Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Hints At Star Fox On Wii


The long standing Star Fox franchise could be winging its way to the Nintendo Wii, if revered series producer Takaya Imamura has his usual resolute way.

Speaking in a VIP interview with Nintendo Europe, Immamura was inevitably posed with the crucial question of whether or not a new iteration of the Star Fox franchise would see the light of day on the Wii.

His divergent response was; “I wonder how the adventure of Fox and friends is going to go next time?! I have come up with some idea in my mind but it is still just a small one. I will try my best so that I can deliver it to you some time!”

Although this tight-lipped reply by no means clarifys the game actual existence, it does reveal that the game is currently at the ineluctable drawing-board stage, which will undoubtedly be welcomed news for any fans of the delectable Star Fox series.



  1. hehehe that is good news indeed! i hope it does come soon if possible… i like both games on Gamecube although Assault was quite short, the game and multiplayer were pretty good… gotta love that tank thing… i hopr the story is better and deeper than Assault! i can’t wait!!!

  2. Yea me 2 i played every starfox ever. i always wanted a free roaming starfox game in the lylat system and i hope there will be a co-op mode!!

  3. hell yeah with online play it would be awesome. i mean maybe nintendo won’t have an online play mode as good as the 360 but i mean, using the nintendo franchises online is just orgasmically awesome!! Tag team mode on multiplayer would be awesome in a massive area.

  4. Awesome! While I was severely disappointed by both GC titles, Lylat Wars was awesome, so I hope they revert to the classic formula.

  5. you should steer with the control stick because it wasn’t fun flying with the bird in zelda twilight prinsess motion sensors should be used for fighting on foot only.

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