Nintendo: Nintendo Appear Undecided On The Possibility Of Wii HD


Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime clearly denounced the likely hood of the Wii HD in a recent interview with Game Trailers TV, but it appears Nintendo of Japan are openly undecided on providing HD support in the future.

“Since our division has been reviewing and developing a number of hardware, we are looking into many different things, including HD and SD… However, we have not come to the stage where we can announce which is the most appropriate means. Since an increasing number of the TV sets at home around the world are becoming HD today, it will be natural for a machine to be able to generate graphics that people will be accustomed to see on HD televisions. Since the ordinary TV programmes are now shifting to HD, moving to HD appears to me a natural flow.

“I believe that we should take the most appropriate balance,” he added. “We are not too much concerned about if the technology itself is the state-of-the-art or rather old-fashioned. If we can find out the most appropriate medium, between SD and HD, and flexibly move around them depending on the game’s contents, it will be good, I think.”

Famed Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto said: “As long as my way of making games are concerned, all I am concerned about technologies is, we probably cannot swim against the tide. The customers’ tastes will become more and more refined. Even today, many customers who have seen HD once say they cannot go back to SD.

He later added: “Regarding the question of SD or HD, it must depend on each software. For example, we have to ask ourselves if HD is really necessary to develop Wii Fit. Won’t HD be better for the games like Pikmin? The developers should choose the most appropriate graphical format depending on the software they make. To Nintendo, our theme is how we can prepare the SDK library to cater to the needs of the developers, with which the developers can more easily develop their games.”

– Nintendo



  1. This says nothing about a console called Wii HD thats the difference, thier next console may or may not be HD but the WII HD is just a rumour as the name of the successor has not been mentioned, a small but significant difference that allows them to denounce the Wii HD but confirm moving towards HD.

    In my opinion a “Wii HD’ sounds like a redesign rather than a new console and maybe they think this too

  2. They will not make Wii HD. A: Nintendo should know that who will buy it?? Not the people who already have a Wii… because they already have a Wii! And not the people who don’t have a Wii, why? Because there is a reason why they don’t have a Wii! “Hmm.. I didn’t want a Wii but as soon as I could see Mario in high def made my think I need one” I think not. There is no market in this product. A new console is a different matter though.

    1. based on today’s news, yesterday’s news and your comment, I think the best option would be to wait it out until 2011. That way they can just drop a new system with HD, and have the Zelda Project as the leading game for the release.

        1. It is solved, and its great.

          Thinking about it, I can’t wait for the next Zelda! lol.

          Guess we have to wait. =D

  3. Once again Nintendo is being stubborn about which popular media to follow. First they held onto cartridge based systems longer than anyone. Then they came out with the lower capacity GameCube Mini-disc now they can’t decide which resolution format to support. Nintendo makes things harder then they need to be.

  4. Silly Nintendo, they aren’t getting anything right. I want a portable system with two analog sticks instead of the PSP’s one, and they need to actually consider having good graphics on their next console. Because if they don’t get HD on the next Wii or whatever its going to be called (hopefully something better) then it will look like crap and they will have an epic fail…

    1. I totally agree. Wii is a really dumb name -.-
      I really like the Wii’s disc slot though, because the CDs never get scratched. Thats the one thing they can keep.

  5. they did very well with earthbound thank you reggie you are the smartest person in this world. you are smarter then us. they chould get thousands of dollors bring earthbound to vc but no o well. i wish i had the iQ of nintendo.

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