the FFXII game in PS2 will be the same as the DS version, although, there are two versions coming for DS, plus a strategy style FF game as well… at least those 2 magazines said that…

  8. “Surely Squeenix won’t transfer all of their key IP to Nintendo consoles? that would completely average out sales of the top 3 consoles this gen in my opinion.”

    Well, the PS3 also has the FF games….. the 360 nothing is announced yet except FF XII: TLR. And Wii would get the KH series. It’s even enough now. Also Wii is getting the next FFCC game. So putting KH on Wii would be a REALLY smart move and bring in major money.

    Iw uold buy it on the first day if possible…. if it wasn’t already sold out :D

  9. “… I just hope it’s not gonna be one of those lame spin-offs…”

    Actually, if you’re talking about CoM, thet continued EXACTLY where KH1 let off. Y’know, with Pluto having the letter from the King, that’s and in CoM, they follow Pluto and Sora loses memories, etc.

  10. Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Wifi? :D Endless battle possibilities, and more! That’d be so cool! I can’t wait!!! :D

  11. I love kingdom heart i dont have a ps2 but i have a wii,game cube,ds,x-box,and a psp!!!! I would be awsome to get that game for the Wii and X-box.
    Every time i go to my friends house we play it i can’t wait besides Sora ans Roxas are HOTT!!!

  12. They are talking about kingdom hearts 3 to be for Wii or PS3 and Wii when it comes out although this year there will be three side stories kh 358/2 days for nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for PSP and Kingdom hearts coded which takes place after kingdom hearts 2 and is for cell phones.
    KH 358/2 days comes this Summer in Japan…

  13. ummm…. no? i don’t believe this is real. for one the animations on the cover don’t even match. secondly some of the text doesn’t line up. square enix is not a company to just hand out licenses. sure they realesed some OLD final fantasy games as well as some side stories, but they’re not gonna let this one go. it’s like disgaea 3 from NIS. despite the fact could be put on wii doesn’t mean it will. it’s still just a ps3 exclusive, even though the graphics are simple enough to be put on even a ps2. kh3 for wii is possible, but very unlikely, as for this image… FAKE!

  14. why ewryhing are from nintendo wii and i have a gamecube and from gamecube are not a kingdom hearts! i love so much kingdom hearts but i dont have kingdom hearts!!??

  15. Omg! why is Kingdom hearts 358/2 comin out for the DS? that doesnt make sense to me! foreal if you gonna have a series of games at least have them for the same game system u started it out with because some people don’t have all these different game systems! Why would u put so many kingdom hearts games on different systems that just confuses people on the stories…

  16. omg this better not b a dissapointment ! i luv the Wii nd i luv Kingdom Hearts so i really dont wanna b upset if it dosnt come out!!!! :'(

  17. i personally love kingdom hearts over final fansty, but thats just me…… as for kingdom hearts for the wii i hope not…. the awesome graphics on kh would be ruined by the wii …. otherwise i hope nobody was fooled by that obviously photoshopped image… >.< there are no plans for kh3, im pretty sure they planned on kh2 to end the arch with sora and friends.. bummer.. but who knows.. maybe squarenix will surprise us

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