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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Now Offering Downloadable Demos


Nintendo has finally delivered and is offering free downloadable demo’s of select WiiWare titles on the Nintendo Wii via the Wii Shop Channel. To gain access to these demos you will need to do the following:

  • At the start of this service, all demos are directly available from the main entry point of the Wii Shop Channel, the recommendation page.  Alternatively you simply need to visit the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel and select “Search by Genre”.
  • Next you choose the “Demo” genre to get a list of all demos currently available. Every demo can be downloaded to your Wii console or to an SD Card free of charge, so feel free to try as many as you like!
  • Just pick the title of your choice, select “Download” and you will be playing before you know it!


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Now Offering Downloadable Demos”

  1. Nice! Now this is a good asset to the Wii system. Sometimes I wanna try games that are not seeing in the public eye or those that seem wierd, so now I can play the demo and then make a easy choice on to buy the game

  2. Bout time lol!
    Ninty have never been one for demos in the past hopefully of this proves successful we can see demos of disc based games too via the Shop service.

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