Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty 5 Heading To Nintendo Wii


The next instalment in the universally acclaimed Call of Duty franchise is destined for the Nintendo Wii.

Celebrations are sure to be abound for Wii owners today as publisher Activision, and developer Infinity Ward, have confirmed that the next iteration of the much-adored first person shooter is heading to the Wii.



  1. YES i was so dissapointed when they said that Call Of Duty 4 wasnt comeing out on the wii
    but now im happy tht the 5th version is going to b on the wii console

  2. i am looking forward for the 5th call of duty, i was hoping they have call of duty and the sequal of call of duty for the wii, i have enjoyed the third call of duty, it is alot of fun, and i enjoy war games, especially first person shooter games

  3. Call of Duty 5 has all the chances to be the best action game of 2009 as well, plus including Wii will definitely double Activision’s profit.

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