Nintendo Wii: Shenmue Heading To The Wii?


Rumours are currently circulating regarding Sega’s infamous Shenmue franchise appearing on Wii.

This enticing rumour stemmed from Swedish gaming magazine, Game Reactor, who’re claiming that Shenmue 1and 2 will be making an appearnece on the Wii with additional Wii-mote mini games thrown in.



  1. I loved……………Shenmue. I had a Japanese Dreamcast and bought the import version of Shenmue and beat the game. Did not really get a good sense of the story until I bought the american version. Shenmue has to be the most ambitious game of its time. That pretty cool news…….good stuff.

  2. Brilliant, I absolutely adored it as well. I remember it completely consumed me during the Christmas holidays. Great stuff. I’d pick this up in an instant on the Wii.

  3. This isn’t what we want.
    We want the story finished, not remakes of the first two! What the hell?
    Sega get with it!

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