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Nintendo Wii: Super Mario RPG Coming To Wii Virtual Console

super mario rpg snes

Nintendo critically acclaimed and much loved Super Mario RPG will be making an appearance on the Wii Virtual Console.

At present the game is only shown upon the Virtual Console release schedule for Japan, but with a phenomenally large fan base both here and the rest of the world it’ll hopefully receive a world wide release.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Super Mario RPG Coming To Wii Virtual Console”

  1. This better come out in the UK its the once SNES game I have always wanted to play and it was never released on these shores. I love the virtual console sometimes :)

  2. Super Mario RPG is really the only game i’ve been waiting for to come out on the Wii console. if it doesn’t go world wide i will be very dissapointed for not being able to play one of the best RPG’s ever

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