Nintendo: EA Having Trouble Making Profits On Nintendo Consoles


It’s been whispered around numerous circles for the last couple of months but it’s all but been confirmed that third party developers are having an excruciating time selling their own products on both Nintendo consoles.

EA appears have made a tidy profit whilst producing big budget titles for Xbox 360 and Playstation 2, but have reported that they’ve made notable losses releasing the exact same games on the Wii and DS.



  1. Maybe its time they started making games that are made for the system and not just some gimmicky games (excluding madden as a possible best game for ea on the wii so far). Why bother getting the same game when it looks much better on the other systems. give the people a reason to buy it and they will, just don’t expect to sell the same thing because its played with a different controller. Different is not always better. they need to spend some time tinkering with all the possible ways to use the controller rather than just trying to immitate moves on the screen.

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