Nintendo Wii: Move Your Body Around In Zelda Wii Says Miyamoto


Legendary gaming guru, Shigeru Miyamoto, recently sat down with MTV Multiplayer to discuss the development of the two upcoming Legend of Zelda titles.

When questioned about the highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed Twilight Princess, Miyamoto stated “It’s really fun to move your body around.” leading to speculation that the game will perhaps utilize the Wii Balance Board.



  1. Think of the old people the seniors when making that new game they can’t use the board. Maybe they can make 2 one with the board and one without!

  2. WTF! no way! Thats total total bs! screw all the motion control crap! I would prefer using the gamecube controller, Damnitt!

  3. I really think he was just referring to Motion+ with this comment. If you watch the actual video he was just waving his arms around, and it could easily have just been a rough translation from the Japanese. Also we know that M+ is confirmed, so I’d say that’s it.

  4. i don’t think nintendo is gonna force us to buy the balance board, and since they sales drop maybe is going to be optional, and thaht way a lot of people woll buy it, but if is required then it will be a failure.

  5. If you watched the video on MTV he moves his arm as he says “move your body around” To me that doesn’t imply “balance board” rather Wii-Motion plus since this game will require it.

    1. Another note. On MTV they dont ever metion “Balance board” They say “What does that tell us? Sounds like the next Zelda will be heavy on the motion controls”

  6. Now that will bring unique feature to the gameplay, just hope it’s not recommended. I would love to try it though, sounds really fun!

  7. Dear Nintendo:

    Please for the love of all of that is holy, DROP the Wii Balance Board. It has been a piece of crap ever since it has been released and never has been “fun”. Pleasepleaseplease stop trying. It isn’t fun to stand up to play a videogame except in really RARE cases.

    Thank you.

  8. When are they going to give us information on this new Zelda that we actually care about? We want to see a trailer and in-game screenshots with a set release date, and possibly a demo-release…. What do I care now about whether or not it uses the balance board. C’mon Nintendo, give us the info. we REALLY want to hear!!!

  9. first off, when they first pitched an idea for Zelda on Wii (before Twilight Princess), the main attraction was movement, and putting the user into Link’s shoes (as it were). Let’s not forget, Wii MotionPlus was supposed to be implemented into the system, but they couldn’t perfect the technology in time. I highly doubt the game will use the balance board. I see it being used for some makeshift DDR game before a major Nintendo franchise such as Zelda.

    @ Bobb_Civ – Please be patient. If you had any idea what kind of effort goes into a game, especially a game going on this generation of consoles, you’d shit yourself.

  10. oh, and if you look at past game releases, Nintendo only releases previews of their major franchises when they have a demo ready. They tend to avoid videos if necessary. Remember, Nintendo’s main selling point is innovation, and they want consumers to get a hands-on look at the game, rather than watching a video.

  11. Ya I don’t want to go out and by the balance board… If they include it in the game, I hope it’s optional. But I’am excited to hear that more info of the game is finally coming out.

  12. LOL you guys are funny. I bet theres a 85% chance that it will be a optional feature but I would sh!t my pants for real if it was mandatory! I don’t even want to have to buy a Wii Motion Plus since all I ever play now is Brawl lol. I don’t even play Zelda no more because I have to swing the remote just to stab people lol. Seriously I agree with most of the comments but slow down. Nintendo aint going to mess up no Zelda game trust me on that one.

  13. I’d say it was Motion Plus he was talking about.
    It would be pretty cool if the swordplay was more accurate to how you swing your wiimote.

    Still haven’t cleared Twilight Princess

  14. I agree mostly with what everyone is saying, if its optional, yeah, that’d be pretty cool. If required, well I do NOT want to repeatedly battle some boss that you must dodge roll by swiftly moving to one side of the board.. or something else like that yeah?

    Let’s hope they’re smart about, I think they will be.

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