Nintendo Wii: Megaman Not Included In Smash Brothers Brawl


Megaman creator, Keiji Inafune reveals that he wasn’t approached by Nintendo for inclusion in Brawl.

Although many secretly suspected Megaman was going to be a secret inclusion in the all-out-brawler, the games creator Keiji Inafune has officially gone on record to reveal his creation isn’t set to appear in Smash Brother Brawl.



  1. Guys, don’t despair. There’s stiill hope to turn that frown into something brown!

    You’re thinking about it like this:

    1) Call Keiji Inafune (Go to 2)
    2) Ask him to use Megaman (Go to 3)
    3) He says yes (Go to 4)
    4) Make Megaman (Go to 5)
    5) Put him in Brawl

    How do you know it’s not like this:

    1) Make Megaman (Go to 2)
    2) Party for a week (Go to 3)
    3) Call Keiji Inafune (Go to 4)
    4) Ask him to use Megaman (If he says yes, go to 5a; if he says no, go to 5b)
    5a) Put him in Brawl
    5b) Dump designs

    Also,here’s some tid bit from Game FAQ:

    *quote from Paper Ace Chase*:

    The Interview
    The interview was conducted in November and posted in December. Yes, Mega Man’s 20th anniversary was in December, but the celebration has lasted all year long, and there was a huge event in Japan in November which Keiji Inafune participated in.

    Keiji Inafune
    He’s pegged as the “father of Mega Man,” but that’s fairly inaccurate. He didn’t create Mega Man; he designed him. His strongest involvement with the series at all was the creation of Zero. He was mostly involved with the classic series, the X series (up until X5, which he intended to be the last game), Legends (which bombed), and the start of the Zero series. Anything after that (Battle Network, ZX, Star Force) are almost entirely out of his hands, but are instead handled by Takeshi Horinouchi, the producer since Battle Network 4. Keiji’s most recent involvement was the PSP remakes of Mega Man (1) and Mega Man X (1), which although were awesome games, bombed horribly in the Japanese market. He had plans to remake every game in each series, but since they were a financial disaster, he hasn’t done much with Mega Man since, and has directed a lot more of his involvement on projects like Dead Rising.

    Inclusion of Characters
    Logically, the programmers are not going to go full-speed ahead with SSE and what-not until there is a finalized roster of characters, i.e., characters that are without a doubt going to be in the game. As Sakurai has mentioned all the characters are involved in SSE, this means that Mega Man has to be finalized in the roster BEFORE they finalize the storyline of SSE. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the interview happened this month or last; Mega Man cannot be so suddenly included this late into the game. Programming a character, any accompanying stages and ATs, conducting music, and redoing SSE requires a lot of time, far more than a “couple of months.” And no matter how much I love Mega Man, his inclusion is hardly a good enough reason to delay a game. (He’s historical, but he’s not a celebrity.) If Mega Man is in the game, this would have been decided a very long time ago.

    What the Interview Really Means
    First of all, Inafune isn’t automatically an authority on Mega Man just because he’s pegged as so. He’s been very much involved in other projects lately and hasn’t really touched the franchise since those PSP disasters. Meanwhile, Horinouchi has been steering the franchise in a financially successful direction (in Japan at least). He’s got his hands far deeper into the blue bomber’s future than ol’ Inafking.

    So, just because Inafune hasn’t been contacted about Mega Man being in the game doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t been, especially if Sakurai and Inafune aren’t “good buds.” (And as far as I know, they don’t know each other.) And Inafune definitely doesn’t own the rights to Mega Man; he didn’t create him, for one. Capcom holds the rights to Mega Man, and if Nintendo was going to purchase the license to use him, they’re going to contact Capcom, not a designer within Capcom.

    And then the “no duh” note…
    If you ask an actor the ending to his upcoming film (that is still in development), is he going to tell you even if he knew the answer? Hell, not even that, because an actor is so closely involved in the project… Who is Keiji? Some guy with a company that may not be involved with this game. Even if Mega Man is in the game, Keiji still may not be involved in any shape or form. It’s more like asking… a storyboard writer that may or may not been involved with a film about something spoiler-ific within the film.

    No one who knows anything “secret” about Brawl is going to tell anyone until they’re allowed to, and if Keiji did know anything, and he didn’t play dumb when asked about it, then that’ll blow his cover instantly.

    Inafune’s comment means absolutely nothing. He did not say “he’s in.” He did not say “he’s not in.” He said, plain as day, that he does not know.

    This interview was not a “deconfirmation” of any sort. It is completely irrelevant. As far as I can tell, we know nothing more than we ever have about Mega Man’s inclusion.

    *end quote*

  2. Well put TAG. I enjoyed your well thought-out and well written post. I suggest you copy and paste it onto other blogs and forums. There might be hope yet…but as long as sonic is in the game I’m happy with the current 3rd party roster.

    I’m just pissed at those Capcom fanboys that are crying “DEATH TO NINTENDO” if Megaman is not included. SSB was never supposed to be 3rd party in the first place. A lot of Nintendo fans are pissed that there are any 3rd party characters at all, and Nintendo has to worry about pleasing those people as well.

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